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1: the totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or
group of organisms, especially:

a: the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors
(as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism
or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form
and survival
b: the aggregate of social and cultural conditions that
influence the life of an individual or community -en-vi-ron-men-tal

This page is for anything pertaining to the environment.
i.e. the air, global warming, wildlife, erosion, environmental justice, permaculture, oceans, urban gardens, streams and rivers, your back yard. It goes on and on- to all areas of the earth.

"We shall never understand the natural environment until we see it as a living organism" (Paul Brooks)

el medioambiente | la sustentación 05-May-2014 21:32

Become a Tree Scout or Harvest Leader with Portland Fruit Tree Project

From the open publishing newswire: An announcement about volunteer opportunities with a local non-profit organization, Portland Fruit Tree Project.

Volunteer Opportunities: Become a Harvest Leader or Tree Scout with Portland Fruit Tree Project! Harvest season is right around the corner. Join Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need... Become a Harvest Leader Harvesting parties bring people together to harvest fruit that might otherwise go to waste, and make it available to people in need. Each harvesting party is co-led by 2 volunteer Harvest Leaders. Harvest Leaders are responsible for overseeing and leading harvest participants, distributing harvested fruit, and keeping accurate harvest records. Portland Fruit Tree Project will provide all of the necessary training, materials, and support. Each Leader is expected to co-lead at least 6 harvesting parties in the 2014 harvest season (July - November).  http://portlandfruit.org/2014-harvest-leader-position-description Become a Tree Scout! As a Tree Scout volunteer, you will help to find and register fruit trees in your neighborhood whose fruit might otherwise go to waste. Tree scouts serve as a vital liaison between PFTP and tree owners, helping us to connect with people that want to share their bounty with the community. [...]


el poder de las corporaciones | el medioambiente 24-Apr-2014 20:53

Videos: Coal Trains and Tar Sands - Impacts on The Pacific Northwest. Two Video Lectures

From the open publishing newswire: Two lectures filmed at WSU on the impact of the proposed oil and coal terminals and the transporting of carbon products through the Northwest to Asia:

(1) "4.10.14 Climate impacts of the proposed fossil fuel export facilities in the Pacific NW"
(2) "2.6.14 Tar Sands Threats to the Northwest WSU Lecture by professor Ian Urquhart"

Watch video on YouTube here:  http://youtu.be/GEKeG7qPKxA [Video 1 hour 10 minutes] Eric de Place, Climate and energy expert gives a public lecture at WSU on 4.10.14.
De Place spearheads Sightline's work on climate and energy policy and is a leading Northwest expert on strategies to cut carbon pollution. He writes extensively about coal and oil exports, and is considered an authority on a range of issues connected to fossil fuel transport, including carbon emissions, railway congestion, coal dust, water pollution and economics.

 http://youtu.be/ANtE6R8enJE [video 1. hour 42. minutes] "2.6.14 Tar Sands Threats to the Northwest WSU Lecture by professor Ian Urquhart"
FREE Public Lecture presented by WSU Center for Social and Environmental Justice: Tar Sands Threats to the Northwest - Canada's Tar Sands: Destination Anywhere?
WSU 2.6.14 Lecture by professor Ian Urquhart


No LNG! 26-Mar-2014 10:48

LNG Opponents Call on Kitzhaber to Protect the State’s Rivers and Ratepayers

From the open publishing newswire: Medford, OR - Today the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) took the long-expected step of granting a conditional export license to the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Oregon... The Jordan Cove project calls for building an export terminal at Coos Bay on the Oregon coast, which would allow liquefied natural gas to be exported overseas. The terminal would be supplied by a proposed 235-mile-long pipeline, called the Pacific Connector, which would cross privately and publicly owned lands in southern Oregon and connect to existing pipelines running north-south from British Columbia to California.

Susan Jane Brown, staff attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center, explained the context for the decision. "DOE did not attempt to address the myriad environmental issues with the project," she said. "Instead, other state and federal agencies will examine Jordan Cove's compliance with numerous laws, and ultimately, the federal courts will ensure that the project won't destroy the waters, wildlife, and public lands that Oregonians cherish. We believe it is clear that the LNG terminal and pipeline will harm our natural resources and that the projects should not proceed."

Send YOUR opposition letter to Gov. Kitzhaber


la energía y la energía nuclear | el medioambiente 16-Feb-2014 20:48

Crude oil terminal on the Willamette?!? URGENT.

From the open publishing newswire: "The Arc Logistics website lists the Portland site among its terminals and describes it as "capable of receiving, storing, and delivering heavy and light petroleum products," by both rail lines and marine vessels"

""The hope would be that short of unforeseen accidents they wouldn't be a concern for the river," "

Yep - that "unforeseen accidents" thing - like spills, de-railed train fires, leaks, explosions...who could have guessed any of that stuff would happen? [...]


los medios de comunicación alternativos | el medioambiente 14-Dec-2013 14:12

Video: Discussion Regarding Portland Water Public Utility District

From the open publishing newswire: Public Access program, " A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with Travis Williams, Executive Director of Willamette Riverkeeper regarding an Initiative attempt to take the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services away from the City Council and put it in the hands of a Public Utility District.

