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18.03.2007 19:34
US GM corn attacks Oaxaca....
An important element in the struggle in Oaxaca is the defence and protection of the precious and unfortunately seriously threatened spiritual,environmental and agricultural natural resources of their state. Oaxaca is the birthplace of corn in the world, and the US is now aggressively and deviously manipulating Mexican economic structures to force the importation of vast quantities of US GM maize. This is an issue of URGENT importance, both for Oaxaca, Mexico and the world.



13.03.2007 07:32
Grow Zapatista GMO-Free Corn
Schools for Chiapas The Zapatista community is selling GMO-free Mayan corn. The seed is being sent all over the world in an effort to save an old lineage. Mutated corn seed is being planted by corporate interests to destroy this old lineage. The money from the sale of the corn will be used to build Chiapas schools. Sow the seeds of resistance and join the growing movement against transgenic contamination of Mayan corn in Chiapas, Mexico!

By planting Zapatista corn, you become a part of a global effort to preserve a vital genetic heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. You can plant these powerful Zapatista corn seeds in your community, farm, home, school, or family gardens. These seeds have been donated by Zapatista farmers who hope and pray that people of conscience around the world will provide respectful sanctuary for this living part of their cultural heritage. Despite massive importation from the USA of corn carrying genetic modifications, the autonomous Mayan communities in Chiapas are dedicated to keeping their corn pure and natural.

To find out more about this seed go to:


02.03.2007 15:36
Contact FDA to Stop Sale of Dangerous Cloned Milk & Meat! during public comment period
Why Cloned Food Should Be Inedible and Unacceptable: The mission of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to protect the public's health through assuring the safety of our nation's food supply. The FDA's purpose is NOT to facilitate the dumping of dubious food products onto people's dinner plates for the sake of corporate profit.

FDA first unveiled the commercially motivated lie of "substantial equivalance" back in 1993 when it railroaded through approval of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Now we know from a real scientific study (May 2006 Journal of Reproductive Health) that milk induced through genetic engineering is NOT the same...but, because of FDA's irresponsible rubberstamping, U.S. consumers now suffer reproductive problems from...rBGH dairy products with elevated levels of Insulin Like Growth Factor - 1 (IGF-1).

That is why it is so disturbing to hear about the FDA's Dec. 28, 2006 determination that cloned livestock byproducts are indeed safe for human consumption, and to read a subsequent wave of editorials clamoring for fullblown commercialization of cloned milk and meat. Once again , it seems the FDA is over eager to become an accomplice in the corporate forcefeeding of questionable byproducts to an unwitting populace. Whether it is genetic engineering, biopharming, nanotechnology, irradiation, or cloning, it is hard to escape the thought that U.S farmers and consumers are now guinea pigs caught up in some massive frankenfood experiment that the rest of the world is wise enough to watch from a safe distance. Deadline for public feedback: April 2nd, 2007. Refer to Docket 2006P-0145.

Why Cloned Food Should Be Inedible and Unacceptable
related: Cloned Meat is NOT a clone: up to 5% expressed differently, clones more deformed,cancerous


15.02.2007 13:45
Federal Court Finds USDA Erred in Approving Genetically Engineered Alfalfa
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Precedent-setting Decision May Block Planting, Sales of Monsanto Alfalfa

Washington, DC (February 14, 2007) ­In what will likely be a precedent-setting ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Charles R. Breyer of the Northern District of California decided in favor of farmers, consumers, and environmentalists who filed a suit calling the USDA's approval of genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa a threat to farmers' livelihoods and a risk to the environment. Judge Breyer ordered that a full Environmental Impact Statement must be carried out on "Roundup Ready" alfalfa, the GE variety developed by Monsanto and Forage Genetics. The decision may prevent this season's sales and planting of Monsanto's GE alfalfa and future submissions of other GE crops for commercial deregulation.

In his ruling, the judge consistently found USDA's arguments unconvincing, without scientific basis, and/or contrary to the law. For example: "... For those farmers who choose to grow non-genetically engineered alfalfa, the possibility that their crops will be infected with the engineered gene is tantamount to the elimination of all alfalfa; they cannot grow their chosen crop."



