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04.08.2005 00:28
Pizza Time Negotiations Break Down
pizza crime The former Pizza Time workers met with owner Heath Flores to discuss the reinstatement of four workers who lost their jobs in February. Flores broke off negotiations on Tuesday by flatly refusing all six terms of the written proposal. We had hoped Flores would work with us to reach an agreement. We offered to draw up a new proposal with Flores' input, but that idea was refused as well. Flores' final offer was the same as his first?we could turn in applications and may be hired and fired at will. We feel Flores is not taking the negotiations seriously and never intended to consider our position.

previous: [ Olympia Pizza Time Strike Continues (19 July 2005) | Update From the Pizza Time Lockout (27 March 2005) | Olympia Pizza Time Workers go on Strike; Support needed (13 Feb. 2005) ]

more info: [ Olympia Workers Association ]


04.08.2005 00:22
'State of Oregon' to scan your irises and flouridate your water
I just heard on OPB that the Oregon state House just passed a bill requiring the Oregon DMV to collect biometric data for driver's licenses. I don't know what the actual bill states, but the reporter Colin Fogerty explained biometric data means iris scans and facial measurements. OPB reported that this bill is on it's way to the Governer's desk for his signature. I thought the Senate had to pass it as well before it went to the Governer, but I could be wrong.


04.08.2005 00:02
Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Help -- From the BLM
wild horses In a recent press release, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) called for horse lovers to come to the aid of America's wild horses and burros. While these animals do need your help, they must be saved from the BLM - not from the lands on which they have historically roamed. For over 30 years now, the agency responsible for protecting these national treasures has worked harder at undermining the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act than at the very task they were assigned.


03.08.2005 10:07
Pastors for Peace Caravan celebrates successful return; Campaign to send seized computers to Cuba continues
Pastors for Peace announced a victory today when its 16th caravan crossed the International Bridge from Reynosa, MX into Hidalgo, TX after returning from Cuba. But there is still no word about release of the computers seized from the caravan's cargo last week. The caravanistas'energy and motivation were very high last night when they returned from Cuba to Reynosa, MX, and then assembled this morning for their 'reverse challenge' to the US blockade against Cuba.

As the caravanistas crossed the International Bridge in two school buses, supporters of the caravan in Reynosa accompanied them across the bridge, chanting "Cuba si, bloqueo no!"

Homeland Security officers spent nearly three hours interrogating caravan participants about the details of their trip, and two more hours searching every item of their personal luggage. But in the end, nothing was seized from the caravanistas, and all of them are back home in the US.

previous: [ Friendshipment Caravan barred at US-Mexico border: Oregonians on board aid mission to Cuba (21 July 2005) ]


03.08.2005 09:55
Bombs, not food: 10 million for famine, 500 million for military
After appealing for famine money since the locust plague last year, at the end of July the U.N. finally received a donation of 10 million dollars for the famine victims in Niger. Meanwhile Niger is receiving 500 million dollars in military aid, for, you see, Niger is a rich source of the Uranium required for the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction. This is on top of the millions Niger is receiving in the form of military training in what is supposedly training for the 'war against terrorism', but as is the case in all poor countries, is actually part of the machinary of oppression of the poorest people on earth, and thus best described as the 'war against revolution' , the exact same tactic you see practiced against the Bolivians, and all other third world people, and since it is for such a good cause, receives many billions in funding without the need for constant appeals.

Bombs not Food. This is the slogan for the current capitalist system, and unlike appeals for food money which go unanswered, Bomb money flows in a steady stream, forked over with remarkable generosity, as you would expect money to flow like gusher, when its for a good cause.


