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01.11.2004 09:44
OPB spreads disinformation about Measure 33
Colin Fodenvenzil reported on Measure 33 this morning. He talked with supporters and advocates then he interviewed the opposition by talking to head of the Oregon District Attorney's Association (Brad Berry?). The head of the ODAA claimed that if Measure 33 passed, the provisions in the Measure allow sick people to have up to 6Lbs of Marijuana. Then he claimed the federal DEA 6Lbs is enough marijuana for a sick person to smoke 2 joints, 24 hours per day, every day for a year.

Math check = 2 x 24 x 365 = 17,520 joints
Gram check = 28.25 (grams/ounce) x 16 (ounces/LB) x 6 = 2712 grams
2712 grams / 17520 joints = .15 grams / joint or more than 6 joints per gram.


i watched the "stolen honor" video....it made me want to vote for Kerry
I just watched Stolen Honor, and it was ridiculous! If I were an undecided voter, this film would make me want to vote for Kerry. Really old footage of him shows that he at least had a conscience back then! The major premise of the film was that Kerry and others protesting the Vietnam war dragged the war out and made life harder for the servicemen, especially POWs. This is positively absurd. What is better for servicemen than bringing them home to their wives and children?

It goes on to insinuate that POWs were treated even more badly BECAUSE of coverage of war protests.... And that the POWs suffered a brutal blow to their morale from people protesting the war.


01.11.2004 01:29
Standardizing Early Childhood Education?
In Washington State Governor Locke's administration is proposing new benchmarks for young children. The Early Learning and Development Benchmarks represent new risks for Washington's children. Since the benchmarks were required under federal mandates, all the nation's children face these risks.

The first risk is that the tools themselves may be overly simplistic or too complex to be useful. This risk can only be evaluated in the context of the actual benchmarks, which will be made public on November 8.

Another risk is that the tools will be presented as value-neutral, when they cannot be anything but based on values. All educational practice reflects what is culturally valued for children to learn and to experience. That fact that the tools will reflect values is not a problem - but deciding whose values to reflect can present lots of problems.

[ liberation learning ]


31.10.2004 15:03
Halloween Takeover of Mall of America's Victoria's Secret
Protesters stormed the Victoria Secret in Minneapolis's Mall of America around 1 pm October 31st.

The activists upon entering the store stripped down to lingerie and night gowns announcing their presence with a cheers with the intention of informing the shoppers of VS's tremendous contribution to forest destuction. Within minutes they were kicked out of the store by employees, but continued the cheers and guerilla theater outside of the store. Activists with cardboard chainsaws pretended to cut down other activists who represented trees. Soon after, mall security arrived and escorted the activists out of the mall.


oregon elections 31.10.2004 12:02
Sign vandalism at the County Elections office
About 9:30 tonight (saturday oct 30), I saw a man ripping down the large "VOTE HERE" signs from the light poles at the Multnomah County Elections office. He had a stack of 2 or 3 other similar signs, and threw them all into the back of his pickup. I was sitting at the light at SE 11th and Morrison waiting for the light to turn. He pulled away from the curb and stopped at the light at 11th and Belmont where I pulled up behind him.

It was a white Toyota Tundra pickup, license plate YCU 964, with Bush/Cheney stickers and a "I'd rather be RIGHT than Politically Correct" bumpersticker.


ARE YOU ANY MORE SAFER? 30.10.2004 16:11
PJTTF Hearing Delayed Again by the FBI
According to the office of the city auditor, the hearing is being held up by the FBI. Apparently, the FBI has not signed the contract, and it cannot go before the council until it receives their signature. It has been tentatively proposed for either November 24th (that's right, the day before Thanksgiving), or else December 29th (yes, that would be the week between Christmas and New Year when many people are on vacation). Obviously, the FBI does not want citizen involvement with this very important issue.

