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23.10.2004 13:40
AUDIO FILE: War, Empire and Superpatriotism
A presentation by Michael Parenti at PSU on Wednesday, October 6, 2004. I have broken the 70 minute or so talk into three unequal portions. Parenti begins, "there is an enormous disparity between what Empires actually do and the way they are represented in history by their leaders and their apologists and their chroniclers."

Parenti then enumerate an incomplete list of the victories of the United States Empire, since World War 2. "...over the last 50 years the U.S. national security state has been a key force in overthrowing reformist, democratic governments in Guatemala; Guiana; the Dominican Republic; Brazil; Chile; Uruguay; Syria; Indonesia, under Sukarno; Greece twice; Argentina, twice; Haiti, twice, Haiti three times if you count a couple months ago; Bolivia; and other countries. And replaced them in each instance with pro capitalist military regimes, that open their resources, their markets and cheap labor to US corporate investors, on terms completely favorable to the investors..."

"U.S. leaders have actively pursued covert actions or proxies mercenary wars against popular revolutionary governments in Cuba; Angola, Mozambique; Ethiopia, Portugal, SOUTH Yemen; Nicaragua; Cambodia; East Timor; Western Sahara; Iraq, and elsewhere." Parenti then examines Iraq.

Michael Parenti, Part 1 | Michael Parenti, Part 2 | Michael Parenti, Part 3 | Michael Parenti Website | A Growing Concern Cable T.V. Schedule



Why we must pass Measure 34
Measure 34 is critical for the survival of our coastal fisheries and for the continued supply of clean water to 300,000 Oregon Families. Every year, every stream that runs through the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forest is ranked by the Department of Environmental Quality as too warm for the succesful spawning and rearing of wild salmon. Five of Seven of our coastal fisheries have already been reduced to levels that disallow consumption. The number one reason cited by the DEQ for these troubles: the removal of trees and other shade-producing woody vegetation from stream banks.

The current department of forestry plan for these forests leaves only 25-ft no-cut buffer zones along these streams and rivers--less than Washington State and California require on private land--yet the Tillaomok is a public,state forest that is supposed to be managed according to "the greatest permanenent value" of all Oregonians.

These weak protections don't just affect fish, either. Over 300,000 Oregonians, including most of Washington County, recieve their drinking water from the Tillamook State Forest.

Basically, the point of the Measure is to have areas in the forest that are not managed for the purpose of commercial timber production--but instead for other values that Oregonians care deeply about--clean water, salmon habitat, and abundant recreational opportunities.

Yes on 34 Action Page


21.10.2004 21:42
Mike D Holds His Own, in Spite of Everything
Mike D has been found guilty of disorderly conduct, but the failure to appear charges have been dismissed because, as the judge stated, "I've had enough of your circus." By "circus," she meant that he was attempting to exercise his rights as an American citizen in the courtroom, rather than kissing judicial ass in awe. The state had deigned to reduce the failure to appear charges to a violation with a $200 fine, but none of us believed he would go for that. In the end, he wanted to maintain his right to a jury trial, which is what brought on the judge's outburst. It all worked out, though, because as I said, the failure to appear charge was dismissed.

As for the DisCon charge, it remains to be seen what will happen. He has been found guilty, but has not yet been sentenced. The state requested that he receive 18 months of probation and 40 hours of community service. Mike D asked what the equivalent time would be, as, "I have no interest in probation." Judge Miller announced at that point that if she gives him probation, he will do probation. She then asked whether he was ready to be sentenced and would waive his right to 48 hours before sentencing. He refused to wave the right. This brought about another outburst from the judge, who pointed out that he would be in jail until Monday then, expecting him to buckle at that word. Clearly, she does not know Mike D.


20.10.2004 21:21
Update on the first day of Mike D's Court Case Today
Court opened late because of some behind the scenes wrangling over recently-discovered video evidence found by the defense, Mike D brought a bunch of motions before the court himself, since he hasn't had access to a writing instrument in jail, there was some "concern" on the part of the bailiff's about the "danger" that Mike D. posed to the court room. They agreed to unshackle his right hand so he could formulate his motions on paper before bringing them before the court. Many of the motions went nowhere, some were deferred until after the evidence is evaluated, and others are just establishing points for a potential appeal down the road.