02.08.2005 13:33
Cyclist Injured at Milwaukie and Powell is Getting Better
A rose just placed in Schekel's shrine by a Critical Mass rider. as i understand it after speaking to portland police this is what happened: roger stoped at the interscetion of miluakie and powell drank from his watter bottle then the walk signal came on to cross as that happened the miluakie to powell eastbound turn lane went green the cars started to turn from miluakie to powell the driver turning noticed the car that struck him was running the light and stoped roger thinking that the turning driver was stoping for him as traffic should stop for anybody walking or bikeing after all he had the right of way as that turning car stoped it obscured rogers view of oncoming traffic and as soon as he cleared the bumper of the turning car he was struck by the drunkass no license driver....

i just want to say that this is all i can take how make cyclist's have to get killed before people realise that they need to share the road in attition to not driveing drunk i am a native to portland and i can remember every other time this has happened

Driving in the United States: 42,636 dead this year!
Wow! Is that figure from war all over the world? Nope. That is just deaths from vehicles on American roads this past year. The article actually sounds upbeat that the figure went down from last year. Hooray! It just disgusts me to no end that we allow our roads to run red with the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. And somehow this is acceptable to us as a society? It's like that law that just passed that allowing gun dealers to sell guns in an irresponsible manner and we can't sue the gun makers for their negligence. Man this country has gone beyond wacko! I'm looking into escaping into Canada. Is that tunnel still open?Good luck everyone! You'll need it.
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02.08.2005 10:12
Action Alert: "Safety" Meeting Becomes INS Sting Operation
homeland security Last week immigrant workers gathered to attend mandatory safety training they thought was being held by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It turned out to be a sting operation by the Homeland Security's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

After serving coffee and doughnuts, an official announced that he had bad news -- the immigration office had called the meeting, not OSHA, and immigration agents filled the room.

Forty-eight workers, hired by subcontractors at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina, were arrested on charges that they were illegal immigrants. At least one person was later released upon proof of citizenship.


31.07.2005 22:31
OHSU primate 'researchers' visited at home by protesters
Friday July 29th 2005 started out just like any other night for the researchers of OHSU's Primate Torture Facility(PTF). Judy Cameron, Elliot Spindel and good old Cynthia Bethea were relaxing at home when they were again visited by angry, non violent protesters. This time 2 protesters were dressed as monkeys in striped jail suits and 4 others were wearing white researcher coats. Judy Cameron was first. This time she decided it was to scary to come out and chat with the protesters so we reminded her neighbors the exact nature of Judys work. We could hear vomiting from some houses as we described her work over the bullhorn. Next was Elliot Spindels house in Lake Oswego. When we arrived the neighbors down the street were out talking and there attention quickly focused on the protesters and there creative attire. Like Judy Cameron, Spindel only is tough when it comes to beating up animals and he didn't come out to confront us. We reminded his neighbors the nature of Eliots disgusting animal torture techniques which had induced vomiting again amongst those who were able to listen to the entire protest.

Finally we reached Cynthias house.

related: [ Cynthia Bethea, who performs invasive experiments on intellegent primates at OHSU ] (over 200 comments!)

reports from previous home demos: [ Cursed Animal Rights Activists Ruin My Evening (27 May 2005) | Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun (2 Jun 2005) | Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again! (17 Jun 2005) | Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods... Again (3 Jul 2005) ]


31.07.2005 15:55
Possible Cyclist Fatality at Milwaukie and Powell
There was a car that hit a bike on Powell today. It seemed really bad. Does anyone have any information on the rider or saw it?

BotanicManic answers: I went down to the intersection of Milwaukie and Powell to check it out. The cops blocked off part of the intersection for hours while they investigated. They refused to divulge any info on the cyclist (of course) but I saw a member of the PPB Traffic Investigation Unit (TIU). TIU officers usually show up when there is a criminal investigation and/or a fatality. The orange mountain bike landed about 25-30 feet from where the car had stopped. It looked like the cyclist broke through the driver side windshield. A two foot in diameter pile of blood dried on Southbound Powell in front of the AmPm. Two black Nike's and a pair of sunglasses lay scattered on both sides of the car. Corporate media seemed conspicuosly absent from the scene.

