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02.10.2004 17:42
Emergency Response to Biscuit Logging Planned

Activists from Southern Oregon have called for an immediate mobilization in defense of the Biscuit timber sale following the commencement of logging operations last week. Although the Forest Service has allowed more than 1000 acres of egregious "hazard tree" logging throughout the area, environmentalists were hopeful that the end of summer would mark a hard won - albeit temporary - victory for this logging season.

However now logging has begun at the Horse timber sale, despite restrictions based on the protection of the threatened Port Orford Cedar, which is being exterminated by a disease often spread by logging operations.

Activists have called for a civil disobedience action on Monday morning and will be putting their bodies between the trees and the chainsaws. The timing is critical: if forest defenders can show resistance to logging operations it is likely to dissuade companies from buying additional portions of the Biscuit that will soon be for sale.

Additionally, a rally will be held Monday in Grants Pass at the Siskiyou National Forest office. Carpools are available on Sunday to a meeting place for both events (in Selma, OR).

BACKGROUND: O2Collective | KS Wild | Siskiyou Project | Portland Indymedia Forest Page | Cascadia Rising: Background on Salvage Logging Scam | Native Forest Network | Forest Council |


02.10.2004 11:17
Solomon, Ellsberg, Benjamin speak in Seattle
On Oct. 1, media critic Normon Solomon (Center for Public Integrity), government whistleblower activist Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) and fearless peace activist Medea Benjamin (Code Pink, Global Exchange, United for Peace and Justice) spoke in Seattle at the conclusion of an 8-city tour tagged "Election 2004 and Beyond: What's At Stake?"


02.10.2004 06:37
CAFTA Protest at Rep. Blumenauer's
We hung out in this lovely park outside Blumenauer's window About 35 people rallied outside Representative Earl Blumenauer's Lloyd Center office yesterday afternoon, demanding that he oppose CAFTA-the Central America Free Trade Agreement. All of Oregon's other Democratic representatives (De Fazio, Hooey, and Wu) have come out against this anti-worker agreement, but Blumenauer refuses.

To help encourage him to do the right thing, give his local office a call at 503-231-2300.

previous feature | FTAA IMC | Stop CAFTA | Portland Central American Solidarity Committee


PUBLIC AWARENESS 01.10.2004 23:05
The Online Anonymous Group Known As GPFX Is At It Again!
The online anonymous group known as GPFX is at it again, and this time they have a new website ( http://www.portlandpolicedeck.com). Now in version 2.0 of the popular card deck known as "Portland's Deck of Infamy" where Portland's worst police officers from the PPB (Portland Police Bureau) are displayed and ranked from aces to deuces accordingly.

"This deck was created by Indymedia readers in the Portland, OR area. The police officers featured here are all active duty members of the Portland Police Bureau as of 4/15/04. Your tax dollars are still paying their salaries. All accusations are from the references cited on the individual cards, and not necessarily the opinions of any one person working on this project."

Some are with photos some not, but all these officers have one thing in common. They are being exposed for the rotten corrupted cops that they are in an effort to bring public awareness and safety to the public at large under the iron clad fist of the Portland Police state ever-oppressive misuse of authority, policy, and conduct.

When asked why are they doing this one GPFX replied: "Because here in Portland, OR, we have a problem. Several "Bad Apples" have gotten into the barrel, and they are making our fair city into a rotten mess. The public, to be blunt, is in danger from some of these crooked cops. It is no longer just cops beating up on criminals or wrasslin' around with protesters in a mutually understood event; we now have police officers doing unimaginable things like spraying oleoresin capsicum spray on 10 month-old babies, tasering people in the back, beating up elderly blind people, hitting people in the back, tackling folks at random and so on. This deck is meant to give people a fun way to learn the most imminent threats and avoid them by familiarizing themselves with the officer's face, rank, duty assignment area, date of hire and previous actions."

[ Police Deck website now up ]


SELECTION 2004 01.10.2004 10:56
A review of the Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsburg, Normon Solomon lecture
The Portland Alliance hosted what appeared to be a great set of speakers, but as usual, the "lesser of two evils" logic and the everpresent "Anybody but Bush" mantra was the centerpiece of the points being driven home. I was very disappointed! But I will concede that I am exceptionally irritated by those who propagate the lesser of two evils logic, so take my review of the evening with a grain of salt!

Whether it was Michael Moore, Greg Palast, Chris Novolselic, Thom Hartman, Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsburg, and YES! even Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, the reoccurring theme (almost like a Karl Rove induced repetitive Buddhist chant) is we must get George W. Bush out of office and it doesn't matter who replaces him. (aka Anybody but Bush!)

Norman Solomon was as predictable as he was arrogant...

[ Other articles by StevetheGreen ]


SELECTION 2004 30.09.2004 23:55
Posters to indymedia share their thoughts on the pResidential Debate
selection 2004 So the first debate is history and even with all of the constraints placed upon it by the two parties, it t'warn't half bad.

