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step-by-step video guide for windows

This guide details how to download and install all the software necessary to be able to download videos files and play them on a computer running Windows. All of the images can be clicked to give a full size version.

Installation using BitTorrent and non-QuickTime players

To learn how to install on a computer using the QuickTime Player for Windows read the first item in the solutions to common problems section.

  1. Download BitTorrent by clicking this link: bittorrent-3.4.1.exe.
  2. Install BitTorrent by running bittorrent-3.4.1.exe. You should then see a window indicating that "BitTorrent has been successfully installed!" and a browser may pop up to the BitTorrent Donate page. You may close this page as you can always donate later if you like the software.
  3. Download the VP3 codec by clicking here: On2VP3VideoForWindows.exe.
  4. Begin installing the VP3 codec by running On2VP3VideoForWindows.exe. You should see the follwing welcome screen.
  5. Select your operating system. This is very important. Though it will not do any damage to select incorrectly you will not be able to play the videos properly unless this option is set correctly.
  6. Click "Next" and do not make any changes to the installation directory.
  7. Click "Start".
  8. Click "Exit".
  9. At this point, you should be able to download videos listed on the videos page by clicking on the "torrent" link. Once downloaded, those videos should be playable in Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, BSPlayer, and most other video players (though not QuickTime Player).

Solutions to common problems

Using QuickTime Player for Windows - First, it should be pointed out that the performance of the QuickTime Player for Windows is far below that of other players including Windows Media Player and that use of the QuickTime Player for Windows is discouraged. However, if people do want to use this player they can follow the first 2 steps above and then download the QuickTime version of the VP3 codec by clicking here: On2VP3VideoCodecInstaller.exe. Once downloaded this program can be installed in an almost identical process to that listed above.

I can hear sound but cannot see video - This indicates that the VP3 video codec is not propoerly installed. Please try following the instructions above again to reinstall the codec. It is also worth trying to reboot the computer.