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16.04.2010 15:40
Northwest Anarchist Conference: Anarchist Practice. April 24th - 25th
A Short Introduction:
The idea and focus behind this conference is to bring different types of anarchist practice to the for-front and begin moving away from specific theoretical engagements. Rather than taking theory and separating it from its everyday practice. This is an attempt at allocating theory the ideas brought up in discussion and talked about and beginning to practice them (IE. Praxis). There will be no specific theory leading the discussions or dialogue throughout the time except for the person. The set up is to have the ability to talk and discuss the ideas in an open manner. So after every discussion there will be a small open dialogue about the ideas.


09.04.2010 07:27
April Bark About to the Proposed Clackamas River Palomar Pipeline
Prior Hike to Proposed Palomar Clackamas  River Crossing One of the best ways to help stop LNG development in Oregon is to get on the ground and see what is threatened for yourself. The Palomar Pipeline threatens to clearcut some of our remaining ancient forests in Mt. Hood National Forest. By witnessing our forests as they stand today, you will be a stronger advocate for their future!
For the monthly Bark we will be hiking to the proposed pipeline route along the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River, staying on trail for most of the day. The trail is easy to moderate hiking. We will be hiking approximately three miles. It also provides fantastic views, so don't forget your camera!


07.04.2010 09:53
OLIN STUDY GROUP APRIL 2010: on the global and local scope of police violence
Monday April 12 2010 6pm
In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
8 NE Killingsworth

Olin hosts a study group the second Monday of every month from 6-8pm at In Other Words*. Each month we choose a different theme and read an article for discussion.
While every month is different, past discussions have revolved heavily around how our background in international solidarity work can be applied and manifested locally. On what we can learn in our struggles here at home by looking across the borders and also how our work is unique.

This month we chose an article written with that in mind, with the intention of making those connections. While this article focuses on events in Minneapolis and Oaxaca specifically the local and international relevance at this moment should be clear:  http://elenemigocomun.net/3050/x/en


05.04.2010 14:23
Know Your Rights training in Eugene - April, for parents!
The Civil Liberties Defense Center in conjunction with Amigos & the Eugene Free School Program is proud to announce FREE "Know Your Rights" trainings for the public presented in both English and Spanish. Participants are asked to bring paper and pen for note taking purposes. The Civil Liberties Defense Center's mission is to strengthen, inform, and increase the efficiency of the progressive social change movement. Our projects educate people about their rights and why they are important. "Know Your Rights" trainings are specifically tailored to meet the needs of participants.


11.03.2010 11:36
Books to Prisoners needs help!
Hey Everyone, Books to Prisoners needs your help. We are broke and need money to send our packages out to prisoners. But there's some good news! Someone has made us an offer that may not be repeated:

A family foundation is offering 2:1 matching funds for any donations to BTP for the next 2 months. That means if someone donates $100, the foundation will give an additional $200...So please, please; if you have anything to spare at all, now is the time.

Books to Prisoners Benefit Show Saturday March 20


05.03.2010 08:28
PSU Marches Fourth!!


Why is it that neoliberal banks and corporations are bailed out while students are squeezed of every last penny by predatory student loans amidst our financial feeding frenzy?

On March 4th, over 400 students, community members and professors protested on the Park Blocks of Portland State University in solidarity with a national call to defend public education. Several student groups in collaboration with student government organized the rally as a direct response to the proposed economic deregulation and restructuring of PSU.

Students feel that the state funded institution is augmenting corporate interests while diminishing the quality, affordability and access to higher education. Students demonstrated their bravery by walking out of class at 1pm to express their heightened level of disgust and indignation with administrative ineptness and bureaucratic subterfuge. Speakers discussed the financial mismanagement of the education system in order to keep those who might be agents of social change in debt and bondage.

Local drumming troupe; Powder Keg led students, faculty and the public in a rigorous display of resistance to the neo-liberal capitalist vision of 'education' presented by the administration and board. The crowd proceeded to march across campus, occupying the hallways of the administration offices. There they presented the following demands agreed upon by students at all three of the universities in the Oregon University System:

