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Cascadia Rising

This page has been set up to reflect the efforts of all Cascadians to prevent Forest Destruction during Cascadia Summer 2003 and beyond.

For information on this past summer's campaign, and the events as we move into the coming year, keeping checking in to the Cascadia Rising website at www.cascadiarising.org.

Mar 17: Calpine Medicine Lake Update: Heads up to Crescent City/Coos Bay, other potential Calpine LNG targets... Calpine, the ENRON spin-off corporation is given the green light by Bush appointed judge and right wing big business supporter congressman Wally Herger to drill sacred Medicine Lake for geothermal. Most of the energy from Medicine Lake would likely be exported to Reno/High Desert State Prison (Susanville) spotlights. This drilling process would release underground hydrogen sulfide that would contaminate the healing waters of the lake.

Mar 10: Local Forest Conservation Group Sues Forest Service to Stop Old Growth Logging on Mt. Hood National Forest

Mar 18: Comment Deadline for Solo, Borg, Clark, Pryor & Straw Devil - These sales are are Back on the Chopping Block. Public Comment Period is now over. For more info, contact BARK

March 18: March to the Mattole - "come along for a few days and help people save the Mattole's old growth Doug fir forests from corporate plunder by MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber." For more info call (707) 825-6598 or(707) 923-2513.

March 22-29: Womyn and Trans Action Camp Outside of Eugene is being held to kick off an all womyn and trans strategized, built and occupied action in the national forest. For more info and/or directions call The Cascadia Forest Defenders 541-684-8977 or email forestdefenders@riseup.net

April Fire & Forests Roadshow to Save the Siskiyous with the Oxygen Collective email: oxygen@o2collective.org for more info

Feb 11 '04 What's going on with the Willamette Forest Sales that were cancelled last year due to failure to comply with the (recently eliminated) Survey & Manage Guidelines? One commenter writes: "I've been keeping very close tabs on the six sales involved in last year's lawsuit (Straw Devil, East Devil, Pryor, Solo, Borg, and Clark). The new EAs for these sales are due out on February 17. " Another response: Solo Timber Sale Back on the Chopping Block Dec 7 '03 January 20th comment deadline for Biscuit Fire DEIS" -sample letter: More info at: www.siskiyou.org & www.kswild.org.

Nov 6th '03PROWL report: The PROWL Project is springing into action to bring new energy to forest conservation east of the Cascade crest. We are based in Bend and engage in forest watch and public outreach activities to protect the Ochoco and Deschutes National Forests. New Website: http://prowl.cascadiarising.org

Nov 4th '03 Back to the Wall report on Ashland Action:

Nov 20th report: Shock & Awe Logging coming to the Siskiyous: The Bush Forest Service is planning to log up to a billion board feet of trees from sensitive, Biscuit-fire affected forests in southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers area. This no normal timber sale. In fact, this could be the single largest logging operation in the history of our National Forests. This scheme would drive chainsaws into the heart of the largest unprotected roadless areas on the Pacific coast between Canada and Mexico, threatening tens of thousands of acres of wild roadless forests. Quickly becoming the most controversial forest battle in the nation, your help is needed to stop this monstrous, extreme logging scheme.

November 1st update: "Back to the Wall" chapters from Portland, Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, and Ashland all participated in what turned out to be a "victory" party when our large presence forced the forest service to lift the "closure" that had resulted in 3 arrests two weeks ago.
We were met by two "security personel" whose trucks blocked access to the site, but who promptly removed their blockade upon seeing the large number of people who arrived to protest the sale."

The Cascadia Summer Campaign is not over, and there will continue to be a centralized organizational structure for ongoing efforts of Cascadians to defend the ecosystem of Cascadia. There will be a new website soon, reflecting these ongoing year-round efforts. For now, the website that was used for the summer campaign can still provide useful background info, and can be found at: www.cascadiasummer.org.

A campaign that was initiated in response to the 1995 "Salvage Rider" from hell, is being revived in response to the passage of Bush's "Healthy Forests Initiative" and other threats to Cascadia. This campaign is called Workers Against Lawless Logging campaign, or Back to the WALL... So far there have been actions in Salem October 26, and in Ashland Nov 1st. To get on the listserve to receive updates on how people from around Cascadia can get involved in these regionwide action events,call or email Joe Keating at: keats@teleport.com - 503-234-2613.

A bit of history.
Over half of the land in Cascadia is owned by you and me: it's public land. Managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, this land was long looked to as an endless source of raw materials and resources for private profit. The growing environmental awareness of the 1960's and '70's forced the federal government to enact environmental laws that prioritized species and habitat protection. However, the BLM and Forest Service did not comply willingly and systematically flaunted even these limited regulations. Too long had the government agencies been in the pocket of the timber industry. Concerted direct action and legal pressure in the 1980's forced the government to comply with its own laws and increased protection for species, most memorably the spotted owl. Logging on public lands all but halted because logging our last old-growth couldn't be squared with the law. In 1994, then-President Clinton swaggered into Cascadia, promising a solution that allowed old growth logging and road building, while "protecting species habitat." As weak as this plan was, it was too much for the industry, which brokered a backroom deal in Congress called the Salvage Rider, which opened vast areas of forest to illegal but legally unchallengeable destruction. We're still fighting the last of these timber sales, as well as hundreds of new threats to the forests.

Now, as you read this, King George II and his industry cronies are ordering federal agencies to disregard environmental laws, while taking steps to limit the public's access to information and our ability to comment on timber sales on our public lands. Legal challenges to these actions will take years, especially in a hostile judicial atmosphere. Once again, all that will remain between the chainsaws and our last ancient forests will be us, our allies and the growing roar of active resistance. We in Cascadia have a long tradition of fighting the system with everything we've got, but as the threats grow ever stronger, and the forests grow ever smaller, we need help more than ever.

Cascadia. Icy rivers rushing off high mountain slopes. Towering forests of hemlock and douglas fir shrouded in the coastal mist. Flowering wild dogwoods greeting the spring amidst boughs of pine and madrone. Cascade Mountains. Blue Mountains. Siskiyou Mountains. Klamath Mountains. The Coast Range.

Cascadia. The land influenced by the majestic Cascade Mountain Range. Southern British Columbia to Northern California. Home to some of the last great wild forest stands. Birthplace and burial grounds of the wild Pacific Salmon. The range of the Northern Spotted Owl.

Cascadia. Torn apart by clearcuts, roads, mines, grazing. Our public heritage, our public lands, plundered for the private profit of a few timber industries. The landscape a checkerboard of destruction. The forests scraped, the predators fleeing, the rivers damned, the last wild places are on the chopping block.

Cascadia. This is our home. This is our fight. This is our invitation. As the jaws of the corporate industrial empire clamp ever tighter around all that is vibrant, that is wild, that resists being tamed, we invite you to share in our part of the struggle.