For those who do not know, the Portland Joint terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) hearing is an extremely important battle in the struggle for civil liberties and constitutional protections in Portland. The PJTTF is the agreement between Portland business interests, the corporate police state, and the FBI, allowing the collaboration between Portland police and the FBI. In short, they are spying on us. While their mission has been to prevent the specter of terrorism, the reality is that the only people who have been targeted (and there have been many!) have been political and environmental activists and people of color.

More Background on PJTTF
On May 30, 2002, US Attorney General John Ashcroft released new Guidelines on General Crimes, Racketeering Enterprise and Terrorism Enterprise Investigations (RICO). In doing so, he swept away protections that have been in place since the 1970s (which were a result of all the uncovering of FBI Counter-Intelligence, or COINTELPRO, abuses).

The new Guidelines allow the government to spy on US citizens and groups even when there is no suspicion of wrongdoing. Once launched, these investigations can continue longer, with more intrusive investigative techniques and with less oversight, even when investigations produce no evidence of criminal activity. These investigative techniques can include having undercover agents or informants infiltrate organizations and attend meetings, physical or photographic surveillance, examination of records, trolling the Internet, and commercial data mining services. Under state law, Portland police officers should have no connection to these policies, powers, and investigative techniques, but as members of the JTTF, they do because the deputized police officers are under the direction of the FBI officers.

Indymedia Summaries of 2003 PJTTF Hearings | Facts About PJTTF


Critical Mass bike rides busted up by cops in Portland and Corvallis
critical mass drawing [Corvallis]--As a group of 20 bikers or so took to the streets in Corvallis on Friday the 29th of October, I was rather pleasantly surprised the COVALLIS PO PO was nowhere to be found. Therefore, the group pedaled gleefully throughout the streets of Corvallis with overwhelming warm receptiveness from bystanders and community members.

The CM lasted for about an hour and then like clockwork the flashy squad cars pull up and officer ROOKIE leaps out of his moving car and orders the crowd of 20 peddlers to immediately stop.

[Portland]--this months ride started out with (i didnt do a head count) 200-300 cyclists?
anyways it was a really good turn out
and as usual the police also had a good turn out (good for them bad for us)
we got to ride for 10-15 minutes without a problem
then the police came down on us mass ticketing and even arrests

[Portland]--It is past the time to take some form of legal and/or subversive action against the City of Portland and their aggressive rude police bureau that continues to practice illegal discriminatory tactics against Critical Mass. The Halloween ride was just the culmination of the months of oppressive police tactics that often have no judicial support. Last night there were the standard trumped up citations, unwarrented physical 'attacks' and arrests, disruptions to the bystanding society at the expense of fun loving cyclists celebrating their legal right to ride en mass, and an arrogant over-reactive motorcyle crazed police wing.

[ NYC Indymedia: Critical Mass Harassment Continues | pdx indymedia Bikes & Transportation section | previous posts mentioning Critical Mass on pdx indymedia (1362 total) ]


29.10.2004 17:48
12th Day of International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua
A Portland IMC videographer has been participating in and documenting this important solidarity campaign that is visiting dozens of cities across the U.S. as they converge on Juarez, Mexico, to demand justice from the authorities in the neglected cases of approximately 400 young women.

Steev's Blog


The speech Ralph Nader gave at Creighton Univ. on 8/25/04
We've lost our light.
That's the first reality of American Politics. We no longer are carrying the torch of our forbears. The people who stood tall to abolish slavery, to fight for a woman's right to vote, to fight for millions of workers in dungeon factories and mines to have the right to form trade unions, to increase their standard of living and their safety, the farmers who came out of east Texas in 1887 and started the populist progressive revolt - the greatest reform movement in American history, that we are still benefiting from although at a depreciating level. Consider what they gave up. What did they risk? They risked their livelihoods.