One witness, Deputy William Behan, was questioned by the prosecutor for approximately an hour and a half (included in the questioning was the showing of a video of the Solo protest taken by forest service officers, which ran 30 minutes).

Approximately 20 folk showed up to support Mike, and the presence of these people packed the courtroom. Judge Miller stated this was the first time there weren't any extra seats for a case in her court. More people waited outside, unable to get any seating.

No verdict was reached, Mike's case begins again tomorrow at 9 am. Please come and show your support at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City. If you can't make it directly to the court, carpool with people from the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton. We'll be meeting at 8am.


20.10.2004 12:22
Observe the Elections Process in SE Portland
Did you know you can observe the elections process right here in SouthEast Portland? According to mainstream media reports yesterday the Democrats have charged "that Republicans are out to suppress turnout in Oregon, pointing to a nine-page GOP instruction manual that calls on volunteers to show up at ballot drop-off sites at 7:45 p.m. on election night, 15 minutes before the voting deadline, armed with video cameras and cell phones." There could be Republican Election Observers right here is SE Portland at this very minute working to get ballots rejected.

Just show up 1040 SE Morrison St. and tell them you would like to observe the election process.

Repubicans Election Observers in Oregon will use a very strict interpretation of Oregon Election Laws to get as many ballots in Multnomah County Rejected as possible (and thus increase Bush's chances of winning Oregon). They know Multnomah county with it's high population and strong Democratic leaning could cost them Oregon.

They will be down at the Elections Office every day to challenge ballots under ORS 253.700 or 254.415 and making sure elections staff and volunteers strictly follow Oregon election laws. I'm not saying that following the law is a bad thing, just saying that if they are there we should be there too.


19.10.2004 11:20
A Wobbly Report-back from the Million Worker March
million worker march To see the red and black IWW banners, flags and balloons flying above the gathering of Wobblies on October 17 at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, you'd think you had stepped back in time. Considering the efforts undertaken by bosses and the state to crush the Industrial Workers of the World in the first half of the twentieth century, this was perhaps the largest showing of Wobs in 70 years.

Close to 100 Wobblies joined several thousand other workers, students and activists for the Million Worker March in Washington, DC as an organized contingent. The rally and march itself was initiated by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, or ILWU. While the overall turn-out for the rally itself was disappointing, numbering perhaps 5,000 or less due to a de facto ban by the AFL-CIO leadership, police interference with union buses and internal labor coalition shortfalls, it was inspiring to meet, sing and march in a large and visible presence.

MWM: A First Gathering of Militants for Labor and Peace
The sun shined brightly amidst trees with leaves of red at the Lincoln Center in Washington DC for the Million Worker March, Sunday Oct. 17. I first heard it was forthcoming during the Boston DNC protests. It was conceived earlier this year by co-chair Trent Willis of the ILW whose local endorsed it unanimously. They said it couldn't be done! But it happened!

Tabling was rampant featuring bumperstickers, flyers, buttons, and handmade jewelry. Groups for labor and anti-war were numerous and I was in a feverish pitch to be with my people! The MWM was an all-day rally. Some speakers were Dick Gregory, Danny Glover and a real dynamo, Brenda Stokely, who spoke of "blood, sweat, and tears" to pull together. We must not take the plans and trash them when we return. We must work in the communities to take back our voice because neither of the 2 parties will do it for us.

The AFL-CIO contributed nothing for the event. They give all labor's money to the Democrat Party.

more: [ Pictures of MWM | Million Workers March Audio & Video (DC Indymedia) | Million Worker March website | Industrial Workers of the World website ]


AUDIO FILE: Examining Constitutional Amendment 36
This is the audio from a video I received from No On 36. It is in a talk show format, produced by Allied Video Productions. Measure 36 would ban gay marriage in Oregon.

The program is hosted by Gwen Baldwin, who states at the beginning that "marriage may seem simple on the surface, but I think that we will find.....that it's not so simple. In fact, it's much more complicated than it appears.
Baldwin interviews various people who give their views on why they are voting no on this amendment.

