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Oct 01 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Reclaiming Our Election Process (2)

In July of 2005, at the First Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon a forum was held concerning the legality of our recent elections, and the viability of the United States election process itself. Here in this report, you will be able to access audio files of these important and urgent presentations, either in RealMedia format or in MP3 format.

Sep 26 2005 - Photogs of Klamath Tribes Demonstration to Save the Salmon

Here are some photographs from todays Demonstration.

Aug 31 2005 - AUDIO FILE: SEIU Rally At Legacy Emmanuel Hospital With Pictures (3)

This is a 12 1/2 minute audio file from the Rally held at the end of an energetic day long picket by the Service Employees International Union in front of Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland Oregon on the evening of August 31, 2005.

Aug 25 2005 - Amy Goodman on MSNBC RIght Now (1)

Talking about Pat Robertson, along with a Liberal Christian, calling for the retirement of Robertson.


This evening, August 17, 2005, I attended one of the many Vigils being held throughout Portland to honor and support Cindy Sheehan in her ongoing attempt to speak with President Bush at his ranch in Crawford Texas. According to MOveOn.org, there were over 1600 of these Vigils, nationwide.

Aug 16 2005 - Learn About Low Powered FM Tonight (1)

An opportunity to join with others interested in Media Reform and take action.

Jun 23 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Iraqi Labor Tour 2005 (1)

Wednesday evening, on June 22, 2005 at Portland State University, at least 450 Portlanders had the rare opportunity to hear from two courageous Iraqi labor union leaders who struggled for years under Sadaam Hussein's repression and who have now stepped forward to organize workers under difficult circumstances of violence and occupation.

Jun 06 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich-A Calling For Peace and Unity (12)

Representative Dennis Kucinich was in Portland today, June 5, 2005, as Keynote speaker for a gathering at the First Unitarian Church entitled, A Calling For Peace And Unity.

Jun 01 2005 - AUDIO FILE: May Bark Hike To Bearknoll Timber Sale (2)

The May monthly Bark Field Trip was to the Bear Knoll timber sale, where 16 people hiked in an almost continuous rain in order to compare Forest Service documents and maps to what they found on the ground in that location. This is called Groundtruthing.

Apr 17 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Interview with Ward Churchill (1)

Apr 16 2005 - AUDIO FILES: The Future of Social Security (4)

Apr 10 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip to Polallie Cooper Timber Sale (1)



Mar 19 2005 - Photogs and Brief Report of Portland M19 Peace March (17)

Mar 03 2005 - Campaign to Bring Oregon's Troops Home; Salem Photos and Public Access Appearance (1)

Jan 11 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Winter Ecology Tour (3)

Jan 08 2005 - AUDIO FILE: Protesting Racism In South West Portland (12)

Jan 07 2005 - Community Television Program Features Anti Racist Representatives (1)

Jan 01 2005 - AUDIO FILE: 2001 Tre Arrow Interview From Hospital Bed

Dec 20 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Gary Webb In Eugene Oregon, January 6, 1999

Dec 18 2004 - More Video And Audio of Parry Center Rally (1)

Dec 17 2004 - Rally in Support of Pary Center Strike (2)

Dec 14 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Electile Dysfunction Rally At Oregon State Capital

Dec 13 2004 - Photographs of Salem V.O.T.E. Rally

Dec 12 2004 - Photographs From You Stole My Vote Protest (7)

Dec 10 2004 - Prisoner Support Highlighted On Community Television Tonight

Dec 01 2004 - AUDIO FILE: News Conference Concerning Protest Suit Settlement (1)

Nov 30 2004 - A Looming Threat To Public Access Television

Nov 20 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Democracy Is Dying

Nov 20 2004 - Photographs of the Democracy Is Dying Gathering (23)

Nov 09 2004 - AUDIO FILES: The National Security State (2)

Nov 04 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Portland Rally and March Protesting Bush Election (1)

Oct 19 2004 - AUDIO FILE: War, Empire and Superpatriotism (1)

Oct 17 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Examining Constitutional Amendment 36 (1)

