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arts and culture 08-Nov-2013 12:37

PDX-Exchange @ Laughing Horse Books

pdxchange From the open publishing newswire: Come down to Laughing Horse Saturday, November 9th, between 3pm-7pm to see local artists, bands and zines show off their stuff.

A meet & greet/pop-up shop with your favorite Portland-based artists & distros. Including: Because We Must, Black Mold Tapes, Entangled Roots, Friends For Life Records, Know Your City, Life During Wartime, Retirement Fund, The Taxpayers, Where Are You Press and more!

homepage:  http://https://www.facebook.com/LaughingHorsePDX
phone: phone: (503) 236-2893
address: address: 12 NE10th Ave. Portland OR


actions & protests | arts and culture 20-Apr-2013 14:14

Olympia Anarchist Convergence April 20/21st

From the open publishing newswire:  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/

Lectures, books, and conversation.

Saturday [4.20](Workshops):  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/156-2/

Sunday [4.21](Workshops):  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/158-2/

posters/flyers:  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/postersflyers/


arts and culture 28-Feb-2013 19:48

Portland Co-op Shop Needs Members

From the open publishing newswire: Calling all local artists! New cooperative needs members.
(PACT) In early 2013 a small group of people got together with one goal in mind: Open up a local, handmade cooperative shop in Portland, Oregon. In just a few short months we have elected a board, found a location in the Hollywood District, (right across the street from the Hollywood Theater), and our member-artists have grown from 2 to over 30. This is where you come in.

We need at least 40 artists in order to sign our lease. Membership dues range from 45 dollars and 3 shifts in the shop per month to 100 a month and no hours in the shop.

Calling all jewelry makers, book binders, doll creators, wood carvers, print-makers, screen-printers, clock-makers, and everything in between. If you think you may be interested, please contact us as soon as you can. We are having a jury meeting this Friday, the 1st but we could arrange to meet with you whenever you are available.

homepage:  http://www.portlandartisanscoopteam.org/


arts and culture | human & civil rights 14-Jun-2012 14:56

Confiscation of my musical instrument yesterday

From the open publishing newswire: While Playing music at 10th and Yamhill I was ticketed for noise,without a warning,and had my musical equipment confiscated by authorities.

Playing in Portland 11 years, without having escalated to this level of conflict. Seeking feedback, wise council. Looking for resolution. I don't know when or if I will get my property back. Any suggestions,or insights, contact me. Thank you.


arts and culture | community building 09-Apr-2012 15:55

Black Flags and Windmills: A Book Talk with scott crow

From the open publishing newswire: April 9, 2012 7:00 pm @ Red and Black Cafe - 400 SE 12th Avenue

scott crow, author of Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective (PM Press, 2011), will read from the book and speak about anarchist organizing!

This presentation will show what ordinary people can do to change their own worlds when governments fail. This workshop draws from experiences of an organization called the Common Ground Collective which formed after hurricane Katrina in response to the disaster. It was an organization based on the ideas and practices of the Black Panther Party, the Zapatistas and anarchism which sought to build/rebuild infrastructure to address the immediate problems (creating medical clinics, free schools, women's centers, and eviction defense to worker coops and other service programs) as well as offering long term support to marginalized communities to build their own community based power.


arts and culture | community building 02-Apr-2012 16:32

Announcing the Village Building Convergence Event!

From the open publishing newswire: Ever seen those painted intersections or small covered benches around Portland neighborhoods? Here's when they are made! This is a brief press release for a community-powered event happening May 25 - June 3. The Village Building Convergence is a 10-festival of ecological installations and holistic celebration!

SE 9th & Sherrett, Portland
The City Repair Project's 12th Annual
Village Building Convergence (VBC 12)
Ten Days & Nights: Friday, May 25 to Sunday, June 3

"To build the change that they wish to see in the world!"


arts and culture 02-Apr-2012 16:30

Callout for Writers and Activists - Autonomous Workers' Group

From the open publishing newswire: Got mad writing skills? Live in the Cascadia Region?
Want to get involved? Want to know more about the group?

We are looking for writers and artists to contribute to our project for deepening International Class Struggle along Libertarian Communist terms.

Shoot us an email:  autonomousworkersgroup@gmail.com


arts and culture | prisons & prisoners 25-Jan-2012 07:41

Film Screening of "Eco Warriors" and Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night

From the open publishing newswire: Thursday, February 2nd 2012
Food for Thought Cafe
Portland State University, Portland OR

Join your community allies for a discussion, film screening and letter
writing night for Political Prisoners. This documentary depicts the
increasingly harsh treatment of people who protest against what they see as crimes to the environment. Today, protesters who were once described as environmental activists are being called 'terrorists', and environmental activism is being labeled 'eco-terrorism'.
*Free, open to the public, all ages and disability affirmative!

Contact:  oregon.jericho@gmail.com


arts and culture 02-Dec-2011 06:12

What Michele Bachmann could learn in a Fishbone moshpit

From the open publishing newswire: When Questlove of The Roots chose to introduce Michele Bachmann's appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with a few chords from punk band Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch," he was going for an easy joke. But true Fishbone fans, while elated that the fading, three-decade-old band was experiencing a pop cultural revival (and new dowloads) were also aware that "Lyin' Ass Bitch" was one of the less political songs of an extremely political band.

Born in the late seventies when its members were still in high school in the San Fernando Valley, Fishbone always crossed boundaries. They were a black punk band that incorporated rock, funk, reggae, and ska. Many have noted the irony that an African American band that influenced white musicians like Gwen Stefani, Flea, and even Kurt Cobain is now virtually unknown, while its proteges have surpassed it. (This is the topic of a new documentary on the band called Everyday Sunshine that I plan on seeing.) Fishbone was alt rock before the term existed. Questlove and his bandmates would be among the first to acknowledge the debt they owe to Fishbone, with whom they have toured.



alternative media | arts and culture 26-Nov-2011 10:30

OWS Poetry Anthology

From the open publishing newswire: Poets from around the world have been sending poems to the People's Library in an effort to create a living/breathing poetry anthology in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement. All poems are accepted into the anthology. The anthology is updated on a weekly basis. If you'd like a poem added to the anthology email stephenjboyer@gmail(dot)com and please include "occupy poetry" in the subject.

All poems are welcome to be added to the anthology.

pdf of entire anthololgy


arts and culture 20-Nov-2011 05:51

Occupy Cozmic! A benefit for Occupy Eugene Sat Nov. 26 at Cozmic featuring DAVID ROVICS

From the open publishing newswire: Occupy Cozmic!

featuring flat-picking rabble-rouser David Rovics, folk
rock dance band Brass Tacks, plus Occupy Eugene speakers,

Nov. 26, Cozmic Pizza, [In Eugene} $0-$20 sliding scale.



alternative media | arts and culture 20-Nov-2011 05:29

Earth At Risk video series / OccupyOakland & Berkeley / Arundhati Roy + more

From the open publishing newswire: A collection of videos taken from the multi-day event "Earth At Risk" - Occupy Oakland and UC Berkeley, November 2011.




I believe that Chris Hedges (part of the team of reporters at The New York Times awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2002) was also interviewed at the UC Berkeley event. If anyone can find a link to a video of this, or other videos from the same event series, please post in the comments section. Thank you.


alternative media | arts and culture 10-Nov-2011 08:06

People's Cinema

bmedia From the open publishing newswire: Unfortunately the People's Cinema is on hold for the time being until we can find a new projector to use.... If you have any projector available for us to use two or three times a week from 10PM to midnight send an email to  info@bmediacollective.org and we can try to work something out.

homepage:  http://www.bmediacollective.org


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