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Jan 17 2005 - Sami in Palestine: Home

Well, Folks,

Jan 03 2005 - Sami in Palestine: Not Depressed

Thanks once again for all the letters of support and encouragement. I think about you all quite frequently. This is just a short communique to address the concern or should I say rather the assumption that many of you have expressed that I must be finding it very difficult to be happy given the horrifying political climate of my surroundings. Let me please begin by assuring you that I am doing quite well. If I am depressed at all it is because I have to leave this land in less than 12 days.

Yes, the occupation fills me with a heart-wrenching guttural rage that makes my face twist up involuntarily if I think about it too much. Yes, sometimes I feel like an angst-ridden adolescent, crushed under the weight of the helplessness that I feel towards this madness, this sadistic arbitrary cruelty that I am powerless to stop, wanting to scream until I am hoarse and skin is stained red with hot tears, wanting beat my fists against the wall until they bleed. Yep, the occupation sucks, and it gives you sick, drowning feeling if you let it, but so does everything, if you let it, because I have known that feeling for years. Certainly, I find the political climate inside the United States no less horrifying, and no less aggravating. My palms have known the crescent-shaped fingernail imprints of exasperation for a long time, but you just can't walk around that way forever. The Palestinians don't(and certainly the soldiers don't, they let their tasteless Israeli techno ring loud and clear from every mountainside). You still have to live life.

Jan 01 2005 - Sami in Palestine: Talluza (6)

Not sure where the link to these articles went, so I'm posting this one here because it was inspiring to me and I think others would like to see it.

Dec 16 2004 - Sami in Palestine: Tulkram

I took a trip to Tulkarm, in the northwestern corner of the West Bank to see the effects of the occupation on the villages in that area. Tulkarm is located close to the Green Line, the 1967 boundary between the Palestinian territories and the state of Israel, and has been incredibly adversely affected by the building of the wall. The path of the wall, as I have mentioned many times, does not follow the Green Line, but zig-zags over the land, sometimes veering kilometers away from the Green Line, cutting off villages, and annexing people's land.

Dec 06 2004 - Sami in Palestine: Beit Ula

December 3
Beit Ula

I spent the last two days in the village of Beit Ula, a little southwest of Hebron(Al Khaleel). The villagers had called for support in demonstrating to stop the building of the Wall on their land. For those of you that are as yet unfamiliar with the so called Security Barrier, otherwise known as the Apartheid wall, it is a 440 mile long concrete, wire, and razor wire structure consisting in places of a solid concrete 8m high wall. It is not built along the 1967 boundary between Israel and Palestine known as the Green Line, but rather, snakes through the West Bank, cutting through Palestinian towns and villages, separating farmers from their land and merchants from their suppliers.

Nov 29 2004 - Sami in Palestine: Learning Arabic from 8yr Olds (2)

I have been going spending a lot of time at the Balata Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, doing an art project with the children. Contrary to what the name implies, its not just a center for the disabled, although that is what it was established for. It is also a community and cultural center for the community at large, particularly the children. A few friends and I have been working with a group of kids after school, mostly girls from around 3 yrs old all the way up to teenagers, although most of them were around 8. I taught them how to make wheat paste, and we made paper mache masks and then painted them, and played games. It has been particularly theraputic for me, hanging out with a bunch of young girls, and some cute little boys. I can also say that if you want to learn a language, playing games and painting with little kids is a good way to practice. I must have counted to ten in Arabic around 20 times.

Nov 22 2004 - Sami in Palestine: No Justice, No Peace.

Nov. 19

Tonight a group of Palestinians and a few internationals worked together to write "Fallujah" in fire in Arabic on the mountainside in Nablus to show solidarity with the people of Fallujah. It was gorgeous, working together with the view of the sun setting and the crescent moon rising through purple clouds over the city. It got an amazing response from the community. To see the pictures and read the article, visit palsolidarity.org.
love and solidarity,

Nov 18 2004 - Sami in Palestine: Racism is nothing without Power

I returned with my friend Rihab to her family's village in the north of what is now Israel. The drive was gorgeous, with vast expanses of hills that looked like the backs of camels overlooking the Jordan River with Jordan on the other side. The sea of Galilee, what is now called Lake Tiberias lies gleaming like a dusty silver coin in the desert, the sky and the seas and the land soaking eachother up, showing the underlying softness of a land so divided. Further to the north, near Lebanon, the air is sweet and cool, and the hills cradle safsaf trees, grapevines and green shrubs. It is here that the razed village of Safsaf lies broken under settlements and Israeli plantations, the last remaining building set to be turned into an Israeli restaurant. Here we spent the day digging through the rubble behind Israeli farmers' fields, searching for remnants of a people forced to flee, picking up bits of broken pottery, preserving fragments of the way it was before. Rihab rubbed the soil into her pores, trying to take as much with her as she could carry. She dug until it was too dark to see, crying into the same soils that her father cried into.

Nov 16 2004 - Sami in Palestine: The Passing of Abu Amar

This is a transcript of an email/listserv diary that a local Portland avtivist, Sami, is keeping from occupied Palestine.

[ Sami Updates List Serv I International Solidarity Movement ]

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Sami in Palestine: Home

Well, Folks,

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