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For many people, the cold tenets of science are inadequate for describing the fire of life. With faith, there are things unseen but undeniably sensed, unquantifiable but wholly substantial, unprovable but entirely real. Faith can be a light that shines in the darkness and illuminates the universe as it really exists, under the artificial constructs placed upon it by our brains. Where science is silent, spirituality makes a joyful noise.

There are many Faiths. The Rainbow Family of the Tribes is one place where many faiths can be found living harmoniously together. For more information about the history of Rainbow Gatherings, and about the Rainbow Way... striving for a more harmonious way of autonomously working toward healing ourselves & the planet... go to: www.welcomehome.org To find out where gatherings are in the Pacific Northwest and portland/eugene monthly potlucks, call the Northwest Lightline at: (503) 727-2498.

Memorial Service: 3/31 @6PM 31-Mar-2016 11:18

Stu Sugarman ...a eulogy

From the open publishing newswire: I woke up this morning to find out that an old friend of mine, an earth warrior, an activist attorney, and a truly gentle soul... has died. This man saved many of our asses in the Pacific NW during the various waves of repression and Green Scare machinations that swept through Cascadia over the past 2 decades, and I will not forget him. I don't think any of us will. We thought he would be there forever. None of us was prepared for this, it was so sudden and unexpected.

Read this full eulogy by Cat Jones on her blog here:

Stu passed away in his home Monday of apparent diabetes-related causes. He was 52 years old.

A memorial service has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, March 31 at Laurelhurst Park, 3756 S.E. Oak St., in Portland. A group will gather north of the pond, at picnic area" E."


anti-racism | faith & spirituality 05-Sep-2015 23:29


From the open publishing newswire: A Christian denomination founded on the right to own slaves steals property from a historically African-American church in North Portland; then sells it to a predominantly Caucasian church in Gresham for a $200,000 profit. All while leaving the founding pastor's elderly wife penniless.

Why are we hearing about this almost a decade later from an outfit in New Jersey and not our local press\?
PORTLAND, OREGON — There are ways to sell a church property legally, procedures dictated by state law and church bylaws. Typically, they require a formal vote by the congregation. [...]



community building | faith & spirituality 24-Feb-2011 09:02

Video Report Back: Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Obama's 2012 Budget

From the open publishing newswire: February 16, 2011 Portland Oregon Press Conference by religious community opposing outrageous bloated military budget and inhumane cuts in social service in the recent Obama Budget for 2012.

Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Obama's 012 Budget

Clergy from various Portland denominations each spoke briefly, condemning the U.S. misplaced priorities and blatant disregard for human life worldwide.

First to speak was Rev. Bill sinkford, Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church; The Reverend was followed by Rabbi Joseph Wolf of the Havurah Shalom Community; Mark Knudson, Senior Minister of Augustana Lutheran Church; and Lynne Smouse-Lopez, Senior Pastor at Ainsworth United Church of Christ.

Fundamental to the Press Conference was a long graphic demonstrating the values inherent in the 2012 budget. Taking up over half of the graphic was a large red area portraying the 59% of the budget reserved for military spending.

At the other end of the graphic were the various other areas of expenditures provided for in the budget: 6% for Health and Human Service; 6% for Transportation; 4% to the States; 4% for Education; 4% for Other Programs; 3% for Department of Homeland Security; 3% for Housing and Urban Development; 2% for Justice; 2% for Agriculture; 1% for NASA; 1% for Energy(excludes nuclear weapons program); 1% Labor; 1% Treasury; 1% Interior; 1%Interior; 1% Environmental Protection Agency; 1% Commerce.

The opinion came through loud and clear from all who spoke that the U.S. is not fulfilling it's democratic obligations to it's citizens and also is a force encouraging and fostering violence world wide.


faith & spirituality | legacies 30-Mar-2010 21:45

Police Brutality: Passover/ Easter celebrate transcending oppressionfear for liberation

From the open publishing newswire: One individual's right thinking and revolutionary morally courageous action can profoundly change events and has changed history.

