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Yes, you. Sitting there, at your computer, wondering, "How does this web site keep itself running? What can I do to help Portland Indymedia?" Well, here's your chance.

Keeping up this site as a source of news and events for the activist community is hard work, and there is always room for new faces and fresh voices! Love the site? Want to see it improve? Step on up and help. There are tons of ways to get involved with the local, people-controlled media called Indymedia. (People-controlled media - what a radical idea!) Contact PIMC:pdx-imc@resist.ca

The site needs original reporting! First and foremost, Indymedia is the place where you can tell your stories and report on what the corporate media won't tell you. Go to an action? Write about what you saw here. See an eye-opening presentation? Write about what you learned here. Want to do an investigative piece about local issues that are of interest to you? Go for it! It only takes a second to hit the "publish" button, and you can get your story out!

Like to get out with your video camera? Indymedia needs you! The Portland Indymedia Video Collective always needs more help. [update 1/8/13 Currently this project is closed] "Videos From The Resistance Project" has links still available here: Archived: Videos From The Resistance. Periodically there has been video showings, around town, to showcase local videographer footage of protests, events and local issues in the past. This project could continue, if your interested contact the collective.

Like to listen to the radio? Get involved with Portland Indymedia Web Radio! [update 1/8/13 This project is currently closed] We are currently off the air in 2013. But have been in the past on the air 24/7, but we need original content and interested volunteers to continue this project! Get on the mike and have your own show, damnit! Got a complaint? Air it on the radio! Love to talk? Get on the radio! Love music? Play it on the radio! Wanna learn how to be on the radio? Get on the radio! We broadcast from 500 feet below the ocean floor, so get your wetsuit on and email pdx-imc@resist.ca with RADIO in the subject line. If your interested in getting Indymedia Web Radio back up on the air in 2013 contact us.

Want to help make features on the site? You don't have to be a geek to learn how. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to pull original writing from the newswire and making it a feature in the middle column. Someone will be happy to show you how!

Like to write? Like to edit? Take the Portland Indymedia Print Project by the reins. The project has been off and on for a few years, but if you'd like to take it on again, that would be great! It can be as big or small as you want, as long as you do it! [update 1/8/13 this print project is currently no longer active, but if your interested it can start right back up with your words and your news

"update 1/8/13 *PIMC TV Project is closed" [archived PIMC TV Project page] Portland Indymedia Cable Access.

Outreach. You can help table at events around town to get the word out about Portland Indymedia. This is easy! Just stand there and tell people about indymedia, and even get into events for free! Email pdx-imc@resist.ca with OUTREACH in the subject line if yr interested.

Seriously, folks, Portland Indymedia can't do it without you! The site is maintained by a fairly small group of individuals who have been involved with Indymedia for a while and one thing has become clear. People who do not think they can do it, can! You can make a difference and help break through the corporate media veil of lies and misinformation. This is something you can do at home in your spare time and it's an easy way to contribute! If any of this piques your interest, or any project that is not currently available now, but looks interesting to you, send an email to pdx-imc@resist.ca with VOLUNTEER in the subject line and share your enthusiasm!

UPDATE June 2015: email contacts now working: Please use: pdx-imc@resist.ca - the older imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org is n longer active

(well, if you want to hate the media that is okay, but do something about it!)