Oct 05 2004 - Photots of October 3 Portland Peace March (7)

Oct 04 2004 - AUDIO FILE:Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin at PSU (1)

Oct 03 2004 - AUDIO FILE: October 3 Portland Peace Rally and March (2)

Oct 02 2004 - AUDIO FILE: A Return To Democracy (2)

Sep 04 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Nader Campaign Representrative On Community Television (1)

Sep 04 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Nader Campaign Representative Appears on Community Television Program

Aug 18 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Shut Down Umpqua Bank (6)

Aug 17 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Occupy Senator Wydens Office (3)

Aug 13 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Bush Protest-A21 (1)

Aug 12 2004 - George Bush Visit to Little Beruit in January of 2002 (2)

Aug 05 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Let's Stop Beating Around The Bush

Jul 29 2004 - AUDIO FILE: City Council Opposes Trucking Radioactive Waste Thorugh Portland (7)

Jul 22 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Down Memory Lane (1)

Jul 12 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Brief History of Struggle to Save the Solo Timber Sale

Jul 08 2004 - AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES: Defending Mt. Hood, the Tongass, and the Siskiyous


Jun 26 2004 - AUDIO FILE: : Ralph Nader Succeeds in Getting on Oregon Ballot (5)

Jun 26 2004 - Nader Campaign Charges Democrat “dirty trick” E-mail May Violate Criminal Law. (26)

Jun 24 2004 - Audio File: FCC Commissioners Speak at Media Town Hall.

Jun 24 2004 - Audio File: Statewide Initiative Petitioners File Suit Against Oregon Secretary of State


Jun 18 2004 - Nader Campaign Representatives On Community Television Friday Evening (5)

May 31 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Against Nuclear Weapons

May 11 2004 - AUDIO FILE: The Exception to the Rulers


May 07 2004 - AUDIO FILES: Fanatics and Fools (1)

May 06 2004 - VIDEO FILE: 3 Mom's (1)

May 01 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Ambition of Empire (2)

Apr 29 2004 - Dennis Kucinich Live On Community Television Friday Evening. (2)

Apr 23 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Appeal for Wilderness Suppport PSA

Apr 23 2004 - AUDIO FILE: The New U.S. Intervention In Latin America

Apr 18 2004 - AUDIO FILES: Oxygen Collective's Fire and Forest Roadshow (1)

Apr 11 2004 - VIDEO FILE: WIilderness Forum PSA

Apr 09 2004 - Joe "Bean" Keller APpearing on Community Television Program (1)

Apr 07 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Ralph Nader at the Roseland (2)

Apr 05 2004 - Some Photos From the James Perez Rally (13)

Apr 04 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Comminty Protests Police Homicide (26)

Apr 03 2004 - VIDEO FILES: Dennis Kucinich at Portland Saturday Market (4)

Mar 20 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Portland Oregon March 20 Rally and March (1)

Mar 20 2004 - Pictures of March and Rally (1)


Mar 16 2004 - AUDIO FILE: The Underlying Issues of the Free Trade Debate

Feb 27 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Bark Requests Comments On Solo And Borg Timber Sales (4)

Feb 26 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Dignity Village Press Conference (1)

Feb 24 2004 - Video File: Rally to Save Endangered Species

Feb 23 2004 - March and Rally Against Species Extinction (9)

Feb 16 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Russ Redner, Speaking at the Peltier March.

Feb 08 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Speaker From The Leonard Peltier Rally In Tacoma

Feb 05 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Student Activist Alliance March and Rally

Feb 01 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Klamath Basin Water and Tribal Rights. (2)

Jan 30 2004 - Live Community Television Program on Measure 30

Jan 25 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Gaining Political Power in Oregon (3)

Jan 22 2004 - VIDEO FILE: Dick Cheney (barely) Visits Portland


Jan 16 2004 - AUDIO FILE: Latino Groups United Against Bush Immigration Proposal (5)

Dec 27 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Howard Lyman Interview on Mad Cow Disease

Dec 26 2003 - Local Community Television Program on Mad Cow Disease (2)

Dec 24 2003 - Amy Goodman interview on Mad Cow Disease (5)

Dec 14 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Miami Report Back

Nov 19 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Symposium of the Free Trade of the Americas (1)

Nov 15 2003 - AUDIO FILE: The Salvadoran Sttrugle Against Free Trade

Nov 15 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Alliance For Police and Community Accountability

Nov 10 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Healthy Forest Initiave Dialogue (1)

Oct 24 2003 - Dan Meek Featured on Community Televison 10/24/03 (1)


Oct 15 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Juncrock Draft EIS Due by Oct.27, 2003.

