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25.02.2011 08:26
Solidarity with Earth Defenders, Eugene 3/5
A benefit at WOW Hall for the Civil Liberties Defense Center's eco-prisoner support program

Solidarity with Earth Defenders
March 5 at 7 pm at WOW Hall (291 W. 8th Ave., Eugene)
Featuring Etheric Double Soundsystem, holy!holy!holy!, and the Alder St. All Stars, with guest speaker Tre Arrow and radical poet Slugthang
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

Etheric Double Soundsystem is an experimental live pa experience, fusing a variety of music styles into a cohesive mix of sounds, commonly referred to as groove sorcery. Meant to awaken and inspire the listener to reconnect with their animalistic roots, the music of Etheric Double Soundsystem, though unorganic in nature, calls on us to abandon the confines of our industrial cages and embrace the primal archetypes within.

*holy!holy!holy!* was forged in the primal war ofdomestication. We defy these ways. We despise these streets, theseschools, these occupations called work. We are wildness, and willdismantle the civilized destructive forces that have controlled ourworld. There are many worlds, with many languages. They will tell
their children, that despite how hard they looked, they never saw uscoming...


15.01.2011 15:03
Eric McDavid - 5 Years Imprisonment
Dear friends, Yesterday marked the 5th year of Eric's arrest and imprisonment. Every year, at this time, we are forced to reflect on all that has happened. It is never an easy process, but this year feels different. This year we know that Eric will be in prison for the duration of his sentence. All of his appeals have been exhausted. 5 years is a long time - but we aren't even halfway there...

We have watched in horror these last few years as more and more of these kinds of cases have appeared across the country. It is hard not to think of this as a time of mourning. So maybe instead of a day of mourning, today can be a day of defiance. Today can be a celebration of thought crime. Won't you celebrate with us?

Please remember that other folks are sitting in prison for very similar reasons as Eric! They deserve your support. Marie Mason and Sadie (Joyanna Zacher) both have birthdays this month. Please consider sending them a note of support. Finally, we recently set up a wishlist on Microcosm for Eric. If you would like to send him something, please visit: microcosmpublishing.com



20.12.2010 12:28
Eric McDavid Update
Eric McDavid Dear friends, On Wednesday, December 8, the 9th circuit court of appeals denied Eric's request for a rehearing en banc. This was, in effect, Eric's last available option in the appeals process (other than appealing to the extremely conservative supreme court). Hope has proven to be a fleeting, evasive creature throughout this whole process. Many of us knew better than to fall for its seductive overtures. But hearts are so often blind to what our minds know to be truth - even when we knew what the outcome would be, our hearts had trouble letting go. We wanted Eric out here, with us. Free to wander in ancient forests, to play in the swirling, roaring ocean. To live outside a cage. But now, whatever traces of hope may have remained have been scattered in the wind. And so, his struggle continues.

Eric would like to send his sincerest thanks to all of you. Your letters, your songs, your donations, your words of encouragement have kept Eric and his loved ones inspired and strong. Keep it coming! Eric has a long road ahead of him, but with your love and support he will press on. He remains strong in heart and mind. And he knows that dreams can never be caged.



12.09.2010 12:30
Political Prisoner Correspondence and the FBI
Recent FOIA documents have uncovered some interesting information... Recently we began receiving documents in response to a FOIA request we filed with the FBI about Eric McDavid. The documents have uncovered a few alarming pieces of information, but one in particular we felt it necessary to share with the public as soon as possible. For years people have been speculating that writing political prisoners would result in a person being "put on a list." Unfortunately, it seems that those speculations were not unfounded.

We have received perhaps hundreds of pages documenting Eric's correspondence with other people. These letters are not just kept on file - the Sacramento County Main Jail forwarded all of these letters to the Sacramento FBI field office, which then forwarded them to local field offices around the country (and to law enforcement internationally) to warn the FBI in other cities of a "possible environmental/animal rights extremist" or "a possible anarchist extremist" in their community. Originally, the FBI's communications included a statement that "Sacramento is forwarding this communication for information purposes only." But later, they began including a much longer statement which read, in part: "this information has been determined to be of such a nature that some follow-up as to the possibility of criminal activity is warranted..." These statements were included no matter what was the content of the letter - often the documents include the statement that the letter was "benign in nature."