Discussion Regarding Portland Water Public Utility District

Program features an interview with Travis Williams, Executive Director of Willamette Riverkeeper regarding an Initiative attempt to take the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services away from the City Council and put it in the hands of a Public Utility District.
Signatures are currently being gathered for a May 2014 election.

Willamette Riverkeeper, as well as many local environmental organizations, vehemently oppose this effort.


el medioambiente | la defensa de los bosques 03-Nov-2013 15:24

Senator Wyden's BLM Clear-Cut Scheme Exposed

Billboard on I-5 Exposing Senator Wyden's BLM Logging Scheme From the open publishing newswire: Senator Wyden is proposing to dramatically increase logging on 2.6 million acres of Oregon's BLM O & C lands across Western Oregon. One local group is exposing this scheme to Oregonians via a commercial billboard on Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon.
Please consider sending this image to Senator Wyden's offices once a week, once a month, or whenever you have a few moments to spare.

U.S. Senator Wyden in an attempt to appease the wealthy timber barons of Oregon and big timber dependent local governments in Lane, Douglas, Jackson, and other O & C counties, is publicly proposing to introduce legislation that would dramatically increase native forest and clear-cut logging by adopting the "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" as his preferred BLM management regime across 2.6 million acres of publicly owned BLM O & C forest lands.

The "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" are regeneration harvests or a clear-cut. Their Orwellian term used to describe these clear-cuts is "variable retention harvest" or "VRH". Several Norm and Jerry Show Projects have already been auctioned and awarded to Oregon timber barons. To View pictures of a logged Norm and Jerry Pilot Project "Buck Rising" from May 2013 go to  https://picasaweb.google.com/112037980213765028264/BuckRisingUnits1And2Cut#5920273007004695746

There are several more "Norm and Jerry Projects" in the works for the Eugene and Salem BLM Districts.

If you want to help keep this billboard on I-5 or help out any other way, contact us.  http://https://sites.google.com/site/ecosytemadvocates/Home/blm


el medioambiente | la sustentación 03-Nov-2013 11:28

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in Vancouver WA

From the open publishing newswire: Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-5

You can board Rainbow Warrior this weekend at The Landing, in Vancouver WA, on the Columbia, just downriver from I-5 bridge. Do it!


el medioambiente | la defensa de los bosques 05-Oct-2013 19:43

Acts of EcoTerrorism via Spraying Poisons Continues in SW Oregon

Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013 From the open publishing newswire: Jennifer and Link Phillippi, owners of the now shuttered Rough and Ready Mill in Cave Junction Oregon and Perpetua Forest Industries, seem intent on clear-cutting and herbicide spraying as much of their 70,000+ acres of land holdings in southwest Oregon as fast as possible. In the upper Illinois River valley alone there is over 1,000 acres of clear-cuts scheduled to be sprayed by Jennifer and Link Phillippi within the next 30 to 60 days that will poison ESA listed juvenile Coho salmon and rural residents.

Oregon Department of Forestry data shows that more than 125,000 acres of industrial forest lands will or have been be sprayed with herbicide poisons this year alone.

The owners of Rough & Ready Mill and Perpetua Forest Industries, Jennifer and Link Phillippi, of Josephine County Are Spraying Herbicides that Jeopardize ESA Listed Coho Salmon & Southern Oregon Families.

News: As of Today, Saturday October 5th, Perpetua sprayed poisons via helicopter in the headwaters of Draper Creek where thousands of baby Coho have barely survived the summer. Rain is expected sometime this weekend. We hope that Draper Creek is flowing now (it was not before the rain) and most of the juvenile Coho have escaped being poisoned.

A project of the League of Wilderness Defenders


el medioambiente | los asuntos indígenas 23-Sep-2013 20:09

Video: Lummi Elder Speaking at Totem Pole Journey Ceremony

From the open publishing newswire: KWEL HOY': A Totem Pole Journey.... In September, the Lummi community is undertaking a Totem Pole Journey to raise awareness and opposition to a proposed coal terminal on their sacred lands.

They journey from Montana, where the coal is mined, through the Columbia Gorge where the coal is be transported, and then on up to British Columbia.

The ceremony in Portland was held at Cathedral Park and featured speakers from communities of faith, the director of Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, as well as a Lummi elder. This video is of Lummi elder Jewel James.
Jewel James, Lummi Elder


la energía y la energía nuclear | el medioambiente 31-Aug-2013 12:13

350PDX Action Team Meeting [last] Saturday!