Oct 15 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Lloyd Marbet Speaking On the P.U.D. and Campaign Finance Reform

Oct 13 2003 - AUDIO FILE: PAUL KRUGMAN (1)


Oct 07 2003 - Hightower Appearance at PSU, October 8th (1)

Sep 29 2003 - VIDEO FILE: More Hands Around the Reservoirs

Sep 22 2003 - AUDIO FEATURE: USA Out of Iraq Rally and March

Sep 22 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Three Speakers From Immigrant Freedom Ride Send Off (10)


Sep 12 2003 - AUDIO FEATURE: Recent Free Trade Forum (1)


Aug 24 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Stanley Cohen to Defend Patrice Lumumba Ford.

Aug 22 2003 - VIDEO FILE: A21 (7)

Aug 22 2003 - Muslim Community Requests Support

Aug 20 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Two Videos on George Bush


Aug 18 2003 - AUDIO FEATURE: Report on the Dove In (1)



Jul 26 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich Speaks in Portland. (4)

Jul 20 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Saturday's Town Hall Meeting On Free Trade

Jul 18 2003 - Eyewitness Report About Afghanistan On Community Television Tonight!

Jun 24 2003 - Vandana Shiva on Community Television

May 30 2003 - Community Television Program About the Kendra James Homicide

Apr 22 2003 - April Bark for Mt. Hood (1)

Apr 12 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Twelve Advantages of a Public Utility District (6)

Apr 08 2003 - AUDIO FILE: The Politics and Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods

Apr 06 2003 - AUDIO FILE: GREG PALAST<BR> (1)


Mar 30 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Army of None Rally and March (2)

Mar 23 2003 - VIDEO FILE: MARCH 23, 2003 Peace Rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza

Mar 19 2003 - VIDEO FILE: March 15, 2003 Main Peace Rally and March

Mar 15 2003 - AUDIO FILE: One People, One Family, One House

Mar 10 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Demonstrators Shut Down Portland Federal Building (2)

Mar 09 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Winona La Duke on Sustainable Energy

Mar 09 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Portland Break the Chains Political Support Forum

Mar 02 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Northwest Portand Peace March (3)

Mar 01 2003 - VIDEO FILE: No Justice, No Tacos

Feb 20 2003 - VIDEO FILE: Andy the Illuminary Challenges Larry the Lightbulb

Feb 17 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Public Meeting on Covering Mt. Tabor Reservoir



Feb 16 2003 - VIDEO FILE: An Uprising of the Soul

Feb 14 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip to Pollalie-Cooper Timber Sales

Feb 10 2003 - Get to Know Your New City Commissioner, and Much, Much More. (2)

Feb 07 2003 - AUDIO FILE: July 30, 2002 Solo Timber Sale Protest (1)

Feb 07 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip To Solo Timber Sale

Feb 06 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Problems With Plan To Clean Up Williamette

Jan 30 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Biodiversity-The Essense of Sustainability (1)

Jan 29 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Press Conference Concerning Military Access to Student Records. (1)

Jan 27 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Public Comment Concerning Cooper Spur Resort Development

Jan 27 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Oregon Coast Speaks Out For Peace


Jan 21 2003 - AUDIO FILE: We Are In The Sacred Here

Jan 18 2003 - AUDIO FILE: January 18, 2003 Peace Rally and March

Jan 12 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Craig Rosebraugh at Laughing Horse Books (4)

Jan 08 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Local Impact of an Iraq War

Jan 05 2003 - AUDIO FILE: Hands Around the Reservoir a Success!!