There was no welfare pay, there was no unemployment compensation, no social security, no disability payments - NOTHING. They put their families lives on the line for dignity, safety, for a decent wage in the coal mines, and in the auto plants and the steel mills.
We should be ashamed of ourselves. All we have to do is turn off the television and start focusing on some serious pursuits of justice, so we can pursue happiness.
You cannot pursue happiness without pursuing justice. That's what the Declaration of Independence was all about. The pursuit of happiness was preceded by the inalienable rights of human beings.

You know what's interesting. What's interesting is what television has done to all of us. We can't begin to exaggerate the numbing, mind closing trivialization of the human mind that occurs when starting at age two the television becomes our electronic baby sitter. Through ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - 30, 40 hours a week we are sitting on couches when we should be exercising our young bodies. Being persuaded to buy junk food, to nag the parents to buy junk food, being persuaded that violence is the solution to life's problems, being persuaded that just sitting there, watching, frying our little brains, reducing our attention span, shrinking our vocabulary, de-socializing our interactions with other human beings including our own family.... is a good thing.


28.10.2004 01:47
Full Lunar Eclipse graces Portland sky
Wish I had a nice long telephoto... Here are a few images of tonight's full eclipse of the moon in Portland.

I hope you all had a chance to see the wonder of tonight's eclipse. These eclipses, and many other wonders of nature, will continue indefinitely -- regardless of who's in office. Whether we pay attention, or are around to do so, is another topic.

related: [ Red Moon (May 15, 2003) | RED Sox and the ECLIPSE of Bu$h ]


27.10.2004 20:10
Mexican Teachers Block Presidential Convoy in Juárez, Fight for Social Security
Braceros Join the Protest This past Friday, over 1,500 teachers protested President Vicente Fox's visit to Ciudad Ju?rez in defense of their social security. Recently discovered federal proposals call for the privatization of state workers' social security program, the State Workers Security and Social Service Institute (INSTTEE, Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado) and raising the retirement age. An independent teachers union, the National Coordination of Educational Workers (CNTE, Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educaci?n), has pledged to create "a front of national resistance" against the proposed reforms. The attempted privatization of social security is the most recent round in a long-time effort by the Mexican state?whether in the hands of Salinas and Zedillo's long-ruling Party of the Institutional Revolution (PRI) or current President Vicente Fox's right-wing National Action Party (PAN)?to impose extremely unpopular neo-liberal reforms.

The protest was extremely militant. The teachers first gathered at the Chihuahua state government building. From there, a car caravan made its way to the prestigious Misiones de Los Lagos country club, where Fox was to meet with local government and corporate leaders. When Fox arrived on the road to the country club, the mass of teachers followed Fox's caravan into the country club, moving past several security barriers onto the club's private property.



27.10.2004 18:46
Maestros Mejicanos Bloquean un Convoy Presidencial en Juárez, Lucha por la Seguridad Social
Braceros Join the Protest El pasado viernes, más de 1500 maestros representaron una protesta militante ante la visita del Presidente Vicente Fox a Ciudad Juárez en defensa de su seguridad social. Proposiciones federales recién descubiertas buscan la privatización de la seguridad social de los empleados del estado. El intento de privatización de la seguridad social es el asalto más reciente en un esfuerzo donde desde hace tiempo el estado mejicano intenta imponer reformas neoliberales extremadamente impopulares.

Además de la privatización de del Instituto de Seguridad Social y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado, INSTTEE, también quieren retrasar la edad de jubilación. Un sindicato independiente de maestros, la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE), ha prometido crear "un frente de resistencia nacional" contra las reformas propuestas. La privatización que han intentado de la seguridad social es solo el ataque más reciente, pero el estado mejicano -tanto durante el largo gobierno del Partido de la Revolución Institucional(PRI) de Salinas y Zedillo como con el actual gobierno conservador del Partido de Acción Nacional(PAN) de Vicente Fox- han intentado desde hace tiempo estas reformas neoliberales extremadamente impopulares.


