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Union organizing, workers' rights, farmworkers.

tácticas de la resistencia | el poder de las corporaciones | el labor 19-Apr-2014 11:39

May Day 2014 PDX

From the open publishing newswire: Rally at 3:00 PM | March from 4:00-5:30 PM
May 1 2014 - South Park Blocks PDX

We want to encourage everyone to come out this May Day and stand united for social & economic justice. Together we can build a movement to take back our communities .

As we approach International Workers Day in 2014, we find ourselves facing unprecedented cuts to public services including education, street and park maintenance, social services, unemployment insurance and much more. As a result we are seeing a rapid increase in symptoms of poverty including houselessness and food insecurity. Along with all of this we continue to experience attacks on people of color, immigrants, working families, women, students and our right to organize.

Our response to this onslaught against humanity is to organize and FIGHT BACK!!

People Over Profit!


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 12-Mar-2014 10:06

March 14 - Protest -call out- 4:30pm | Justice for Fubonn Workers Coalition

From the open publishing newswire: The Justice for Fubonn Workers Coalition is announcing an action for Friday, February 14th. We are supporting Norma and Marisal - two former Fubonn grocery workers, and their demand for deserved money due to mistreatment and forced "off the clock" work


We meet at 4:30pm in front of USA Pawn(8001 SE Powell blvd) Shortly after we will march to Fubonn grocery. (SE 82nd Ave)!

Disclaimer: this campaign is against Fubonn Grocery solely; we are not targeting other stores in the shopping center.

After six months of aggressive campaigning, Fubonn responded by filing a lawsuit against Norma and Marisal and two community organizers. A clear attempt to silence dissent amongst workers, who would speak out about terrible conditions, as well as an attack on the right of workers and allies to organize in their community. We have continued our campaign, forcing Fubonn to the negotiating table.


PROTEST CANCELLED - update 11.27.13 24-Nov-2013 12:43

Fubonn Protest on Black Friday, 29 November 2013, 13:30 - 14:30

From the open publishing newswire: Fubonn has been accused of forcing workers to work off the clock, work under dangerous condition, and refused proper breast feeding breaks. Two workers at Fubonn are owed thousands of dollars, and we demand that they be paid what is owed and that they start complying with all labor and safety regulations. A call out to protest the managements treatment will be at 1:30 to 2:30 on 11.29.13

Continuing our wage theft campaign at Fubonn, we are re-initiating the campaign with a Black Friday picket in front of the grocery store! On Black Friday we are coming out to show them that we will not back down, and that the campaign is going forward despite their attempts to silence us. We will not stand by while workers are abused and not paid fair compensation. Join us in this community picket, and stay tuned as we move forward!

You can learn more about this particular campaign below: link to wagingnonviolence.org

Location: Fubonn Supermarket and Shopping Center 2850 SE 82nd Ave, Ste #1, Portland, Oregon

Previous PIMC post from protest on September 9th:
portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/09/425138 [video]


la educación | el labor 12-Oct-2013 15:58

The Schools Portland Students Deserve

From the open publishing newswire: -- A Community Forum --
The Schools Portland Students Deserve
Speakers: Gwen Sullivan, president, Portland Association of Teachers; Maribel Gomez, Beach School parent; Rose Murdock, Beach School teacher; Armonda Clay, Jefferson HS student
Wed. Oct. 16 - 7 - 8:30pm
Jefferson High School, 5210 N. Kerby (@ Killingsworth & Alberta)

Come hear about, question and discuss the teachers' bargaining proposal preamble --
"The Schools Portland Students Deserve"
which calls for
•Reduced class sizes and caseloads
•More electives, music, art, physical education, libraries, and world languages
•Wrap-around support services, including counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, second-language and special education teachers
•Equity in allocation of resources to high poverty schools
•Maintenance of enrollment rather than school closures
•Use of standardized testing as only one tool for assessment of students
•Academic freedom and collaboration for professional educators

Portland Public Schools (PPS) refuses to bargain over these issues in a meaningful way. PPS should continue negotiations without declaring impasse. PPS should settle a contract which provides for adequate compensation and benefits, fair workload and preparation time, because teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions.

*to contact PPS School Board members call 503-916-3906


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 23-Sep-2013 19:56

VIDEO: Community Members Stand With Workers In Protest Against Fubonn On 9/21

From the open publishing newswire: On 9/21 around 60 protesters gathered, organized, and marched to Fubonn Shopping Center in southeast Portland to picket against unfair treatment of two hispanic female ex-workers.

After a successful previous action in which dozens of members of Portland Solidarity Network marched into the Fubonn Shopping Center in solidarity with two mistreated workers and confronted the owners and management, another blow has been dealt to this establishment. On 9/21, around sixty protesters marched down 82nd avenue to the Fubonn Shopping Center (2850 SE 82nd Avenue) to picket in solidarity with two hispanic female workers who had been discriminated against and mistreated by management at this asian-owned mini mall.

