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The spectacular and brazen attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11 shocked the citizens of the United States. Within hours, the Bush Administration, U.S. Intelligence and the corporate media were already naming Osama Bin Ladin as the mastermind behind the attacks. Within just a couple days, a list of alleged suspects was made public by the FBI, and a general outline of how they guess the attacks were carried out was presented.

The list of suspects has since proven to be inaccurate, the official story has numerous holes and glaring inconsistencies, and the FBI itself has admitted, after 8 months of investigation, that it does not have one single piece of hard evidence linking the people they said did it to the planning of the attacks.

The blunt fact is, there is no proof at all that the FBI's alleged suspects, or even Arabs in general actually did carry out the attacks. From the first day, one set of suspects and a theory has been pursued with no success. An honest person would admit that they had made a major mistake by deciding who did it first, and then looking for the evidence to prove the decision correct, rather than openly collecting all the evidence, and looking where it led, no matter where that was.

This of course is assuming that the Bush Administration and the Intelligence community are honestly trying to find out what happened. Given the history of Bush and his Iran/Contra cronies and the track record of the CIA it is not only highly possible that they knew and let the attacks happen, but also that they might have initiated the attacks. There is plenty of evidence of coverup, and no possibility should be ruled out.

With Congress also having a poor record of investigation into governmental crime, it is up to people in this country to lead the way. With the US and other nations using the 911 attacks as an excuse to dominate and kill across the globe, it is the responsibility of the people to set the record straight.

Keeping an open mind to examine all information, wherever it may lead, and courageously pursuing basic investigative questions such as who had motive, who had means, and who benefitted are the means to uncover the truth.

A few unanswered questions

  • why are there no Arab names on the flight lists?
  • why when numerous names on the FBI list of 19 alleged hijackers are proven false, has no subsequent list been released by the FBI?
  • why has no action been taken on the insider stock trades which prove exact foreknowledge? You cannot make anonymous stock trades. . .the identities of those who placed the put options must be known.
  • why is the FBI dragging its feet in the anthrax case
  • why is the discrepancy between the quotes from the flight instructors indicating poor piloting skills, and the quotes from civil and miliatry authorities indicating that the pilots of the hijacked planes had to be skilled, never addressed? This one point invalidates the entire FBI scenario
  • why were the alleged hijackers waltzing around using their own names, when we are being told that it was super secret cells of terrorists who did this?
  • what were the false names they used? when did they switch from using their real names, to using false names? (remember they were supposed to have used fake names)
  • who killed the woman the day before she was supposed to testify on her connections to obtaining fake drivers licenses? why was she killed?
  • Why did the US fake the video of Osama? (not one single person who was shown side by side photos of Osama and the person in the video said they were the same. . .the nose is not even close)

Links to other informative websites

9.11 investigation | alternative media 26-Aug-2011 11:25

KBOO Benefit with Michael Ruppert

From the open publishing newswire: Michael Ruppert, author of "Crossing the Rubicon", "Confronting Collapse" and the subject of the documentary "Truth and Lies of 9-11" will be in Portland, OR on September 11th. This will be a benefit for KBOO Community Radio. Michael's lecture is titled "No Time to Focus on the Past, We Must Focus on the Crisis of Industrial Civilization and the Emergence of Post-Petroleum Human"

When: 9/11/2011 @ 7PM, doors at 6PM
Where: First Unitarian Church's Main Sanctuary @ 1011 SW 12th Ave Portland, OR
Cost: $10 Advance & $15 at the door. Advance tickets can be bought at: brownpapertickets.com



9.11 investigation 19-Jan-2009 12:47

VIDEO: Leuren Moret 1.12.09 Portland Oregon 911 Truth Discussion

911 Truth Leuren Moret 2009 From the open publishing newswire: LEUREN MORET 1.12.09 Portland Oregon discusses 911 Truth and more. This is a couple hours of discussion on 911 truth and radiation Filmed in Portland Oregon:

911 Truth Leuren Moret 2009[.] Leuren talks about HARP weapon systems, weather, false flags, and 911 investigations. This was filmed at Laughing Horse Books in Portland Oregon with a room of 911 Truth seekers. The discussion was about energy weapons, weather weapons, uranium use, facts and media manipulation, explosives, false flags, and scientific logic about September 11th. This 2.5 hour video also includes a Q / A session


9.11 investigation 11-Sep-2008 14:58

Two 9/11 Videos to be shown this Thursday on 9/11

From the open publishing newswire: 2 9/11 videos will be shown on 9/11, one of them is brand new and is making some news in Europe and around the world. Zero: 911 An Investigation and David Ray Griffin "Let's Get Empirical" to be played this Thursday on 9/11!

Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Ave.
7 PM - Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11
9 PM - 9/11 Let's Get Empirical - David Ray Griffin


9.11 investigation 09-Sep-2007 17:35

Alex Jones Arrested by NYPD

From the open publishing newswire: NEW YORK - Media activist Alex Jones was arrested by New York Police Department officers while filming a documentary about the sixth anniversary of September 11th and joining the protest against the official version of what happened on 9/11.

According to Infowars sources Jones was singled out by police from the head of a crowd of about 400 9/11 Truth Activists and protesters. He was verbally accosted and forced by the police officers to present identification which he was not carrying at the time. More news as it develops... http://infowars.com

Is Portland the next New York 13-Aug-2007 20:37

Staging the Portland Nuke

From the open publishing newswire: Captain Eric H. May, the Internet military intelligence writer, has written his most detailed article to date on the highly suspicious Portland Nuke exercise, Noble Resolve. He names the names of the key players in the operation, and of the military and media figures who have joined the growing outcry about what may turn out to be a false flag version of the White Houses much- predicted terror nuke.

Read More-Staging the Portland Nuke (A Comedy of Terrors)

Martial Law and Noble Resolve Noble Resolve 7-2 is a test of emergency management software. Same software was in place and tested during and after Hurricane Katrina. The test is being funded by Department of Homeland Security. PDF links below give information about effective resistance to martial law. The software company, Swan Island Networks, http://www.swanisland.net has close ties to NORTHCOM and NSA. Use search term "NORTHCOM" here at Portland Indymedia for extensive information about NORTHCOM and martial law http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/322932.shtml.

Noble Resolve may or may not become a "live" drill. The more it is publicized, the less likely we will have a 10 kiloton nuke detonated here. The threat of martial law remains regardless.

Read More-Martial Law and Noble Resolve

Lately I have seen many posts about a possible "false flag" (I just call it imperialism at work) attack involving Portland, OR. As an anarchist I have found the suggested response of calling and writing elected officials a waste of time. Don't beg for freedom. Fight for it!

Word has it that Homeland Security is going to be holding a terror drill in Portland in late August called Noble Resolve. This drill was going to be a nuclear strike scenario, but as of late has been changed to a volcano scenario. It sounds like the drill is going to cause national guard units, army, homeland security, and all the other folks we all have nightmares about to enter our town to practice for a martial law scenario.

Read More-An Anarchist's Response to Noble Resolve

There has been some talk here and elsewhere regarding Freightliner as a possible site of a live Noble Resolve. After seeing the DayAfterWorkshop Report posted today I decided to take a closer look at is in the area. These are the sites of interest I have found so far:

1. St. Johns Bridge - the most obvious landmark in the DAW Report map.

2. ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company - just to the northwest of the bridge at 9420 NW St Helens Road Portland, OR 97231. (1)

3. Schnitzer Investment Corp. and Schnitzer Steel Industries - they own the property just south of the bridge at 6529 NW Front Avenue Portland, OR 97210 (2). Interestingly, the CEO of Schnitzer Steel is John D. Carter (3), who is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Bechtel Group, Inc., the former President of Bechtel Enterprises, Inc., and is currently the Director of FLIR Systems, Inc. (4), which is a thermal imaging/defense related company.

Read More-Curiosities in the Harvard study/Portland fallout map

9.11 investigation 27-Jul-2007 17:23

Impeachment Demonstration at Blumenauers office

From the open publishing newswire: Were Blumenauer Operatives Behind Attempt to Silence Impeachment Protesters? Police were called out by security personnel in an attempt to intimidate and harass pro-impeachment demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Earl Blumenauer's refusal to honor his constituents' demand for the impeachment of the war criminals Dick Cheney and George Bush.... this time they were met by a "counter-demonstration" of sorts. The self-identified owner of the building and three security personnel, after first vainly attempting to locate "the leader" of the group, claimed that the demonstrators were illegally blocking the sidewalk outside Blumenauer's office.

comment: The South Side DFA group will be hosting an impeachment discussion with Willie Smith from Earl Blumenauer's office on Wednesday, Aug. 1st at the True Brew Coffee Shop, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. at 7pm.


9.11 investigation | actions & protests 10-Jul-2007 14:23

July 4th videos of 911 Truth March in Portland

From the open publishing newswire:

Well July 4th I walked along with 911 Truth Activists and filmed them as they handed out information and bull-horned messages of "911 was an Inside job" and "police state information" and giving a heads up of the Portland Terror Drills coming to us here in metro pdx this October.

We were met on the streets, with lots of 911 interested people, and of course some angry people, and leave it to the big city ... ..some with messages of their own.

