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YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST 10.10.2004 18:49
Corporate media picks up on internet speculation that Bush was "wired" during debates
Reports from the BBC News agency say that a bulge in the back of President Bush's jacket has triggered rumors that he was wired to receive audio instruction during the TV debate with John Kerry in Miami. The Seattle Times has a story on it too and has been following up on it.

Many websites present evidence which allege that the apparent bulge is a radio receiver feeding him answers from an aide offstage. Of course, the Bush campaign dismissed the claims out of hand, stating only that it was just a wrinkle in the jacket. Campaign officials also denied web reports that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Take www.isbushwired.com for instance, it's a website relentlessly devoted to exposing the facts for what they seem to be, that Mr. Bush is cheating during this debate and was getting his info while wired for sound bytes. There is actually some pretty compelling evidence available on the web to support those claims.

One commenter writes: The Knoxville Times called me at 6am this morning asking me to confirm or deny the "Bush is Wired" story they read here at Portland IMC. My immediate response was, "What is the Portland IMC?"

flurry of related posts: [ BUSH WIRED DURING DEBATE!!!! | Bush was Wired in Debate | Is Bush Wired? | BRITISH NEWS says Bush wired/cheating in Bush-Kerry 'debate' & @ Repub. Convention | "No Comment" on Bush earpiece from white house, Kerry campaign: Salon | Bush Wired | Bush is a little puppet: prompted by earpiece long before the non-debate with Kerry ]


09.10.2004 20:46
Report-back from October 8th pResidential Debate Protest
I am from Portland, and happened to be in the Midewest this month, so I decided to go to the presedential debate in St Louis Missouri, yesterday.

We arrived in the Lou at 3am on the day of the protest, made it to where we were staying and slept in until 9am. Not a whole lot of sleep, but it was good enough.

The organizers of the protests had arranged a church just a block away from Washington University (where the debate was held) to hold teach-ins during the day and be the starting point for the march/parade that would push off at 4pm.


pictures: [ o8 suit up pictures | ryan harvey/evan greer pictures | o8 march kick off | o8 first riot cops | david cobb/michael badnarik at o8 | o8 march stopped | other o8 pictures ]


09.10.2004 20:05
Local Medical Marijuana Patients Arrested in DC
(Washington, D.C.) - Friday, October 8, 2004: Local medical marijuana patients Erin Hildebrandt and Trista Okel were arrested Tuesday along with twelve other patients and supporters, for civil disobedience in front of the Department of Health and Human Services. They were part of scores of protestors who had turned out to demand the federal government acknowledge that marijuana has medical use and change its policies.

On Monday the advocacy group organizing the protest, Americans for Safe Access, filed a legal petition with HHS under the Data Quality Act, alleging that the department is violating the Data Quality Act, which says that federal agencies must use sound science in developing policies and disseminating information. [ Read More ] [ ParentsEndingProhitbition.org | Photos of Protest ]


SELECTION 2004 08.10.2004 23:02
Candidates Badnarik (Libertarian) and Cobb (Green) arrested attempting to enter pResidential Debate in St. Louis
St. Louis IMC is down so there are very few details but according to a portland indymedia reporter in St. Louis both David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) demanded to be let into the debates. After marching to the front of the University they faced off against the riot cops and it was reported that they pushed their way through the police line and were promptly arrested.

related: [ Green party Press Release on Cobb Arrest ]


SELECTION 2004 08.10.2004 23:00
Some Hits in Debate, but a Big MISS
I can't believe how Kerry missed a sterling change to blow George W. Bush out of the water in his rebuttal to the last question asked. Bush gave Kerry an opening wide enough to drive a platoon of Humvees through and he didn't take it.

