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30.11.2004 01:04
Review of "This Time We Fight", a pdx indymedia video i saw tonight
Corporate media is always out of focus Tonight i went to the pdx indymedia video showing at It's a Beautiful Pizza (where it happens the last Monday of every month). i brought along two videos i'd edited myself from other people's footage, about Buy Nothing Day and Fur Free Friday, events that both happened last Friday. i was pretty happy with the work i had done, but once again, i was blown away and pleasantly humbled by Cat's video work. With every new video she makes, it seems, she sets a higher bar of quality. i totally steal her tricks and techniques whenever i can (and i had done so with one of the videos i brought to the showing), but as soon as i do, she's moved on, and gone to a better place already. Along with the work that other videoistas do, new territory is being explored where Corporate Media never goes. It's really inspiring.

But let me get back to "This Time We Fight", which is Cat's video about the protests in Portland on Nov. 3, the day after the sElection. It's f'n brilliant and let me tell you why...

[ online works from pdx indy video collective ]


30.11.2004 01:00
Report on Election Fraud Rallies in San Francisco
vote fraud Firsthand accountof Rallies at KGO and Senator Boxer's Office Monday, November 29, 2004 in San Francisco urging media coverage of the important problems with the 2004 Presidential Election and Boxer's support in standing up for the voters and democracy.

Sunday evening, I bicycled to a nearby house, to join 18 people making banners and signs in anticipation of today's rallies. Eight of us carpooled to San Francisco, delighted to see a large group of protesters, with signs already assembled before KGO, well before the scheduled begin of the 11:00 AM rally. Many joined us to help carry our incredibly long banners, and carry our many home-made signs. Over a hundred very creative, articulate, informed people gathered on the sidewalk in front of KGO, not far from another Television Station, and we were glad to see the television cameras rolling. People had come from the East Bay, Marin, San Jose, as well as San Francisco.

Our main points were emblazoned across the signs that were carried and the stories that our speakers told- in brief soundbites-

[ Other stories from Carol Brouillet | Questioning the 2004 Election ]


30.11.2004 00:53
Buy Nothing Day MP3 from PDX Web Radio
I'M SPENT Hi there, I have taken the two hour Buy Nothing Day broadcast that pdx web radio had done and edited it into the one part where the broadcasters cut up credit cards on the air. It is a bit choppy, because I am just learning how to edit audio, but Hopefully you find it enjoyable, It was great when it happened!

This clip is 5 min 38.5 seconds long.

[ pdx indy Buy Nothing Day 2004 feature ]


29.11.2004 14:13
Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices
Workers went on strike at 6am this morning A group of concerned citizens announces that they have occupied the administrative offices of the Parry Center for Children as of 9:00 a.m., Monday, November 29. The action is in support of striking workers at the facility. The Parry Center is located at 3415 SE Powell Blvd., Portland. "We're doing this for the kids," says Dave King, a mental health social worker from Portland. "These wages and working conditions do not support a stable workforce for these kids." [ original article... ]

The day started out well with all the overnights as far as I know walking off the job. Numbers have been solid until this afternoon when people have needed a break before the next shift. Scabs have been hitting people with their cars, no injuries, but assualt with a deadly vehicle no less. The line has been solid and steady.

Neighbors and concerned citizens have been coming up to us thanking us, giving their support. As you know a group occupied the admin building, which was wonderful. We need kind souls to come down and help walk the line, relieve the ones who have been there, and help keep numbers up for when the scabs come and go (probably at 6am 2-4:30pm and 11pm). We'll be out there 6am-12am everyday till this ends. We need your support and love. Got to run back. Send indymedia cameras, it would help with the assualts. [ original article... ]

[ See Pictures and Read the Call for Tonights Rally at 6pm ] I [ Portland Jobs With Justice I SEIU Local 503 ]


29.11.2004 13:44
Bizarre Car Fire in NE Portland
Saturday night, November 27, a car was set on fire in the street near the corner of 12th Avenue and Roselawn in Northeast Portland.

