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30.05.2005 16:53
America Wants Roadless Forests, Bush Wants Profits
Mt Rainier Forest High up in a douglas fir in the picturesque town of Hood River, a banner flaps in the wind. The statement is a simple one: "This is a nonviolent protest". The issues surrounding the banner, and the person perched just below it, are a bit more complex.

On May 5th of this year, the Bush Administration formally repealed the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, a measure which protected about one third (58.5 million acres) of the national forest system's total acreage from road building and logging. There are currently over 386,000 miles of roads in our national forests, enough pavement to circle the earth more than fifteen times. These roads are used mainly for logging and resource extraction.

On the evening of May 29th, shortly after 10 PM, a local forest activist calling himself Lorax (after the Dr. Seuss character), climbed 60 feet into a tree in downtown Hood River, Oregon, in protest of this policy change. "I'm up here because the Bush Administration is ignoring the sentiment of the American people," he said, referring to the fact that the Forest Service has received more than 1.6 million comments regarding the rule, over 95 percent of them in favor. "We cannot let them ignore the ... American people so that their cronies in the timber industry and in the resource extraction industry can destroy our public lands".

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30.05.2005 16:19
Olympia Free School interview: Why Free schools?
Interview May 16, 2005 by David X of Bellingham.rogueimc.org With Beth of Olympia Free School

"Olympia is a community with amazing resources. There are folks here with many diverse talents and skills to share. Too often however, a lack of communication keeps us apart. The Free School is a synergy of the diverse ideas, talents, skills and resources of community members."

The Free School works to facilitate this learning exchange as an instrument for individuals who want to learn in an open environment. We are a resource that provides free alternative educational opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. The Free School also works for profound social change by serving as a model for education in the future. "The Free school helped to start the Bio-diesel co-op project in Olympia."

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Portland Free Skool Mtng Monday June 6th


30.05.2005 13:35
State legislators propose initiative to provide health care for all
Frustrated with the lack of progress on expanding access to health care in Oregon, three state legislators today announced that they have filed language with the Secretary of State for a constitutional initiative to require the state to "ensure that every Oregon resident has access to effective and affordable health care as a fundamental right.

The initiative drafted by Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) and Senators Alan Bates (D-Ashland) and Ben Westlund (R-Tumalo) would tell the Oregon Legislature to "adopt a plan that incrementally expands health care coverage so that every Oregon resident is able to obtain effective and affordable health care on a regular basis."

The initiative is identical to a joint resolution introduced by the same three legislators as HJR 6.

That bill, if it had passed both houses of the legislature, would have placed the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2006. But, after HJR 6 failed to get a hearing this week, Greenlick decided to file the bill as an initiative and go through the signature gathering process to get to the November 2006 ballot.



26.05.2005 22:05
SOU's Student Government Kicks Military Recruiters Out of the Student Union
Southern Oregon University's Student Government (ASSOU) passed a resolution last night banning military recruiters from the Student Union. The US Military's discrimination against homosexuality, the so-called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is in direct conflict with SOU's anti-dicrimination policy. The resolution was carried 8 votes to 2.

The resolution titled, "Barring discriminatory practices in the Stevenson Union," will prevent Military Recruiters from having access to the building. They will no longer be allowed to table in the foyer or at job fairs in the Student Union. Nor will recruiters be allowed to hang flyers or display brochures in the Student Union and Access center.


26.05.2005 15:44
Activist Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Terror Charges in Wisconsin
mink Madison, WI: Animal rights activist Peter Young pleaded not guilty Tuesday to domestic terrorism charges that he freed mink from Midwestern farms in 1997, causing thousands of dollars in damage and spreading fear through the nation's fur farmers.

Young, 27, made the plea in U.S. District Court in Madison as he appeared for the first time on the charges after eluding authorities for more than seven years. Prosecutors say Young and accomplice Justin Samuel set out to cripple the fur industry in 1997, freeing more than 7,000 mink from their cages at five farms in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin, which is the nation's largest mink producing state. Bob Anderson, an assistant U.S. attorney, said Young cost farmers $569,000. Sympathizers have started a Web site to raise money for his defense, www.SupportPeter.com

Theresa Platt, an apologist for those who imprison fur-bearing animals and then skin them for profit, noted that the Animal Liberation Front(ALF) claimed responsibility for releasing 58 pens of foxes from a farm in Illinois this last April to show solidarity with Young. She urged farmers to be vigilant. Stating the obvious, Mary Ann Sveom, an animal rights activist from Beloit, said the "government is overreaching in this particular case." She said the case was about "the cruelty of mink farming," not terrorism.

animalliberationpress.org | supportpeter.com


25.05.2005 20:10
Dignity Village International Tent City Celebration
Aerial View Dear Fellow Portland Housing/Homeless Activists:

Homelessness is increasing worldwide. Housing costs are skyrocketing. Governments are more inclined to support tax cuts for the wealthy than help for low income people. Drastic cuts of essential entitlement or safety net programs are looming on the horizon--courtesy of the Bush Administration and U.S. Congress. To truly end homelessness and poverty worldwide, we need to do more than just develop 10 year plans to end homelessness or bureaucracies to study the problem.

