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government 28-Apr-2005 19:06

Save the Filibuster march in Bend

The march From the open publishing newswire: The crowd gathered at 5PM (about 65) There were some chants and Z21 interviewed several people. We chanted some chants:

-Don't give up the fight, our courts, our rights

-Save our courts

- E.M.P.I.R.E. does not spell demorcracy

We marched up Oregon Street to Wall, accross Greenwood and up the the Deschutes County Court house where several people spoke.

Portland: Rally to stop the Republican Judicial Takeover
12:00 Noon on the stairs and sidewalk outside of the courthouse on Broadway and Main there was a rally, put on by MoveOn PAC. There were several speakers rallying the crowd to call senator Smith whos vote could stop this blatant corruption fo our system, and educating the public about this huge issue. The estimate was 600-775 people in attendance, all of whom were peaceful. After the rally ended, a small group of 50-100 (i never took a good count) people marched on the Portland office of Senator Smith in the World Trade Center to demand his office listen to our opinion. We marched up the skywalk and into the building intent on getting into the office, only to find the elevators shut down and the stairwell locked. One of the security officers forcefully ejected a female protestor from the elevator with no provocation.
The other "nuclear option"
Senate majority (Republican) leaders have made it plain that either the Democratic majority must allow the Republicans to appoint Bush's extreme anti-environmental nominees for the Federal judiciary OR the Republicans will go ahead with what they (Republicans) coined as their "nuclear option" -- eliminating the long-standing Senate rule that allows unlimited debate on votes that rise to the level of issues of conscience for the minority. That's what filibusters have generally been about -- issues of conscience -- as when Oregon's Senator Hatfield attempted a one-man filibuster against the development of a neutron bomb back in the 1970's.

It turns out that the Senate Democrats have what they don't call, but could be called, their own "nuclear option." Democrats have made it plain that either the Republican majority must back down and allow vetting of Bush's extremist anti-environmental nominees for the Federal judiciary OR the Democrats will slow the Senate down to a crawl and block all legislation (except for matters of national security). When you look back at the history of this Congress, shutting down all legislation doesn't look like a bad idea. Shutting down the Senate would mean no more of Bush's so-called "reforms" -- bankruptcy "reform", tort "reform" -- and it would preclude any more talk of so-called "Social Security reform."

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labor | neighborhood news 10-Apr-2005 23:32

Report from a Living Wage Community Meeting in Bend

From the open publishing newswire: The meeting was called to order by by Michael Funke, Chairperson of Central Oregon Jobs with Justice. He introduced Michael Leachman, Author of In the Shadow of the Recovery.
  • Central Oregon has the highest level of economic inequality in Oregon. The truth doesn't necessarily make us free, as can be seen by the current administration. In January of this year things are finally back to normal following the economic downturn of 4 years ago. Of the 51 Billion dollars earned in Oregon in the past year, 31 Billion of it went to the richest 20%.
  • The best teams insist that the whole team benefit. The Republicans are not acting like the best team. The market doesn't protect opportunities for everyone. It is based on selfishness and greed. The best teams insist that the whole team benefit. The Republicans are not acting like the best team. The market doesn't protect opportunities for everyone. It is based on selfishness and greed.
  • The privatized healthcare system is leading to increased Health care costs, this is not the case with Medicare.
  • Instead of an ownership society we have an "You're on your own ship society."

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NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS 03-Apr-2005 23:32

Rally against Walmart in Bend

About 50 people From the open publishing newswire: The rally was started off by Michael Funke, who affirmed that the WalMart north of Bend was "not a done deal". He pointed out the victories that had been achieved in Hood River and other places. He pointed out the fact that WalMart no longer takes questions directly from the community because of the problems it encountered in Gresham. He asked; "How often is it you get to fight a big corporation in your own back yard?"

The next speaker was John Schubert, who said that he had tried for many years to create a model community. He said he did not want to see Bend sucked dry and abandoned as he had seen happen in other communities where WalMart had conducted business. He pointed out the diverse group of people in Bend who are opposed to WalMart.

[ NotAnotherWalmart.org ]

PEACE 19-Mar-2005 20:15

Report-backs from M19 marches in Bend, Corvallis & Eugene

No oil war From the open publishing newswire: It had rained in the morning here in Bend, and I thought I was going to rain during the March. We were fortunate that the rain had stopped and it was only windy and overcast.

There was a PA system playing Country Joe and the Fish's "What are we fighting for?" song among others.

There was a table for filling out postcards to be sent to our representatives.

About 110 people showed up for the event.

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forest defense 10-Mar-2005 22:50

Battle for the Biscuit comes to Portland

From the open publishing newswire: i've been following the stories here on indymedia of the direct actions that have been taking place this week to stop the logging in the Fiddler Sale in the Biscuit area. It's been quite exciting to see that so many people have been willing to put their bodies on the line, and that so many have been supporting them. My admiration and gratitude totally go out to them.

i'm also impressed at how organized the outreach effort is. Today, outside my co-op, some folks had set up an info table to draw attention to their fight. They had photos printed up from the portland indymedia website, Call to Action flyers to distribute, and were making themselves available to spread the word and to collect donations. Many people stopped to talk to them and it was clear they were getting support! Such grassroots organizing inspires me.