A resident who lives nearby heard some loud slamming noises and then a "whoomp" sound, in his words, at about 1:40 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Looking out the window he saw a car on fire across the street. A fire engine arrived almost immediately. He reports "I was too excited to remember to take pictures, but the visuals were awesome! The fire must have been oil/gas and the fire dept had these super strong lights shining on everything. Steam and white billowing smoke surrounded the area."

The eyewitness added "Cops arrived 30 minutes after I called 911. I was the only person in the neighborhood watching the fire. The tar has melted and the road has visibly sunk a couple of inches around the burnt car. No smell though."


VISION 28.11.2004 12:02
For a Real Independent Journalism: criticism to the Indymedia Network
Santiago IMC Statement [DRAFT TRANSLATION] - Indymedia denies the independence by proposing a journalism slightly different of the one made by the mass media, where the only difference are the events that are covered by them, and regrettable, not in the way of doing that. They repeat the same logics of the official communication mass media, Indymedia tries to create political indifference and, as a result, we get the lack of interest in taking part in the war that we need to fight against the responsibles of our misery. This is how Indymedia annuls it self as a critical purpose or as an intent of independence by exalting a fake regulation turned into a religion.

Indymedia by using the diversity and pluralism as standard (that restricts any radical criticism) pretending to be different, it doesn't do anything but becoming a post modern merchandise.

We never wanted to be objective journalists, and we never will be. Our critic attitude has cost us to be threaten of our expulsion from the Indymedia Network, and it's in concordance to the consequence with our conviction that we formulate this declaration: We do not want to inform, but contribute to the debate and to the criticism to this unjust system. We are not interested in impassionated readers to our objective columns. We are interested in their participation. And when we talk about participants we don't refer to the simplicity of free publication for everyone, but letting, by means of radical questioning of the existent, the people abandoned their passive condition and assume an active one. We want them to abandon their watching capacity and to transform into actors, but not of a simple web site, but to take control and be actors of their own lives and history.

We announce our imminent retired from the Indymedia's project because of the incompatibility that we have with a number of common "rules" that conform the network: the Indymedia's independency contradict oneself because is a bourgeois conception and it doesn't change at all the way of doing journalism.

In the same way we announce to the people who is interested, that this collective, which keep growing, will keep its critic and contra informative function, contributing to the labor we have done during a long time in Santiago Indymedia (previously in Chile Indymedia) now in an other site, which we will announce when it's ready.

reader writes: A little investigation would have uncovered the following emails to imc-process. I'm not saying that the opinions expressed in this letter are any more worthy of uncritical belief than the statement from the santiago collective. What I am saying is that there's obviously more going on here than just one's imc's dissatisfaction with Indymedia.

http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-process/2004-November/1106-7u.html [ castellano]

[ Santiago Indymedia ]


27.11.2004 16:02
Fur Free Friday-Report Back
Friday was a very eventful day. I first attended the Fur Free Friday Rally. We chanted and marched, people and dogs, to each place that sold fur and Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals would speak about his experiences when he actually worked at fur farms and saw with his own eyes the torturing and abuse that goes on behind all the glamour of fur coats, fur trim etc. One dog at the protest was wearing a shirt that said something like, "I don't wear people"!

I saw a woman standing over on the sidewalk that had fur trim on the hood of her coat. I gave her a flier and then turned around to a woman who was criticizing me for bothering the woman with the fur trim. I got in a discussion with her as she told me she does not kill animals for fur, but she has found animals already dead and took the fur off of them to make into coats. She told me that if she was here with her fur coat that everyone would attack her. That was a very interesting conversation.

