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05.01.2013 23:27
Photos of Resistance The Chevron on the corner of MLK and NE Fremont got a little snowy this afternoon when members of various local activist groups gathered to show their support for the Wet'suwet'en Nation.

The Wet'suwet'en Nation consists of 5 clans who reside in an area located in British Columbia. They have been engaged in a fearless struggle against the Pacific Trails Pipeline, an underground pipeline system that would stretch for almost 300 miles from Summit Lake to Kitimat, British Columbia. Chevron Canada Ltd. is heavily-invested in the project, and its completion would grant them 50% of the Pacific Trail Pipelines Limited Partnership. The pipeline is proposed to transport 1,000 million cubic feet per day, about 700,000 barrels, and much like our own little Morrow Pacific Project, the natural gas would be destined for Asian markets. The project would create a direct line of access to the Spectra Energy Transmission pipeline system, resulting in a veiny bi-national network of toxic channels and conduits. The Wet'suwet'en Nation has been calling for solidarity actions from their allies in order to gain support for their movement. In response, today (01.05.2013) members of Portland Rising Tide and Community Alliance Against Coal shut down the Chevron on the Corner of NE MLK and NE Fremont with mounds of snow, while others handed out fliers and waved signs. Snowballs and fun whizzed through the air but it wasn't long until the Portland Police were called to break up the festivities. Police officers were literally knocking the snow out of protestors' hands and shoving people towards the sidewalk in an attempt to end the protest. In spite of this, group members deemed the action a success and are looking forward to continuing to support the Wet'suwet'en Nation in their struggle against the merciless pursuit of profits.


20.12.2012 12:13
Action Alert! Don't Let Them Rush Fluoridation Once Again!
Then at 2pm join us at the City Council meeting as we urge Commissioner Nick Fish to reject fast-tracking the fluoridation vote and instead support creation of an independent scientific review panel to report the current science on the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation to voters.

While Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman have strongly criticized the effort to move up the fluoridation vote by a year, Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Leonard are ready to throw fair process and democratic values under the bus once again and support fluoridationists' efforts to fast-track the vote.

Commissioner Fish says he's leaning towards supporting the latest effort to rush through fluoridation, which would leave no time for Join the "Don't Rush Fluoridation Again!" Rally TODAY at noon at City Hall!formation of a scientifc review panel. Come help us change his mind!

We know what a truly independent review of the current science will show, and Portland deserves to know the truth about fluoridation.


Mayor Sam Adams mayorsam@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4120 Nick Fish nick@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-3589 Amanda Fritz amanda@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-3008 Randy Leonard randy@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4682 Dan Saltzman dan@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4151

Please be respectful in your comments.

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you at the rally and hearing on Thursday!

Related Post by Madame Karnak:


07.12.2012 07:03
Activists say NO to Ambre Energy
On Thursday, December 6th the Department of Environmental Quality held an informational meeting to hear community concerns over the Coyote Island Terminal Project (Port of Morrow).

Activists from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at the Ambridge Events Center in Portland on Thursday night to voice their opposition to the Coyote Island Terminal Project, which is spearheaded by Brisbane, Australia-based Ambre Energy. Tonight's informational meeting was hosted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and was the third such event held in Oregon regarding the controversial coal terminal. While the project did have some supporters in attendance, a majority of the people were there to send the message that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest will not tolerate 8.8 million tons of coal slinking through its backyards each year.
If approved, the terminal would be constructed at the Port of Morrow and serve as a hub for shipping coal to the Asian-Pacific market, making it the only operational coal export terminal on the U.S. West Coast. According to Ambre Energy's website, 3.5 million metric tons of coal would be shipped each year in the first phase of the project, with that number increasing to 8.8 million tons during the second phase. The Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for reviewing the permit applications submitted for the project and will make a decision whether or not to grant Ambre Energy the right to transport metric tons of toxic crap through the region. [...]


16.11.2012 10:21
Join or Lead a Tree Care Team

Join or Lead a Tree Care Team in 2013 Learn tree care skills while helping to improve the health and productivity of urban fruit trees!

Each Tree Care Team will care for a cluster of PFTP-registered fruit trees, visiting each tree once per season to complete the full spectrum of care. Each team is instructed & guided by two 'Team Leaders' with experience and skills in organic fruit tree care. This is a unique opportunity to develop strong skills in organic fruit tree care, meet new people, and care for trees providing food to your community!

Members and Leaders will participate in ten 3-hour work-parties over an 11-month period (January-November, 2013). Topics/tasks will include: Winter & Summer Pruning, Young Tree Training & Care, Pest & Disease Management, Fruit Thinning, and more. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Volunteer position descriptions for Tree Care Team Members and Tree Care Team Leaders are available on our website: www.portlandfruit.org


25.10.2012 07:01
Radical Mycology Convergence 2012 Port Townsend [Documentary]
The second Radical Mycology Convergence was held in Port Townsend, Washington. This volunteer-run four day event attracts mycologists and fungal enthusiasts to share skills about the benefits of fungi in terms of bioremediation and human uses. Port Townsend, WA, USA, 10/22/2012.