Bush was alternately defensive and pompous, seemed to be searching for words at times, at other times stringing out his answers to fill time or suddenly closing his mouth with time left on the clock. At one point, when he had plenty of time left, he inexplicably said, "LET ME FINISH!" I know he's not a short man, but he seemed short this evening, hunching over the podium even though the split screen boxes on the channel I watched put him at a higher level than Kerry. On the other hand, Kerry was well spoken, tall and cool, far more presidential looking.

More reader comments on the pResidential Debate
  • 'kzoo' writes: Yes Kerry won, so what. My grandmother's been dead for twenty years, she could of won tonight too.
  • 'zzzzzz' writes: A nauseating performance with the most interesting candidates barred from the debates.

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FOREST DEFENSE 30.09.2004 13:13
Biscuit Logging Just Began!
Neatening the forest We just received word that the first Biscuit timber sale is now being logged.

Giant trees are falling in the Game Lake area on the northwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The timber sale is known as horse and the company logging it is Silver Creek Logging. This organization, headed by John West of Merlin, is a newly created front group for Roseburg Forest Products.

Silver Creek is the company that was suspended earlier this year for illegally cutting in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and is under federal investigation for stealing more than 100 trees this year in the Flat Top area.

The area being logged contains significant stands of green ancient Port Orford Cedar. Because this tree is being driven to extinction by a root rot spread by logging, operations must cease by October 1.

Please prepare now to join citizens in stopping this illegal logging at the point of destruction. Details on where to meet and directions will be posted soon.


29.09.2004 21:34
America's Forest Dieback
dead pinyon forest Severe drought in concert with a complex feedback loop is currently at work and it appears that America's Forests are about to experience a major dieback event. This event is just beginning to receive mainstream media coverage, but always without ever mentioning the forbidden words 'global warming' or 'climate change'...rather this is a 'naturally occuring' die off of the forests of the American west, according to the way the story is presented. A discussion follows of this die off and rapid climate change scenarios...

[ Other articles by Brent Herbert ]


29.09.2004 12:43
Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED; Equipment Siezed - Citizens Protest!
free radio image At 8:20 AM armed US Marshalls and FCC Agents raied the house where Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcasts. A warrent was not servered to the residents of the house, but the warrent was shown to the residents. All the residents, some wearing only their bathrobes and PJ's, were herded to the sidewalk in front of their house.

Free Radio Santa Cruz was airing Democracy Now! as the FCC Agents and US Marshalls worked to get into the studio. FRSC 101.1 FM, was airing a pre-programed interview with Howard Zinn when the listeners of FRSC heard the sound static due to the first ever FCC raid on station in almost 10 years of broadcasting for the Santa Cruz community and listeners around the world via online streaming. FRSC has received strong support from members of the community, including the Santa Cruz City Council.

Freak Radio Santa Cruz Operations Interrupted by FCC
From the open publishing newswire: The agents proceeded to read a prewritten statement explaining what they were doing, the words of which have been forgotten due to the traumatic events of the day. Next, they confiscated all of the electronic equipment in the studio...

150-200 Santa Cruz residents showed up in short order to protest the actions of the FCC, most of them listeners, and many of whom had taken the time to scrawl a brief message of their own on a sign that they brandished in the face of this atrocity. Among them was city Mayor Christopher Krohn, who made a statement that reaffirmed the City Council's 2002 resolution that recognized and supported FRSC's existence and status as an asset to the community, and that also chastised the FCC for yet again stifling freedom of speech in such trying times as these.

Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED Wednesday Morning! (original article) | Please Donate to STOP THE FCC and Stop Powell censorship | Free Radio Santa Cruz (freakradio.org) | santa cruz indymedia (santacruz.indymedia.org)


27.09.2004 16:48
Did PGE Shareholders violate Oregon election laws?
PGE shareholders have violated Oregon election laws by paying for and mailing poltical campaign pamphlets against Washington County Public Utility Measures 34-95, 34-96, and the candidates for the Directors for the PUD, using addresses obtained illegally from Oregon Election office, use restricted to candidates and poltical organizations.

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27.09.2004 16:18
Monday's Update On Mike D.
Mike D, an animal rights and forest activist, is being charged with Disorderly Conduct, Menacing, and Failure To Appear, stemming from the Solo Timber Sale Protest July 30, 2002 (except the failure to appear). His case number for the Menacing and Disorderly Conduct Charge is #0311198. For the Failure to Apppear charge is #0413219.

He has a release hearing tomorrow at 3pm, but he will probably not actually be in court but on T.V. and it will probably only take 5 min. I was told that last friday when he appeared in court, he was asked to sign a paper that was a notice of his next court date which he refused to do. The Judge (Eve Miller) did not like that, and that is why I was told he is in jail right now, but that is not for sure. His bail is at $50,000 but probably will be reduced at his court hearing tomorrow.