17.11.2006 05:11
Support PAN Latin America partners in seeking justice for death of child from pesticides
The Poisoning of Silvino Talavera PAN Latin America partners in Paraguay seek global solidarity in response to the death of 11-year-old Silvino Talavera from pesticide spraying. The men responsible for Silvino's death have yet to be brought to justice, but Silvino's mother, Petrona Villasboa, continues to press forward, "One has to have strength to struggle. I will struggle to the very end, because I think of the large number of children that live in my community." The case is currently scheduled to expire in December. Your action is needed to help keep the case and court process moving forward.

RAP-AL: People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty


01.08.2006 03:03
GMO Disease Epidemics

Tryptophan -- A food supplement called Tryptophan had been produced for many years by various companies, including Showa Denko of Japan. These companies had been producing Tryptophan with the usual ingredients without ill effects.Then, Showa Denko, to increase profits, gene-spliced (genetically engineered) a bacterium into the previously harmless product. Result: 37 dead and 1,535 crippled. Another estimated 5,000-10,000 were afflicted with a blood disorder due to this new, strange and incurable disease (now called Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome, EMS). The corporation paid out two billion dollars to people who threatened to sue. [ read more ]

Hepatitis B Vaccine -- The Hepatitus B vaccine was genetically engineered. On account of this vaccine, during the 1990s there were, in the USA alone, more than 17,000 cases of hospitalisations, injuries and deaths, including the deaths of 72 children, reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of the U.S. government. [Dr. Philip Incao's testimony to the Health Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives, 1 March 1999] Note: a former FDA (U.S. government Food and Drug Administration) Commissioner wrote in 1993 in the prestigious medical journal, JAMA, that a study showed "only about 1 percent of serious events attributable to drug reactions are reported to the FDA". [ read more ]

Aspartame artificial sweetener -- This artificial sweetener bears no resemblance to 'saccharin' and 'sucaryl'. A well-known carcinogenic neurotoxin, Aspartame has been linked to cancer, paralysis, blindness, diabetes, cardiac arrest, not to mention death. In the United States, where the New Mexico legislature is currently discussing a proposal to ban Aspartame, the neurotoxin is found in 6,000 products consumed by 70% of Americans. A bill to ban aspartame is currently in the British Parliament also, sponsored by Roger Williams MP. [ read more ]


14.07.2006 09:44
Action Alert: Stop the Commercial Release of genetically engineered (GE) Plums
The United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now accepting public comments regarding the commercial approval of a Genetically Engineered (GE) plum variety, known as "C5." Not only would the approval of C5 be the first commercially released GE tree variety in the United States, but also the first GE fruit approved for human consumption. Approval of C5 will pave the way for more GE food and tree varieties, as well as guarantee the widespread genetic contamination of conventional and organic stone fruit varieties, including plums, peaches, cherries, and apricots.

Since commercial approvals of GE soy, corn, cotton, and canola almost a decade ago, grassroots activists have effectively stopped new approvals of GE crops. Genetically Engineered crops have contaminated organic varieties, have not been adequately safety tested, and have contributed to the the corporate takeover of the seed supply.

Please contact the USDA today and call for strict health, safety and environmental testing for all GE crops, as well as increased funding for ecological and integrated pest management alternatives for the plum pox virus.

Sign the Petition | Send a letter | Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering


21.04.2006 08:40
Mexico's First "World Action Day Against GMOs" National Food Fair;
Machete, Maize, & Motherhood: Mex. bioregional version of April 8, 2006: Held in conjunction with the First World Action Day Against GMOs being celebrated in 40 countries, the food fair offered a sampling of mostly organic and traditional agricultural alternatives for producers and consumers at different locations around the country. The anti-GMO celebration covered markets in the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara, Texcoco, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Oaxaca, Uruapan, and Xalapa. --- The sponsoring environmental organizations ***revealed an activist label for growers and distributors to use***, so consumer activism can be faciliated, which tells shoppers that their products are free of GMOs. That private initiative was taken in response to the pro-corporate Mexican government's failure to require popularly wanted labels identifying raw materials and commodities with genetically modified content. --- If indeed the fare featured was free of Frankenfoods, it also went one step better. Most of the provender for sale was organically grown, in other words free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and antibiotics that upset your stomach, as well as the balance of nature. What's more, the organizers boasted, the diversity of vegetation promoted by non-GMO planting contrasts positively with the mono-cropping engendered by transgenics. The advantages are greater biodiversity and natural resistance to disaster. --- One of the promoters' objectives was to boost income for families in poor rural communities who practice agriculture based on traditional knowledge. --- Mexico is the world's largest organic coffee grower and other organic items are fruit, nuts, chocolate, amaranth, sesame seeds, vegetables, blue corn, and vanilla. 85% historically for the export market...domestic shoppers though are getting savvy. The fair strengthened Mexican made items for a local consumption market.