[ Fur Kills ]


27.11.2004 10:45
Matthew Shepard hate killing "a myth", says ABC News 20/20
20-20 tonight devoted its entire hour to an "investigation" purporting to show that hate/homophobia had nothing to do with Matt Shepard's murder. 20-20 co-host Elizabeth Vargas conducted prison interviews with Matt's killers, who now repudiate their own defense at trial which was that the killing was motivated by "gay panic" after Matt made unwanted sexual advances, and claim that in reality the only motive was robbery. Various third parties made on-camera statements in "support" of this revised version of events, and claimed among other things that Matt Shepard was a dealer and user of methamphetamine who was the victim of a drugs-and-money-related robbery gone bad.

It's never surprising to find there are other sides to a story, but what bothers me about this is 20-20's hard sell that the Matt Shepard Story as we know it is a myth, a total fabrication, and that the self-serving claims made in the unconvincing interviews they aired are the reality.

related, at Madison IMC: [ ABC's 20/20 Got it Wrong in Matthew Shepard Piece ]


27.11.2004 10:18
Continuing the Discussion of Gino Perente and the National Labor Federation
On December 7, 2002, an anonymous letter was posted on Portland IndyMedia about Gino Perente and the National Labor Federation, decrying the organization as a "cult". One cannot dismiss the appeal of the so-called "National Labor Federation" by simply saying it was a "cult."

I met Gino Perente in 1972 when he, and Polly Gardner, and Mary Seeber (all dead now), and Elizabeth Logan (where is she?) regularly came by one of the Red Balloon Collective suites in the dorms at SUNY Stony Brook, and we'd have all-night sessions.

original story: [ Authoritarian 'cult' organizing at portland universities (Dec. 7, 2002) ]


CULTURE JAMMING 26.11.2004 22:58
Report-backs from Buy Nothing Day
buy nothing day 2004 Today, as planned, we met at Lloyd Center at ten o' clock, and a few people had signs and costumes, I saw our group on the news, but I think I was inside the mall at the time. At this point, a few of us had signs and/or costumes, and then a few of us split into groups of two or three people, and we put little info sheets about issues such as sweatshop labor in the pockets of clothing in stores like The Gap, Sears, Hot Topic, Old Navy, etc. Then we passed out leaflets on the way out. Apparently, the other one or two groups that had gotten in (some couldn't, because of security) were kicked out, but we were never approached by any security, and we left via the entrance that the policeman was guarding, so he was kinda confused. Then some people with buy nothing day shopping carts showed up (there are pictures of this in the other article) and after singing some more of our buy nothing day carrols, we took the max downtown, to pioneer place. A few of us got in, and were promptly kicked out, but, by the time I got there, there was a security official with a video camera standing at the door who videotaped me and told us that the mall is private property, and that he would arrest me if I came into the store. I Was At Wal-Mart
I was at the Walmart on 82nd and Holgate with my sign that said "Boycott Walmart. Supoort real local jobs" I was there walking around on sidewalks around Walmart and the Eastport Plaza in which it is located. The manager came out and told me to leave. I didnt. 10 minutes later a security guard who claimed to represent the Eastport Plaza and told me to leave as well or he would have to call the cops. THe security guard was nice about it and said he hated Walmart and wished "someone would nuke the place" The scene in Roseburg, Oregon
It's kinda hard being down here on Buy Nothing Day. My folks of course think I am a nut anyway, and told me they had to get gas and milk and blah blah and off they went. So, I went for a short drive too (Roseburg, OR is pretty easy to cover quickly, takes longer to drive to from my folks' place than all the way thru town) looking for ANY kind of peace action (all the strip malls etc were jammed of course), and guess what I found- Peacniks! No lie, right in the middle of one of the redneckiest parts of the state...

previous Buy Nothing Day reports: [ 11/29/2002 | 11/24/2001 | 11/24/2000 ]

[ Buy Nothing Day (on Adbusters website) ]


