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F*CK THE CORPORATE MEDIA 23.09.2004 21:53
Oregonian candidate endorsement process a sham
Several Members of the Pacific Green Party, as well as members of the Constitution party, the Socialist party, and the Libertarian party were all snubbed by the Oregonian during their annual candidate endorsements recently. It's not that most third party candidates expected to be endorsed by the corporate media, but certainly they expected to "at least" be interviewed for their positions on the issues. The Oregonian doesn't even bother to pretend that they are fair and complete in their endorsement process.

This is an outrage and should anger all Oregonians regardless of their personal political affiliations or lack of one.


23.09.2004 13:19
A Trinity of Evil: George Bush, Big Oil, 9-11
As more documents concerning 9-11 surfaces, it is becoming increasing clear the top officials in the Bush administration were at least complicit if not an active participants in the attacks. There is enough evidence now to bind George W. Bush, big oil companies and 9-11 into a trinity of evil. By allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place unhindered Bush and all of his top advisers are guilty of the mass murder of over 3000 innocent people.

The official claims of what happened on 9-11 do not account for the events that transpired on 9-11 and raise more questions than they answer.

One event of 9-11 is absolutely clear, the White House ordered the air force to stand down. As evident from the plane crash that killed golfer Payne Stewart. As soon as his plane deviated from its flight path and failed to follow instructions from the control tower the FAA notified NORAD. Within less than 20 minutes fighter planes were alongside Stewart's plane. In 2001 before 9-11, NORAD ordered fighter planes to intercept errant aircraft over 60 times. The FAA rules were clear whenever contact with a plane was lost or a plane failed to follow instructions from the control tower to correct its course, NORAD was to be notified. This regulation was explicitly clear as the regulation contained the clause "whenever in doubt call NORAD."

The Bush administration's claim that no fighters were available is simply laughable. Does anyone believe the most sensitive air corridor within the US was left unguarded? [ read more ]

[ More articles by Glen Yeadon ]


23.09.2004 00:34
Pepper Spray By Q-Tip Trial Ends in Jury Deadlock
The eight jurors in the Pepper Spray by Q-tip trial informed the judge at 3:15 Wednesday afternoon that they were "hopelessly deadlocked" and could not find resolution through further deliberation. After encouraging them to rethink their opinions and meeting privately with the jury foreman, Judge Susan Illston declared a mistrial. It was then that plaintiffs and defendants learned there were six jurors in favor of plaintiffs and only two against. The plaintiffs are the eight activists who sued Humboldt county Sheriffs' Dept and Eureka Police for subjecting them to direct application of pepper spray into their eyes with Q-tips as they were locked down in sit-in protests.

Lead counsel Dennis Cunningham said the plaintiffs are ready to go back to trial at the earliest opportunity. "We are not going to let go of the issue. We are going to go back to trial as soon as we can."

background: [ In-depth Indybay coverage | Update on Torture by Pepperspray trial (9/20) | Why the TORTURE BY PEPPERSPRAY trial is important | Mattole Activists Assaulted, Arrested After Serving Subpoena for Pepper Spray Trial ]


23.09.2004 00:30
Report-back from protest at Ringling Bros. Circus
Hundreds of people, parents with children, came to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Rose Garden Arena tonight, and a dozen protesters were there leafletting them. Security set up a 10x10' sq. area for "free speech" people, but after getting our flyers, we all spread out among the throngs there to see the abuse of the animals. Security was rather vigilante in trying to make us stay on the sidewalk. At one point I was 2 steps within the arena space, and security told me to move. I did, but stuck out my tongue when I turned away. Gawd, it makes me mad.

how circuses are cruel to animals: [ circuses.com ]


23.09.2004 00:02
A male over age 18: "The draft people are after me!"
uncle sam wants you in prison I never registered for the draft, and now I got an extremely threatening letter from the feds that said they turned my name over to the justice department. Could I get some reassurance from a lawyer or someone that they aren't going to throw me in jail? Okay, the rumor I heard is that I could not register, they would not prosecute me, and then when I turned 25 I could register so that if I needed federal benefits later in life, I would still count as having registered. Is this true? Any advice would be great.

more info: [ GI Rights and Military Discharge Program (local) | War Resisters League (national) ]


22.09.2004 11:41
Members of First Nations resist Lewis & Clark costume party passing through South Dakota
Today [Sept. 18], tribal members from the Lakota, Dakota, Ponca, Kiowa and Dine' Nations came to the Missouri River at Chamberlain, South Dakota to give the opportunity to the Lewis & Clark Expedition to turn back and cancel their re-enactment journey that began 200 years of genocide, land theft and resource exploitation from the Plains tribes.

Under highly visible protection from local and federal police, the Lewis & Clark re-enactors repeatedly stated "they cannot change history and turn back time", as they stood in their period costumes along the banks of the Missouri River. Representatives of the American Friends Services Committee, the Mennonite Church and the United Nations Council on Genocide in anticipation of the heavy surveillance joined the tribal resistors by law enforcement.

The Lewis & Clark re-enactors offered a tomahawk pipe to the group of resistors who refused to smoke it. Strong words were made by tribal leaders Alex White Plume, Floyd Hand, Carter Camp, Alfred Bone Shirt, Russell Means and Vic Camp who advised the Lewis & Clark re-enactors that they were perpetuating the lies of American history.