Read More >>>


March 4 PSU Student Protest

The speakers at the rally articulated our opposition to adopting the public corporation model for our public universities. Barbara Dudley, a PSU professor and longtime activist, told us that OHSU, after embracing the corporate model, has raised its tuition fees so much that they are now the most expensive medical school in the country. She informed us that the plan to corporatize public universities has been around for a long time, and not a recent response to the financial crisis which occurred in 2008. Ronald Reagan wanted to implement it when he was governor of California in the 1970s, so that students would become so heavily in debt that they would have no time to be "troublemakers." This is a form of "structural adjustment" that many countries face, including Haiti. Wael Elasady, Co-founder of SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights) and PSU student activist, asked why billions of dollars are wasted by our government on wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, but when it comes to funding public education, we are told that there's not enough money. It costs about $1 million a year to deploy a soldier to Afghanistan, and $49,000 a year to incarcerate a prisoner in California. Why should students have to bear crushing debts or be denied access to higher education when the bloated military defense budget keeps getting more funding, including Obama's recent budget plans? He called for an end to wars and occupations, to the enthusiatic applause of students.

Read More >>> (this one has lots of pictures)

See all the pictures here

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Check out the Berkeley Protest Below

March 4th Pre-Games at Berkeley

California Rioters Battle Police at UC Berkeley


01.03.2010 12:42
Come to PSU on the 4th to defend public education!
Hundreds Gather at the Education is a Right Rally!

In the defense of Education on March 4th A National Day of Action

WHO: Students, community leaders, and activists will rally to defend education in coalition with thousands from across the country on March 4th, A National Day of Action on behalf of Higher Education. Our local coalition is composed of the Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU), Students for Unity (SFU), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), Pan American Solidarity Organization (PASO), Radical Women, Faculty members, and volunteers through Jobs with Justice.

WHAT: In commemoration of the protests in California last year on UC campuses across the state, students return to continue to protest lack of an accessible, affordable education. Hundreds will gather to take a stand that education is a right!

WHERE: Portland State Park Blocks on the Center Stage

WHEN: Rally and speakers at 1P.M. Followed by a march and bands until 3 P.M, March 4th 2010


27.02.2010 06:38
Say NO To Starbase!
This is a notice of a rally and testimony to the Portland School Board scheduled for Monday, March 8. The Starbase program is a Pentagon program that abducts elementary school children from public schools and brings them to military bases. This militarization of younger and younger children has got to stop.

Please come to the rally and meeting to support the school board toward making the right decision to say no to the military. It's bad enough that in order to get financial aid a young person must register with the Selective Service, and it's bad enough that the military recruiters have access to our high school students as a condition of federal funding. This is going way way way too far. Help! If we don't protect our five-year-olds, what does that say about us???

Click here to see a related story


26.01.2010 21:43
Whatís rotten about education?
Budget shortfalls, student ratios, and teachers' contract disputes hamper institutions' ability to educate students
Let's just say it: education is pretty messed up right now.
Oregon taxpayers now spend roughly the same amount of money to incarcerate 13,401 inmates as they do to educate 438,000 university and community college students. But spending on prisons is growing at a faster rate than education and other state services.


24.10.2009 19:19
Workshops: Community Organizing 101+Queers, Communities, and Gentrification
Saturday, October 24th

Join your friends and neighbors at the Blue Heron Infoshop's inaugural
social justice workshops! Featuring music, discussion, games, and
activities to deepen our understanding of liberation.


21.04.2009 22:16
Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland?
Is Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland? It's up to you[?] I just wanted to let people know that Andrej Grubacic who co-wrote Wobblies and Zapatistas with Staughton Lynd is coming up to the northwest for a speaking tour May 10-15. He will talk about anarchism in the 21st century - a way forward and will share some of his personal experiences with organizing with the Belgrade Libertarian Group in Yugoslavia and in the US and elsewhere as an anarchist. Of course, he will also talk about his book a little. He told me that he would really, really like to speak in Portland and is interested in speaking there on Sunday May 10th.


14.04.2009 10:54
Copwatch workshop
We're a group of community members concerned with police accountability and abuse. We "copwatch" by holding discussions on how to interact with the police in addition to going on "patrols" to legally observe the police when they stop people.


22.03.2009 12:33
U of O gives PhD's in Genocide/ Ride For Freedom
People who walked past 13th and Kincaid around 12:30 today were greeted by the sight of a group of young boys and girls dressed in traditional garb holding large cardboard signs bearing slogans such as "UO Gives PhD in Akha Genocide!" and "Richard Haugland Loves Baby Akha girls for Their DNA!"

According to the Akha Foundation, missionaries are converting Akha kids and taking them away from their families. They link to a video called "Prisoners of a White God" that apparently explains their views further. I'm at work and haven't watched it. Their blog, which starts here, also alleges that Haugland is involved with an organized program to deprive Akha kids of their culture... and maybe something more sinister!