To view some of these documents, please visit:  http://ecoprisoners.org/news.htm


17.08.2010 10:28
Breaking: FBI Raids Utah Activist House for the Second Time
The FBI raids Utah activist house in an A.L.F. investigation for the second time in five months.
The FBI raids my home for the second time in five months.
Today I awoke at 9am to FBI & ATF agents raiding my home in Salt Lake City. This is the second time my home has been raided in an A.L.F. investigation in five months.

Ten agents with the FBI and ATF corralled myself and my roommates into the living room, handed us a search warrant, and spent the next five hours removing belongings from our home.

The warrant indicated they were seeking evidence in recent Animal Liberation Front arsons, including two in Utah.


12.08.2010 10:22
This Saturday! Civil Liberties Defense Center Benefit in PDX
The Civil Liberties Defense Center has been at the front line defending several Green Scare political prisoners and was key in winning the early release of prisoners such as Jeff "Free" Luers.
The CLDC provided free legal representation to over 35 people arrested for civil disobedience - 30 were acquitted. Represented over 80 environmental, animal and social rights nonviolent civil disobedience protesters in 2006 alone among other victories. Come out and show your support for the CDLC!

*Becky White- Rootsy Folk Punk Devotional Music*
*Tre Arrow- Musician and Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Jeff "Free" Luers- Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Dapper Cadavers- Local Portland Folk*
*Mic Crenshaw- MC and Poet*
*Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits- Bay Area Acoustic Duo
*Holy! Holy! Holy!- A Dancing Gypsy Crazy Hazah
**And late night Interspecies DJ Dance Party*

*Where:* Autonomy 316 NW 4th Portland, Oregon 97209
**Generous donations taken at door and all night!!*
*Contact:*  oregonjericho@gmail.com (503)-750-0523

[** PDX Event Date: Sat August 14 2010]
[Eugene Event Date: Thurs August 12 2010]


12.08.2010 09:27
Video: Navigating the Security Culture
Lauren Regan, founder of the Eugene Oregon based Civil Liberties Defense Center speaking at the recent Roots of Resistance Conference held in Portland Oregon, organized by Jesus Radicals.

The Conference, held in Portland Oregon on the week end of August 6th and 7th, explored themes of Christian Anarchism, violent vs non violent strategies, among others.

Lauren, along with Tre Arrow, spoke Sunday morning on a panel entitled, "Navigating the Security Culture, Activism in a Posts 911 World."
According to the flyer for the event, "the aim of this session is ................to inform people about laws that criminalize dissent and that make it exceedingly difficult to work for social change." Regan, who is a public interest attorney specializing in civil rights, criminal defense and environmental law, has successfully represented hundreds of political activists in both civil and criminal litigation. After first discussing some of her cases, she enumerates 4 main methods used by law enforcement to infiltrate, intimidate, marginalize and discourage organizations seeking to bring about social change as well as ways that activists can evade and neutralize these methods.

Lauren Regan, Navigating the Security Culture

Portland CLDC Benefit Show Sat Aug 14th | CLDC Benefit show in Eugene Thursday August 12th


11.08.2010 19:06
Update on Eric McDavid's Appeal
Yesterday, August 9th, oral arguments for Eric's appeal were heard at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Most of the discussion focused on the incorrect written response to a question the jurors asked during deliberations at Eric's trial (the oral answer to a jury question was the complete opposite from the written answer - the jury reached a guilty verdict soon after). The presiding judge on the panel seemed particularly interested in this issue (she wrote a previous decision for the 9th circuit in which a case was reversed due to an erroneous jury instruction).

The prosecution, lacking any solid arguments about why this issue was "harmless error," resorted (as they usually do) to their typical bag of tricks and lies. We know we probably don't need to go into detail here - but just keep this in mind if you choose to listen to the arguments.

If you are interested in listening to yesterday's proceedings in their entirety, they are posted on the 9th Circuit's website at:



11.08.2010 19:04
Short update on the case of the AETA4
On July 12, 2010, Judge Ronald Whyte ruled to dismiss the indictment of the AETA4. His ruling stated the indictment violated federal rules of criminal procedure, as well as the defendants' fifth amendment rights by not providing detail into the alleged crimes that were committed. In the days following the ruling, the Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case stated to the AETA4 defense team that the government would contact them with their plans by August 13, 2010.

However, yesterday, one of the defense attorneys received a call from the U.S. Attorney. The call was to the effect that although she had promised us some kind of communication on or about August 13 regarding status, she is still working on it and we should not expect to hear anything regarding status before mid-September. She would/could not go into any details about what is going to happen.