[video]  https://vimeo.com/52069765
[homepage]  http://alexmilantracy.com


25.08.2012 12:05
Stand Against Coal Exports in Oregon
RSVP now to join us on Tuesday as we gather with city leaders for a press conference in front of the Army Corps' offices in Portland.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Press conference at the Army Corps District Office
WHEN: Tuesday, August 28 at noon
WHERE: 330 SW 2nd Ave (between Oak and Stark, just north of the Morrison bridge), Portland [Map]
Questions: Contact Laura Stevens at  laura.stevens@sierraclub.org or by calling 503-238-0442 x305


 link to action.sierraclub.org

[homepage:]  http://www.columbiariverkeeper.org/our-work/coal-export/


13.08.2012 09:54
Outlaw Matriarch of the Fox Mountain Pack Ordered Dead by Feds
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has ordered the killing of an alpha female Mexican gray wolf for crimes against the cattle industry. She is accused of being the ringleader of a six member pack that has killed four cows in southwestern New Mexico over the last several months.

Extirpated from the wild by the 1950s, reintroduced through captive breeding programs in 1998, Mexican grey wolves are far from recovered. The outlaw matriarch of the Fox Mountain Pack—last seen roaming the mountainous woodlands of the northwest portion of the Gila National Forest—is one of only 58 of her kind left in the U.S. Southwest. And though Mexican gray wolves are endangered and federally protected she is now on the federal government's hit list. There's no telling how long she and her pups can hold out in the cover of pinion and ponderosa pine or the conifers of the colder peaks of the range with a warrant out for her life. The ranchers who suffered the loss of cattle have already been reimbursed.

Will the Fox Mountain Matriarch outwit the cattle lobbyists and government assassins long enough for an injunction?

(505) 248-6920 Fish and Wildlife Services' Division of Endangered Species and Habitat Conservation in Albuquerque, New Mexico

(505) 842-3292 United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Southwest Region (this is the organization that will probably carry out the order to kill the wolf)

homepage:  link to earthfirstnews.wordpress.com


13.08.2012 09:48
Video: Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Rally
Keep nestle out of The Columbia Gorge Rally held at Terry Schrunk Plaza at the end of June protesting Nestle proposal to build a new bottling plant in the town of Cascade Locks on the Columbia River, capturing the pristine water of Oxbow Springs. Nestle would like to tap up to 100 million gallons of water a year from the Oxbow Spring. The spring is part of the Herman Creek watershed, known for its outstanding trail system. Herman Creek is also a thermal refuge for threatened steelhead.

Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Rally


15.07.2012 15:35
BOR Dodges Water Needed For Historic Klamath Salmon Run
Eureka, CA - The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) hasn't decided to release additional flows for Klamath salmon even though scientists sounded the alarm months ago that additional flows for a historically large run of salmon will be needed in less than a month.

In a recent letter to Humboldt County and the Hoopa Valley Tribe the BOR suggests the fishery should be fine this year because the Trinity River is having a Normal Water Year and because there has been a slight increase in minimum flows in the Klamath River since 2002, when a record 35-70,000 Klamath River salmon perished due to low flows.

The BOR also told the County and the Tribe that it would not let Humboldt County draw on the County's own water right to 50,000 acre-feet of CVP water in Trinity Lake to protect the fish this year.



25.06.2012 19:20
Tomorrow! (Tuesday, June 26): KEEP NESTLE OUT OF THE GORGE Rally
Tuesday, June 26 (TOMORROW)
Terry Shrunk Plaza (S.W. Fourth and Madison, downtown Portland)
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Stand in solidarity with a diverse coalition of groups and over 30,000 Oregonians who are demanding that Governor Kitzhaber protect our water from a Nestle water bottling plant in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Join us for activities for all ages, music, special guest speakers, to add your own message to our banner and much more.

Guest speakers include:

Terry Swier,an activist involved with a group famous for fighting Nestle's damaging water bottling in Michigan; Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Chair; Sister Brigid Baumann, a Sister of Sisters of the Holy Names; and other locals from Cascade Locks and the Gorge who don't want Nestle bottling water in their backyard.


28.05.2012 12:24
Video: No Coal Exports Rally Featuring Robert F. Kennedy
Portland Public Access program featuring video from a recent rally in Portland Oregon regarding proposals to move coal trains through Oregon and Washington on route to China. The coal industry proposes to ship more than 150 million tons of coal a year through West Coast communities. Closing speaker for the event is Robert F. Kennedy.

No Coal Exports Rally, Featuring Robert F. Kennedy [58 min video]

These coal trains, up to two miles in length, would "release toxic coal dust and diesel exhaust along the rail lines, clog our railroads, ports, and highways, risk our families? health, pollute our air and water, and stoke the climate crisis." Up to 50 pounds of coal dust would escape from each uncovered coal car.

The Rally was held in conjunction with the WaterKeeper Alliance
Conference being held that week in Portland Oregon.
"Founded in 1999 by environmental attorney and activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and several veteran Waterkeeper Organizations, Waterkeeper Alliance is a global movement of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa."