No On Constitutional Amendment 36


Stop the show trial; Support Billy Cottrell
In just over one weeks time, on the 26th of October, 2004, a young man will go on trial accused of Earth Liberation Front activity. If found guilty of all the charges placed against him, this young man faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 35 years imprisonment.

Earlier in the year the same young man was threatened with additional charges which would of meant, if found guilty on all charges, he risked a mandatory minimum sentence of Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Happily these additional charges have not yet materialised.

The young man in question is Billy Cottrell, a PhD student from Caltech university. The following article is written in the hope of explaining how an innocent man has ended up behind bars and faces the possibility of such a horrific sentence.


16.10.2004 23:14
Call for Indymedia Solidarity
On 7 October, 2004, hard drives from two Indymedia servers were seized from the London office of a U.S.-owned web hosting company, Rackspace, at the request of the U.S. Justice Department, apparently in collaboration with Italian and Swiss authorities.


Take action on 18 October, Media Democracy Day, or later that week. Collect a pile of junk hard drives and deposit them on the steps of intelligence agencies, consulates and other symbols of media repression. (Similar actions have already taken place in the Netherlands and San Francisco, California.) Consider pasting a large graphic on the hardware and/or holding a press conference to register our concern over this egregious intergovernmental violation of communication rights.


SELECTION 2004 16.10.2004 22:11
It Was And Is the Theft of the Election Stupid.
Could somebody please tell me how this alternate reality appeared totally blotting out the well-documented history of election 2000. The alternate reality I am speaking of is the one that seems to have taken over the minds of the Democratic Party and their party hacks like Paul Bagala a host on CNN's Croosfire who up until Nader announced his candidacy to run for the presidency in 2004 claimed over and over and over again on the air that George Bush and the Republican dominated Supreme Court stole the presidential election in 2000. All across America Democrats screamed about the theft of the election over over and over again.


POLICE OPPRESSION 15.10.2004 00:10
Police Riot At Bush Protest In Jacksonville
Around 200 people gathered in Jacksonville to protest the arrival of George Bush. The crowd included lots of families including babies and a numerous highschool students. People gathered at 5:30 in Griffin Park while others went strait out to Main Street including members of the Yurok Tribe who were there to protest Bush's impact on salmon.

Soon everyone was out on Main Street to see the president leave his respite for his speech in Central Point. The protest included a march through downtown and the rolling out of a long red "carpet" upon which people had writted their grievances about the Bush Administration. All was peaceful and no riot police were even seen until 7:30 or 8:00 when they began to emerge. Pro and anti Bush citizens were somewhat intermixed and struggled to chant louder than the other side, but no physical confrontations occured between them to my knowledge.

The riot police formed a line across Main Street and began to push the crowd, telling them to move back. People began to slowly, but reluctantly move back when suddenly the sound of a weapon was heard and pepper spray filled the air. This allegedly occured when the police pushed a 65 year old man to the ground. Another man placed his body in front of the elderly man to protect him. The police allegedly fired pepper spray projectiles at his back at point blank range. I saw severaly wounds on the man's back that were noticeably bruised.


VICTORY? 14.10.2004 00:33
Indymedia Servers Mysteriously Reappear after being Seized, But Questions Remain
global indymedia logo San Francisco, CA - Rackspace Managed Hosting, the San Antonio-based company that manages two Indymedia servers seized by the US government last Thursday, said yesterday that the servers have been returned and are now available to go back online. Immediate access to the servers, which host Indymedia's Internet radio station and more than 20 Indymedia websites, will be delayed so that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) can ensure that the servers are secure and take steps to preserve evidence for future legal action.

Now that the servers have been returned, the question still remains: who took them, and under what authority? Citing a gag order, Rackspace would not comment on what had happened both in the original seizure of the servers or their return. All that is known at this point is that the subpoena that resulted in the seizure was issued at the request of a foreign government, most likely with the assistance of the United States Attorney's Office in San Antonio. Although initial reports suggested that the FBI had taken the servers, the FBI has now denied any involvement.