OREGON ELECTIONS 27.10.2004 17:42
Local community activist Mark Lakeman discusses local election issues/candidates on portland indymedia webradio
Mark Lakeman, well known for his work in City Repair, who ran for City Commissioner in the Spring primary for Randy Leonard's seat (coming in second), appeared on portland indymedia web radio today to talk about all the local initiatives appearing on the Oregon ballot this cycle. Measures 31-38 were discussed, as well as the Portland Mercury's bizarre (or was it?) endorsement of Francesconi for Mayor.

The results? The group was split on Measures 31-33, but agreed on the following: Yes on 34, No on 35, No on 36, a HUGE No on 37, and No on 38. For Mayor, Potter, and for City Commissioner, Sam Adams.

You can listen to an archive of the show here.


27.10.2004 16:02
College Student Killed by FN303 'Less Lethal' Gun of Same Type Used in Portland
A friend of mine is a high school teacher in a community near Portland. She heard that the Boston police killed a young woman with a 'less lethal' shotgun. Being herself a victim of police brutality of the local kind, specifically the police riot that occurred on August 22, 2002 in downtown Portland, wherein members of the Portland police bureau used the same type of weapon indiscriminately against defenseless people, she wanted to share the danger of these weapons to one of her fellow teachers at school.

When she told her friend what she had heard about the killing in Boston, she replied that my friend was certainly mistaken, the police would never kill someone like that. Well, sadly, that is exactly what happened in Boston and that is exactly the type of tragedy we in Portland are very lucky not to have encountered due to the negligent and reckless use of force by members of the Portland Police Bureau. [ read more ]

[ Seattle Police Suspend Use of Controversial FN303 Gun | New "Less Lethal" Weapon Deployed in PDX ]


27.10.2004 15:54
The Washington Post Exposes Electronic Jim Crow to Late.
The Washington Post has just published an online video showing that the "back door" on the Deibold touchscreen electronic computer voting system is wide open. With nearly one-third of the nation's votes going through these paperless electronic Jim Crow voting systems and the late and ineffective reaction from the Democratic Party one has to wonder how the Democrats will possibly be able to the challenge the theft of the election after the fact and with no paper trail to point to or in fact whether they really want to.

So the corporate media gets on the story and pretends that the alternative media that surfaced story of electronic voting machines and the leaking of the Deibold software package for the touching voting system on to the Internet doesn't exist and that the legal actions that Deibold took against Internet activists didn't happen. But I guess with the Progressive Democrats facing a political extinction they're beginning to realize that they miscalculated the swing vote strategy and that they must now mobilize to challenge albeit too late the theft of the election.


27.10.2004 12:16
Lots of Groups, Folks, Looking for Clothes & Blankets
Recently I posted, saying that I had two large boxes of nice women's clothing - winter and summer - that I wanted to see go to an organization or neighborhood group that planned to distribute clothing free of charge to those who needed it.

I got only one response on IndyMedia, but the same announcement on Craig's List brought over 50 replies within 12 hours. And these were only the people fortunate enough to be able to get access to a computer and the list.

Here are just a few of the groups requesting help, should any of the rest of you have winter coats, women's clothing, or blankets you want to "rehome":


25.10.2004 18:04
Cable Access Producers Unwilling to be Herded into Free Speech Zone
Amid a hostile environment consisting of a dubious Executive Director, a questionable consulting firm, an uninvolved Board, and a City Council willing to hush the public's voice and spend Cable Access funds elsewhere, Freedom of Speech at Portland Community Media is at risk of being destroyed.

As if having the national media taken over by a half-dozen media moguls weren't enough, Public Access stations across the nation are facing an onslaught of interests bent on destroying the last vestige of the public's voice on our own airwaves.

Here in Portland, this trend has taken on many forms. The most disturbing of which has been the recommendation of PCM's Executive Director to "brand" public stations and limit certain programming - such as shows of a political nature - to being broadcast as little as one day a week, thus creating a veritable Free Speech Zone within Public Access.