Marisol and Norma, the complaintants, were ex-employees of the Fubonn Center. Marisol worked in the food court and Norma worked in the meat processing area of the establishment, where all other workers were male. Marisol explained that they were given few breaks or opportunities to use the restroom and were oftentimes yelled at by management to the point they were in tears. Norma, in our interview stated that she at one point was pregnant and was asked to lift boxes up to 40lbs. and also was not given opportunity to eat a lunch or use the restroom when needed as well. [...]

Video Link: Worker Protest Against Fubonn Shopping Center


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 17-Sep-2013 18:00

First Community Picket in Support of Marisol and Norma

From the open publishing newswire: Come join Marisol, Norma and Portland Solidarity Network this Saturday 9/21/13 from 12:30-3 for our first picket against Fubonn. We will be meeting in the parking lot of USA Pawn and Jewelry, 8001 SE Powell BLVD

(please make an effort to meet here so we can march in mass) and marching to Fubonn, 2850 SE 82nd Ave shortly after. This is a kid friendly event and we encourage you to bring as many people as possible. Refreshments will be available.

Rain or Shine.


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 14-Sep-2013 23:42

Occupy bike swarm blocks private mail truck

From the open publishing newswire: Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

"Postal truckers are losing work to a bankrupt, fly-by-night outfit, Dill Star Route Inc, in a corrupt, no-bid deal with local USPS management," declared Jamie Partridge, a blockader and retired postal worker. "We intend to stop this attack on family wage, union jobs."

Calling themselves "postal protectors for the 99%," the protesters included retired postal workers, a small business person, seniors, a teacher, an immigrant worker and a teamster, all of whom declared themselves impacted by postal privatization.

Chanting "We'll be back!" the "protectors" vowed to further interfere with private mail transport, if postal management did not reverse the subcontracting. The group has blocked or interrupted Dill Star mail trucks four times this summer - with people, with a car and today with bikes. [...]
Postal workers have seen their wages cut by 25% for new hires. Bottom-tier Postal Support Employees (truckers and clerks) and Mail Handler Assistants now make less in wages and benefits than the non-postal, non-union sub-contract workers.

The postal service is not broke. Subcontracting work is unnecessary and costly. However, the agenda of corporate America, their friends in Congress and in postal management, according to the CPWU, is to cripple the USPS, to soften it up for union busting and privatization. The USPS is a $65 billion annual business with over $100 billion surplus in its pension and retiree health benefit funds, over 30,000 post offices and 200,000 vehicles. Postal activists claim that America is being confronted with a huge transfer of public wealth to for-profit, private corporations.

homepage: homepage:  http://cpwunited.com


el labor 06-Sep-2013 12:45

What Can We Learn from 25 Years of Jobs with Justice?

From the open publishing newswire: It's no secret that the last 30 years have seen a brutal corporate assault on U.S. workers. Incomes and union membership rates have plummeted, unemployment is soaring, and the two corporate parties have joined forces to go after our previously untouchable historic gains.

This class war has largely been one-sided, but not entirely. The organization Jobs with Justice, for one, demonstrates that the workers' movement is still lively, innovative, and capable of resistance.


el labor 19-Aug-2013 20:43

A Big Victory For Oregon’s Biggest Union

From the open publishing newswire: After years of painful backsliding, the state workers of Oregon's largest union, SEIU 503, recently stood firm and scored a big win in their contract negotiations against the state's anti-union Democratic governor, John Kitzhaber.

After again demanding many anti-union concessions, Oregon's Democratic governor backed down when the union proved organized and ready to wage a statewide strike, which would have shut down many state-run agencies, including highway repair, Department of Motor Vehicles, Parks and Recreation, food stamps, the Employment Department, Child Welfare, Department of Revenue, and others.

SEIU 503 is a union of 50,000 plus members, the core of which consists of Oregon public employees. On paper the union looked impressive after having expanded its membership in mostly non-public areas, including private home-health care.


immigration | el labor 05-Aug-2013 00:09

Voz campaign to keep the MLK Jr. Worker Center

From the open publishing newswire: Voz is a worker's rights education project that protects basic rights and provides education for day laborers in Portland. In 2008, the organization opened the MLK Jr. Worker Center as an initiative of the City of Portland to increase the safety and equity of the Central Eastside Industrial District. It has since become an important community institution, as it has decreased public safety concern now that less people congregate on the street to look for work and disrupt area businesses.