25.11.2004 10:46
Just say, "No, Thank You!" when you're offered turkey today
Over 300 million turkeys are killed every year in the United States, 40 million of them specifically for Thanksgiving. The majority of these are raised in factory farms where they are stacked in cages in windowless sheds where they can't live naturally (or happily) in any sense of the word. Often they cannot move, and many die in the conditions before they are fully grown. They are debeaked and declawed without anesthesia, making it difficult or even impossible for them to eat, and research shows that they feel the pain of this for the rest of their lives. Those who survive are fed until they are grotesquely obese and cannot stand because their skeletons are too weak from confinement. Over-burdened in this way, and trapped in close quarters with too little oxygen, many turkeys die when their hearts explode from the physical stress.
Think that turkey looks appetizing? Think again.
Turkeys and other poultry are often infected with salmonella and campylobacter bacteria from their unnatural living conditions, and deregulation of the industry means that more diseases are reaching the dinner table. Even if a particular bird is free of these bacteria at the point of purchase, it was most likely raised on a steady diet of antibiotics and chemical growth stimulants which are not good for human health. Additionally, working conditions in poultry factories are unpleasant and dangerous, and big business has blocked legislation that would grant workers relief. The turkeys lose, and the people lose.

More information: [ The Turkey Day | Save a Turkey | Turkeys Want to Be Friends, Not Food | Gruesome treatment of turkeys as exposed by PETA | Turkeys: Hooked on Drugs (Jim Hightower) | United Poultry Concerns, Inc. Turkey Brochure | Reviews of Karen Davis' Book "More Than a Meal" | At Our Mercy: The Eating of Animals | About Factory farms | Meat Is Murder (Resources) | VEGETARIAN FOOD SOURCES | United Poultry Concerns | Animal Liberation Front | portland indymedia animal rights news ]

A Thanksgiving message from Tre Arrow
I just wanted to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a day when, its true meaning is forgotten and many animals and mother earth suffer so that wealthy people in the one of the most affluent countries of the world celebrate their dominance over the land. Meanwhile many of the less affluent people in the US and the world, are oppressed and suffering as a result of America's corporate and political power. Thanksgiving is a good time to fast, and focus on the beauty of mother earth, her animals and life giving sacrifices.

Related: [ Why I Hate Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving some suprises? ]


24.11.2004 22:50
Bail Hearing For Tre Arrow
tre arrow Tre has another bail hearing on Friday Dec 3rd. It will be held at the Court House, address 800 Smithe St, (corner of Smithe and Howe). Folks can also enter from Robson St. The courtroom assignments are posted near both main entrances on bulletin boards. Look for the name Scarpitti. The hearing starts at 10:00 am pacific time and is open to the public. Tre would love to see as many of you there as can make it. Please come and show your support! For those of you who cannot attend, please send your loving energy and light for a positive ruling that Tre be released on bail!

[ Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund ]


24.11.2004 22:45
Update on Jeff 'Free' Luers' legal appeal
imprisoned. 2002 Finally, we have some news to share with you about the status of Jeff's appeal. It's not great but for everyone that has wondered, here it is. As you can see, this process is remarkably slow and the end is nowhere in sight.

[ Free 'Free' Now! ]


24.11.2004 13:57
PSU Students Storm President's Office In Protest of MasterCard IDs
Portland State University's new 'student identification' card. Hundreds of students gathered in the Park Blocks November 23, finally storming President Bernstein's office in protest of the university's decision to replace campus identification with debit cards carrying MasterCard logos. Bearing signs with slogans like "I am not a profit margin," students remained in Bernstein's office for more than an hour, spilling out into the halls and loudly demanding that PSU break its contract with HigherOne, the Connecticut bank supplying the cards.

