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08.08.2006 21:57
Resistance to Roadless Logging Escalates as Protesters Blockade Bridge
Laurel Sutherlin dangling from a bridge above the Illinois River Early this morning, protestors erected a daring road blockade to halt logging at the Mike's Gulch Timber Sale in the Siskiyou National Forest, site of the first ever incursion into an Inventoried Roadless Area since the passage of the federal Roadless Rule in 2001. At least one activist is suspended in a cantilever off the side of the Green Bridge above the Illinois River in a manner that prohibits traffic across the bridge without endangering the life of the person hanging from it.

This dramatic action follows years of lawsuits, rallies, public comment periods and national media attention involving tens of thousands of people speaking out against the logging of the Biscuit. Over 2 million people submitted comments to protect our nation's roadless areas before the Biscuit fire and over 20,000 citizens submitted public comments opposing the Biscuit logging when it was proposed, and almost 100 arrests have been made of people engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience protesting the massive logging project.

www.o2collective.org | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Biscuit Fire Background | Oregon Governor's Schedule of Public Meetings for Roadless Protections in Oregon


08.08.2006 02:31
Nation's First Roadless Logging Began Today; Unprecedented Action Ignites Protest

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest began logging today in a roadless forest that was protected by the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule which protected 58 million acres of public forest from industrial logging, and road-building. The Bush administration is now logging roadless forests, despite massive public opposition and a pending court cases challenging the logging.

More than 100 citizens from across the country attended a rally in front of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest office in Medford today to protest the first logging of Roadless Areas. A dozen people with shirts reading "Roadless is Priceless" sat down in a road in front of the Forest Service office with potted trees. This resulted in twelve arrests, with charges still pending.

8/8: Resistance to Roadless Logging Escalates as Protesters Blockade Bridge


Roadless Area Logging Equals Broken Promise

Controversial logging began today in Mike's Gulch, a National Forest roadless area in Southern Oregon. It's the first roadless area logging in six years and part of a systematic rollback of environmental protections by the Bush administration.

Today, Silver Creek Timber Co. began logging in the South Kalmiopsis roadless area, located in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon. The logging is the first logging allowed in a National Forest roadless areas since the Bush administration replaced the popular 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule in 2005.




07.08.2006 02:40
N.E.S.T. finds 35 red tree vole nests in S.O
A red tree vole nest The Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (N.E.S.T.) has been surveying in southern Oregon in three timber sales: Tennesse Lime, Anderson West and East Fork. We found 35 previously undiscovered red tree vole nests, when verified by the Bureau of Land Management, these nests will require protection that will lead to the reduction of these timber sales to the possible cancellation of certain timber sale units.

N.E.S.T. is going to continue it's surveys and we need new volunteers to continue this work.


04.08.2006 05:30
Save Mike's Gulch! Get on the bus this Sunday!
The purchaser of Mike's Gulch, the massive timber sale located in the South Kalmiopsis inventoried roadless area adjacent to the world-renowned Kalmiopsis Wildlerness, has filed his required 7-day notice to initiate logging. Logging will commence on Monday the 7th. The stakes are high. This would be the first inventoried roadless area sale to move forward since the popular Clinton-era roadless rule was enacted.

Clear your calendars, play hooky and join Back2theWall and the Cascadia Wildlands Project in a strong show of opposition to this reckless proposal and support of wild Siskiyou protection. We will be joining forces with many different conservation groups, community members and supporters at the Siskiyou Forest Supervisors office (where all the big decisions get made) at noon on Monday, August 7.

The bus named Cool will be leaving Portland on Sunday August 6th at 01:30 pm and we will be camping near Medford and then returning to Portland Monday evening following the protest and a carpool in Eugene leaves from Kinko's back parking lot (13th and Willamette St.) at 5 pm on Sunday. Come prepared and self-sufficient. [ read more ]

Call Joe Keating to reserve a place on the bus! (503) 234-2613 or Steve at (503) 772-3164

Rogue Valley IMC coverage | First In The Nation Roadless Logging Set for August 7th | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Cascadia Wildlands Project | o2Collective.org

Support the governor's petition to protect roadless forests!

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongowski has called repeatedly for full protection of all 1.9 million acres of roadless Oregon forest. Ignored by the Bush Administration he is now suing the Administration in federal court. This and several other suits that might again protect Mike's Gulch are still pending. Nonetheless, logging is moving forward.