When the last Missouri guest asked Bush if he would name three instances in which he felt he made a mistake in judgment and why, his response made it perfectly clear that he regretted nothing . . . apologized for nothing . . . would have done nothing differently except for "several appointments" of people whose names he would not divulge. What that translated to was: "I do not belive I've made any mistakes and the only mistakes I made was in giving responsibility to people who failed me." Once again, he showed an arrogant, oblivious nature and when asked to define failure, diverted it to unnamed appointees who he could blame in anonymity.

previous debate coverage: [ Posters to indymedia share their thoughts on the pResidential Debate (Sept. 30) | Edwards survives--and that's saying something (Oct. 6) ]


08.10.2004 18:52
Full scale logging underway in the Biscuit!!
Logging at the Horse Timber Sale Reports just in from the field indicates that logging has just been expanded to the Indi Sale in the Biscuit Fire Area. This sale was the site of a blockade against the East Fork Lumber company in late July, which was evicted by law enforcement. This sale is located on the northwest corner of the Biscuit Burn, and is a part of the so-called "matrix" lands that are not currently tied up in court (Senator Gordon Smith is currently attempting to throw out these lawsuits by a legislative rider). Siskiyou area activists have called for a region wide "emergency response" of support Monday and throughout the coming weeks.

Last week, salvage logging began at the Horse Sale, also in Curry County. Activists blockaded contract loggers from Columbia Helicopters for over 6 hours on Monday morning. The sale was purchased by John West of Silver Creek Logging. One person was arrested and charged with "interfering with an agricultural operation", the same charge applied to all four arrestees from the Indi blockade.

Yesterday, reports from the field indicated helicopter yarding was occurring at the Horse Sale.

Restrictions on logging due to the presence of Port Orford Cedar, an endemic species threatened by a fatal root fungus that spreads easily in wet weather, were supposed to begin on October 1. Reports indicated that it is raining steadily throughout the area of both the Horse and Indi Sales.


FBI Seizes IMC Servers In The UK
Thursday morning, US authorities issued a federal order to Rackspace ordering them to hand over Indymedia web servers to the requesting agency. Rackspace, which provides hosting services for more that 20 Indymedia sites at its London facility, complied and turned over the requested servers, effectively removing those sites from the internet.

Since the subpoena was issued to Rackspace and not to Indymedia, the reasons for this action are still unknown to Indymedia. Talking to Indymedia volunteers, Rackspace stated that "they cannot provide Indymedia with any information regarding the order." ISPs have received gag orders in similar situations which prevent them from updating the concerned parties on what is happening.

It is unclear to Indymedia how and why a server that is outside the US jurisdiction can be seized by US authorities. At the same time an additional server was taken down at Rackspace which provided streaming radio to several radio stations, BLAG (linux distro), and a handful of miscellanous things.

The last few months have seen numerous attacks on independent media by the US Federal Government. In August the Secret Service used a subpoena in an attempt to disrupt the NYC IMC before the RNC by trying to get IP logs from an ISP in the US and the Netherlands. Last month the FCC shut down community radio stations around the US. Two weeks ago the FBI requested that Indymedia takes down a post on the Nantes IMC that had a photo of some undercover Swiss police and IMC volunteers in Seattle were visited by the FBI on the same issue. On the other hand, Indymedia and other independent media organisations were successfull with their victories for example against Diebold and the Patroit Act. Today however, the US authorities shut down IMCs around the world.

The list of affected local media collectives includes Ambazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Poland, Western Massachusetts, Nice, Nantes, Lilles, Marseille (all France), Euskal Herria (Basque Country), Liege, East and West Vlaanderen, Antwerpen (all Belgium), Belgrade, Portugal, Prague, Galiza, Italy, Brazil, UK, part of the Germany site, and the global Indymedia Radio site.

Articles: IndyMedia / Feds / article | translation of Nantes IMC posting | FBI attack to silence Indymedia - it was not a question of if but of when. Explained here | indy vs fbi


FOREST DEFENSE 06.10.2004 17:33
Photos & Details of Horse Road Blockade 10/4/04

On Monday October 4th, loggers arriving at the Horse Timber Sale were greeted by a surprise road blockade. An occupied tripod and 30 forest defenders stopped logging for at least 6 hours. A large slash pile was the first line of defense, followed by the 30 forest defenders holding a sign that read Logging is Not Restoration. Behind the soft blockade an occupied tripod carried a banner that read "Give Back the Forest." Further up the road other slash and rock piles blocked the way. One slash pile was decorated with a banner reading "Ancient Forests Need Fire." read more...