Biscuit timber sale action orientation
This is an orientation to anyone interested in coming out here to save the ancient ecosystems of SW Oregon. It answers some questions and gives a run down of what to expect... details >>

for download: [ halfsheet on the biscuit situation for mass public distro ]

events: [ Rally to save our wild siskiyou Saturday morning ] [ PSUers: Fiddler/Biscuit Talk at Food 4 Thought at noon Friday, Special Request for Support ]

government 10-Mar-2005 21:59

A visit with Bend Democrats

From the open publishing newswire: Issues we discussed:

Someone wore a pin that showed the Republican party eliphant with the words "Got Fascism?"

Allen school burning down (early 60s).

Veterans for common sense, a web site.

WalMart and don't trust the Bend chamber of commerce to help out. It was pointed out that many small businesses in the Bend area don't even participate in the chamber of commerece. Someone mentioned that WalMart had dug up an ancient burial site in Hawaii and were hiding the bones in a trailer. Someone else suggested that maybe we could bury some artifacts out at the proposed site and in Bend and then claim it as an historical site.


corporate dominance 18-Feb-2005 10:59

At the City Hall meeting in Bend - Voices against WalMart

From the open publishing newswire: Mayor Friedman called the meeting to order. At that point he had us all stand and do the pledge of allegiance. Several proposals were presented and passed fairly quickly. Mayor Friedman then opended the discussion for citizens to speak with a three minute limit. Several people stood up and addressed the issue of WalMart:

corporate dominance | economic justice | labor 16-Feb-2005 18:14

2/15/05 Jobs with Justice meeting on WalMart

From the open publishing newswire:

forest defense 20-Aug-2004 16:35

Forest Advocates Come Uninvited to Central Oregon GOP Events

From the open publishing newswire: Despite next to no notice, forest advocates made their presence known at a hearing in Sisters on Wednesday on "forest health" orchestrated by Greg Walden and two separate appearances by Ann Venemen, Bush's evil Secretary of Agriculture. We did our best to counter their rhetoric and get the message out that ecologically destructive logging actually RUINS forest health.


FOREST DEFENSE 05-May-2004 23:48

Crown Pacific Timber Company Wins Bid on Toolbox Fire Sale

From the open publishing newswire: Logging plans inside the Toolbox Complex fire area on the Winema National Forest have received little public attention, and the Forest Service would like to keep it that way... Besides winning the bid, Crown Pacific may also get to log during the formally troublesome 45 day appeal period because regional forester Linda Goodman has granted an "emergency status exemption".

Emergency Status Exemption is part of the bag of tricks in the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act". It allows public lands managers to declare an "economic emergency" to circumvent the appeals process (normally 45 day for the sales based on fear of economic loss if the burned trees are not logged before they decay. A preliminary injunction has been filed to challenge Goodman's decision to allow immediate logging of the area. The plaintiffs are: Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC), Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC), and the Klamath Forest Alliance. I have not heard if there has been a decision on the injunction yet and I imagine those same groups are suing on the sale. I'll post again when I know more.


OREGON ELECTIONS 09-Apr-2004 10:10

Why won't Hooley debate Kaza?

From the open publishing newswire: They say that Oregon is for dreamers. One dream I have is to see Democracy work. According to a recent AP story, "Rep. Darlene Hooley doesn't plan to comment on the (5th District Democratic Primary) campaign until after the primary election, said spokeswoman Joan Mooney." In my dream democracy, even incumbant candidates would take the time to debate challengers. Otherwise, we end up with the situation we have now - incumbants-for-life.

The incumbency re-elect rate in 2000 was 99% on House races, and around 95% in 2002. It's never been lower than 85% in the last 20 years.

We are seeing some movement on election reform so that in parts of the country at least, challengers are on somewhat equal playing fields financially. But in our state when a good candidate like Andrew Kaza comes along, he faces an uphill battle - especially if his opponent refuses to engage in a debate of the issues.


EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW 16-Mar-2004 23:24

Benton County to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses

From the open publishing newswire: On Tuesday, March 16th, in a 2-1 vote, Benton County (Corvallis area) commissioners agreed to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The commissioners made the decision after the three-member board heard two and a half hours of emotional testimony.

Most of those who spoke were for the issuance of the marriage certificates.

Benton County commissions heard from a slew of religious leaders, several of whom advocated gay marriage. But others such as Steve Lee of the Suburban Christian Church said marriage between a man and a woman is rooted in the Bible.



Support for Oregon Prisoner Requested

From the open publishing newswire: UPDATE "Oregon Department of Corrections Punishes Those Who Challenge it " reposted plus newly posted Dispatch from Brian. These words were lost in the mail but the situation is still timely to aid in Brian's defense. Things move so slow in prison and not much really changes so the time lapse doesn't apply -as much!

"COMBAT FIGHT CONTEND: To struggle against: OPPOSE
Dispatch 111:
Comrades, Volunteers, I understand that there has been a lot of support for me out there from the four corners of the revolution. I cannot thank you all enough for your support. Support for me is, in essence, support for the greater cause. Your contacts with authority figures challenges those authority figures, and their hierarchy, head on. This is a form of direct action and of COMBAT.

I am informed that the Oregon Department of Corrections Director has been answering letters inquiring why I am not getting medical treatment with letters stating that I am receiving adequate medical treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have two major problems with my back: (1) a wedged (slipped) disk, that pinches my spinal cord and (2) arthritis of the spine due to old fractures..."


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