The Bush Administration claims that governors are allowed to petition for protection of roadless areas in their states. The petitions are not due until this Fall. The Administration promised interim protection for all roadless areas pending review of those petitions. The Administration has broken this promise at Mike's Gulch.

The Governor is holding an open hearing on roadless forest protection in Medford on August 16th. Please plan to attend this event as well. [ read more ]

Roadless Area Rule Violated by Siskiyou Forest Service in 2005

Without much fanfare or controversy the Siskiyou National Forest planned and allowed the clear-cut logging inside the North Kalmiopsis roadless area as part of the Berry salvage logging timber sale in the Biscuit burn in 2005. Thus the US Forest Service unilaterally decided to violate the Roadless Area Conservation Plan at least one year before Federal Courts were to decide the legality of such actions. I suppose Siskiyou National Forest personnel figured that they would get away with this because no one would notice, at least not until the trees were cut and hauled away. Well, I guess they were right. Also, I suppose Forest Service personnel told them selves, well even if we do get caught no one would get punished. In fact they would likely get a pat on the back, a bonus or even promotion for doing the Bush administration's and Oregon's timber baron's bidding. [ read more ]


25.07.2006 03:03
It's been a year: Joan Norman
joan norman July 23, 2005 Joan Norman was killed in Southern Oregon in a car accident. I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her. I was inspired by what she had to say. I miss her. She made me feel like I was part of a community again. We shared a passion for the wild places. I would go there in a minute except I know that that is not what I am to do now. I have to stay with the human community, what's left of if and try to teach peace and resistance.

I would not matter if I went to the forest...the loggers and others would come there and cut it down around me. The warming of the earth from man's pollution will start fires that will come to my place under the trees. My heart would break. It's better to stand in the middle of the war of man and resist. And, help others the best I can.


21.07.2006 17:27
Roadless is Priceless! A Community Action Prep for Roadless Forests
Roadless forests threatened by the Mike's Gulch logging project Sunday, July 30th
Action Prep 2:00 pm, Non-violence Training to follow
Medford Public Library, Adams Room
205 South Central, Medford, OR

The Bush Administration and the US Forest Service are moving forward with the first Roadless timber sale in the nation since the repeal of the Roadless Conservation Rule. The Mike's Gulch timber sale near the Wild & Scenic Illinois River in the Siskiyou National Forest has been awarded to a timber company and log trucks could be rolling in early August. It's up to us to draw the line and let the world know that "Roadless is Priceless!" Come join us as we strategize, plan, and prepare for our community's response to the the first day of logging.



12.07.2006 20:15
NEST finds 30 red tree vole nests in timber sale
NEST climber NEST (Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team) has just spent a wildly successful past month climbing trees to survey for red tree vole nests in the "Trapper" timber sale, a tract of mature forests 60 miles east of Eugene, in the McKenzie River watershed, Eugene's source of drinking water.

NEST climbers found a total of 30 red tree vole nests--the main food source of the threatened spotted owl--in the sale (whereas the Forest Service had only found 3). The Forest Service has been presented with the data, and will be revealing what buffers they plan to implement in the sale within the next week or so. If they do not implement protective buffers, a lawsuit is likely.


07.07.2006 01:23
The Ancient Redwoods: Witnesses to a Fading Republic
Redwoods High The Ancient Redwoods are older by centuries than the American Republic itself. They are found only in the northwest coastal region of the nation. They have witnessed this country's birth struggle, its awful Civil War, its rapacious expansion westward, and now, finally, its imperial hubris and rapid decline. By the time the Bush-Cheney Gang gets done ripping the country off (aided by complicit Democrats), the Republic will be a fading memory.

"Man needs...the sense of wonder." - George Orwell


24.06.2006 06:53
Salmon River Timber Sale Loses in 9th Circuit Court
South Fork Salmon RIver June 23, 2006: The Knob Timber Sale lost on all counts in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Knob is one of three old growth timber sales (along with the already cut Glassups sale and currently in court Meteor sale) making up a "mega-sale" on the wild and scenic Salmon River of Siskiyou County, CA. After years in court, the Knob sale will soon be auctioned and slated for cut there after. Some of the last intact oldgrowth forest in the United States can be found in these public-land timber sales.