We'll keep you posted. Continue to support those facing charges under the unconstitutional Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.



09.08.2010 15:38
Warning to Activists! Darren Thurston's Computer "Security" Business
A warning to anyone who has received computer security services from someone going by hard_mac, or rad_boy: Your consultant was once working for the FBI, and may still be. Since Darren Thurston's release from prison, the informant in the Green Scare A.L.F. / E.L.F. case has resurfaced as a computer security consultant.

Thurston became an asset for the federal government in the Green Scare case after his arrest on arson charges for the 2001 torching by the Animal Liberation Front of a BLM wild horse holding barn in Susanville, California. In exchange for reduced charges, he implicated several others in serious arsons.

Thurston's computer security consulting site can be viewed here. Perhaps not by coincidence, there is information another government informant, Justin Samuel, has also gone into the computer security field. Samuel provided 86 pages of testimony, and perhaps additional undocumented information, to prosecutors investigating mink releases in 1999.

Voice of the Voiceless


09.07.2010 16:36
Marie Mason put in solitary confinement
marie mason On Thursday, July 1 Green Scare prisoner Marie Mason was placed in solitary confinement. All supporters are encouraged to write her and keep her spirits up. Her cell is very small and windowless, and since then she has only been allowed to stand outside (in a small cage) for under an hour - in total. She cannot send email and can only make one phone call a week. She has also lost access to the vegan food she was buying from the commissary, and so she has an extremely limited diet. She has been told that she has been "re-classified", although exactly what this means is unclear. They may be preparing to transfer her. Mason can still send and receive letters. (However, she asks that supporters do not send pictures at this time.). All supporters are encouraged to write her and keep her spirits up.

Marie Mason is serving almost 22 years for two acts of environmentally-motivated property destruction in which no one was harmed. This is the longest current sentence of any of the Green Scare prisoners. (The Green Scare is the name given to the recent prosecution of eco-saboteurs and animal liberation activists, in which the government has labeled them as "terrorists" and sought huge sentences.) Mason was turned in by her then-husband, Frank Ambrose, who had secretly spied on activists for years and then filed for divorce the day she was arrested. Mason eventually plead guilty to 14 actions; 13 were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and one by the Animal Liberation Front. At her sentencing, the judge said she had "violated the marketplace of ideas" and gave her an even longer sentence than the prosecution had asked for (15-20 years).

Marie Mason Support Event Sat July 17th in Portland


16.03.2010 17:40
BREAKING: FBI Raids Activist House in Utah, Connected to Iowa ALF Investigation
FBI agents and law enforcement from multiple agencies have raided a well-known activist group house in Salt Lake City, Utah, today in connection with an investigation of Animal Liberation Front crimes in Iowa.

From Will Potter at greenisthenewred.com

link to davenportgrandjury.wordpress.com


11.03.2010 11:31
FREE Film Night - March 11 - Eugene
Civil Liberties Defense Center's FREE Film Nights

2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 pm
@ WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th (next to WOW Hall)

Monthly civil rights films this month:
Black Panthers

For more information, go to  http://www.cldc.org.


19.02.2010 10:54
"ONE STRUGGLE-ONE FIGHT" An Intergenerational Political Prisoner Support Panel
'One struggle, one fight' - it can be an elusive concept. Please join
this panel of speakers as they talk about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, the Green Scare, COINTELPRO and how they relate to each
other. The aim of this panel is to explore how movements struggling for fundamental change can persevere over the long term in the face of state repression. This will be a benefit for the AETA 4, four activists in the Bay Area being prosecuted as "terrorists" for their beliefs. All money raised will go to their legal defense fund. In addition, this event will hopefully plant the seeds of solidarity and cross-pollination between movements.

-Friday, Feb 19 @ 5pm
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard
Eliot 314
-Saturday, Feb 20th @6pm
Red and Black Cafe
400 Se 12th Ave

Speakers: Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center), Nadia Winsted
(grand jury resistor), Claude Marks (Freedom Archives, former political prisoner), Jeffrey Luers (former political prisoner, environmental activist), and Walidah Imarisha (historian, hip-hop artist).



03.02.2010 08:17
Marie Mason Vegan issues update
Hey All,

As many of you know Marie has been having problems receiving Vegan meals since entering in the Federal system almost a year ago.

