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27.06.2005 17:23
Clackamas County Commissioners declare war on the homeless: Amend legal code to prohibit people from sleeping or camping in their car
Clackamas County's 2005 Homeless Count indicates that nearly 7,500 people living in the County are homeless, including 2,500 children, a dramatic increase from all prior counts of the County's homeless. [I]n late May the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners approved a code amendment to prohibit people from sleeping or camping in their car, trailer or other vehicle on a county roadway or highway in residential, commercial or industrial areas. With this amendment, the Sheriff's Office now has the option to cite people under the county code and issue a $15 citation, which will go into effect 90 days from the adoption date. Now, these 7,500 people are not just homeless, they are likely to be cited for violating Clackamas County code.


NO CAFTA 27.06.2005 17:18
Call Wyden today: CAFTA Vote Tuesday!
Last week about 100 Portlanders gathered to voice their disgust with Sen. Ron Wyden's pro-CAFTA vote in a "mock mark-up" vote earlier in June. (A mock mark-up is a non-binding vote that gives the Senate leadership a chance to see where Senators are at on a given issue.) Protesters want Wyden to change his vote and oppose CAFTA when it counts: on the Senate floor. The lives and livelihoods of millions of Central Americans and US-ers lie in the balance.

Call Ron today and tell him: "Change your vote: NO on CAFTA!" 503.326.7525 (Portland) or call toll free 1-866-340-9281 (for Wyden's DC office)


27.06.2005 17:16
Dial 911 and cops wait 'til it's safe before responding
So last night....I caught a garage burglar in the act confronted him. He sucker punched me and when I called 911 to report the assault the dispatcher wasted time with useless instructions and questions. I told her that he was in the neighborhood, on foot, and that quickly dispatching could possibly result in a capture. She wanted me to wait in the house so the cops could come find me. Knowing that describing my non-traditional living arrangements is best done over coffee....I told her that I would be at the corner where I could direct the cops in the direction that the guy ran. She equivocated saying that she had to protect police safety. At that point I gave up and handed the phone over to my girlfriend.


27.06.2005 17:14
Artists Illuminate 9-11 Truth More than the Official Commission
Details of entry by artist Chuck Bowden The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance launched an art contest asking artists to cast light on how 9-11 truth could lead us towards peace and justice. Entires examine issues that the 9-11 Commission has ignored- including- "Who benefited?" and "Who should be held accountable?"

Artists and musicians cast new light on the shadow of 9/11, the unconscious fears of society, the defining event of the century, the excuse for endless war, the theme of an art contest that asks how the truth of 9/11 could lead society towards peace and justice.

The artists, unlike the official Kean/Zelikow Commission, which found no one responsible for the unprecedented failure of the military to protect American civilians on 9/11, points at those who benefited from 9/11 and could be held accountable for the crime. The artists look beyond the "They hate us for our freedoms." explanation of 9/11 and examine more rational, logical, economic, and psychological motivations for the attack.

[ SF911Truth Art Contest Entries ]


25.06.2005 13:45
Day Five of the Kendra James civil trial
Day five, Friday, June 24, 2005 started with defense witness, Gaylan Warren, a forensic scientist who specializes in reconstructing crime scenes, especially shootings. Warren stated that the physical evidence left behind at the scene - such as Kendra's wig, a silver sugar bowl, matchbook, a Taser "blast door" and shell casing help to show where events took place. He claimed that the evidence suggests that the car travelled approx. 275' from the initial stop, that the taser Officer Reynolds fired was 9 inches away from Kendra's left shoulder (where the probes hit). Like the other expert witnesses, Warren had an opinion about the bullet path and that the shot had to be 30" or beyond that. Warren thought that Scott McCollister's video re-enactment showing his foot inside the car was consistent with that path and distance. He did admit on cross examination, though, that if Kendra had been laying differently from what the defense claims, the bullet path could be consistent with McCollister standing outside the car. Warren stated that based on the fact that the taser probes went through her jacket and red t-shirt, she probably felt the effects of being tasered, but was not completely immobiled.

previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 ]


WAR 24.06.2005 16:43
Ward Churchill Speaks
Ward Churchil spoke at the Mississippi Ballroom last night, 06-23-2005 ostensibly about military recruitment, military action in Iraq and movement(s) against it. He spoke for about an hour and then took questions. This was a decent talk, but I felt like the previous one at Reed College was a little more informative, but this one was more informal and open. Still there are a few good tidbits that Churchil drops here and there. Listen to the stream HERE . Download the file at IndyTorrents .


23.06.2005 23:04
Day Four of Kendra James civil trial; The defense starts its case
Kendra James First witness was Dr. Cliff Nelson who performed the autopsy on Kendra. He basically described the same bullet path as did Dr. Brady yesterday except that he claimed that the video re-enactment by Officer Scott McCollister would be consistent with the path. The video shows McCollister with one foot in the car, knee on edge of driver's seat and upper body leaning into car. His right arm is bent 45 degrees at the elbow, approx. 6 inches from his upper torso. Dr. Nelson stated the bullet path was consistent with this video even though he drew a line from an imagined gun barrel at the end of McCollister's right hand that went up and over where the defense claims Kendra was positioned, and would have exited out the passenger side front window.

Next came Officer Kenneth Reynolds, 28 years old who admitted he is close friends with McCollister. They do dinner every Tuesday nite with their wives and friends. Reynolds story of how he stood next to and slightly behind McCollister did not hold up too well during cross examination by Attorney Grimes for the plaintiff.

previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 ]


23.06.2005 22:21
AUDIO FILE: Iraqi Labor Tour 2005
iraqi labor leader Wednesday evening, on June 22, 2005 at Portland State University, at least 450 Portlanders had the rare opportunity to hear from two courageous Iraqi labor union leaders who struggled for years under Sadaam Hussein's repression and who have now stepped forward to organize workers under difficult circumstances of violence and occupation.

Both men would end the occupation immediately and state that the Iraqi people are perfectly capable of organizing and sustaining themselves, without U.S intervention. They do believe that they are better off without Sadaam, yet believe that the war was actually a war for oil and that under the current occupation, the people have no real power to determine their own fate. Hassan Juma'a Awad Al Asade stated that "we know that one of the main reasons for the invasion of Iraq was to control the oil resources in the Middle East, and because Iraq owns certain oil reserves in the world."

audio: [ Real Media | MP3 ]

from pittsburgh: story, audio, video torrent. (down load more video torrents at indytorrents.org)


23.06.2005 22:17
Recent New York Times editorial an excellent example of propaganda
David Brooks recent New York Times editorial makes use of many common tricks.

"There's a reason George Washington didn't take a poll at Valley Forge. There are times in the course of war when the outcome is simply unknowable. Victory is clearly not imminent, yet people haven't really thought through the consequences of defeat. Everybody just wants the miserable present to go away."

(George Washingon would be for the war and you would too if you were a deep thinker like George Bush. George Bush = George Washington)

"We're at one of those moments in the war against the insurgency in Iraq. The polls show rising disenchantment with the war. Sixty percent of Americans say they want to withdraw some or all troops."

(If weenies like you were at Valley Forge, we won't have a country. Don't you feel ashamed and want to get in line? Valley Forge = Iraq)

The Time has come: Cancel your subscriptions to all Corporate Media
Cancel all subscriptions to the corporately owned newspapers & magazines that have been complicit in deceiving the public about the many crimes committed by the Bush administration and about the many outrageous actions taken by our Congress to undermine our democracy, our environment and our civil rights while they put forth an agenda that is designed to hand ownership of our nation to a few wealthy individuals and corporations. Call your cable company and cancel the following news channels: all CNN networks (CNN Headline News and CNN International), all FOX networks that air news including your local FOX affiliate.