The center also provides accountability to employers and sets a minimum wage of $10 per hour (possibly $12 currently) to protect workers from exploitation. The MLK Jr. Worker Center has generated over 16,000 jobs for Portland area day laborers. Voz's 5-year lease on the center ended in June 2013 and the property can be sold as early as December per their month-to-month lease contract starting in July. Mobilizing our community around a permanent home for this center is urgent!

Voz is building community support from area business owners, employers, allies, individuals and unions. Please join them in their efforts to ensure a permanent home for the MLK Jr. Worker Center.


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 29-Jul-2013 18:30

Occupation of Post Office Thwarted

From the open publishing newswire: July 26, 2013 - Dozens of protesters rallied and attempted to occupy the Main Post Office on NW Hoyt this afternoon. The protest against postal privatization was thwarted by a heavy presence of Department of Homeland Security police, Postal Inspectors and a half dozen postal managers standing inside the post office lobby. Senior plant manager, Lisa Shear, herself a target of the protest, came out to warn activists that she would have them immediately arrested if they stepped foot inside the lobby.

Protesters carried signs saying "Save Postal Mail Handling, call Lisa Shear, 503-294-2500." Jamie Partridge, a retired letter carrier with Portland Communities and Postal Workers United (PCPWU), confronted Shear outside the post office, demanding that she meet with community members to justify her sub-contracting decision. When Shear refused, Partridge told the senior manager that the PCPWU would not back down.

"Postal truckers, mail handlers and mail processing clerks are losing their jobs to profiteering, private corporations," declared Jamie Partridge. "We are protesting the privatization of the people's postal service. We oppose the destruction of family wage, union jobs and the delay of the people's mail. We intend to disrupt this attack on our communities."


el labor 14-Jul-2013 02:47

High-profile strikes and lockouts offer an opportunity to reinvigorate local labor

NWLaborPress.org photo From the open publishing newswire: Ongoing high-profile strikes and lockouts affecting machinists on Swan Island and dockworkers at nearby ports offer a magnificent opportunity, today in the Portland-Vancouver metro region, to reinvigorate the local labor movement and our overall society.

It doesn't take a huge leap of imagination or a degree in labor law to realize that every union in the region, police and fire workers included, needs to send solidarity teams to bolster the picket lines of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (I.A.M.A.W.) outside the Daimler Trucks North America facility on N. Basin Ave. and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (I.L.W.U.) at the United Grain Corp. facility at the Port of Vancouver.

Every day since July 1, I've biked and walked past the picket line manned by only a handful of I.A.M.A.W. strikers on Swan Island, stopping to chat and offer my wholehearted support while arriving at and leaving from my nearby low wage, no benefit, nonunionized security day job.

What I want to know is where are the Teamsters, where is the Service Employees International Union, where are the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, where are the American Federation of Teachers, where are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, where is the American Postal Workers Union, where is the Oregon Nurses Association, where is the Amalgamated Transit Union, and where, oh where are the Industrial Workers of the World?

"An injury to one is an injury to all" remains as true today as when the iconic rallying cry of the militant I.W.W. Wobblies was coined in the 1920's.

There should be dozens, hundreds, of union members walking the picket lines in sympathy with their activist brothers and sisters to clearly show management officials that Cascadia workers are finally getting off their collective knees to stand up and demand better pay and benefits after years of givebacks and economic stagnation.


tácticas de la resistencia | el labor 05-Jul-2013 22:50

Protestors occupy private airport mail facility; five arrested

photos from occupation of Matheson Flight Extenders From the open publishing newswire: Five protestors, calling themselves "postal protectors", were arrested today in an occupation of a private air cargo facility slated to handle and process US mail.

"Postal mail handlers and mail processing clerks are losing their jobs to profiteering, private corporations," declared Jamie Partridge, a retired letter carrier who joined the civil disobedience action at the Matheson Flight Extenders facility, just next door to the US Postal Service's Portland Air Cargo Center. "We protest the privatization of the public postal service. We oppose the destruction of family wage, union jobs and the delay of the people's mail. We intend to disrupt this attack on our communities."

Protest organizers, Portland Communities and Postal Workers United, are demanding that Matheson management pull out of negotiations for the subcontracting of postal jobs. PCPWU is also targeting postal operations manager, Lisa Shear (  Lisa.k.shear@usps.gov 503-294-2206 ) demanding that she put a halt to the privatization.

PCPWU has been fighting cuts and closures to the postal service for the past year. In May of 2012, ten activists were arrested occupying Portland's University Station post office, which has since been closed. In April of this year, five protesters went to jail for a civil disobedience action at the Salem mail plant, which is now being dismantled with mail processing machines moving to Portland. In June, the Portland-area USPS District had the slowest mail delivery in the nation -- 83% overnight first class compared to the 98% goal.

Postal mail handlers and processing clerks are losing their jobs in Salem as the work is being subcontracted to the low-wage, non-postal, non-union Matheson corporation in Portland.


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