Dec 23 2002 - AUDIO FILE: We Are In The Fourth Reich Here (7)

Dec 21 2002 - Civil Rights in America Calling 911: Standing Tall

Dec 15 2002 - AUDIO FILE: War in Iraq: Why Now and at What Cost?

Dec 12 2002 - Update on the Imam Kariye Trial (1)

Dec 06 2002 - Latino Community Spokesman On Community Television Tonight. (4)

Nov 30 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Community In Resistance

Nov 27 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Spanish Statement Calling for Kroekers Resignation

Nov 27 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Latino Community Calls for Resignation Of Chief Kroeker (2)

Nov 21 2002 - AUDIO FILE: National Wal-Mart Day Of Action

Nov 18 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Road Rip

Nov 17 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Togeteher, We Save Ourselves

Nov 12 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip To West Fivemile Timber Sale

Nov 04 2002 - AUDIO FILE: The Politics of Fear

Oct 30 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Safeway CEO Marries Betty The Biotech Corn (1)

Oct 27 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Victims of Police Attacks Announce Civil Rights Lawsuit

Oct 23 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Medea Benjamin at PSU (1)

Oct 15 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trp ToBorg Timber Sale

Oct 14 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Stanley Cohen Presentation At PSU.

Oct 09 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Not In Our Name, Part 2

Oct 07 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Ralph Nader Press Conference (3)

Oct 06 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Not In Our Name, Part 1

Oct 06 2002 - Audio File: Not in Our Name (5)

Oct 04 2002 - ILWU on Community Television Tonight

Oct 02 2002 - AUDIO FILE: KBOO Interview With Tom Hartman

Oct 01 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Here, With One Prayer (3)

Sep 26 2002 - Fee Demo Video (1)

Sep 22 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Stanley Cohen, Civil Rights and Criminal Attorney

Sep 17 2002 - AUDIO FILE: The Corporate War Against Democracy, Part 2 (1)

Sep 16 2002 - AUDIO FILE: The Corporate War Against Democracy, Part 1

Sep 16 2002 - Audio File: The Veggie Car

Sep 14 2002 - What is Indymedia? (23)

Sep 13 2002 - Audio File: Into The Mystery (1)

Sep 10 2002 - Audio File: Excerpt From February's Parenti Speech

Sep 10 2002 - Audio File: Alaa Abunijem Defends Imam of the Islamic Center of Portland (1)

Sep 09 2002 - AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip To Solo Timber Sale

Sep 08 2002 - Audio File: Impending Salvage Rider on Appropriations Bill

Sep 07 2002 - Audio File: United States Of Amnesia Tour, Part 1

Sep 06 2002 - Audio File: Tort Claim Against City Over A22 Police Violence Against Protesters (3)

Sep 01 2002 - Audio File: Oregon Public Power Coalition Press Conference

Sep 01 2002 - Audio File: Resistdance 2002 Collage

Aug 28 2002 - Audio File: Portland Lawyer Comments on Police Brutality During Bush Protest (6)

Aug 27 2002 - Audio File: Media Democracy After 911

Aug 23 2002 - Freedom of Speech and Open Access to the Internet

Aug 22 2002 - Audio: For My Planet And My Class

Aug 18 2002 - City Council Candidates Forum on Community Television

Aug 16 2002 - Stop the Franken-Trees

Aug 14 2002 - Democracy Cannot Survive Overpopulation (1)

Aug 01 2002 - Audio of Preserving Digital Democracy Meeting

Jul 31 2002 - Audio of Solo Timber Sale Auction Protest

Jul 27 2002 - Audio of the Press Conference concerning Scoggins Ck. clear cutting

Jul 25 2002 - Program About Timber Sales on Community Televison Tonight.