Several people spoke at the rally, including Gary Rusk from the national organization Commercial Alert and several students. Debit cards were publicly destroyed, to great cheers from the audience.

previous features: MasterCard Student IDs Incite Boycott and Walkout I Portland State Outsources Financial Aid I [ Community Journal ]


23.11.2004 16:06
Officer Mike Smith Fatally Shoots Bank Robbery Suspect
Officer Mike Smith of the Portland Police Bureau C.E.R.T. Team Officer (Ofc.) Mike Smith of the Portland Police Bureau fired 4 shots on monday morning wounding and eventually killing a bank robbery suspect. Four officers were involved in the confrontation. Ofc. Mike Smith did not carry a Taser, and it is unclear at this time if any of the other officers at the scene had a Taser availiable.
previous feature & story: Report on Police Shooting in NE Today I Officer involved Shooting Info. pulled out of Quick Phone interview with P.P.B. P.I.O. B.S

copwatch: Portland Copwatch I Rose City Copwatch I CopWatch Explosion in the U.S.A.

portland police deck: Version 2.0 I other stories


23.11.2004 11:26
New Hampshire recount update from Nader campaign
In a letter we received on Friday, the Secretary of State of New Hampshire has required us to provide $12,000 by this Wednesday to continue the next phase of the recount effort. We plan to send the requested funds in the next day. The next phase of our recount in New Hampshire will begin on November 29 and should take two days to complete. We will report the outcome to you early next week.

Like many Americans we have questions about the vote for president in 2004. There are more irregularities reported every day. We have been closely following these reports, especially in Ohio and Florida.

Nader-Camejo believes every vote should be counted correctly. Unlike the Democratic Party's abdication here, those are not just words for us - they require action to ensure every vote - be it write-in, provisional, absentee, paper or electronic -- is counted regardless of whether it affects outcomes at the national, state and local levels. Therefore, we are looking at reports of irregularities in the vote count not just in New Hampshire but in other states to determine what steps, if any, are possible or required to protect the vote.

previous: [ Nader volunteers work on New Hampshire recount (11/18/04) | Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire (11/6/04) ]


22.11.2004 16:33
Report on Police Shooting in NE Today
P.P.B. Badge At approxiately 11:00a.m. today (11/22/2004), a call was placed to Portland police regarding a bank robbery at 9th & Halsey. A person matching the bank robbery suspect's description was confronted and a foot chase began to happen. At one point the officer confronted the suspect again and fired 3 to 5 shots at the suspect. The officer's name will be announced tomarrow between 9am and 11am, the name of the person shot is not known at this time. No Press Conference is scheduled at this time and According to Portland Police Bureau (P.P.B.) Public Information Officer (P.I.O.) Brian Schmautz(B.S.) there is no need for a Press Conference in these type of events. In general, the Portland Police Bureau does not do many Press Conferences.

other recent police shootings: [James Jahar Perez] [Kendra James] [Jose Meija Poot]

interesting articles related to this topic: [Portland Pigs Spamming Deonte Keller Website] [REMINDER: 8PM, Day of the Dead of the Dead Event Remembers Jose Mejia Poot]

tactics: [Why Argentine police are being so extreme] [Should Street Medics Treat Cops At Protests?] [Obligated to present ID if stopped by cop?]


22.11.2004 09:46
Green party David Cobb needs help with recount in Ohio
Protest Sign I write first to thank you for your financial donation which will support our efforts to ensure that every vote is counted and to instigate a grass-roots movement that can restore public confidence in electoral democracy. We need voter verified paper ballots, publicly financed elections, proportional representation and instant run-off voting, open access to the ballot, the enforcement and extension of the Voting Right Act and non-partisan election officials.

In this letter we want to (1) update you on recent developments and our plans for the recount effort, (2) invite you to subscribe to new list serves designed to keep you in the loop or even actively engaged as we move this campaign forward, (3) ask folks who are willing to fill some critical volunteer roles, (4) ask you to spread the word about our efforts and (5) inform you that unless you confirm your subscription invitations described below, you will not see any further email from us again until we have a final report to share with you after Congress certifies the election on January 6th.