10.11.2005 08:43
Alpenrose Dairy goes rBGH free!
The family-owned independent dairy, based in Portland, has been a highly-respected fixture in the NW Oregon dairy scene since 1916. Since early 2004, Alpenrose, like all dairies in Oregon that still use rBGH, has received hundreds of consumer comments generated by Oregon PSR - post cards, e-mails, letters and phone calls -asking them to go rBGH-free.

Oregon PSR's Campaign For Safe Food has been communicating with Alpenrose, and showed their Power Point on rBGH, discussing the problems that rBGH presents. In addition, the campaign has been contacting grocery stores and coffee shops regarding concerns with rBGH, and some of them have in turn relayed these concerns to Alpenrose. In August this year, a large parochial school in Beaverton, discontinued their milk contract with Alpenrose. This followed Oregon PSR's Power Point presentation to the principal and food service director and expressions of concern led by a parent/PSR volunteer. In addition, PSR volunteers had made initial contacts with the Portland Public Schools, which serves Alpenrose milk, expressing their concern with rBGH.

Alpenrose now becomes the third Oregon-based dairy since 2003 to go rBGH-free. Tillamook announced that its cheese (not other products) would be rBGH-free as of April 1 and Eberhard announced it was going rBGH-free in June.

More info:
NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering Oregon PSR's Campaign For Safe Food rBGH: A primer pdx imc genetic engineering topic page


26.10.2005 20:45
Ban Terminator Seeds - Join The Global Campaign
Unfortunately Terminator is not yesterday's news. Corporations and governments are again pushing hard to commercialize Terminator technology - plants that are genetically modified to render sterile seeds at harvest. The Canadian government tried to overturn the international (United Nations) de facto moratorium on Terminator in February 2005. To meet this new crisis and re-build global opposition, we ask you to join the new Ban Terminator Campaign and take action with us.

Mobilization is needed now to pressure governments to ban Terminator nationally and internationally. There are two important United Nations meetings coming up where debates on Terminator are planned. We will work to establish a ban on Terminator at the major meetings of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity: January 23-27 in Spain and March 20-31 in Brazil.

Reclaiming Commons - Old And New | www.nwrage.org


17.07.2005 00:35
Creating the Next Pandemic
After listening to this series, if you are not concerned, you should see a doctor. Ralph Shoenman and Mya Shone provide some background on the terror state and the prospects of state sponsored terrorism by the activities of our black death labs and how, without public scrutiny, we live on the edge of a species extinction; ours.


03.07.2005 00:25
Eberhard's Dairy goes rBGH-Free
Eberhard's Dairy, a highly-respected and well-known fixture in Central Oregon since 1951, will announce in the near future that as of June 1, it had obtained signed affadavits from all of its suppliers that they do not use recombinant bovine growth hormone.

I had met with the company president and owner, Bob Eberhard, in May 2004, to give him our Power Point presentation. We had a good discussion then and I appreciated that he invited me in to give him our information, even though he was allowing rBGH to be used (that doesn't happen with every dairy!). Over the past year, a number of our volunteers in central Oregon had contacted Eberhard to ask them to go rBGH-free. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to express their opinions to Eberhard's.


26.06.2005 20:50
A Firsthand Account from Philadephia
2005 demo Okay, so here is my account of what I did out on the streets of Philadelphia, Tuesday the 21st of June, 2005. This is part one of three.

I woke up around 8:00 a.m. that morning. As I got ready to head out to Food Not Bombs, I found out that it was to be held in front of a major pharmaceutical corporation called GlaxoSmithKline. Food was really the only thing on my mind as I struggled with the bike I had borrowed that day for it wasn't working correctly, but someone could still use it, so I did.

I was out there to cover the events of the day and with the help of the Philadelphia Indymedia folks we broke up into three groups to cover each branch of the three demonstrations. I choose to go to the environmental one and cover that. From GlaxoSmithKline I walked a few blocks over to 1640 (I believe) Arch Street. A truck was waiting with all kinds of signs, giant puppets, and huge banners. Everyone was in really good spirits as everyone was being moved from the truck across the streets onto the sidewalk into a pile.