Mike's Jury Trial will be on Oct.20th, 9:00am, at the Clackamas County Courthouse, but that is always subject to change. 5 cops will be testifying against Mike. 3 are with the USFS and the other two are policeman. I also found out that two people who had been charged from the Solo Timber Sale Protest had already plead guilty and made a plea bargain to do community service. Mike was offered the same deal if he plead guilty, which he refused to do.

[ past feature ]


SELECTION 2004 27.09.2004 10:27
Local linguist offers 45 newly translated articles as "antidotes to the phraseology and vagueness" of the pResidential Campaign
45 new translated articles are now available at www.mbtranslations.com. These articles are antidotes to the phraseology and vagueness that often empty public discussions and presidential debates.

Don't hate the media, become the media. Marcos and the Zapatistas speak of one world where many worlds fit, a world where everyone has a place. Can we learn from the global south, from the poor of Chiapas, from the struggling people of Brazil and Venezuela, from the social market economy and the Canadian mosaic? Humility, self-criticism and interconnectedness open up a new world that is completely repressed by those captive to the system and its TINA (There is no alternative) mythology.

May we finally put the horse before the cart and mend our own pockets before reducing countries to parking lots! May we face the contradictions and injustices in the market economy and not only decry the dangers of the planned economy! May hope and memory, fantasy and festivity, be welcome in a future-friendly world of peace and justice, not marginalized as troublemakers or "disturbers of the peace"! There are many and realistic alternatives that promote equality and justice where workers are more than cost-factors and nature is more than a free good, external or sink.

[ www.mbtranslations.com ]


26.09.2004 23:51
Got Rape™ ? Got War Crimes™? Got Rumsfeld™? Got Halliburton™?
soldiers in dress uniform In San Diego today there was a very impressive lecture on war crimes and the commitment of the penatgon to continuing abuse within the military.

The two stars of the lecture series were former Army journalist Dennis Stout and Dorothy Mackey, Executive Director: Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel. Ms. Mackey served as a captain commander in the USAF between 83-92.

Ms Mackey spoke about her career with the USAF between 1983-1992. During the five years that got her promoted to captain commander she was raped no less than three times and twice by doctors in the military.

Though she reported the abuse she was denied help three times by the justice department. It was escalated all the way up to the Cincinnati court of appeals who did refuse to hear the case. Because to hear it would cause security problems. Through her experiences of intimidation, death threats, assault, and harassment Dorothy Mackey decided to do something she didn't have when she was in the military, she decided to become an ear to voices in the military calling out for help. Founding an organization called STAMP which currently has over 4,600 cases documented of sexual assault, battering, and abuse of military soldiers by their own military she has many chilling stories indeed.


TO WHAT END? 26.09.2004 18:30
Calendula, Portland's only vegan restaurant, closes down
Just received an email from the Calendula maling list: "Owing to financial difficulties, Calendula Cafe has closed. We wish to sincerely thank all of our customers for providing us with exceptional support."

It's such a shame, despite all the difficulties there recently. I don't know who to believe with regards to the labor issues -- Craig Rosebraugh, or the service people who made complaints and left/were fired (depending on who's telling the story). Whatever "really" happened, Portland has lost a wonderful restaurant. I ate there twice, and both times were two of the best meals I've had in Portland. I appreciated the care and attention to detail, and I'm sorry to see a good vegan restautrant close.

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26.09.2004 18:23
Treesits on Gypsy Mountain raided; Ancient Redwood "Aradia" Cut
The Aradia treesit, 2002. Eureka, CA - Treesitters were forcibly removed yesterday from their perches high above the forest floor, and two activists on the ground were arrested in attempts to stop the cutting of old-growth redwoods above Grizzly Creek in the Van Duzen watershed. One of the trees cut, Aradia, has been the site of on-going protests and treesits since before the death of activist David "Gypsy" Chain, who was killed there by a tree felled by a Pacific Lumber logger in September 1998.

The treesitters were reportedly removed by Eric Schatz Tree Service, who forcibly extracted more than a dozen activists from trees in the Freshwater area in March and April 2003. Schatz and four other extractors are facing civil lawsuits stemming from those incidents. Pacific Lumber, the company that hired the extractors, is also named in the suit.

Activists reported few police on the scene, but said the area dubbed "Gypsy Mountain" was crawling with loggers and workers from the Oregon-based Columbia Helicopters. One activist said he was tackled by a Pacific Lumber forester, who was dressed in camouflage and hiding in the bushes.

related: [www.northcoastearthfirst.org/ | Columbia Helicopters Harass, Endanger Activists on Gypsy Mountain | Aradia is Gone...... ]


26.09.2004 18:17
Hiking in the Mt. St. Helens foothills: Good for the Body & Soul
mt. st. helens As a break from constant political actions, try hiking or another sport for your soul.