[ City Council and Comcast want to steal away Cable Access ]


25.10.2004 08:45
Potter's Record, Reconsidered
Tom Potter Mayoral Candidate Tom Potter has positioned himself as a progressive with a vision. Former Portland Police Bureau Chief Tom Potter has cast himself as a populist. He has spoken about his vision for "Community Policing" and how it was lost in recent years to a more militarized model.

The truth is somewhat different. Potter while giving lip service to putting more cops on the street, gave Portland (and much of the Nation) a more militarized model of the police. Under his direction the paramilitary branch of the Portland Police Bureau grew by almost as much as 3000%, and the number of patrol officers shrank in proportion to the population of Portland. Shootings by police were epidemic, and were characterized by unusually large discharges of bullets - the FBI statistics at the time put us at the third highest in the nation.

In addition to this, there was a blatant disregard for the rights of protest. In addition to demonstrations marked by liberal use of sweeps and pepper spray, there were scandals involving illegal infiltration and surveillance of legal peaceful protesters.

NW Laboratory"


Police Blame Bush For Use Of Force In Jacksonville Last Week
In Thursday's Mail Tribune, Jacksonville City Administrator Paul Wyntergreen claims the decision to order riot cops to force protestors east of the intersection of California Street and Third Street was something that wasn't expected and thus unavoidable. He is quoted as saying, "It was a sudden change of plans and we had to change gears suddenly". Are we supposed accept this as a reason for an aggressive assault on peaceful protestors? When Bush was ushered from the Expo to the Jacksonville Inn through an alley, demonstrators remained along California Street. Are we supposed to believe that only after the President had finished dining did it occur to the police that protestors needed to be moved back a block?

What were the responsible law enforcement agencies doing while Bush was eating dinner?

Police had nearly one hour to address the "security perimeter". Instead, while Bush skipped his broccoli, police officers (from as far north as Salem and as far south as Yreka) donned bullet proof vests and shields and committed a type of tyranny that is becoming common protocol on Bush campaign stops. To be blunt, Sheriff Winters and J'ville City Administrator Paul Wyntergreen are being deceitful. And why wouldn't they be? They made an irresponsible, dangerous decision. Politically it's imperative for them to point fingers anywhere other than at themselves. What happened in Jacksonville, as anyone who witnessed it can testify, was police repression of free speech. Police CHOSE to shoot less-than-lethal weaponry, the same that killed a college student in Boston this week. Police CHOSE to intimidate and terrorize law-abiding citizens that never imagined fear would be used to silence their voice.


23.10.2004 16:12
Wheelchair Amputee Blocks Entry to Republican Affair, Cops Called
Ten protesters and 3 children gathered outside a Republican Rossi event this morning at The Academy in Vancouver. Republican Rossi for Governor was billed for 11 a.m. Protesters were called by the Democrat Party to show Chris Gregoire for Governor signs. All did, except mine which read, "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, THINK GREEN PARTY. NO BUll SHit 2004." Although I left the Dems during the 1st 100 days of Clinton's 2nd administration, I got the message probably because I supported D. Kucinich.

A protester read off a list of Rossi's poor record. We visited. One said she voted Green, except for President. I invited her to the Clark County Green Party meetings. After 11:15 a woman came out of the building, and as she did so, she pulled out a Gregoire sign.

I asked her what was happening in there. She said Rossi was speaking at the moment. (The slime slipped in the back/side entrance.) I wanted to see, so I went up to the door. A wheelchair amputee blocked the entrance. I asked him to move twice. Each time there was no response. Then I asked him why he wouldn't move, and he said because I was not a part of "them." I asked him twice if he was a veteran because I cannot understand why a veteran would be Republican. When he again did not answer, I said. "No speech is also freedom of speech. Peace," and walked back to the Dem protesters.


Portland State Outsources Financial Aid
Portland State University's new 'student identification' card. Portland State University's administration, without consulting with the student body, has signed a contract with a private bank that will replace student identification cards with privately operated debit cards. The student body is angered by this decision, and is taking action to stop the contract.


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