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step-by-step video guide for mac os

This guide details how to download and install all the software necessary to be able to download videos files and play them on a computer running Mac OS.

Installation on OS X using BitTorrent and QuickTime

To learn how to install on OS 8/9 read the first item in the solutions to common problems section.

  1. Download BitTorrent by clicking this link: BitTorrent_OSX_3.3a.dmg.
  2. Install BitTorrent by running BitTorrent_OSX_3.3a.dmg. You should then see a window indicating that "BitTorrent has been successfully installed!" and a browser may pop up to the BitTorrent Donate page. You may close this page as you can always donate later if you like the software.
  3. Download the VP3 codec by clicking here: VP3QTOSX-3213-10182001.hqx.
  4. Install the VP3 codec by running VP3QTOSX-3213-10182001.hqx.

Solutions to common problems

Installation on mac os 8/9 - To download videos on a computer running mac os 8 or 9 LimeWire (Classic) might be the most suitable program. Once LimWire is installed files can be downloaded by clicking the "magnet" links. In order to watch the videos on2vp3_Installer.bin should be downloaded. Inside there is a readme file that gives further instructions on installing the VP3 codec.

I can hear sound but cannot see video - This indicates that the VP3 video codec is not propoerly installed. Please try following the instructions above again to reinstall the codec. It is also worth trying to reboot the computer.