After an introduction by Jim Lockhart, the host of "A Growing Concern," the video clips are presented in two segments. The first segment is of the speakers preceding RFK and is about 22 minutes in length. The second clip is the speech by RFK, and is about 17 minutes in length. Kennedy connects the dots between the devastation wrought by Mountain Top Removal in the eastern U.S. and what the coal trains would mean for citizens of the northwest.


26.05.2012 07:36
Water, The Liquid of Life.
bull run Bull Run - leave our water alone Yesterday was a good day, the water rate hikes did not go into effect. Mayor Sam wanted the vote, Leonard wanted the vote but it was put off until next week. This is not victory, just a week's worth of delay. I fear the council will vote for this 7-81/2% (percent) increase. They will end up destroying our wonderful water system, charge us more money to drink polluted water from the Columbia and the Willamette rivers. You must know that Sam and Leonard have decided to bail out before the mass of citizens realize what they have done. The incoming members of the council should be made to answer what their position on this outrage is today. We need to know what the future holds and fight we must. Will you join us? Will you get on the phone and call our senators? Will you attend next weeks meeting and say your piece, or just wimp out in the corner. The wonderful people who have been fighting this issue need your support now.

Related Article: Citizens speak out about water rates:
Citizens of Portland, OR speak up about the need for the water bureau and city council to ask for a waiver from the EPA to halt all unnecessary and costly treatment projects and to stop increasing water rates. One person testified that high utility rates are driving homeowners into foreclosure and many seniors on fixed incomes are having a hard time paying their water bills. And according to another person who testified, there are even people in Portland who cannot afford water at all, despite the fact that access to water is a human right. Watch on youtube

background information | Agenda for City Council meeting Wed May 30th | Open Letter to Portland City Council May 31, 2012

Citizens for Portland's Water


10.05.2012 23:47
Video: Selected Speakers for the Recent Hanford Rally
Occupy Portland recently organized a Rally in Richland Washington, "speaking out directly against the failure of the cleanup at Hanford Nuclear Reservation..... raising the question: is enough being done to clean up the most contaminated site in America?"

Selected Speakers From Hanford Rally

"The purpose of the rally on April 15th, 2012 was to raise awareness about issues facing the Hanford Nuclear Facility. The Hanford site is an environmental disaster with the potential of becoming a catastrophe as large in scope as that of the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan."

This video was produced for a taped segment of the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," and features almost a full hour of selected speakers from the event.

Besides a potent introduction by Mirian German, organizer with Occupy Portland, included are Indigenous speakers from the Walla Walla tribes, as well as Umi Hagitani from No Nukes Action in California; Bonnie Urfer, Wisconsin Nukewatch; long time antinuclear and peace activist, Sister Megan Rice; and Lori McMillan, a downwinder suffering from long exposure to radiation in the Tri-Cities area.

Also included are performances by local Spoken Word artist, Mic Crenshaw and the song, "Peace and Love," by local rock band Miriam's Well.


09.05.2012 09:14
Video: Two Speakers From Power Past Coal Event and a SHOUT OUT!
Two speakers from the Power Past Coal Rally: Lauren Goldberg, event moderator and an attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper; and Jeff Cogen, Chair of the Multnomah County Commission.

Power Past Coal Rally [9. min video]

Lauren Goldberg warned of the health and other consequences of "150 millions tons of coal per year being strip mined in Wyoming and Montana and coming through Washington and Oregon at 30 coal trains per day. These are uncovered coal trains, spewing coal dust and diesel pollution, a mile and a half long, every single day, 365 days of the year."

Speaking next, Jeff Cogen states that the proposals for six coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon would "turn the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area into the largest coal chute in the nation.............coal dust leaks off these trains in large quantities. PNSF railways says that each coal car leaks off 500 pounds of coal dust with each trip. And we're talk about 10's of thousands of coal cars going through our communities. This is nasty stuff!"
Just last week, Portland General Electric said they didn't want a coal terminal near one of their power plants because the coal dust is too dirty."

Unfortunately, due to illness, and much to my disappointment, I was unable to tape the speech by Robert Kennedy Jr. His speech was powerful and inspiring, citing the great damage the coal industry has wreaked on our nation with Mountain Top Removal.

As several other people were there with video cameras taping the event, I'm giving a shout out, hoping that someone can provide me a copy of just that speech to air on Public Access television.
This message needs to get out to the widest possible audience.

Related Video PIMC post by Courtney
Robert Kennedy Jr. on the threat of coal in the Columbia basin


28.03.2012 07:59
Video: Local Coalition Protests Decision Regarding Public's Water.
Proposed location of Nestle' on Columbia Gorge near Cascade Locks At a press conference today, [3/27/12] Bark and Food and Water Watch, members of the Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Coalition, announced that they are appealing the Oregon Water Resources Department's (OWRD) approval of permit applications that move Nestle' one key step closer to bottling Oregon's water.

Press Conference: Coalition Protests Decision Transferring Public Water to Nestle Waters North America



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