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previous coverage: [ FBI Seizes IMC Servers In The UK (Oct. 8) | Indymedia to U.S., U.K., Swiss and Italian Authorities: "Hands Off Our Websites" (Oct. 11) ]


SELECTION 2004 14.10.2004 00:10
Kerry Kicks Bush In Debate #3
I thought that Karl Rove would have made his adjustments by now, but tonight Bush got his butt kicked even worse than in debate #1. Like his Dad, W has gone globetrotting in tanks and destroyers, and his domestic agenda is pathetic. George W. Bush put in another lame performance on national TV. It's no wonder that his dad once supported not having presidential debates, because the apple never falls far from the tree, as Tony Blair praised W. Ear pieces and dirty politics can disguise stupidity and deception in a candidate, but on live TV, may the better man win.

It makes it even more difficult to believe how Al Gore could have blown it so bad in 2000...

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SELECTION 2004 13.10.2004 23:47
Photos of Edwards Rally in Downtown Portland
Here are a few photos of this evenings visit from John Edwards @ Pioneer Square.I have tried to attend Bush speeches,but I have been denied entry because of lack of tickets or my refusal to sign a loyalty oath.Notice,there are no ninja cops or republican enforcers to turn me away.This guy is the real deal and the crowd was great.Afterwards,the debate between John Kerry and the Crawford Cowboy was broadcast on two wide screen tv's.It was a fun event to attend.


12.10.2004 13:38
Photots of October 3 Portland Peace March
On Sunday, October 3, 2004, Portland showed the world that it is opposes the Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are a few photographs from the march, which took place after a rally in the North Park Blocks.

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12.10.2004 10:40
Defeat of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force possible this year; Citizen action required immediately
eroding flag - PJTTF Tired of pigz and feds abusing their collective powers to squash your voice? Tired of your friends' social weaknesses being used as a tool to undermine your work? Tired of Meyers following you with a tape recorder at protests(what is he whispering in to those things anyway?...hmm)? Well, we actually have a chance at making these activites more challenging for them! In the past, the city council members have been very supportive of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force. All reformist tactics were destined to be in vain. This time three of them are having their doubts. Especially after all of the negative media attention surrounding the Brandon Mayfield case. Dan Saltzman, Erik Sten, and Randy Leonard have all issued statements expressing their concerns.

So what should we do about this? As a community we need raise our voices together again(despite all our stark differences as of late, which the feds I'm sure have thoroughly enjoyed exploiting). We need to write letters or postcards(they are cheaper & more eye catching), everyone must testify, and we need all the people we can possibly fit into the chambers.

[ Contact info for Mayor & City Commissioners ]

some stories on previous hearings: [ How did Nazi Germany happen? Here's how: Portland City Council renews PJTTF today (Oct. 29, 2003) | PJTTF hearing: Vera Katz takes us one step further down the road of fascism (Sept. 20, 2002) | Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force renewed (Oct. 17, 2001) | Mayor Katz forced to back-pedal: Joint Terrorism Task Force not renewed after all (Oct. 4, 2001) ]


COLUMBUS DAY BE DAMNED! 11.10.2004 23:37
Olympia: 100 people gather to celebrate indigenous people and honor the lands "discovered" by Columbus
Many Olympia area youth, adults, students and families came to the park at 5:00 and peacefully marched to the Capitol where songs were sung and passionate speakers discussed history, the present and the future with open hearts. Campaigns to alter school curriculums regarding Columbus' "heroism" and to push for new legislation for a federal alteration of Columbus Day to Indigenous Day were announced. It was a valuable and high-energy experience that reflects positively on the people that were present: we all know there are problems inherent in the celebration of Columbus' legacy and we mobilized in support of those that Columbus' legacy has displaced. The indigenous people of these lands are still here and still sovereign, still fighting for their (our) lives and destinies.

related: [ Colorado American Indian Movement and allies blockade Columbus "Convoy of Conquest" Parade in Denver; Over 200 arrested | Transform Columbus Day | Columbus Day?! ]


IMC UNDER ASSAULT 11.10.2004 22:15
Indymedia to U.S., U.K., Swiss and Italian Authorities: "Hands Off Our Websites"
global indymedia logo Evidence is beginning to mount that the authorities of at least four countries (Switzerland, Italy, U.K. and U.S.A.) are involved in last week's seizure of two of Indymedia's servers that brought down more than 20 of the Indymedia network's web sites and several internet radio streams. Indymedia has yet to receive any official statement or information about what the order entailed or why it was issued. An FBI spokesperson, Joe Parris, confirmed to Agence France-Presse that the FBI issued a subpoena to the provider who hosted the Indymedia servers in the U.K., but that it was "on behalf of a third country."