It is time to act! Stop supporting our enemies. Start supporting the people who have dedicated their lives to making this world a better place. If it inconveniences you, so be it. Make the sacrifice. If it costs you an extra dollar to subscribe to an independent newspaper, make the sacrifice and help us to regain our nation.


22.06.2005 21:58
Report from Day Three of Kendra James civil trial
Kendra James Plaintiff's witness Dr. Brady -- pathologist -- testified about the bullet wound entry & final resting place -- that it entered the backside of Kendra's abdomen, tore through bowels, pancreas, liver, lung, and heart and stopped just below the skin of her "bosom".

He said she had to be down and on her right side and that the gun had to be "some distance away" - meaning not too close to her body. He supported the Plaintiff's theory of where McCollister was - just outside the car rather than inside as he claims. Dr. Brady said that even though she had no pulse, Kendra had enough life in her body that the Emanual Hosp. surgeon worked hard for 40 minutes trying to save her. The staff at the hospital went "the extra 100 yards to save her."

previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2]
see also: [ Mysterious Bullet Path in James' Shooting ]


22.06.2005 21:55
Visiting Iraqi Trade Unionists Call for Immediate Withdrawal of US Troops
Iraqi Trade Unionists Speak at Portland Luncheon The Iraqis arrived in Portland this morning, and spoke at a noon luncehon. These brave organizers have an important story to tell, and I encourage everyone to come tonight to hear what they have to say about union organizing, the US occupation, privatization, and their requests for solidarity. It's very powerful stuff, and this is probably the only opportunity to hear directly from Iraqi union organizers.

When asked about the US occupation, they were very clear--they think that the US occupation should end immediately.

Audio File


22.06.2005 21:54
Two Portland Activists Facing Legal Persecution & Defamation
Myself and my comrade were arrested on April 22nd, at around 1 in the morning, on charges that we had been wheat-pasting mayday fliers around town and writing capitalism on stop signs. These seem like marginal charges in the scheme of things, but they're trying to make an example out of us to all political activists.


22.06.2005 21:53
Gresham WalMart Update: Public Comment Period Begins
Wal-Mart's Type II Development Application has been deemed "complete" and residents now have only 14 days (June 20 - July 4) to submit comments to the City Planner. ANY PERSON opposed to this development may communicate in writing via electronic or regular mail during this review period. Comments should address relevant concerns and also your intent to appeal if the application is approved.


22.06.2005 21:48
Community prepares for Awakening Native States festival
awakening native states Regular guests to the CenterRing space, located at 5339 S.E. Foster, in Portland, Oregon, got to see event organizers, artists, & activists preparing for this weekend's line up of workshops, music, healing, and play.
Event organizers explained that the event is "A Neocultural foray into the past, present and future of plants, people and the planet. From language to logos, science to mysticism, from remembering ancestral roots to envisioning future blooms."
As I walked into the big main space, I noticed masketeers (artists) were wheat paste-ing a big mask together, from just paper, wheat paste, and chicken wire.
Organizers were on phones checking last minute details, going over checklists, reverse timelines, and phone trees. Activists were planning their next move.


22.06.2005 21:33
US Forest Service to Sell Off Public Lands for Private Development
The USFS is poised to sell off not only public buildings supposedly of no use to the public anymore, but also to include surrounding lands in order to create incentives for developers to purchase them and then do whatever they want on those lands! This could mean housing developments or whatever right in the middle of a national forest or wilderness!! Incredible, you say? Anything can happen with Bush in power.
Ticketmaster (ReserveAmerica) Becomes Gatekeeper to All National Recreation Sites
Making InterActiveCorp / Ticketmaster the gatekeep to America's public lands is a dreadful mistake which will come to have profound impacts upon how Americans interact with their public lands. I say with much sadness, this is a black day for those who value nature Wild and Free.