This is why the National Coalition for the Homeless, the nation's oldest and largest national homelessness advocacy organization, supports such proactive legislative initiatives as the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Bringing America Home Act. If enacted by Congress, both pieces of legislation would end homelessness in this country. We join you in this international day of solidarity pushing for an end to homelessness and poverty today, not ten years from now.


25.05.2005 07:21
Ask your state rep to vote for SB 329 to expand drug purchasing pool
Friday SB 329 to expand Oregon's Prescription Drug Purchasing program (OPDP) to more Oregonians and businesses passed the Oregon Senate by a vote of 19-11. Please send a quick note encouraging your Representative to support SB 329.

What's At Stake: SB 329: In 2003, prescription drug legislation was passed, creating the Oregon Prescription Drug Program, in an effort to provide relief from excessive prescription drug costs to those most in need. Expansion of this program through SB 329 would provide further relief to more Oregon families, and to Oregon businesses, while simultaneously reducing costs to the state budget.

Currently, only those over 54 years of age with incomes less than 185% of the federal poverty level qualify for participation in the Oregon Prescription Drug Program. SB 329 would remove this age limitation, increase the income requirement to 300% of the federal poverty level, and open eligibility to a limited number of private industry employers who cannot provide prescription drug coverage to their employees.

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22.05.2005 18:32
VBC 5: Cob benches sprouting up along SE Tibbetts
site 2: cob bench with roof Biking around after some gardening this afternoon I was riding down SE Tibbetts and stumbled across three different sets of people working on cob benches, as part of the fifth annual Village Building Convergence (VBC). The VBC seeks to empower people to rebuild their urban spaces so as to encourage community. Past projects have included intersection repairs -- wherein the road is painted and street fixtures such as kiosks, benches, and planters are built -- and the the magnificent cob artwork at People's Food Cooperative. This year is bringing more intersection repairs and a set of presentations and events where people can learn more about how to change their city for the positive. The event has been growing each year and attracts people from around the country.

I snapped these pics of the sites on Tibbetts so other folks could see how fun cob work is.

another story from this year's VBC: [ 7 Corners Bench Foundation Built in Record Time With Community Help ]


22.05.2005 14:54
GABRIELA Network and Allies Across the U.S. Protest War of Terror in the Philippines
GABNet Vigil in Portland GABRIELA Network, a US-Philippine women's solidarity mass organization est. 1989, leads first nationwide protest against human rights violations and political killings in the Philippines.

GABRIELA Network's nationwide vigil on Friday, May 20th, 2005, was a solemn reminder of the on-going US intervention in the Philippines and its destructive nature for the Philippine nation and its people. It was also a firm condemnation of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's complicity. Held in six US cities?Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle,?the vigil, organized by GABRIELA Network (GABNet), a US-Philippine women's solidarity mass organization, was the first nationally coordinated action in the US to protest the escalating political killings in the Philippines since George W. Bush and company declared the country as the second front in the global "war on terror."

With over two-hundred participants and more than twenty endorsing organizations, the vigil called attention to the intensifying political repression in the Philippines: three-hundred plus political killings and abductions from 2001 to the present; one-hundred cases of human rights violations, affecting 23,252 victims in ninety-one communities from January to March 15, 2005; thirteen journalists killed last year, three in the first quarter of 2005, making the Philippines the most murderous country in the world for the media; murder of eleven women of GABRIELA, a national alliance of more than two-hundred women's organizations in the Philippines, and of its electoral arm GABRIELA Women's Party.


21.05.2005 08:39
Pay Day Loan Bill Delayed Again
The vote on Senate Bill 545 (.pdf) - the Pay Day Loan reform bill, was carried over until Monday, 5/23. Despite the fact that the bill has been delayed for two weeks, it is believed to be for logistical and procedural reasons, not a stalling tactic. Previous delays included sick senators. Today's delay was due to the fact that debate on other items on the Senate agenda ran longer than expected so all unfinished business was simply carried over until Monday.

Call your senator! They need to hear from you! Pay Day Loan lobbyists, who have been a large presence in Salem, have taken advantage of the delay to lobby hard against the bill. YOU MUST CALL YOUR SENATOR AND TELL THEM TO SUPPORT SB 545!!!