Part Two
After a while things calmed down between police and demonstrators. After about an hour of a rather somber mood things started to pickup like they had been earlier that day with a much more positive feeling all about. People gathered around in a circle in the middle of the street and started to scream really loud, getting the attention of the delegates inside the convention center, more joined them and it got louder. As that was happening people started to form a line facing the police.
Part Three
I got dropped off and met up with the person who called to let them know that I was there. There were police on both sides of the street. I guess it was the police headquarters, because there were officers on each side of the street. Cars in front of the building, police on bicycles in front of everyone there. There were about fifty people in a small park sitting down eating Food Not Bombs. Bicycles were everywhere between people as they laid around and enjoyed each others company with the purpose of supporting those that had been arrested and put in jail. I was informed that before I arrived things almost got out of hand as an emotional police officer was yelling at the people in the crowd saying, "you killed my friend."

[ Philly IMC coverage of BioDemocracy 2005 | Biotech IMC ]

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06.06.2005 18:12
NW RAGE is being followed! Have you seen this woman?
Do you recognize this woman?

On May 21, Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a demonstration outside of Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in NW Portland, to protest Monsanto and the Scotts Company's Genetically Engineered Creeping Bentgrass. (Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts.) When we arrived, we saw a familiar face of a woman who had also been in Corvallis on May 18 for a similar protest of ours at a USDA public forum. At first we thought we had a new supporter, but upon questioning her about why she was there, she admitted that she was, indeed, there to spy on us! We don't really know anything about her, other than her name is Jessica and she does not like to have her picture taken. She was also there with another woman who we didn't get a picture of.

We were pretty surprised by how quickly she admitted to us why she was there. But she did refuse to tell us who paid her to be there. "Monsanto? Scotts?" we asked, but she wouldn't let us in on it.


20.05.2005 07:33
RAGE Fights the Spread of Biotechnology all Across the NW

  • Who: NWRAGE
  • What: Protest against GE Bentgrass
  • When: 11a.m. - 3 p.m. Sat., May 21
  • Where: Smith & Hawken, 26 NW 23rd Place
  • Why: To tell Scotts to clean up their genetically engineered bentgrass contamination in Oregon
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a protest on May 18 at a USDA public forum in Corvallis to take comments on the approval of genetically engineered creeping bentgrass.

The GE grass has been developed by Monsanto and Scotts to resist Monsanto's herbicide RoundUp, and would be used on golf courses around the country if approved. It has already contaminated the area around a test site near Madras, Oregon, including the Crooked River National Grassland and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Join us for another protest, this time against Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in Northwest Portland. Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts, and they need to know that we want them to clean up their mess


18.03.2005 13:33
Audio of Brian Tokar speech at PSU in February
A photo of Brian with Redesigning Life, a book on genetic engineering he edited Here is the audio of the Brian Tokar speech from February 28th at PSU. The speech came on the heels of the decision of Tillamook Dairies to not use milk from cows that were given rBGH. This is the first portion of the speech and does not include the question and answer session. It is about 45 minutes long.

Brian Tokar has been an activist, author and a prominent voice for ecological radicalism since the 1970s. He is the author of The Green Alternative and Earth for Sale. He is the editor of Redesigning Life, and the new collection, Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade and the Globalization of Hunger. Tokar is a faculty member and Biotechnology Project Director at Vermont's Institute for Social Ecology. He has lectured extensively across the United States, as well as internationally, on ecological movements and politics.

listen (streaming MP3)
comment >>

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01.03.2005 17:06
Tillamook County Becoming r-BGH Free
The Tillamook County Creamery Association's membership voted 83-43 to back up the Board's previous decision to go rBGH-free, effective April 1, 2005 (No kidding!). After a two-hour discussion, the co-op's members decided to listen to their consumers' wishes rather than Monsanto.

In an incredible display of consumer activism and strength, over 6,500 people commented to Tillamook by phone, e-mail, fax and letter. Over 98% of the comments stressed the desire for the dairy to go rBGH-free! If ever there was a demonstration that this genetically engineered hormone has nothing to offer but increased disease rates in cows and health risks to consumers, this was it.

We really want to thank all of you who responded to Oregon PSR's requests to contact Tillamook. And a double thanks to everyone who sent our alert memo's to others and asked them to do the same. Never in our wildest dreams did we think the ripple effect would go so far.

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