Photos: [ 1 | 2 ]
Video: [ arrested for "interference with an agricultural operation" ]

Background: [ any details regarding the blockade at the horse timber sale yesterday? | Emergency Response to Biscuit Logging Planned ]


06.10.2004 15:56
Ralph Nader Interview: The sorry state of the US left
For example, there's a 58-year-old woman in Portland who collected signatures for us. She went back home and cooked dinner for her grandchildren and there was a knock on the door. A man and woman appeared, well dressed, to inform her, if there were fraudulent signatures on her petition, she can be prosecuted and sent to jail for three years. That kind of intimidation knocked out 30 signature gatherers just in the Portland, Oregon, area...

The labor movement won't even make the Democratic Party take a stand to repeal Taft-Hartley [Labor Act], the 1947 law that has squelched tens of millions of workers from forming labor unions. This -- it's over. We have to start new. We have to reach out and organize the political and civic energies of the American people. We have these conferences by Robert Borosage and others in Washington, their progressive agenda for America. They're thumb-suckers. They don't organize. There's no social justice movement in this country. It's not preceded by field organizers. Whether it was civil rights, farmer populist or labor or whatever. There's a decadence to the liberal intelligentsia that we have been privileged this year to highlight and make visible because we drew it out. And by stressing the Democratic Party, the pus and the mucus of the political bigotry trying to keep us off the ballot and deny millions of voters an opportunity to vote for us is also coming out...

So, then they'll come back in a year and start complaining, oh, oh, this party, oh, the White House, so terrible on the environment, caving in to the coal companies and the nuclear and not doing anything about biotech or WTO or NAFTA. How many times do they have to be betrayed? You can forgive them if they're under 30. They have not been betrayed enough, but people -- my peer group going like that? There's no end to the lowering of their expectation level. The least-worsters have no end logic to their attitude. Because every four years until the end of kingdom come, there will be a least-worst party in America. They have no end, in 2008, 2012. And every four years, both parties get worse and they make no demands. If you are going to go for least worst, at least pull the least of the worst in your direction. They don't even have the courage of their convictions to stand tall, and to say they have wimped out is truly an understatement. And it's a tragedy because they're very bright, and they fought a lot of good fights in the old days. They have either run out of gas, or they have lost their self-respect.

Ralph Nader in Eugene this Sunday


05.10.2004 12:47
PDX Joint Terrorism Task Force renewal hearing at City Council: Thurs., Oct. 21, 2:00pm
This just in, confirmed by a call to the City: The next renewal hearing for the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) is currently scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 21, at 2:00 pm. Does that seem a little late compared to previous years? Apparently, this important hearing has been put off due to Mayor Vera Katz's health problems. Doubtless, the City Council is also not anxious to re-open what has proven to be a political can of worms each year.

For those just tuning in, the PJTTF was created in 1997, and involves several full-time Portland Police personnel and numerous FBI and other law enforcement agents, working together ostensibly to prevent/investigate terrorism. Portland Police officers deputized as Federal agents might not be directly under the control of our City Council, although these indiviuals cannot investigate in a manner that violates Oregon law (which prohibits collection of information on people for their social, political or religious views).

When it comes to respecting and protecting civil liberties, the FBI and the Portland Police have proven they are unreliable, no matter who is pResident or mayor. Social control and the stifling of dissent are in the interest of Democrat and Republican corporate leadership. COINTELPRO, the attempted assassination of Judi Bari, the killings and beatings and surveillance of people on the street in Portland -- these make up the modus operandi of the machine. Portlanders have resisted the institution of the PJTTF each year with little success, but it's time to go downtown and do it again. Last year, the Council seemed less comfortable with its decision to renew, and passed an anti-PATRIOT ACT statement, as if to soften the blow. In any case, we cannot remain silent while they strip away our rights.

some pdx indy stories on previous hearings: [ How did Nazi Germany happen? Here's how: Portland City Council renews PJTTF today (Oct. 29, 2003) | PJTTF hearing: Vera Katz takes us one step further down the road of fascism (Sept. 20, 2002) | Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force renewed (Oct. 17, 2001) | Mayor Katz forced to back-pedal: Joint Terrorism Task Force not renewed after all (Oct. 4, 2001) ]