22.06.2005 21:28
U-2 spyplane crashes upon return from Iranian mission
Iran surrounded by American Forces On May 1st, 1960, a U2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers, an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, was shot down over the Soviet Union. On the afternoon of May 1st, when Eisenhower was informed that contact had been lost with the U2, and that the plane was probably lost, a cover story was devised to be disseminated to the American people through the media, which stated that the lost plane was a joint NASA-U.S Air Force weather service mission which had gone down in a lake somewhere in Turkey...

This story is relevant today, for it is just one of so many examples that illustrate the point that truth is the first casualty of war fare, and that therefore you can never believe anything that you hear from the government, since they will lie, dissimulate, and cococt tall tales which will then be obediently repeated by the press, and perhaps uncritically accepted by the patriots. .

Today the American military and intelligence complex released another one of their covers stories, after another u2 spy plane went down, this time, so they say, in the United Arab Emirates. the plane, they say, was on routine mission over Afghanistan before the accidental crash took place. The story was obediently reported on the CNN site, as 'U-2 crashes upon return from Afghanistan mission'. The corrected title for this cover story released as a news story should more than likely read, 'U-2 crashes upon return from Iranian mission'.

[ other posts from Brent Herbert ]


22.06.2005 02:58
Kendra James civil trial - day one brief summary
Kendra James First day started with jury selection with the public, including Kendra's mother and family, kept out of the locked court room while 8 jurors were picked. The 8 jurors included 4 White females, 1 Asian female, and 3 White males. Out of approx. 70 people in the jury pool there were only 3 African Americans. The defendant, Officer Scott McCollister, in suit & tie, was present in the courtroom the entire day.

Each side presented their opening statements and then Attorney Grimes called 2 witnesses for the plaintiff - Melanie Carruthers and Officer Rick Bean.


21.06.2005 11:51
Police violence at Biodev Actions in Philadelphia
There has apparently been an incident at Biodev in which a police officer has been taken away in a stretcher and possibly died, and numerous people from the demonstration have been beaten. Details are still sketchy, but it appears that the officer suffered cardiac arrest, and that he has died.

Philly IMC: [ personal account of arrests and crowd attack ]

[ Biodev website | Biotech Indymedia site ]


21.06.2005 11:28
Grim Reaper Thanks Oregon Legislature Leaders
The Grim Reaper joined dozens of Oregonians to testify at the House Special Hearing on Health Care last week. The Grim Reaper told legislators he has been waiting for the House Death Committee to hold a hearing so he can testify in support of the leadership, which refuses to pass bills that would lower health care costs for Oregonians. According to the Reaper, "a guy can only wait so long."

The Grim Reaper testified in support of his friends in the pharmaceutical industry, "If it weren't for their astounding profit margins, more people might receive affordable life-saving medicines, which really slows down my productivity. That's why friends need to stick together. I deeply appreciate that they were willing to testify against extending the Oregon Prescription Drug pool to businesses and more Oregon families. That profit preserving audacity is rarely seen in politics these days, and I believe deserves some recognition. So, let's hear it for Big PhRMA, for standing up to put profits ahead of patients."


21.06.2005 11:28
What The Oregonian does not want its subscribers to know
oregonian axe The Oregonian promises porch/home deliveries and all included delivery each day for the monthly charge...What the Oregonian doesn't want subscrbers to know is their salesmen and downtown office lie to patrons and make promises they can not keep nor have the right to make!

Delivery people are independent contractors and are hired by the Independent Distributors, not by the Oregonian. His contract says nothing about delivery of the paper to the porch. As long as the paper is delivered to the tube or driveway he meets his obligation. However; my husband is more than happy to help elderly persons with special needs when they show appreciation, or ask personally with a nice note.

With the extremely high cost of gas, there are no additional fees my husband gets paid...Yet the Oregonian has raised their rates several times. The Oregonian gives the false impression that the drivers are well reimbursed...it is a lie!!!


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