24.02.2009 07:53
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at UO Feb 26 - Mar 1
Come to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Thursday, February 26 - Sunday, March 1, 2009 at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene.

Spectacular annual conference brings together environmentalist attorneys and activists... Concerns about climate change, energy use and environmental responsibility rank among the most pressing issues facing all nations. With environmental awareness on the rise and the increasing economic need to restrict consumption and preserve resources, there has never been a better time to build a unified movement to guide our planet forward. With this in mind, the 27th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) seeks to promote "Solidarity! United Action for the Greener Good."

The Conference features daily afternoon and evening keynote presentations by preeminent attorneys, activists, scientists, politicians, philosophers, and authors. This year PIELC welcomes as keynote speakers:



21.02.2009 11:36
Next Radical Childcare Meeting! [TODAY 2/21]
The PDX Radical Childcare Collective is in the process of forming and we invite everyone to come to our second meeting Saturday 2/21 at 12:30pm. It will be held at the Calvary church at 126 NE Alberta, and in room childcare will be provided.

Our current goal is to start off providing care for activist organizations and insta-action care, and then eventually mold into more needed roles. We believe this is an important step as parents voices are often not at the table when movement decisions are being made that have a great impact on their lives.


17.02.2009 08:08
Epic Sale @ Blackrose Infoshop!
50% off hundreds of books, zines, pins, and t-shirts!

Anarchist classics, feminist theory, alternative media, punk history, black liberation, native american revolutionary history, and way more.

Sale runs February 14 - March 8. Cash only, please.

Blackrose Infoshop | 4038 N. Mississippi Avenue | Portland Oregon


03.12.2008 08:19
Working Class Book Fair Dec 6th!!!!
iww pic The PDX IWW hosts the 3rd annual Working Class Book Fair-
Saturday December 6th - 12-4pm
Liberty Hall - 311 N Ivy, Portland OR, 97227

Local Book Vendors will dish out Books on Work Class: History, Fiction, Political Theory, and more. Vendors include: Laughing Horse Books, In Other Words, Tarantula Press, Eberhardt Press, Just Seeds, Malkriad@s, IWW Books, Olin, Red Letter Press, Great Northwest Books, Decentra Collective, Black Rose Collective, and many more. It's only once a year that you will see these 12 plus vendors shoved all under one roof. Find books, children's stories, zines, posters, stickers, buttons and friends

Come Early 11-12 to participate in a Workshop on Marx's Value Price and Profit This essay was never published till after Marx's death, but serves as a handy guide ("Addressed To Working people") to the main concepts he presented in Capital Volume Oneó "Production, Wages And Profit"; "Supply And Demand"; "Value And Labor"; "Laboring Power"; "Surplus Value"; "Struggle Between Capital And Labor"; and much more!

The Book Fair will also be the Grand Unveiling of the 2nd Edition of Think it Over...an introduction to the IWW. Handsomely printed by Portland's own Stumptown Printers, this pamphlet carries the heart and soul of the IWW, and explains solidarity, direct action, and class struggle in way that's easy to swallow and digest in one sitting.

Contact: IWW Hall 503-231-5488


16.11.2008 07:03
This month in DIY Education: November
Our monthly listing of free workshops, skillshares, and discussion groups around Portland - We're a little late but do not worry because this month is full of skillshares! This calendar is also available online at our website: http://portland.freeskool.org with more details and often with new classes or updates so make sure to check there too.

"How can I start a class" you ask? Well, its easy! You can teach something that you are passionate about, or maybe start a group to discuss something you'd like to learn more of. It can be in your living room, a park, or any other community space. We have lots more resources for starting a class and finding a space on our website. Read below for some fine examples of grassroots education happening this month, or you can also attend our...

Free School Orientation
November 30th, 4:30pm
(every last Sunday of the month)
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave


06.11.2008 06:30
Freeschool Fundraiser and Peace Communities Event with over 5 bands!
a multi-media gender-euphoric one-person performance[.] Other-wise, by Sunny Drake (Australia) & a solo dance performance by Chane Gilbert (Portland) & spoken word/ open heart magic surgery, by franciszka fierce (Portland) & slightly desperate, thoughtful musical folkishness by tin tree factory (Seattle) & SoundArt, SoundScapes & Songs by Annah. (Oakland) & spoken word by Emily Van Kley (Olympia) for the Freeschool Community of Olympia's Emergency Relocation! See www.FreeschoolUnity.org


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