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30.07.2005 09:41
Unwire Portland Public Workshop reveals lack of public interest
The City of Portland and Portland Development Commission held their first open meeting in a request for proposals (RFP) process that will create a citywide wireless broadband network beginning next year. Commissioner Sam Adams spoke at the meeting Thursday night at the Oregon Association for Minority Entrepreneurs on N. Vancouver St. in Portland, where he described a network that would be open to competitive internet service providers (ISPs).

The roughly forty attendees included staff from PDC, Tri-met, City of Portland, Portland Public Schools, Intel, Microsoft, as well as concerned and interested citizens and businesses who have been waiting to see how Portland will handle city-wide wireless internet in our typically innovative and community-oriented fashion. To date, much appreciation though little recognition has been offered to the Personal Telcos Project for their non-profit work in setting up wifi hotspots around the city.


30.07.2005 00:00
Portland Activist Arrested At Fox 12 Protest
At about 10:15 PM on Friday, 29 July, 2005, a local Portland activist was arrested for a noise violation near the corner of NE 82nd St. and Couch while protesting Fox 12's irresponsible news coverage. The arresting officers were Steven J. Larkin and Peter J. Gill (badge number 11688).

Fox 12 was preparing to cover the recent arrest of prostitutes near the intersection. The reporter and cameraman covering the story expressed concern for the well being of the neighborhood, citing the numerous prostitutes that can be found there. There was no mention of the johns that keep the underground sex industry thriving, or the various situations which lead people into prostitution.


29.07.2005 23:34
Coring out the National Park Service
Pasted below is a short letter I received in this morning's US Mail. It comes from the Superintendent of Glacier NP and describes a process called "Core Operations Analysis" currently being undertaken by that park's management. Read it at face value and it is disturbing. Read between the lines and then color your thinking of what you know of this Administration's privatization agenda, and you will have confirmation that are parks are being sold down the creek.

...The way I see it, National Parks such as Glacier have begun the process of downsizing, service shedding, contracting out, privatizing, commercializing and (in some cases) perhaps even closing their doors. That's what Bush, Mainella and Norton intended from the start. That's what Bush, Mainella and Norton are doing today. The Parks are in Peril. I hope someone cares.


28.07.2005 22:15
Tre Arrow speaks: On food, violence, and choice
Tre Arrow I'm sitting on my bed, in my cell eating an orange. I think it's quite amazing that I am able to eat this orange which is grown thousands of kilometers away from here shipped via fossil fuels and provided to me on my yellow, plastic meal tray at lunch. I wonder how many beings have suffered for me to enjoy this orange. It calls into my mind all those who are suffering so that I can eat every day! I wonder how many are going hungry around the world today while north americans throw millions of kilograms of perfectly edible food into a landfill. The waste of our culture, food production, the sexual politics of the dead-animal industry, the desecration of Earth-Mother, the unspeakable violence and abuse and murder which our animal friends endure every day in order to be converted from a living, sentient creature into something called a big mac or whopper.

[ Tre Arrow website ]


28.07.2005 22:10
Some Good News! Anti-Mountain Top Removal victories and growing resistance
From a march earlier this month There's been so much bad news lately, here's some news from a place where grassroots organizing, coalition building between labor, environmentalists, and community groups, and direct action have proven enormously successful.

The location is Appalachia, where activists are trying to stop the devestating practice of Mountain Top Removal coal mining. The target is (primarily) the huge coal company Massey Coal.

[ Mountain Justice Summer ]


28.07.2005 14:48
Passing CAFTA: Blame the Democrats
Small print: The final vote on CAFTA, the free trade agreement between the US and Central America, rolled out in the wee hours of July 28. It was a tight vote in the House, a squeaking 217-215, where 15 Democrats crossed over to support the measure while 27 Republicans voted against it. Supporters CAFTA anticipate abolishing custom taxes and undermining labor and environmental laws over time among the countries involved, which will consist of the US, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Dominican Republic. CAFTA will eliminate tariffs on 80 percent of US exports to these countries.
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related sites: FTAA IMC I Florida Fair Trade Coalition I stopCAFTA.ORG (an activists guide) I stopCAFTA.com (from the John Birch Society)


anti-imperialist | anti-racist resistance 28.07.2005 06:09
The million-dollar woman: Cuba refuses to hand over Assata Shakur
Not a terrorist but a target.