Under sunny blue skys and a few fluffy white clouds, 8 outdoor lovers hiked all day today in the Mt. St. Helens foothills. Destination, the LooWitt Waterfall. We did 8.8 miles. We drove in from Woodland, up the Lewis River past Cougar, for a 3-hr. trip to the parking area from where we set off.

My day pack was filled with an apple, orange, raisins and vitamin water, but I had it finished within several hours, and borrowed water from another on the hike back. The area is like a moonscape, filled with bolders, rocks, young plants/flowers scantily interspersed, and lots of blowdown.


2 WHEELS GOOD, 4 WHEELS BAD 25.09.2004 02:58
Critical Mass report-back: Portland Police enforce non-existant law to push cyclists onto sidewalk; WTF?
This month's big lie by the Portland Police resulted in about 100 of us being forced to walk on the sidewalk. When it got dark several of the Portland police told us that those of us that did not have red LIGHTS visible to the rear could not ride our bikes in the street...

Nowhere can I find a state, county or city statue, law or ordinance giving athority to a law enforcement officer to insist that a bicycle have more lighting than is required... As usual, the PPD made fools of themselves, with several 23rd st dining and shopping people asking them why we weren't being allowed to ride in the street.


24.09.2004 14:53
Mike D. in jail again
Mike D had court today at 9am at the Clackamas County Court House for charges stemming from the Solo Timber Sale Protest July 30, 2002. Nobody has seen him since. I called the jail and yes he was thrown in jail again.

Despite the fact that eight other activist's arrest warrants from this old growth direct action have long ago been dropped; Mike D is being singled out from the Solo Timber Sale Protest. He will be in the Clackamas County Jail until Oct.20th, where he will have a court hearing or trial. Bail is set for $55,000. If you have more info please post here.

[ pdx indy forest activism page | pdx indy articles written by mike d | other mike d articles ]


CITIZENS OUTRAGED 24.09.2004 11:28
-When Mae Williams' son Lavel Lindsey was murdered by Jason Ferguson in a night club stabbing Vancouver's "Columbian" newspaper interviewed her. Mae whose family has faced numerous accounts of police harassment, soon found to her dismay, that her home address had been printed on the front page of their paper. When questioned by a citizen regarding the murder, the killer Jason Ferguson stated clearly "Yeah, I killed that nigger!"
Clark county Sheriff Sgt. Dave Trimble denies that the murder had any racially or gang related motive. He claims that the murder revolved around a disagreement between them and some friends that dated back to their middle school years. Yet Sgt. Trimble doesn't doesn't know what schools the men attended or what the disagreement was about.

Ferguson's bail was initially set at $150,000. However due to public outcry and a protests from both inside and outside the bail hearing, his bail was raised to $300,000. Even this number pales in comparison to the bail recently set for Joseph Vallejo for the charge of robbing two white drug dealers. His bail was set at $1,000,000. This discrepancy clearly demonstrates a racial bias against people of color in the Vancouver court system.

LOCATION FOR RALLY: Public Service Center 1300 Franklin Street
DATE: September 25th, 2004
DAY & TIME: Saturday, 2:00 p.m. thru 5:00 p.m.


SELECTION 2004 24.09.2004 01:40
Nader campaign appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to be returned to Oregon ballot
[On Sept. 22], the Oregon Supreme Court issued a decision removing Ralph Nader from the Oregon ballot. The Nader Campaign is taking steps to appeal the Oregon Supreme Court decision to the US Supreme Court.

In reaction to the decision Ralph Nader said: "This is a sad day for democracy in America. It is evident that our independent presidential campaign has greatly stressed a corrupt exclusionary system, and that the Democratic Party will stop at nothing to deny voters the opportunity to vote for our candidacy. They would rather limit voters' choices?in an attempt to force them to vote for a candidate they do not believe in and do not support or stay at home in disgust. The anti-democratic approach of the Democratic Party is weakening a democracy already rendered anemic."

The Nader campaign will be arguing to the US Supreme Court that the Secretary of State's actions violated the rights of voters and circulators under the United States Constitution.

Background: [ High court disqualifies Nader from ballot (9/22/04) | Democracy 1, Secretary of State 0: Nader restored to Oregon ballot; Judge rejects Bradbury's partisan interference (9/9/04) | Oregon Democrats sabotage nader...Again [re. OR Sec. of State keeping Nader off ballot] (9/3/04) | Nader Campaign Calls on Secretary of State to Respect Each Signature (8/24/04) | Nader Announces: We have the Signatures! (8/22/04) ]

Big picture: [ Democrats Support Bush, Attack Nader; Show Where Their Loyalties Lie ]


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