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Articles that pertain to racism and anti-racism including, but not limited to, prejudice, institutional racism, discrimination, and solutions can be found here.
Some resources you can use for your work in challenging racism in your community and to help you understand how the effects of racism continue to be perpetuated within all our communities: infoshop.org's anti-oppression page, whiteprivilege.com, anti-racist action, Subscribe to Turning The Tide newsletter, contact some Seattle Anti-Racist Groups about their trainings.

To educate yourself about the very real nature of hate-crimes and what is being done about it (and how much more work needs to be done for generations to undo what has been institutionalized into Amerikkkan "culture"), go to this post and check out the links. Consider forming a group in your area, educating and confronting the racist nature of our society that permeates every level of everyone's lives. Just being pale-skinned gives privilege that carries with it responsibility to confront and actively oppose racist beliefs/actions/institutions wherever you go. Racism is not a "state of mind". It is a ever-present reality that is perpetuated by those who benefit from the unjust conditions imposed on people of color.

tácticas de la resistencia | anti-racismo 24-Jun-2015 23:04


From the open publishing newswire: Demo to counter the presence of AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio
PCUN and Accion Politica PCUNIsta invite you to a counter-rally we are organizing against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who will be the feature speaker for a fundraiser hosted by the Oregon Republican Party and sponsored by OFIR in front of the Capitol this Saturday at 3 p.m.

Among other topics, Arpaio will be talking in support English Only and E-Verify.

For those who don't know who Sheriff Arpaio is, looking him up. He is " The Anti-Immigrant".

See you there at the State Capital Water Fountain at 2:30.
Questions: 503-302-6549 |  http://www.pcun.org


tácticas de la resistencia | anti-racismo 20-Jul-2013 11:06

"Justice for Trayvon" National Day of Action Portland, July 20

From the open publishing newswire: A call has been put out for a National Day of Action by Al Sharpton so Campaign to End the New Jim Crow is organizing one here in Portland.
SATURDAY 2PM @ Federal Courthouse located at 1000 SW 3rd Ave (SW 3rd ave and SW Main st)

We are doing 2pm instead of 12pm because we usually meet at that time. so to avoid too much confusion and to make sure we get some work done we decided to call it for 2pm instead.

If you would like to join us for our meeting then check out the facebook event here-  https://www.facebook.com/events/687032271322286/
Campaign to End the New Jim Crow General Meeting
11am PCC Cascade 705 N Killingsworth st
Student center on 2nd floor in room 204 or in the cafeteria (same building first floor)

The event will also help begin a four-week countdown to the 50th anniversary event for the March on Washington on August 24, which will include Martin Luther King III, and which Sharpton said will be centered on Trayvon Martin and the Voting Rights Act.


tácticas de la resistencia | anti-racismo 16-Jul-2013 01:54

Photos of Rally and March for Justice for Trayvon Martin

From the open publishing newswire: Hundreds of people showed up yesterday, July 14, at a rally and march to express their grief at the murder of another Black teenager, Trayvon Martin, and the verdict that acquitted his murderer, George Zimmerman. Ironically, Zimmerman's declaration "the assholes always get away" ended up applying to his acquittal. This case is evidence that in America, white supremacists/racists are still able to attack and kill people of color with impunity. Black Americans are not the only target; Mexicans have been murdered trying to cross the border by vigilante groups, and Muslims or people who look like "Arabs" have been attacked for years. I wish thousands more had shown up to protest these racist attacks and the injustices caused by institutionalized racism.


tácticas de la resistencia | anti-racismo | el estado policial y las cárceles 14-Jul-2013 13:12

Rally & March for Justice for Trayvon!

From the open publishing newswire:
The Portland Campaign to End the New Jim Crow is calling for a
Sunday, July 14, 4pm, Penninsula Park (N. Ainsworth & Albina)

Justice for Trayvon!
End Racist Killings!
No Justice, No Peace!
End the New Jim Crow!

Noon - sign making, phoning lists (bring lists & phones), plan the action! at Penninsula Park, band shell


anti-racismo | prisons & prisoners 05-Feb-2013 12:25

Freedom for Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, After 40 Years in Solitary Confinement?

Herman Wallace, left, and Albert Woodfox, right From the open publishing newswire: After four decades of solitary confinement in the nation's most populated maximum-security prison -- and one of its most historically brutal -- a member of the internationally known "Angola 3" has reasonable cause to expect that he will soon be released, his attorneys and supporters say. The request to set free Albert Woodfox, 65, is being heard by the same federal judge who in 2008 ordered that Woodfox be released, a ruling that Louisiana prosecutors successfully appealed and blocked.