In 2003 activists came together to stop the cumulative effects of the Glassups, Knob, and Meteor Timber Sales. That year, forest defenders rose up in three tree-sits in the Glassups sale. Although Glassups fell, the Knob auction was held off till now, a huge victory! But the struggle continues - Forest defenders of the Salmon River are committed to fighting the Knob sale through direct action! We are a diverse and colorful group of local concerned community members as well as activists from all over the country. The movement fighting to stop harmful and un-lawful logging is a multi-limbed creature. When the "arm" of litigation tires... the now rested and muscular arm of direct action re-emerges.

related: Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public (June 6 2003) | Proposed Meteor Timber Sale Could Devastate Salmon River (Dec. 3 2003) | Fall Creek Salvage Sale Timber Auction (Nov. 4 2005) | Fall Creek "Salvage" Sale Timber Auction--On the Inside Looking Out (Nov. 6 2005)


23.06.2006 12:44
Zachary Jenson Denied Bail Again; Eric McDavid Moved
Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested on January 13, 2006 in Auburn, California as part of the ongoing nationwide Green Scare. They are accused of conspiring to damage or destroy by means of explosive or fire public or private property. Lauren was released on bail and has recently plead guilty; taking a deal that requires her to testify against her co-defendants and assist investigators in every way possible, and we therefore consider her to be a government informant. Eric and Zach have maintained their innocence since they were arrested. They are both pleading not guilty and are still being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail awaiting trial.

Zachary Jenson had his second bail hearing on Wednesday, June 21. He was denied bail yet again; this time by Judge Drodz. After hearing oral arguments, the judge took a five minute recess and returned with his decision.

Eric was moved to a different floor over the weekend and his address has changed. Please continue sending Zach and Eric letters of support. They have both been in total isolation ("T-Sep"), since their arrest, and have little to no real human contact. Spending all but 5 hours per week in a single cell is extremely difficult, and both Eric and Zach absolutely cherish every letter they receive.

www.supportzach.org |


Mike's Gulch Roadless Logging 10.06.2006 21:22
Scorned, Sold and Sued
Two major victories were scored [Friday] for Mike's Gulch, a threatened forest in Oregon's largest roadless area, the South Kalmiopsis. The area's Congressman clearly stated his opposition to logging and the State's Governor announced he is filing a lawsuit in Federal Court to block the sale.

Only one week ago the Bush Administration announced they were selling timber in a roadless forest for the first time since overturning the Clinton-era rule protecting 59 million acres of roadless forests from logging. People across the country quickly moved to be heard and to convince the two public officials to take serious action in favor of wildland protections. Forest lovers are celebrating today because it worked.

read more >> | see also Roadless Red Alert!


10.06.2006 21:16
"In Defense of the Biscuit" available on DVD
Cover of DVD Last summer an intense campaign of civil disobedience, lawsuits, and media focused on stopping massive clearcuting of old-growth reserves burned by the 500,000 acre Biscuit fire of 2002 in Southern Oregon. This year the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas have been targeted for clearcuting as the Bush administration continues it's full frontal assault on the nation's forests while promising to let states decide whether to log or not to log in roadless areas.

The DVD is a tribute to those who gave it their all to defend the Wild Siskiyou in 2005 and why folks should come to defend the Siskiyou roadless areas in the weeks and months to come. John West owner of Silver Creek logging company, who recently purchased the Mikes Gulch roadless area logging sale, is called to task in this 89 minute documentary made on a zero budget.


07.06.2006 01:50
Roadless Red Alert!

Breaking news: The Bush administration is planning to auction the controversial Mike's Gulch roadless logging project this Friday, June 9th. Logging could begin within days after the auction.

The Mike's Gulch timber sale would saw into the largest roadless forest in Oregon: the 105,000-acre South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area. In addition to harming the South Kalmiopsis, Mike's Gulch would set a dangerous national precedent by logging roadless forests for the first time since the 2001 Roadless Rule was approved.

In a move to gut the Roadless Rule, the Bush administration has asked state governors to complete complicated petitions to protect roadless forests in their states. While some anti-conservation governors are not participating in the process, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is currently creating a petition. Despite a promise to provide "interim protections" to roadless forests while petitions are being completed, the Bush administration is moving ahead with roadless forest logging in Oregon.

o2collective.org [ read more ]

NEST finds species to stop old growth timber sales

The Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (NEST) will be conducting surveys for red tree vole nests?a small rodent which is the main food source of the endangered spotted owl?in the "Trapper" timber sale, a tract of old-growth forest in the McKenzie River watershed, the source of Eugene's drinking water.

The Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (N.E.S.T.) is a group of forest defenders committed to protecting the habitat of rare species associated with old growth and late-successional forests. NEST enforces environmental protections built into the Northwest Forest Plan (NWP). In 2004, Bush and the timber industry conspired to end the protections provided by the Survey and Manage portion of the NWP. However, their conspiracy was short lived because in January, a U.S. District Court judge upheld Northwest Forest Plan rules that required on-the-ground inspections for various animal and plant species before logging can begin. This ruling halted more than 140 logging projects on public land in the Northwest -- about three-quarters of them in Oregon -- after concluding that the Bush administration illegally stopped checking for sensitive species before letting the cut proceed. [ NEST Needs Volunteers!! ]


03.06.2006 02:43
Bush Administration Puts Roadless Forests on Chopping Block
Roadless forests threatened by the Mike's Gulch logging project The Bush administration announced plans today to auction the controversial Mike's Gulch logging sale in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest. Logging could start within days after the auction, now scheduled for 10:00 AM in Medford, Oregon on Friday, June 9th.

The Mike's Gulch timber sale would be the first wholesale logging of roadless forests in the country since 2001 when the national Roadless Rule was approved. The Bush administration, in a move to gut the Roadless Rule, has asked state governors to complete complicated petition processes to request protection for roadless forests in their states - a process Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is currently undertaking. Despite a promise to provide "interim protections" to roadless forests while petitions are being completed, the Bush administration is moving ahead with roadless forest logging in Oregon.

Concerned citizens can express their opinions and send instant faxes to Bush Forest Service officials at the Siskiyou Project website: www.siskiyou.org.

Related: [This Weekend, June 2-4:]Oxygen Collective Roadless Tour

Oxygen Collective | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Rogue Valley IMC coverage | Biscuit Logging Studies and Reports | Background about the "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project


24.05.2006 10:41
Cascadia Action Camp!
Cascadia Forest Defenders is hosting an action camp on Memorial Day
weekend, May 26th through May 29th, 2006.

Rides leave from the Eugene Grower's Market (454 Willamette) at 10 am
on Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th. There are some people
interested in getting rides from Portland, but no drivers yet.

Please write  forestdefenders@riseup.net
if you can provide rides from up North...

Please bring all appropriate clothing for both warm and wet weather,
sleeping and camping gear, and anything else you feel necessary. Food
will be provided. All genders are welcome.



18.05.2006 23:08
Actions to Save Roadless Biscuit/Siskiyou
The Siskiyou National Forest, under orders from Undersecretary of Agriculture (and long-time timber industry lobbyist) Mark Rey, is preparing timber sales within the 88,000 acre North Kalmiopsis and the 105,000 acre south Kalmiopsis roadless areas.

The "Blackberry" timber sale is located in the North Fork of the Indigo Creek drainage, one of the most productive salmonid (includes salmon, steelhead and trout) bearing drainages in the entire Rogue River watershed and (perhaps the entire) Oregon coast. Only 6 other drainages in the (entire) Rogue River watershed are as (important to salmon) as the Indigo Creek drainage. Coho and Chinook salmon, listed "Threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, depend on the cold clean waters of Indigo Creek as a refuge to help them survive the warmer waters of the Illinois River.

In 2005 the Siskiyou National Forest allowed the clearcut logging (minus a few snags) of at least 500 acres in the headwaters of the 8,000 acre North Fork Indigo Creek drainage. This North Fork Indigo drainage is in the process of rejuvenating itself from the 2002 Biscuit fire and the miles of bulldozed fire lines and back burns set intentionally to fight it, not to mention the 500 acres of clearcuts committed in 2005.


18.05.2006 11:06
Announcing Wild Earth 2006: Forest Defense Training
Wild Earth 2006: A Radical Convergence

Eighth annual forest defence training and networking gathering, featuring non-violence training, civil disobedience strategies, legal rights, activist security, and more. This year's campout is held in conjunction with the British Columbia Environmental Network (BCEN) Spring Gathering: "Powering Up BC Environmentalism," on beautiful Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour.

June 15 through 18 -- Four days and three nights camping out on a beautiful car-free island in British Columbia. Directions, registration form, and workshops are listed online at  http://wildearth.resist.ca. See you there! Sliding scale donation.