05.10.2004 11:20
Haiti Alert - Illegal Arrest of Political Leaders
On Saturday October 02, 2004, Haitian police forcibly entered Haiti's Radio Caraibe and arrested three former parliamentarians from the Fanmi Lavalas party who had criticized the Interim Government during a radio program. They arrested a fourth former legislator who protested the arrests. The warrantless arrests were illegal and a clear violation of the detainees' freedom of association and of expression. They take place in the context of a wave of police persecution of human rights critics, and verbal attacks on critics by Haiti's Prime Minister.

The three arrested for criticizing the government were former Senators Yvon Feuill? and Gerard Gilles, and former Deputy Rudy H?rivaux. The three form the Communications Commission of the Fanmi Lavalas party, and all three are prominent critics of human rights violations carried out by Haiti's Transitional Government. Lawyer Ax?ne Joseph, also a former Deputy, was arrested when he protested the other arrests.

More on Haiti: Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup


05.10.2004 11:19
AUDIO FILE:Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin at PSU
Tuesday evening Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsberg and Medea Benjamin spoke to a large gathering at Portland State University. Though certainly not the only subject matter for all three presentations, all three pleaded the case to vote for John Kerry as the only man in position to defeat George Bush in the November Presidential election.

Norman Solomon | Daniel Ellsberg |Medea Benjamin


SELECTION 2004 04.10.2004 15:13
Report-back from press conference of David Cobb, Green Party pResidential candidate
Having attended Green Party candidate, David Cobb's news conference, I am totally convinced he is the answer for America. Cobb spoke downtown, answering questions from 3 media reporters and the public. The Green Party is the fastest growing party in America. He stressed the importance of IRV voting and proportional representation. A vote for the Greens is to invest in our future. People are beholden to the corporate "fatcats" of both the Democrat and Republican parties. Even though Kerry is better than Bush, don't waste your vote for Kerry. (ABB anybody but Bush theory) Kerry is a corporatist and militarist. We have no democracy.

[ VoteCobb.org ]


04.10.2004 09:49
U.S. Senatorial candidate Teresa Keane has banner stolen by Homeland Security at Oct. 3 rally; Vows to fire the perpetrators once elected
At the Peace rally today I hung my peace banner on the locked gate of the empty Customs Building adjacent to the Peace Rally gathering place. The banner had 4 lines and said: Stop the War; Teresa Keane; U.S. Senate; votekeane.org. The Portland bicycle cops drove up as the banner was being hung. I asked them how it looked and they said okay and left us alone. Later, the Homeland Security force arrived and the banner disappeared. I approached Commander Ian Canaan, Department of Homeland Security, and requested the banner back. He refused to return it and said it was hung on federal property and I could complain to his boss Ken Spitzer. So now we have the facts that our Peace Rallies are being monitored by Homeland Security. Gee aren't we peace activists a dangerous threat. As your U.S. Senator, I will fire these guys and have them go get a real job.


04.10.2004 09:41
In Virginia- Earth First! Sabotages Coal Mining Office
At 12:15 AM on Monday, September 27th, a handful of men and women from Katuah Earth First! shut down an A & G Coal Mining Company office in Wise County, Virginia. Locks were placed on all gates to the premises and front doors were chained and glued shut, with a sign reading, "We won't stop until you do. See you in the mountains... Katuah Earth First!" This was done in order to prevent all trucks and operators from departing for a nearby mining site.

A&G is involved in mountain top removal, a mining process by which entire mountains are first clear cut, then detonated to pieces by millions of pounds of explosives. This process effectively destroys entire mountains, and results in the elimination of jobs, the filling of hundreds of miles of streambeds with debris, dangerous air pollution, and the destruction of local wildlife habitats.


04.10.2004 09:38
Talking To City Council - Vancouver
Here's what i told my city council last evening. Much can be said in three minutes. If i can do it, anyone can do it. I've addressed council only once before, on Peace. I need to show up often. All progressives need to show up often. We must take back government, & where better to start than with our cities.