Misfit Moses with the speech impediment, a fugitive wanted for murder, member of a slave colony, a lonely shepherd, almost murdered in infancy, distrusted or resented by all sides, boldly faced his greatest fears and demanded freedom to worship his God, and after a lot of plagues, finally, the thousands of intimidated, self-centered slaves moved in mass from all they found comfortable and familiar for the scary and hard unknown wilderness. After forty years the survivors outgrew the slave mentality. The most powerful military empire, wealthiest global trading center, most advanced technology, most sophisticated culture and enforced religion was not strong enough to defeat this one man and those he led to freedom.


faith & spirituality 05-Feb-2009 01:13


From the open publishing newswire: Conservative Portland Catholic Archbishop John Vlazny recently attended the right-to-life protest at Pionner Square against women's rights with 7,000 other conservatives. Since then, he gave a series of talks at Beaverton's Lady of Peace retreat center on job openings in the Catholic Church and conservative Catholic values.


actions & protests | faith & spirituality | green scare 20-Jun-2008 20:30

Summer Solstice - Energy Circle for Tre Arrow

From the open publishing newswire: WHAT: Summer Solstice-Energy Circle for Tre

WHEN: June 20th, Friday @ 5:30PM

WHERE: Top of Mt.Tabor

WHY: This has been a really long road for Tre and he could really use our love, light, and healing energy. Tre is aware this is happening and he will be receiving the energy at 5:45pm. If you cannot make it to Mt. Tabor, please still send him positive energy at 5:45pm wherever you are.

Summer officially begins wuth the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 20 at 4:59pm. Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.

As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, but the people on the Southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December.

The Summer Solstice represent a new beginning. It is time for purification, and renewal of the self. A time to release the sadness, fears, and pains from your life. It is time to celebrate the joy, warmth, and laughter of summer. A time for purification and renewed energy. A time to celebrate the fullness of life and the power of the sun. A time to heal mother earth, heal yourself, and heal Tre.


~Blessed Be~


faith & spirituality 26-Aug-2007 10:45

She leads me

From the open publishing newswire: She leads me

The madness surrounds me.
Wild, crazed, violent
madmen, berserkers
of greed, power
and blood lust continue
their antediluvian creed
of slash, loot, rape and burn.

Taking my hand, She
leads carefully through
forgotten forests into the
highlands of an unfamiliar youth.
Here, underneath the gentle
music of dragonfly wings
lives the cool still waters of remembrance.

NOTE: Be sure to read the rest of this poem in the "Read More" link.


animal rights | faith & spirituality 26-May-2007 04:08

Field of Cows

From the open publishing newswire: I pass by this field every day on my way home. It's not important which one it is, it could be any field. It's a rolling, green pasture, sprinkled with spring flowers and bursting with rich, green grasses. There's a pear tree out in the middle, and a stream running through it. On one side, it runs along the river, and often geese gaggle along the shore, haughtily daring anyone to come too close. This time of the year, there are often eagles sitting in the trees near the shore. This is a beautiful and blessed place. But the most conspicuous residents are the cows.

Large, quiet, soft-eyed cows graze the grasses, blink somberly at the geese, and gaze into the fragrant, green light of spring. Heady, heavy thoughts are obviously on their minds. Joyful, spindly-legged calves trot along beside them now, their noses wet with the dew of new life, their eyes full of the wonder of a new day. I love these cows. The mothers and their babies gather in soft communion in the shade of the pear tree, and down along the coolness of the shallow stream. Wisdom and strength reverberate through the bones and hides of these ancient mothers' sturdy bodies, while joy and faith and exuberance ring out from their leaping, wide-eyed progeny.


faith & spirituality 15-May-2007 03:35

On the anniversary of my mothers suicide

From the open publishing newswire: Horrible title to have to read today of all days, I know. I've debated long and hard about whether to share this, believe me...