View the embedded links and more accompanying photos here:  http://angola3news.blogspot.com/2013/02/albert-woodfox-freedom-after-40-years.html

Albert Woodfox: Freedom After 40 Years in Solitary?
--Supporters of one of the Angola 3 tell The Root why he might be released this time. (The first of two parts) by Katti Gray [...]

After four decades of solitary confinement in the nation's most populated maximum-security prison -- and one of its most historically brutal -- a member of the internationally known "Angola 3" has reasonable cause to expect that he will soon be released, his attorneys and supporters say. The request to set free Albert Woodfox, 65, is being heard by the same federal judge who in 2008 ordered that Woodfox be released, a ruling that Louisiana prosecutors successfully appealed and blocked


anti-racismo | prisons & prisoners 05-Feb-2013 12:19

The Black Panther Party’s Living Legacy --Touring Oakland and Berkeley w/ Billy X Jennings

From the open publishing newswire: View the embedded links and video here:


The Black Panther Party's Living Legacy --Touring Oakland and Berkeley with Billy X Jennings (Part One) By Angola 3 News

This month, over twenty students enrolled in the "Dismantling Racism" class offered by St. Catherine University in Minnesota traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area. The class focused primarily on California's prisons and what anti-prison activists are doing to challenge the human rights violations and racism endemic to California's infamous prison system.

Last week, the class was taken around on a Black Panther History Tour in Oakland and Berkeley, led by Billy X Jennings from It's AboutTime BPP Alumni & Legacy. Along with ongoing BPP history exhibits at the Alameda County Law Library in downtown Oakland and the window of Rasputin Music on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley is a new photo exhibit running until February 28, entitled Louder Than Words, at La Peña Cultural Center (3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley). An important friend and ally of the International Coalition to Free the Angola 3, Billy X Jennings' work was previously spotlighted in an interview with Angola 3 News, entitled We Called Ourselves the Childrenof Malcolm. [...]

The BPP's early critique of capitalism, of police brutality, of racism/exclusion in the criminal injustice system is foundational for all those of us who continue to challenge what we now call the "prison industrial complex". They were true visionaries whose call for a rainbow coalition, intersectionality and community empowerment continues to guide our work. What We Want/What We Believe - including "land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace" - has not changed at all.

(Stay tuned for part two, touring Berkeley and downtown Oakland!)


anti-racismo | el estado policial y las cárceles 12-Jan-2013 12:36

Federal "justice" center FBI Entrapment of Mohamed Mohamud

From the open publishing newswire: please come down to the court for the ongoing SHOW trial.
if you want to come in, you must get through security. pepper spray can be checked at the door. laptops can be checked at the courtroom, or the overflow room with the video feed.
cells phones must be powered down, because, you know, technology may outsmart their show trial system. [...]

if the rest of the world knew how bogus this trial is, and what a lifeless spectacle it is, and how poorly the US GVT's lawyer's are representing the Outrageous Predatory FBI Bomb Plot, Portland would be the laughing stock of legal communities all the way to to London.

the case is taking place in 9A of the federal Courthouse in downtown portland. the overflow room is at 12A.
arrive at least at 8, for a guaranteed seat, perhaps earlier, it's a little bit of a stampede.

US District Court
1000 Southwest 3rd Avenue #740 Portland

Family of the entrapped Youth is present. Anyone who is good with media, video, sketches should come.
Courtroom seating is extremely limited (possible 20 seats beyond what the media and GVT attys get).
It is considered likely that the trial go on for 4 weeks at least. there is tons of media present but almost zero activists, or outside street demonstration. some banners would look great on the nightly news perhaps saying "FBI TRAPS" "Stop the FBI" "FBIWatch" or "FBI Predators Leave our Children Alone" or "FBI Oversight Now!" [...]

It was extremely interesting to hear a long phone call with the FBI Fake identity trying to persuade Mo to help with the FBI's Fake Bomb.

[RELATED] PIMC UPDATES:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/01/421398.shtml


Fight Fascism 03-Nov-2012 14:52

URGENT, PORTLAND TODAY: Confront Holocaust-Denier David Irving!

From the open publishing newswire: Rose City Antifascists have uncovered the location of Holocaust-denier and neo-fascist David Irving's speaking event today in Portland, Oregon. Irving is speaking at La Quinta Inn, Portland NW located at 4319 NW Yeon. The phone number of this venue is 503-497-9044. Irving's personal cellphone number is 305-923-6779. Irving is slated to begin his Portland lecture on the topic of "Hitler & I" today, Saturday, November 3, at 3PM.


anti-racismo | el desarrollo comunitario 03-Nov-2012 10:53

Eugene Anti-Fascists resist David Irving’s event.

From the open publishing newswire: On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving's event "Hitler and I", hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr. David Irving is recognized worldwide as a holocaust denier and fascist sympathizer, whose events are frequently held in private with strictly screened attendees. Despite our repeated attempts, we were unable to find their location. There is an equal possibility that Irving cancelled the meeting, as he is known to do when resistance is expected.