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20.05.2005 21:47
Biscuit Fire "Recovery Project" Too Harm as Many as 100 Rare and Imperiled Wildlife Species
The Center for Biological Diversity, Cascadia Wildlands Project, Siskiyou Project and five other groups issued a report today documenting that the Biscuit Fire "Recovery Project" could harm as many as 100 rare and imperiled wildlife species. Billed as forest restoration, the "Recovery Project" is actually one of the largest timber sales in national forest history, calling for logging of 370 million board feet or enough to fill a continuous chain of logging trucks from Seattle to Los Angeles. Most of this logging will occur in Old-Growth Reserves and roadless areas.

"Logging thousands of ancient trees in the Siskiyous will have immense impacts on rare and imperiled wildlife," states Noah Greenwald, conservation biologist for the Center for Biological Diversity and primary author of the report. "Many of the species potentially impacted by the logging are found nowhere else on earth."

The report identified at-risk species using data from the Oregon Natural Heritage Program on the distribution of Oregon's imperiled species and on the Forest Service's own Environmental Impact Statement, in which the agency concluded individuals or the habitat of many species would be negatively impacted.


20.05.2005 09:58
Port of Olympia dismantles Mayday Community Garden
I was walking down State Street on my way to school this morning, when I saw Port of Olympia employees landscaping in the empty lot, which once contained the May Day Community Garden. I asked one of them why the garden had disappeared. He smiled and said it was the orders of the Port, he suggested I call them to complain. He recalled when there was a big garden in that location a few years earlier, according to him it was a place where "all sorts of people, of every age would come and garden."

The Mayday garden was planted this year as part of Olympia's annual May Day celebration. I have been watching it grow over the last few weeks, it has been kept up by volunteers who have been bringing it water, making sure it stays clean and just enjoying it. On the street across form the now defunct garden, was parked a semi carrying a load of tree's; killed and ready for export.


20.05.2005 07:33
RAGE Fights the Spread of Biotechnology all Across the NW

  • Who: NWRAGE
  • What: Protest against GE Bentgrass
  • When: 11a.m. - 3 p.m. Sat., May 21
  • Where: Smith & Hawken, 26 NW 23rd Place
  • Why: To tell Scotts to clean up their genetically engineered bentgrass contamination in Oregon
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a protest on May 18 at a USDA public forum in Corvallis to take comments on the approval of genetically engineered creeping bentgrass.

The GE grass has been developed by Monsanto and Scotts to resist Monsanto's herbicide RoundUp, and would be used on golf courses around the country if approved. It has already contaminated the area around a test site near Madras, Oregon, including the Crooked River National Grassland and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Join us for another protest, this time against Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in Northwest Portland. Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts, and they need to know that we want them to clean up their mess


19.05.2005 08:52
What are you going to do, Mayor Potter? Another African-American is shot by white Portland Police officers
Biking to work this morning on the Burnside Bridge, going east to west towards downtown, I noticed the lights from the police cars and tape blocking off the traffic on Burnside going in both directions. Most cars heading downtown noticed the slowed traffic and started turning north bound on Second Ave. I decided to keep biking up and see what has created this roadblock.

At the corner of Fourth and Burnside, I stopped on the sidewalk with my bike, noticed that most of the cop cars, vans and various official looking vehicles were stopped right at the gas station. I still could not figure out why the roadblock was created, so I decided to ask the two men on the same corner as me if they knew what was going on.

It's May again, time for the annual killing of an unarmed person of color at the hands of Portland police. Could this be it? I'm not sure, as details are still sketchy at this moment. But it seems that a short time ago, police officers on 4th and West Burnside opened fire on a man who, according to at least one witness, "ran toward an officer and struggled with him." No word of any weapon.

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19.05.2005 00:23
Action photo report: Blocking the green bridge again! Sisters of the Siskiyous riseup!
Your not going past us! On May 16th 2005, more than 75 people gathered on Eight Dollar Mountain road to demonstrate against logging Old Growth reserves at the FIddler timber sale and elsewhere as part of the Biscuit timber sale. Roadless areas are also on the chopping block for the SIskiyou WIld Rivers area, one of the most botanically diverse national forests in the country.

This film maker joined a small group of women who, risking arrest violated a forest service closure leading up to the Babyfoot Lake Trailhead and the Kalmiopsis WIlderness up the Eight Dollar road. We walked all the way to the green bridge from just outside the closure boundary where dozens had gathered in support. A logging truck came down the road and 5 women blocked them from crossing the green bridge where 22 women were previously arrested blocking loggers from entering the sale are. They were arrested and transported to Grants Pass, leaving two others behind that had not been arrested.