Today is Mother' Day. It is also 15 years to the day of my mother's suicide. I do not offer this bit of information to prompt sympathy or to wrap a cloak of sadness over anyone's day. I do offer this because I have learned first hand how important it is to cherish and embrace the precious gift of time. I also offer this as evidence that it is possible to overcome the most unexpected tragedies and go on to live a life of balance and intent. And maybe I also offer this because there are a couple of people in my life who I love dearly who are struggling to understand why horrible shit has embraced them in the darkest of clouds...


animal rights | faith & spirituality 09-Apr-2007 04:58

Sea Lions on the River

From the open publishing newswire: Tomorrow is Easter, a day to celebrate the turning of the wheel, from decay to resurrection, from winter to spring, from death to life. And in a fitting salute to this ancient Pagan (yes! Pagan!) holiday, the runs are here: The salmon are pulsing through the river again. Life comes surging into the world again with the spring. And with it come the sea lions, gliding through the water with the salmon, as they have for thousands of years.

I can hear them from my window here, barking and trumpeting from the waters as they lounge along the shore, as they gleefully swirl through the water, as they break the grey-green, splashing surface with their whiskered, dog-like faces. I counted four of them this morning, as I walked along the shore. This is good. This is how the spring goddess comes dancing back into the world: She comes with bright blossoms and soft petals and perfumed air. She comes with singing birds and unfurling fronds and awakening earth. And, here in Cascadia, she comes with the salmon and the sea lion.


faith & spirituality | imperialism & war 06-Dec-2006 04:05

The Center of the Cancer

From the open publishing newswire: I often wonder why any nation would choose war over peace, seems like choosing between chaos and being more human than our parents. It would seem that war would be the exception. The fact that we are at war more often that at peace would indicate a serious flaw in our humanism or that which make us human...

You feed the poor, help the sick, visit the jails and smile at a person who asks you for help. When you help someone ask only that they repay you by helping the next person who may ask them for help. I always try to remember to say that when someone says thanks to me for some favor---it could cause a small revolution...


faith & spirituality 15-Oct-2006 18:17

The Changing Season: Now, It's Autumn

From the open publishing newswire: The autumn equinox turned the skies nearly a month ago now. Even then, the dry, yellowed grasses waved impassively in the still, warm air. The leaves, while glowing here and there with color, tended to crackle and fall from branches before lighting up the woods. The parched earth gave no indication that the summer had ended. Even the hazy yellow light hung in the air, rather than the crisp, golden light of fall. And we waited, and the world lazily waited. But now, it's autumn.

The first rains came trickling down some days back, and the slugs awakened. The first few wooly bears grubbed across the sun-warmed roadways shortly after. The crickets began chirping in the meadows, and the buzzing, droning, flying things of summer began seeking shelter. Ladybugs and boxelders began appearing on my windows yesterday, searching for the ways inside that all these old houses graciously provide for them. They will climb inside and gather together in great knots, somewhere out of sight, until the spring comes around again. And for now, they will sleep awhile.


faith & spirituality 24-Aug-2006 15:58

An Extraordinary Day in Olympia

Japenese Peace Delegation From the open publishing newswire: My preferred way of being in the world is optimistic but I have really been struggling these past few weeks. It becomes too easy to see the glass half empty and its contents pain and suffering. The world events easily challenge my basic sense of human decency. But yesterday was such an extraordinary day in Olympia that I am once again seeing the glass filled with light and hope. I headed downtown. As I crossed over the 5th avenue bridge, the salmon were running and the seals were there too.

I attended the weekly peace vigil at Sylvester Park at noon. Normally, there is a just a handful of people. Yesterday, the Japanese Peace Delegation joined, bringing their truth about the horrors of war to Olympia. Buddhists who traveled down from Seattle, whose drumming and chanting called for peace in the world, joined us.

Early that evening, the Citizen's Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney held an informational meeting on How to Impeach a President. About twenty people came to the library to learn more. People are angry at what is happening to this country and the abuses of the President and Vice President.

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