Events like this recruit people to white supremacist ideology and hate groups, and often lead to an upswing in violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, women, people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Events like this also make local hate groups feel energized and empowered. It is important to confront these events to make a statement that we don't want this in Eugene.

Eugene has continually grappled with it's own racially motivated conflicts. In light of this, we believe that communities should unite in opposition when fascist organizers attempt to target sections of the population with violence and hate speech. Some critics of anti-fascists defend fascist organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state intervention, not from criticism by the public.

In response to this threat, Eugene anti-fascists held a public rally and dropped several banners to inform the public. We extend our solidarity to Portland anti-fascists and others who have opposed David Irving in their cities.


anti-racismo 30-Aug-2012 19:52

UPDATE: Volksfront Member Fired After Rose City Antifascists July 31st Day of Action

From the open publishing newswire: We are pleased to announce that the fine folks at Morgan Distributing, the company that Cheshire worked for, have discontinued his employment after antifascists made them aware of his fascist organizing.
On July 31, Rose City Antifascists organized an outing of several local Volksfront International members, including Nicholas Cheshire.

A huge "thank you" goes out to everyone who helped with the effort.

Cheshire's termination sends a message to all fascists that organized bigotry is not something we tolerate in our communities!

homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org
phone: 971.533.7832


anti-racismo 15-Jan-2012 12:34

We Will Not Forget

From the open publishing newswire: DC PDX Jan. 1, 2012 Statement: We take this day to remember Oscar Grant, executed by Oakland police in the early morning of New Year's Day, face down, hands cuffed behind his back, while dozens of people filmed...

We take this day to remember Aaron Campbell, shot in the back a few days after Oscar Grant by Portland police. Called in supposedly to stop Aaron from killing himself, the police saw this young Black man as nothing but a threat. Not as a son, a brother, a human whose brother had died earlier that day, a human who needed support and care. From Aaron, we learn we must create community resources and institutions to address the scars caused by this system, and they must exist outside of the system. Any movement that relies on this system for change is a movement that will ultimately reproduce the oppression they seek to eradicate.

We take this day to remember Keaton Otis, pulled over by Portland police for "looking like a gangster." We remember he was tazed and then shot while in the driver's seat of his car...

We take this day to remember the countless names we don't know of those who have suffered and continue to suffer from police violence. Too often these are people of color, youth, sex workers, women, queer and trans folks, undocumented folks and immigrants/refugees, poor and houseless people and those who live at these categories' crossroads. The intersections of these identities mean people live in the place where nightstick meets flesh. From all these brave survivors, we learn we are always at risk, we are always vulnerable - we exist in the crosshairs. We see all of these murders by police, and the use of police violence as a whole, as a continuation of colonization.



anti-racismo | el género y la sexualidad 20-Oct-2011 07:59

Mars Hill Mega-Church Welcome Wagon

Mars Hill From the open publishing newswire: On Sunday October 16th, a group of 20-30 antifascists and allies gathered at SE 32nd Avenue and Taylor Street to oppose the opening of Mars Hill's Portland branch. Demonstrators carried banners with statements of support for the LGBTQ community and maintained a presence in front of the church throughout the service. As church attendees exited the building, demonstrators held a dance party with the aid of a portable sound system and chanted, "Homophobes get out of here! Pro-Choice! Pro-Queer!"

Mars Hill is a misogynistic, homophobic, evangelical megachurch founded by Mark Driscoll in Seattle, Washington. His tiny flock first met in his living room in 1996 and swelled to a membership of 1,000 by 2003. It now boasts 12 branches in four states. The original Seattle branch alone was reported to have an attendance of 3,500 people per week in 2006, and numbers have grown since then. There are congregations of Mars Hill specifically devoted to "converting" queer people, encouraging them to suppress their sexuality and live a straight lifestyle. The newest church outpost here in Portland aims to change the sinful ways of the Rose City: namely the city's Left-wing, feminist, and pro-queer culture.

Full article is available at: rosecityantifa<dot>org

We are always interested in any and all information on fascist and racist organizing in our community. Contact us!
Email: fight_them_back@riseup<dot>net or Voicemail: 971.533.7832
homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org


anti-racismo | prisons & prisoners 15-Sep-2011 07:42

Justice for Troy-Portland Rally

From the open publishing newswire: Time Friday, September 16 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location Pioneer Courthouse Square Broadway & Morrison
Portland, OR

An International Day of Solidarity for Troy Dravis has been called by Amnesty International for Friday, September 16.

In Portland we will gather in solidarity, for Troy & against the death penalty everywhere.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty:

more info:
Portland facebook event page


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