Jul 24 2002 - Press Conference: Whistleblower Blasts Primate Care at Oregon Lab

Jul 21 2002 - Importing Nuclear Waste To Hanford (5)

Jul 20 2002 - Colombia: Dangerous Country For Union Organizers (2)

Jul 16 2002 - Audio of Greg Palast Presentation in June (1)

Jul 03 2002 - Audio of Greg Palast's Presentation at First Unitarian Church

Jun 27 2002 - Community Television Special

May 29 2002 - Portland Renewable Energy and Light


Apr 18 2002 - Peace is Patriotic (1)

Apr 09 2002 - Repowering America

Apr 09 2002 - April 5 Palestinian Solidarity Rally

Mar 27 2002 - Michael Parenti Interview on Independent Media

Mar 23 2002 - Video of Dan Meek and Lloyd Marbet Speaking on Enron

Mar 17 2002 - Sierra Club Reveals Oregon Department of Forestry's Flawed Tillamook Plan. (1)

Mar 16 2002 - Video of Local Launch of National Supermarket Campaign (1)

Mar 15 2002 - Community Urges Wyden to Vote No on Fast Track

Mar 13 2002 - Chilean Lawyer Describes Destruction of Native Forests

Feb 01 2002 - Community Television Program on Possible Auction of PGE

Jan 07 2002 - Portland Bush Protest

Dec 23 2001 - We Are The Human Race

Dec 17 2001 - Portland Rally Against U.S. Imperialism


Oct 03 2001 - F.A.I.R.-L Responds to New Your Times Coverage of D.C. Peace Rallies

Sep 04 2001 - VIDEO of Dignity Village press conference

Jun 07 2001 - Community visits Sen. Gordon Smiths office

May 22 2001 - What Good is Protesting?

May 22 2001 - Public Testimony at Portland Public Schools Board Meeting

Apr 20 2001 - FTAA Community Television

Apr 11 2001 - Starbucks Protest

Mar 03 2001 - Portland Rally for Indigenous Rights

Feb 26 2001 - Qwitsanas, chief of the Nuxalt Nation

Oct 01 2005 - (2 comments) -

AUDIO FILE: Reclaiming Our Election Process

In July of 2005, at the First Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon a forum was held concerning the legality of our recent elections, and the viability of the United States election process itself. Here in this report, you will be able to access audio files of these important and urgent presentations, either in RealMedia format or in MP3 format.

In July of 2005, at the First Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon a forum was held concerning the legality of our recent elections, and the viability of the United States election process itself. This forum featured two speakers, Thom Hartman, author and well known radio talk show host; and Paul Lehto, attorney, who recently wrote a paper on election fraud, and who is involved in a lawsuit in King County Superior Court, against Snohomish County and Sequoia Voting Systems.
Here in this report, you will be able to access audio files of these important and urgent presentations, either in RealMedia format or in MP3 format. But first, an important announcement. This week end, September 30-October 2, 2005, a three day event is being held entitled, "National Summit To Save Our Elections." Our community will have the opportunity to learn how corporate-owned electronic election systems affect their vote, and how they can help restore citizen ownership of our elections. Both Thom Hartmann, and Paul Lehto will be making presentations, as well as other well known, and unfortunately for our right to vote, less known speakers will be in attendance. A short list of speakers who might be familiar to Portlanders: Ronnie Dugger; co founder of the national Alliance for Democracy; Jesse Jackson Jr.; David Cobb, Green Party 2004 presidential candidate; Jo Ann Bowman; Dan Meek, local attourney who has been active in the ongoing attempt to move Portland General Electric out of corporate hands and into the hands of the people, as well as writing and sponsoring Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Issues. Other speakers, though nota swell known locally, are involved in other parts of the country to save our elections and win back our Democracy.
Two of the groups sponsoring this event are the Oregon Voters Rights Coalition and
Portland Alliance for Democracy