While the corporate media portrayed the Black Panthers as violent, police forces were under orders to shoot Black Panther Party leaders without provocation. 39 members of the Black Panther Party were murdered. Those who survived attempted murder by the police were subsequently framed up as the aggressors. Others were framed-up for crimes they simply were not even near including recently exonerated Geronimo ji Jaga (formerly Pratt), who did decades of hard prison time for a murder U.S. courts now even recognize he did not commit.

Assata Shakur was also a target of this political repression and was taken as a political prisoner by the U.S. government. It was with the help of the revolutionary direct action of her comrades that Assata Shakur was liberated from bondage and gained her freedom in exile in revolutionary Cuba. Today, despite pressure from the United States, Cuba remains committed to Assata Shakur's freedom.

Liberation News also supports Assata Shakur and demands that the U.S. government keep their blood stained hands off of her and off of the Cuban Revolution, while demanding Assata Shakur's right to return from exile without a continuation of political persecution.

The Jericho Movement to grant amnesty to all Political Prisoners | More about Assata


27.07.2005 21:53
Fuck Mainstream Media
fuck corporate media When we pick up a paper or check the news on television we generally expect to be informed. The media has a responsibility and that responsibility is to inform us of what's going on. If a dam is in danger of breaking two miles above our town, it is the responsibility of the media to let us know that the danger exists and why it exists. To a certain extent, we put our trust in them. But trusting the mainstream media is not a rational or intelligent choice to make. They have lied by saying things that are not true, by not saying things that are true, and very often through spinning bullshit, which is slightly different than lying. Sometimes bullshit is worse than lies. It's not that they have done so several times, or even often. It's that they do it all the time. They are programmed like a virus in software to fuck us up.

They never, by the way, use vulgarities like 'fuck'. This is not an offhanded comment. It is very relevant. In fact, if you read media where the use of such words is acceptable, they have passed an important litmus test. They obviously don't pander to the fucked up Christian Right and they don't pander to the corporate elite who are very careful not to offend those that march in orderly fashion. They are in the business of providing audiences.

[ Other articles by Archie Kennedy ]


27.07.2005 21:51
Oregon House Committee Votes to Prohibit Utilities From Charging Ratepayers Phoney Tax
Today, the Committee on State and Federal Affairs of the Oregon House of Representatives passed on to the floor of the House a version of SB 408 that will stop the current practice of the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) of allowing utilities to charge ratepayers for "state income taxes" and "federal income taxes" that in fact the utilities do not pay to any government...

"The Oregon PUC has allowed PGE and Pacificorp alone over the past 8 years to charge Oregon ratepayers over $1 billion for supposed income taxes they have never paid and never will pay," said Dan Meek, attorney for the Utility Reform Project (URP). "I have been filing complaints and lawsuits over this for almost 3 years. Finally, the Legislature is listening."


27.07.2005 10:42
Marines Recruiting at Fred Meyer Interstate store
Today I was at the Fred Meyer on Interstate, and as I was preparing to leave was approached by a man who, after some small talk, announced he was with the Marines. I could tell right away that he was trying to interest me in joining up because he asked me what I did for work. I felt anger rising within me, but kept it 'civil' and tried to be as articulate as possible in my refusal of his offer. He tried to get me into a discussion about Iraq but I couldn't, and didn't want to, stick around.


26.07.2005 14:56
Police Investigation in Series of Southern Oregon Forest Shootings Puzzling
Are four separate shootings in the Willamette and Umpqua National Forests between July 2003 and July 2005 linked? Douglas County has charged Samuel Lawson in one case and is seeking the death penalty. The evidence against Lawson is very weak and there are serious questions about whether police are ignoring evidence that the shooters are still out there while an innocent man may die for a crime he could not have committed.


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