16.05.2006 09:45
#2 Logging... The Greg Walden Bill
Is Greg Walden desecrating Thoreau's Walden?

It is once again the time of year when many in Congress attempt to use high energy prices as justification for short-sighted, outdated and dirty energy policies instead of the smart energy solutions that could ease the burden on consumers while protecting the environment at the same time.

Under the guise of "forest recovery," Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) has introduced a bill which would fast track destructive logging projects in National Forests affected by natural disturbances such as fires, droughts, or windstorms. The Walden logging bill, HR 4200, would remove basic protections for clean water and wildlife habitat by cutting meaningful environmental review and excluding public involvement. This harmful bill has passed the House Resources and Agriculture committees; a floor vote is expected this week.

Fuel Economy Standards: Congressmen Sherwood Boehlert and Ed Markey offered an amendment to raise fuel economy standards to 33 miles per gallon for both cars and trucks by 2016. The amendment failed in committee but is expected to come back for a floor vote next week.

Additional Energy: In the coming weeks, both the House and Senate are expected to move on more energy measures. Of course, we can certainly anticipate maneuvering to open America's special places to more oil and gas drilling including efforts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and open additional acreage in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore drilling.

Global Warming: a first-ever House floor vote on global warming.


17.04.2006 08:00
Treesit Outside of Rep Baird's Vancouver Office
In the early morning of Sun. April 16th Adrian Haley, a concerned citizen, climbed 60' up a tree outside Rep. Brian Baird's Vancouver, WA office. He plans to perch in the tree until Sat April 22nd and descend during an Earth Day celebration planned in Fort Vancouver. Mr. Haley is protesting Rep. Baird's decision to cosponsor the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act - HR4200, and his continual disregard for the growing majority of science showing post-fire logging hinders forest regeneration.

Tree-Sit Ends with Actions Over Next 2 Days
The action ended a lot sooner than planned but in the next 2 days there will be more. Please help us show Baird how we feel about his Salvage bill.At first the lower level cops showed up around 10:30 and were really cool and thought things would be chill until Mon. when the big wigs would make decisions about arrests etc. Then a little later the Chief of Police showed up and changed the whole situation. He started playing hard ball and said, "NO MATTER WHAT, HE IS COMMING OUT OF THAT TREE TODAY!". We played a little hard ball with him and soon the folks who had control over the property showed up. They were furious and wanted Adrian out of the tree even sooner than the officer.
related: Adrian Haley and associates negotiate for Baird public debate
Got Roadless? Oxygen Collective's Show Coming to Portland
Got Roadless? Show Dates

April 17 - Eugene, University of Oregon
April 18 - Portland, Clinton Street Theatre
April 19 - Eugene, Lane Community College
April 21 - Medford, Medford Public Library
The Final chapter of the saga of the Biscuit Burn is still unwritten. Ecologists prove logging it is unhealthy, firefighters warn it's dangerous, economists assure it's wasteful. Dozens of arrests have stymied the threat to a fraction of their promise. Still, Bush and Big Timber come back for more - this time Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas auctioned off under the guise of salvage!

The Oxygen Collective has been at the forefront of both public education and popular protest of Biscuit logging. We will be offering a free multi-media presentation reviewing the Biscuit saga up to now and highlighting how the latest logging proposals will create detrimental national precedents.

related: Forest Service to destroy Oregon's foremost hatchery | Once Upon A Forest


11.04.2006 22:09
BLM Proposes Clearcuts in South Umpqua Watershed
The Roseburg Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to clearcut 585 acres of mature and old growth forests, leaving as few as 6 trees per acre, in the South Myrtle Creek watershed, between Roseburg and Canyonville. The BLM is asking you for your opinion on what alternatives they should include in their environmental analysis. The BLM is required to consider alternatives to their proposed action. If enough people write to the BLM and ask them to consider another alternative, they must do it. We want the BLM to consider an alternative that thins instead of a "regeneration harvest" (a clearcut with 6 trees per acre left).

There are at least 8 pairs of northern spotted owls that use these forests for foraging. Logging will occur so close to some owl nests that the BLM thinks there could be an "incidental take" of 5 pairs of owls. "Incidental take" means these owls might die, not because they will be directly killed, but they because their grocery store, food source on 585 acres, will be eliminated.


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