For a schedule of the event, including speakers and agenda, Summit Schedule

At the July event, Thom Hartmann started with the micro, with a few details and facts concerning the recent elections, then moved to the macro, the big picture, how we should view this. Paul Lehto, speaking next was to move it back to the Micro, what's going on in Washington State, and then again back to the Macro, what we can do about this rugged state of affairs.
Hartmann began by giving some examples of voter irregularities that were public knowledge, citing first from an Associated Press story about the election in Texas, published in every paper in the U.S., right after the 2003 election. "A defective computer chip in the county's optical scanner, misread ballots Tuesday night and incorrectly tallied a landslide victory for Republicans.....Democrats actually won by wide margins. How did they find this out? Republicans would have carried the day had not poll workers become suspicious when the computerized voting reading machines said that a Republican candidate was trouncing his incumbent Democratic opponent in the race for County Commissioner." These workers knew that there weren't as many Republican voters in the county and contacted the County Clerk, who contacted the voting machine company. "A new computer chip was flown to Snyder Texas from Dallas. With the new chip installed, the computer then verified that the Democrat won the election."
"In another Texas anomaly, Republican State Senator, Jeff Wentworth won his race with exactly 18,181 votes; Republican Carter Castle won here state house seat in the same county with exactly 18,181 votes; and conservative Judge Danny Scheil won his seat with exactly 18, 181 votes." This was in the same county in Texas. However, no poll workers asked for another chip and those elections stand. "By the way, it is interesting to note, the first letter in the alphabet is A, the 8th letter is H, so 1-8-1-8-1 translates into AHAHAHAHA."
And, in Georgia, a similar wins by Republicans against a popular Democratic candidate, going against all pre election polls. This was in a state that had for the first time gone to 100% no paper trail voting machines . In another instance, "this guy went into his precinct and tried to put in a write in candidate, crashed the machine. They put him on a second machine, crashed that machine. They put him on a third machine, crashed that machine. He crashed all 7 machines in the precinct, simply trying to put a write in candidate. And when he asked what happened to all the votes that were on these machines, the best answer he could get was that we don't know, we had to reboot the machines; as far as we know they are all gone."
Hartmann continues, reading off a litany of errors and fraud from various parts of the country, all, apparently reported in various newspapers and common knowledge, if one were interested and inclined to pay attention. Quoting a Democratic candidate that lost to a Republican in another questionable elections: "They can take over our country without firing a shot just by taking over our elections."
But to Thom, the real issue isn't so much the various little crimes and errors, but the fact that the elections, of primary importance to the health of our Democracy, are being counted by electronic voting machines, with no paper trail;. And, by corporations who refuse to allow scrutiny of the software which count the votes. "It's really important to keep our focus. When the people who put this country together, when the founders of this country who fought the Revolutionary war, the framers, who framed the Constitution, 10, 12, 14 years later, when they put together American Democracy, one of the things that they understood with absolute clarity was that there are some things that we do for ourselves, that We The People do for ourselves.From the beginning of recorded history up until the present time, "people have been ruled by either war lord kings, theocratic popes or mullahs or whatever........or the rich, in a system known as feudalism. And in each one of these cases the rulers held the rights, and they gave the people some privileges.....They held all the rights and the people had only privileges. And what the founders of this country said was that we're going to flip that upside down. And the first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution, 'We The People,' we are holding the rights"
In this audio file, which lasts about 33 minutes, Hartmann spoke eloquently concerning the importance of Democracy, that is rule of the people, by the people, for the people. And equally well about the terrible dangers faced by our Democracy from the rising strength of the few, who now control how our elections are tabulated.
Thom Hartmann, RealPlayer
Thom Hartmann, MP3
Following Thom, Paul Lehto began strong and clear. "Let's be 100% clear about what an election is. An election is the place where power is transferred from the public, or the people, to the government, and often times, through Initiative and Referendum tax money is either transferred or taken away from the government. So we elect representatives, but it's all about power transfer and money transfer, that's what elections are usually doing. And the people that administer the elections are a select few, government representatives, who then keep those ballots secret. It's virtually impossible to get a hold of ballots and count them for yourselves under any circumstances."
Paul states that he can "say with 100% certainty that he has no basis for confidence in the elections. And I would encourage, what can you do? You can simply say all day, every day that we have no basis for confidence, and there is nothing that anybody can say that's based in fact that can take you off that position because it is a 100% accurate position."
This file is about 32 minutes in length, providing greater insights into the corruption in our election system, but also ways in which We The People can exercise their power and salvage Democracy.
Paul Lehto, RealPlayer
Paul Lehto, MP3

Besides the websites given above, Voters Unite and End Corporate Personhood