We recently received a phone call from Marie during which she asked that friends and supporters write the new warden at Waseca and politely request she be given consistent and nutritionally adequate vegan meals. The hope is that with the help of outside support the new Warden will be more understanding of her situation then his previous counterpart.

A sample letter is included below.

In the Struggle,
Got Your Back Collective


14.01.2010 06:40
Steve Murphy Update - Plea Agreement
Steve Murphy has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson. Today [1/11/10] court documents were filed in which Steve Murphy plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson. The charge carries the Terrorism Enhancement. Steve is now facing 5 years in prison. The documents filed today mention an unindicted co-conspirator.

At this time, there is no reason to believe that Steve is cooperating, and he still needs your support. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

pdf of plea agreement

Steve's support site is: supportsteve.org


17.10.2009 10:23
Update From Local Grand Jury Resister Carrie Feldman
Today I had my first appearance before the federal grand jury in Davenport, Iowa. I was represented by a federal public defender (although he could not be present in the grand jury with me). After reading a brief statement expressing that I would not testify, I was released with a subpoena to reappear before the grand jury again on the 17th of November at 9:00 A.M. It is likely that at this time I will be held in contempt of court for continuing to remain silent, and could face jail time up to the length of the grand jury (it convenes for 12 months total, which leaves 11 remaining after my November appearance). We are still looking into legal questions regarding how long they could hold me.

Oct 13 press release: "Twin Cities Anarchist Subpoenaed to Federal Grand Jury in Iowa"


17.10.2009 10:18
Final Jeff "Free" Luers Benefit
Final "Free" Free Benefit (we hope)
Support Political Prisoner Jeff Luers during his tansition out of prison after 9.5 years

Vegan Benefit Dinner at the Morning Glory Cafe (450 Willamette St., Eugene)
Saturday November 7th, 2009
6:30-10:00pm (Seatings at 6:30pm and 8pm only)

Reservations Required!
Four-course gourmet vegan dinner plus beverage and
live flamenco guitar music!


29.09.2009 12:50
Eric McDavid Update - Appeal, Birthday, and More
Hello friends, We are incredibly relieved to finally be able to tell you that the opening brief for Eric's appeal was filed on September 17. This is only the first step in a very long process, but after over a year's worth of delays, it was a welcome development. The government's response to Eric's brief is due on October 15 - although it is quite possible there will be more delays. We will post the opening brief on Eric's website soon. We also want everyone to know that after a recalculation of his points (what the BOP uses to determine in what security level prison to place someone), Eric realized he qualifies for a low-security facility. He has put in a request to be moved and is awaiting a response. We will let you all know as soon as we hear anything.

Eric's birthday is on October 7. It would be great if everyone could send him a quick note of support to remind him we haven't forgotten about him. You can send cards and letters to:

Eric McDavid 16209-097
FCI Victorville, Medium II
Federal Correctional Institution
Adelanto, CA 92301


17.06.2009 12:56
Justin Solondz Has Been Apprehended in China
FBI mug shot Environmental activist Justin Solondz has been apprehended in China and has been taken into custody. Justin was named as one of the Green Scare defendants in the University of Washington Genetic Engineering Research arson and was named as a codefendant of Briana Waters, who refused to cooperate, went to trial and was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Justin has been listed as a fugitive by the FBI since the UW indictment was issued several years ago. It is unclear at this time whether Justin will be extradited back to the U.S, and/or when such a transfer would occur. Stay tuned for more updates as they become known.


11.06.2009 20:41
Tre's Back!
Tre arrived in Portland Monday afternoon. Some folks met him at the airport bringing spring water, yummy food, coconut dates of course, and flowers. Lots of hugs and love before he rode a bike with friends to the halfway house he is staying at.


05.06.2009 10:24
events for Day of Solidarity with Jeff Free Luers
free This June marks the 9th and final year that Jeff Free Luers will spend in prison. Jeff was originally sentenced to 23 years for setting fire to 3 SUV's at Romania Chevrolet to bring attention to global warming. Since then Jeff has won his appeal and was resentenced to 10 years. Jeff will be released this December 2009.

Events for the June 2009 Day of Solidarity with Jeff Free Luers are listed below. Celebrate our victory of helping to bring Jeff home!

Donations for Jeff's release and education fund are greatly needed.  http://freejeffluers.org/donate.html
A wish list for specific items is now available here:  http://freejeffluers.org/assets/pdfs/WISH_LIST.pdf



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