It is now even more unclear whether the official Forest Service closure is legitimate or if they can only arrest people who block the road and are merely faking that there is a legal closure. The signs stating a closure are still up, yet at the Forest Service office in Cave Junction, the sign there actually promotes driving up Eight Dollar road and does not mention any closure, yet people have been routinely turned away, ticketed and harassed for doing so. One woman has been arrested for violating the supposed closure and will challenge it in court.


18.05.2005 23:30
Panic strikes Scappoose: A Bear on the Loose!
scappoose bear A bear has been spotted running through my community today. The police tracked it throughout the day, and eventually chased it back into the woods out by the airport. This evening, I saw a report about it all on the corporate media, and wondered what I was seeing. In the news broadcast, I saw images of the "big bear" taken from a helicopter in the skies above, and heard a frightening tale of the "marauding" bear. Police cars cruised the area, calling from loudspeakers to people, asking them to say indoors. It looked like war.

According to the news broadcasts, citizens of the area were "frightened," and perhaps even "terrified." That was strange, because although I live here, I did not see or hear any of this. I only heard through the grapevine that a bear had been spotted, and I only gave it a passing thought. You see, I have chosen to live in a rural area, where bears and mountain lions and bobcats and raccoons and skunks live. And yes, sea lions seasonally live in the river out here among the otter and the beaver and the salmon. All of these beings have been here long before I got here, in fact, long before any humans got here. So it was no surprise to me to hear about a bear in the area, except that I was happy to note that they haven't all gone away, chased off by the voracious roads and the never-ending mini-marts. It was good to know that something wild still lives among us, since we came here to be near the wild.


18.05.2005 23:28
Halliburton Protest: 16 Arrested, a Dozen Trampled by Horses
HOUSTON, May 18 - Demonstrators from across Texas and around the country turned the Halliburton shareholders meeting upside down this morning, blowing whistles and rallying around a giant "Cash Cow" labeled "Iraq" outside the Halliburton(NYSE: HAL) annual shareholders meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel. Another group of demonstrators from Houston Global Awareness also blocked shareholders from entering the meeting and staged a non-violent occupation inside the hotel to expose the company's shameful record and war profiteering in Iraq.

"Halliburton's shareholders are shamelessly profiting from the US war on Iraq,which has lead to the death of at least 63 of the company's own employees,"said Rachael Clarke-Alverez. "We are here to expose Halliburton's shareholders for their shameless disregard for human life, and for ripping off the American tax payers."


18.05.2005 19:51
Portland Police Officers Required to Carry Tasers Starting June 1st
While watching past protest movies, I noticed what seemed to be the most painful weapon that cops used were tasers. The tasers used by cops are not the regular handheld tasers. These tasers shoot out strings with metal tips and can electrocute people from a far range. In protests, police will not hesitate in the least bit to use tasers. I was thankful that barely any of our police had them, but that is all about to change.

At the beginning of June, it will be REQUIRED that every police officer in Portland must equip a taser. These tasers have sent people to hospitals and can cause serious injury. Police chief Foxworth says that they are 80% effective during protests and that it is a safer, more effective tool. He also said that pepper spray was only 50% effective during protests. One officer added, "When pepper spray is in the air, it will sometimes affect officers".

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17.05.2005 23:57
300 people gather in Beaverton to rally against proposed Walmart
Tonight at 7pm about 300 people gathered in the gym of Cedar Park Middle School to attend a rally put on by Save Cedar Mill. Save Cedar Mill is the group that has formed in just 90 days to a size of about 1000 people. It was a well organized and well set up rally complete with door greeters (that was me!), interesting speakers, and a large turnout. It was a kind of pep-rally to keep people motivated and interested in the cause. The other purposes of the rally were to inform people on how to argue their points (the idea is to focus on things like traffic and how it will effect the community, not on bad business practices or anything personal), to get people involved by signing and distributing petitions, and to sell materials such as lawn signs and t-shirts. The purpose of generating revenue is to hire our own traffic analysts and to pay for our legal fees in the fight against Wal Mart.

[ Save Cedar Mill ]


17.05.2005 23:44
Indynewswire show: June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff "Free" Luers
Free in the Fall Creek Tree Village - 1998 Thank you for tuning in to the May 16, 2005 Indynewswire show on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM, freakradio.org and beyond. This show has been dedicated to Jeff "Free" Luers and the June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance. We hear audio from a documentary about Jeff "Free" Luers and I have a discussion with Dylan, a friend of Free and member of his Defense Network.

Audio: (Both files = 1:57:23 / 40.4 MB)

Part 1: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (1:02:46 / 21.6 MB)

Part 2: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (54:37 / 18.8 MB)


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