An Ideal City Is Based Upon Environmental Justice

The one aspect of Vancouver life that affects every woman, man, girl, & boy, is the environment. No matter the gender, age, race, religion, life style, economic level, every person in this city lives in the physical environment that is Vancouver. The present state of Vancouver's environment is questionable, & unquestionably worsening, & city government is responsible, & sometimes irresponsible.

Related Articles: [ Creating the Post-Carbon City | It's Time for Fundamental Changes in the Way We Derive and Use Energy ]


03.10.2004 23:22
Oct. 3 Peace Rally Given Brush-off by Local Corporate Media
The local media's lavish coverage of every little murmur of Mt. St. Helens (and interviews with what looks like every tourist, geologist, and official within five miles of the crater) almost completely eclipsed any coverage of today's peace rally in the North Park Blocks.

After returning home, I made a point of channel surfing between the various stations and found only one (6) with a brief report that ran perhaps 20 or 30 seconds with quit shots of the march. The reporter estimated that there were "300 people" involved. Anyone who was there knows that there were far more than 300 people.

Local news grossly underestimates number of people at march
I'm not so terrific at estimating crowd numbers, but I've been in enough to hazard decent guesses. It seemed to me that there were a few thousand easy at this march. It wouldn't floor me if the actual number was higher. In any case, I happened to catch KOIN's 'report' on the day's event. The reporter looked charmingly into the camera as she said that "nearly three hundred" people marched downtown today. Three hundred? What the hell? I mean, who gives them these numbers? Why are even our local media outlets so misleading?
AUDIO report from the rally
Sunday, October 3, 2004, the citizens of Portland Oregon filled the streets to protest the ongoing Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Estimates vary, but there were at least 3000-5000 people marching through the streets, with signs, chants and a love for Democracy and Humanity.

related: [ Bumblebees on bikes | Fuck the Corporate Media ]


03.10.2004 23:04
"Beyond Dissent" by Jeff 'Free' Luers
free free now The United States has a long history of protest and dissent. Indeed, it could be argued that had the American Revolution not been co-opted by the rich and powerful this country might have been great.

However, even the failure of the revolution to accomplish real and true change was not enough to stop the tide of dissent and rebellion. In fact, there are notable rebellions as early as 1780 in which unpaid soldiers of the revolutionary war, poor farmers and laborers took up arms against the government.

Of course, little of this is mentioned in scholastic textbooks. Nor do the textbooks mention that in response to these uprisings by the poor and underprivileged, the new elite wrote and passed laws such as the Riot Act which suspended Habeas Corpus to keep the new insurgents in jail without trial. Also, the Sedition Act, passed under John Adams, in which it was a crime punishable by prison to speak or write against the government.

The true beginnings of this nation start with power and wealth.

[ Free "Free" Now! ]


03.10.2004 00:26
AUDIO FILE: A Return To Democracy; Coverage of Thom Hartman's lecture at the First Unitarian Church
Friday evening, September 24, 2004, at the First Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon, the author again visited Portland, his presentation drawing on his vast knowledge of American history and love of his country. This was an excellent presentation, which I have broken up into three segments.

The first segment is 27 1/2 minutes in length. Here Hartmann lays the groundwork of the points he develops throughout the remainder of his talk, which lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. He speaks mainly about Corporate Personhood, how corporations have become the equal of individual persons, and by doing so have slowly gained control over many of the aspects of our lives.


LOCAL ELECTIONS 02.10.2004 23:20
My Night at Dignity Village, by Teresa Keane, Pacific Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate
I spent last night in Dignity Village with Vice Presidential candidate Pat La Marshe. When we arrived, Tim was waiting for us and expressed appreciation that people running for office are interested in homelessness. Dignity Village is an solid example of successful community organizing. The Village members have created representative government that reflects the needs and issues of the community. Some highlights that struck me were: the women in the community are safe and protected; all community members are treated with equality, dignity and respect; the infrastructure is built on recycled products and the people are empowered by their shared determination and success.

related: [ LaMarche and Keane stay at Dignity Village ]

update: [ Keane wins Eastside Democratic Club Endorsement!!! ]


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