From the open publishing newswire: Join the 350PDX Action Team this Saturday, August 24, from 3:00-4:30 to learn what opportunities lie ahead for taking action to fight climate change. RSVP to  goto350pdx@gmail.com or 503-0705-1943 for location.

One major local project going on right now is getting people to participate in the Longview Coal Terminal Scoping Process. "Scoping" is the term used to describe the thorough investigation of an industrial project examining its safety, social, health, and environmental impacts. Here is a short list of projects & events that are on the table for discussion at Saturday's meeting:

Preparation for the September 17th Longview hearing: NOW through 9/17
Comment-writing workshop: Sept 7
Longview scoping hearing: Sept 17
Kathleen Dean Moore talk/workshops: Sept 21
350.org's KXL action: "Draw The Line": Sept 21
Longview scoping hearing in Vancouver, WA: Oct. 9

Even if you can't make it to the meeting this Saturday, feel free to contact 350PDX anyway through email or phone to find out how you can get involved in current and upcoming projects.
Contact: goto350pdx [at] gmail.com


el medioambiente | la defensa de los bosques 22-Aug-2013 09:43

The Elliott Rainforest: For sale?

From the open publishing newswire: Oregon's Department of State Lands (DSL) has announced a new proposal to sell 2,700 acres of the Elliott State Forest, to be voted on at a State Land Board meeting in December. DSL will accept comments on the proposal until September 3rd.

"In a time when the State Land Board should be taking responsibility for the mismanagement of the Elliott State Forest, they are going over the heads of the public and the courts and finding ways to manage our public lands for profit instead of conservation," says Erin Grady, an activist with Cascadia Forest Defenders.

With only two weeks left in the comment period, they have not released any details on age of stand, value of timber or potential environmental impact if these parcels are sold. "They are avoiding public process as much as possible with this decision." says Grady.

Take action! Contact Clara Taylor- clara.taylor@state.or.us at Oregon's Department of State Lands and demand transparency on the issue of Elliott land privatization. Let her know that our ancient forests are not for sale!


el desarrollo comunitario | el medioambiente 17-Aug-2013 11:58

2013-2014 Outreach & Communications Internship with Portland Fruit Tree Project

From the open publishing newswire: The Outreach and Communications Intern will assist with outreach to spread the word about PFTP and bring diverse participants into our programs. The intern will also help to create and distribute informational and promotional materials aimed at engaging diverse community members in supporting the work of PFTP as volunteers, partners, and donors. This will be an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a vibrant nonprofit organization, while making a difference for PFTP and the communities we serve.
Time commitment: 12-20 hours per week, for 6 months (schedule is somewhat flexible, 312 total hours minimum). Start Date: Oct 1st, 2013. End Date: March 31, 2014.
Location: You would be working primarily out of PFTP headquarters in NE Portland.
This internship is unpaid, but the rewards are many - including a great learning experience and the unique opportunity to be a part of a vibrant and growing organization.

Preferred Qualifications: (not required)
Experience with community outreach
Interest in community involvement / volunteer engagement
Passion for urban agriculture, community food security and/or sustainable food systems
Experience with diverse communities, particularly low income populations
Proficiency in Spanish, or other language common to Portland

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and 2 references to Katy Kolker at:  katy@portlandfruit.org
Application deadline is September 6th.


el medioambiente | los asuntos indígenas 09-Aug-2013 16:46

Third Night of Protests and Blockades in Nez Perce Country

From the open publishing newswire: Protestors with the Nez Perce as well as Wild Idaho Rising Tide and Idle No More turned out for a third night of demonstrations against the illegal megaload's passage through Nez Perce country.

Yesterday's police was the largest yet, taking the side of Omega Morgan rather than the law. According to Wild Idaho Rising Tide, the police were "more forceful this time. Using their cars and phalanx tactics they forced a way through the crowd and broke the blockade faster than on other nights. The megaload took off and fled, tail between its legs, and proceeded to break laws (AIDED by the cops!) and endanger people all the way to get itself off the Res. before stopping for the night, terrified of facing the Nimipu on yet another night."

Related article: Chaos on the Clearwater River: Second Night of Megaload Blockades

Previous Feature: Nez Perce, Idle No More, Rising Tide Blockade Highway 12 to Stop Megaloads


Aerial Blockade Halts Enbridge's Pipeline 6B

This morning, Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI-CATS) is taking direct action in the Crane Pond State Game Area to halt expansion of Canadian corporation Enbridge Energy's tar sands pipeline 6B. Enbridge's claim that they have restored the Kalamazoo River after the 2010 spill holds no merit, nor does it justify expanding the pipeline. Tar sands cannot be cleaned up; this material is thick and heavy, it sinks in water, and clings to surfaces. Expanding the pipeline increases the risk of another disaster for all of life and future generations.


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