We were stopped by the Police twice, once for not leaving a clear walk way for pedestrians ... . The second time for being louder than over 100 feet ... we were told that distance was about a 1/3 of a city block (note to self!)


related: Jerry D Earthling tells Joe Anybody "Bush is not healthy for living creatures"

9.11 investigation | government 08-Mar-2007 02:04

What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

From the open publishing newswire: It's no small boon to the U.S. government that the story of 9/11-related Israeli espionage has been thus relegated: the story doesn't fit in the clean lines of the official narrative of the attacks. It brings up concerns not only about Israel's obligation not to spy inside the borders of the United States, its major benefactor, but about its possible failure to have provided the U.S. adequate warning of an impending devastating attack on American soil. Furthermore, the available evidence undermines the carefully cultivated image of sanctity that defines the U.S.- Israel relationship. These are all factors that help explain the story's disappearance, and they are compelling reasons to revisit it now.


9.11 investigation | alternative media 25-Feb-2007 05:32

It's Just a Farce: Ward Churchill and the Research Misconduct Inquisition

From the open publishing newswire: On May 16th, 2006, an Investigative Committee of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at the University of Colorado, Boulder, released its report concerning allegations of research misconduct leveled at Ward L. Churchill, a tenured professor of Native American Studies at the University, and a prolific writer, public speaker, and Native American activist. In the report, the committee stated that it had unanimously found Ward L. Churchill guilty of "serious" and "deliberate" research misconduct.

The report was the culmination of a lengthy year and a half long inquisition initiated against Ward Churchill in retaliation for comments he made in an essay entitled "Some People Push Back" and the follow-up book, On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, both of which concerned the events of 9-11. In the essay, Churchill argued against the popular public belief in the innocence of the World Trade Center victims by labeling them a "technocratic corps" that functioned as the organizers and facilitators of U.S. empire, and comparing them to Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Nazi perpetuated holocaust during World War II.

Immediately, a well coordinated media inquisition began. Headed by Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly, a chorus of moral outrage that spanned the political spectrum grew throughout the country. The goal of this media witch hunt was to force the University of Colorado to fire Ward Churchill for his remarks about 9-11.



9.11 investigation | actions & protests 18-Dec-2006 22:10

San Francisco 9/11 Truth Tea Party Dumps Official Whitewash in the Bay

Into its watery grave where it belongs From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, December 16, 2006, on a bitter cold day in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf district, about forty hardy patriots came out with the intent to expose the lies and omissions of the 9/11 Commission Report by passing out information to tourists and locals, by reciting most of the omissions and deceptions in the official document, and then dumping the offensive whitewash in the San Francisco Bay.

Marking the 223 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party where 18th century colonists decided to reject onerous and unjust taxation by dumping tea in the Boston harbor, these modern day patriots, some with fifes and drums, marched from Pier 39 past curious, and some stunned, onlookers to the end of the Municipal Pier at Aquatic Park. They then proceeded to dump the 9/11 Commission Report to its watery grave to boisterous "hoorays" from the crowd gathered.


9.11 investigation 15-Oct-2006 18:14

Kim Thatcher people took down our 9-11 sign!

From the open publishing newswire: We got word from a friend that they saw the Kim Thatcher sign crew yesterday putting up a sign right next to ours...then they took our sign! Guess the folks from the Kim Thatcher campaign arent into free speech. So I am going to spend my day taking down and discarding Kim Thatcher signs. I dont even know what party she is from , or what she is running for.

CaptainPlanet adds: Kim Thatcher is a Republican from Keizer, running for re-election to House Dist. 25. Her campaign website. A search on her name turns up: campaign money improprieties, the Thatcher campaign removing campaign signs (placed with landowner permission) of a competitor, she reportedly said that only businesses pay taxes, and apparently every progressive organization (Stand for Children is one) opposes her. Just a sampling, I'll bet she's even more odious than all that.

9.11 investigation 13-Sep-2006 08:18

Gresham/ Troutdale 9/11 Protest

From the open publishing newswire: I just wanted to report that me and two other people did what we could on 9/11/06. We live out in the Gresham/Troutdale area, so the three of us walked up and down 257th near Start St with signs. Every protest that I have ever been to has been downtown so I was not sure what kind of reaction we would get out here in suburbia. We had our share of people yelling at us and middle fingers being thrown our way but overall we got way more honks and cheers. For the most part though, most people tried to act like they didn't notice us.

for more recent 9/11 coverage, visit the 9/11 investigation page

9.11 investigation 11-Sep-2006 13:40

5 Years Later: U.S. Government Complicity on 9/11

From the open publishing newswire: Today marks 5 years since September 11th 2001 and the infamous events of that day. Though the U.S. government quickly imposed its story of what happened upon the people of this nation and the world, a trickle of voices asked questions and had doubts. That trickle became a stream and is now a river moving with a power that can no longer be shut up. A significant percentage of the people of the country believe or suspect that the US government had a hand in 9/11. Dr. Robert Bowman, former air force pilot, stated before a large conference audience that at the very least top levels of the U.S. government allowed 9/11 to happen and that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder and they should be removed from office and incarcerated.


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