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19.02.2012 10:01
two animal rights activists arrested because of NIO website
reposted from green is the new red website:

Two activists with the animal rights group "Negotiation Is Over" (NIO) have been arrested at a protest in Florida. Group founder Camille Marino was arrested on an out of state warrant, and is awaiting extradition to Michigan.

In Michigan, NIO is campaigning against an animal experimenter at Wayne State University named Donal O'Leary, who uses dogs in heart experiments. One of the dogs, the Dalmation pictured above named Queenie, was forced to run on a treadmill with a device implanted in her heart, catheters protruding from her body, and open wounds leaking fluids. Doctors have urged the federal government to investigate O'Leary's violations of the Animal Welfare Act.


18.01.2012 07:49
17 Rabbits Returned to Hipster Meat School in Portland

From Animal Liberation Frontline

PDX Meat Collective butchers reclaim "stolen" rabbits

Overnight on January 8th, news broke on the "Portland Meat Collective" website that somewhere between 18 and 23 rabbits had disappeared from the backyard of one of their "instructors" the day before they were to be killed as part of a self-butchery class. Nearly a week passed without any further news or claim of responsibility. Then, in a tragic development Friday, January 13th, news came that the rabbits had been located and returned to the school to be killed.

We can only hope rescuers locate the new location of the rabbits, and deliver them to freedom for the second time.

The story so far...


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01.01.2012 05:55
Freedom for the Police Horses
The Horses need a little bit of Justice When I was at the eviction of Occupy in Portland and the police horses were forced into the crowd, the first thought that went through me was the horses were going to hurt someone. The second thought was why the hell are the police using animals to hurt other humans. Now my thoughts are to take the horses away from the cops. Seems like a good project for us to take on.

Want to "take a ride on the Justice side?" This is something all of us can give some time to, maybe we can see these beautiful horse retired to a farm, enjoying life. I know we are all busy but I got really pissed at the cops for making these animals move into the crowd and risk being hurt, when all the horses wanted to do is eat some hay. E-mail me and after some ground work, if enough of you feel bad for those horses as I did that night, let's work to "Free the Police Horses."
homepage:  http://individualsforjustice.com


14.12.2011 05:51
Bellingham Successfully Blockade Railway in Solidarity with West Coast Port Actions
On December 12, 2011, an autonamous group, in solidarity with the West Coast Port Blockade, successfully shut down a BNSF railway. The flow of commerce headed for two of the blockaded ports, Seattle and Vancouver, was effectively stopped. This action was in solidarity with the Bellingham community's fight against earth-destroying industries including the struggle against the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. We are in solidarity with #Occupy and union actions from San Diego to Anchorage. Our allegaince to oppressed humans and non-humans is foundational to our struggle.

We draw inspiration from the five-hundred + years of ongoing Indigenous resistance to the corrupting agents of colonization. We recognize that we are living on stolen land, and that the railway industries have always facilitated genocide against the native peoples of this land through land theft, displacement, and habitat destruction. In the coming months and years, we call upon communities from the Powder River Basin to the Pacific Coast to take direct action against SSA Marine's proposed Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. Only through sustained and coordinated community opposition and direct action, can we permanently disable this arm of the capitalist machine.


02.12.2011 06:23
Oregon - Anarchists sabotage rail line
On the night of November 28th, 2011, we sabotaged a rail line in Southern Oregon as part of a coordinated effort to disrupt the flow of commerce on the West Coast. We got tired of watching trains pass through our towns loaded with lumber, ore, cheap commodities, and other resources pillaged from the earth without consequence. We didn't do this out of a desire to create a more green, sustainable or humane civilization--we want nothing less than to see the total failure of this sick and rotten society. This action was not only easy to carry out, but positively satisfying. We used 4AWG copper wire with the ends stripped of insulation and wrapped around the two sides of the track with the rest of it buried in the middle, which falsely indicated to a sensor that there was a train stopped on the railway.

We did this in solidarity with currently imprisoned members of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell/Indonesian FAI, to whom we send our most passionate revolutionary greetings. We would also like to send our love to ALF prisoner of war, Walter Bond.

Towards an end to this nightmare world.



02.12.2011 06:18
stop animal cruelty, fight speciesism, and combat gentrification On the night of Wednesday November 30.2011 anarchists vandalized Paxton Gate Portland, a wealthy boutique inhumanely supplying non-human animals and their parts. Windows were splashed with buckets of paint and on the side walk in front of the store was written "Fuck Paxton Gate". This was in solidarity with non-human struggles everywhere, and against the fight of inherent racism--gentrification.

We're not free until we all [including non-humans] are free.

[ Related: Fur Free Friday video ]


25.11.2011 06:18
Fur-Free Friday!
Animal Defense League and In Defense of Animals have organized a march in solidarity with those who suffer injustice at the hands of the fur trade and in opposition to those corporations and individuals who benefit from the suffering and the commodification, marketing, and sale of fur products. We are not going to forget about the plight of wildlife, the environment, workers and communities as the holiday season approaches and mass consumer culture seizes our city. We are not going to let apathy or fear encroach on our sense of urgency and our passion for freedom and justice.

Fur Free Friday- November 25, 2011

March starts 11:00 AM (Come 30 minutes early!)

Meet up at Downtown Nordstrom (Corner of SW Broadway and Yamhill)



14.10.2011 14:00
Two Imnaha wolves get last-minute reprieve
An advocate for wolves in Oregon expressed relief Thursday that the Oregon Court of Appeals temporarily stopped plans to kill two male wolves of the Imnaha pack. The number of known gray wolves in Oregon has dropped from 21 to 14, said Oregon Wild conservation director Steve Pedery.

"If they carry out the kill order, that's down to 12," he said Thursday.

State Appellate Commissioner James Mass, after reviewing an emergency petition from three conservation groups Wednesday, at 4:59 p.m. stopped state plans to kill the alpha male and a yearling male of the pack that inhabits Wallowa County. The pack is deemed responsible for killing as may as 14 cattle since 2010. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department decided to kill the two males after determining they killed a calf Sept. 22 near Joseph.


14.10.2011 13:57
OHSU's TORTUROUS DISCONNECT: Sponsoring the PSU Event Featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice
This article appeared earlier today on Blueoregon.com. I deeply appreciate their help getting out the word. And huge props to Mary Rose Lenore Eng and Joe Walsh, The Lone Vet, who are doing so much to raise awareness on this sorry episode in the annals of Portland State University & Oregon Health & Science University.

How can OHSU operate a renowned torture treatment center on one hand, and sponsor a local event featuring a former high government official who reportedly authorized torture on the other?


05.10.2011 10:06
Saboteurs Cut Nets and Release 40,000 Fish In California
salmon release In what may be the largest liberation of animals in U.S. history, nets were cut at a holding pen in the San Francisco bay this week, releasing 40,000 fish into the wild. There has not yet been a claim of responsibility by the Animal Liberation Front or other group.

A police spokesperson describes how the fish were released: "(one or more people) came along with essentially what are wire cutters to do this. It was purposeful. Someone knew what they were doing." An employee at the institute where the salmon were held says he speculates this may be the act of an animal rights group.

If this was the act of animal liberators, it would be the largest recorded animal liberation ever in the U.S. The largest previous liberation was the Animal Liberation Front raid of the Drewelow and Sons fur farm in New Hampton, Iowa in 2000; where 14,000 mink were released. The Tiburon Salmon Institute is now soliciting funds to purchase security cameras.



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