As of Monday, October 11, five of the downed websites have been restored, including Brasil, Euskal Herria, Poland, UK and Nice. Indymedia volunteers are working around the clock to restore the remaining sites, however at least four of them - Uruguay, Italy, Western Massachusetts and Nantes - have suffered data loss as a result of the governments' action.

"This FBI operation gives us even more reason to continue with what we have been doing for several years," says an activist from Italy Indymedia.

Perspective on the International Theft of Indymedia's News Servers
Let's compare the FBI's handling of this with a similar case in which "national security" is the purported issue. Specifically the jailing of NY Times reporter Judith Miller. What if the FBI had seized the NY Times web servers in the course of its investigation? Such a move would be denounced as an outrage! Yet the NY Times, which is bending over to protect Miller (who uncritically passed on bogus intelligence from the Bush administration as "news"), doesn't even have the courage to report on this story which is now several days old.

also posted today: [ FBI INDYMEDIA Web-Server Seizure: Real Reason Is Private Lawsuit | More Confirmationof Italian Neo-Fascists Behind IMC Shutdown and Seizure | Servers Seized... | The TRUE REASON FOR seizing the IMC servers (it wasn't Diebold) ]

previous pdx indymedia feature, with background: [ FBI Seizes IMC Servers In The UK (Oct. 8, 2004) ]

The official Indymedia word, on the Global site: [


11.10.2004 21:54
Colorado American Indian Movement and allies blockade Columbus "Convoy of Conquest" Parade in Denver; Over 200 arrested
columbus day protest in denver Today [Oct. 9], in the streets of downtown Denver, scores of American Indian Movement members, and our TCD allies were arrested in a principled act of civil resistance to the "Convoy of Conquest" (aka: Columbus Day Parade). Despite any denials by its organizers, the Convoy is a celebration of genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and it elevates the theft of our homelands, and the murder of our people, to national holiday status. To Colorado AIM this is intolerable and unjustifiable.

Our arrests are designed to expose a corrupt educational, legal and political system that refuses to describe the destruction of millions of indigenous people at the hands of Columbus for what it is: genocide. In a legal and political system that rationalizes and justifies the murder, theft, and ongoing betrayal of our peoples and nations, we, as the victims of such a system are under an obligation to expose such moral and legal bankruptcy, and we actively refuse to cooperate with legalized murder and theft. Our arrests today lay bare the facts (they are not allegations) that Columbus was personally responsible for

coverage from Colorado IMC: [ photos | audio | corporate media criticism ]

[ Transform Columbus Day ]


10.10.2004 21:50
Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues
Remarked Old Growth Cedar in Blue River Face The occupation of the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest has been ongoing for the last two months, defending ancient forest in the Blue River area of the Mckenzie Watershed. Activists are living high in a Douglas Fir tree in unit 5d of the sale, a spectacular setting in an area known to contain the highest amount of biomass on earth, even greater than the tropical rainforests of South America.

Since the Mckenzie Ranger District has felt it neccessary to proceed with this illegal timber sale they have now got a tree-sit on their hands. The tree-sit is a short distance uphill from the Blue River, a body of water that is fast flowing, clean and clear and should be protected at any cost. The US Forest Service has no business planning a timber sale with tributary streams running through it and down to the Blue River.

previous stories: [ Active Logging at Blue River Face (Apr. 18, 2004) | Rosboro Lumber steals trees, logs some of last Willamette Old Growth in Blue River Face (Apr. 30, 2004) | Cascadians occupy Unit 5d of Blue River Face timber sale (Aug. 31, 2004) ]


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