[ Map: Ohio Election Incidents | Ohio High Court On Election 2004 ]

Litigating the Election
From the open publishing newswire: Without much fanfare, a number of lawyers are busy mounting court challenges to the election. Lawsuits have been filed and other actions are being taken in Ohio and Florida, the two key electoral states. Members of Congress have demanded a General Accountability Office investigation of the election. The largest Freedom of Information Act request in the nation's history has been launched, and other efforts are in the works.
Local activists thank Indymedia for sElection Fraud stories; Invite others to join their fight
From the open publishing newswire: Given the certainty that Diebold has been rigging American elections in the past, the extreme likelihood that election fraud occurred on November 2nd becomes an absolute certainty. Indymedia is therefore to be complimented for its seminal valiance in reporting what the rest of the media are attempting to cover up. Indymedia is a friend of the people in their effort to restore the conditions of independence upon which this country was first founded. Indymedia represents the true America. Until the rest of the media follow the lead of such valiant champions of the people as Indymedia and the SF Bay View, the cravenly unresponsive rest of the media are to be held in contempt by the sovereign American people.

Join us at Action Speaks in our intensely urgent struggle to restore the defrauded American people to its rightful, very American position of sovereignty.

[ Nationwide Map of "Smooth Election | Bush reveals how he rigged the vote, "How I Stole Your Election" | pdx indy Election Fraud stories ]


21.11.2004 22:12
Homophobia: A Social Disease
There are no queer teen suicides, only queer teen murders. Anyone who espouses anti-gay rhetoric, anyone who says it's unnatural to love someone of the same sex, anyone who calls someone a faggot or a dyke maliciously, anyone who does not challenge heterosexuality as a cultural norm, is implicated in the deaths of queer teenagers who take their own lives. Those deaths are not suicides, they're murders. The young people are just doing to their bodies what others have already done to their souls. They don't kill themselves. Christians kill them. Television writers kill them. Big Red gum commercials kill them. Their parents kill them. Their schools kill them. I kill them and so do you.

We need to move beyond confronting homophobia to challenging heterosexism. When we don't challenge exclusionary sex education lessons, when we don't cross dress, when we don't act on our sexual desires and curiosities, when we are ignorant about intersexuality and transgenderism, we are braiding the nooses upon which queer teens hang. [ add a comment... ]

[ Listen to "Not Gay Like Happy," web radio show discussing this issue ]


21.11.2004 12:04
Cascadians explore Regional Autonomy
For a long time people have talked about Cascadia rising up and seceeding from the union. Some say we should ask Canada to take us in, others aspire to a life free from governance by someone outside the community.
some have questions:

The broad cross section of people being drawn to this struggle are being drawn because they lack hope. We see the ideal of a socially just state and are drawn to it like moths to a flame. But will our desire to taste liberty get us burned? The democratic party crumbled under the might, and in some measure, burden of corporate facism in america. People are bitter. Actavists that months ago would call the cops if they saw us at a protest, are openly debating insurection.
[ original article ]

Let us secede. Let us recognize that this region is being economically and culturally raped by the rest of the U.S., and put a stop to it. Let us establish a true American nation, one that is not a superpower through military domination but rather a world leader through cooperation and fair trade with the rest of the American nations - Mexico, Canada, and the peoples of Central and South America; and indeed by recognizing the special role and cultural riches the First Peoples of this region still carry. We will still be Americans, but will no longer be part of the failure that is the U.S.A. [ original article ]

[ Things you can do now. ] recent secession articles: [ Seceding and the White Left I building a broad movement for Secession I non-violent strategies I The big quake and the rise of Cascadia I Viva Cascadia! ]

previous articles about cascadia free state: [ 10/02/2004 I 6/27/2004 I 10/28/2003 I 10/08/2003 I 3/27/2002 I 12/15/2001 I 4/23/2001 I 3/25/2001 I 3/4/2001 ]

secession calls countrywide: [ Nevada I Arizona I New England I California I Massachusettes ]


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