20.09.2004 17:38
Update on Torture by Pepperspray trial
picture of Mike, a forest activist after he was tortured This is a repost of an email I recieved from Jan Lundberg. His daughter Spring was a victim of the torture and is one of the plantifs in this horrendous case where Humbolt County cops forceably held down forest activists and sprayed pepperspray into thier eyes. When this did not work to cause activists to move, the cops sprayed dangerous chemicals into the faces of activists. The case is now in Federal court.

background: [ In-depth Indybay coverage | Why the TORTURE BY PEPPERSPRAY trial is important | Mattole Activists Assaulted, Arrested After Serving Subpoena for Pepper Spray Trial ]


20.09.2004 10:29
Nirvana's Novoselic reveals he's a sellout to the status quo
Krist Novoselic (former bassist of Nirvana) appeared at a book signing last night at Powell's on Burnside to speak of needed electoral reforms and his new book "Of Grunge & Government: Let's Fix this Broken Democracy!" But it didn't take long for Chris to reveal his true allegiance, which was to be a shrill for the Democratic party.

Being a long time Nirvana fan (largely because they rejected everything corporate and did things the way they wanted to, rather than following the usual formula for monetary success in the music world), I was very happy to hear that one of my all-time favorite bands had someone who was advocating the type of electoral reforms that I see as being necessary if recapturing representative government will ever be possible in the "current bought and sold duopoly" that now reigns supreme in the United States.

Krist began his talk by talking about his upbringing and how music introduced him to a whole new way of approaching the world. He advocated the need for instant runoff voting and proportional representation and went on to provide a plan for implementing these reforms through the creation of "super districts". He compared our Democratic framework to the hardware of a computer system and our electoral system to an "operating system" and went on to say that while our CPU is just fine, but we are using a operating system that can only be compared to 1980's DOS.

But then a very strange thing happened.

Krist began to stump for John Kerry.


19.09.2004 23:36
Our worst fears: Vote Tampering
Diebold touchscreen voting machine

By entering a 2-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created in the Diebold central tabulator, a program installed in 1,000 locations, which controls both paper ballots and touch-screens, each system handling up to a million votes at a time. After invoking the 2-digit trigger, this second set of votes can be changed so that it no longer matches the correct set of votes. The voting system will then read the totals from the bogus vote set. It takes only seconds to change the votes, and to date not a single location in the U.S. has implemented security measures to fully mitigate the risks. It is not too late to do so, and the corrective measures are relatively simple. This program is not "stupidity" or sloppiness. It was designed and tested over a series of a dozen version adjustments, and has been in place for four years. [ read more ]

Previous features about Diebold, ES&S, and their ilk: [ A Little Civil Disobedience | Indymedia fights Diebold's legal attempt to silence discussions about e-voting | The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged | You can't vote them out if you never voted them in: Diebold--the face of modern ballot tampering ]

Recent stories concerning voting machines: [ Smoking Gun Security Hole in Diebold Machine...Bush or Bust! | Independent Election Observer Team Arrives in U.S. | More Voting Machines Problems, SEQUOIA'S MACHINES, IN RIVERSIDE CO., CA. | The Election Is Already Stolen. | How They Could Steal the Election This Time | The Election is Over: Long Live the Election! | Report: Touchscreen Voting Flawed in Fla. ]

For more information about electronic ballot tampering: [ more stories about Diebold | more stories about ES&S | more articles authored by Bev Harris | more articles authored by Lynn Landes | verifiedvoting.org | blackboxvoting.org (Bev Harris) | Voting Security (Lynn Landes) | blackboxvoting.com | wheresthepaper.org | Scoop: A Very American Coup ]


19.09.2004 13:19
Do women writers in alternative media need to use male pseudonyms?

"Must a name mean something?" Alice asked doubtfully.

"Of course it must," Humpty Dumpty said, with a short laugh. "My name means the shape I am and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape." - Lewis Carroll

I have a knack for choosing male-dominated career paths by accident. I was a street performer at an early age, which is absolutely a male-dominated sport. Then I was a comedian, and again, performed in male-controlled venues with predominantly male acts. I was most often sandwiched between male acts many deep, both before and after me, wherever I performed, from hippie fairs in Eugene to gay comedy clubs in San Francisco. I went to law school where I learned what men did the last few hundred years. And now I have moved to political writing. And once again, approximately 95% of the editors I work with, are male. And almost all the articles that surround my articles are written by men, most often, as well. Look at wherever you are reading this article right now. Unless the editor was especially savvy (just kidding), there is a good probability that the two articles before this one, and the two after it also, are written by men, not women. Maybe this week will be the big exception, but that has pretty much been the rule the two years I have been writing.

[ Other articles by kirsten anderberg ]

See also: [ "TEN THOUSAND YEARS IS ENOUGH" by emma goldwoman ]


19.09.2004 13:10
34 Horses and Llamas found starved and neglected in Junction City
Two days ago another farm was found with horses up to their knees in their own waste, trapped in stalls. The 80 year old woman who owned the farm was could no longer care for them. She claimed she thought she would be jailed if founbd out. So her choice, I guess, was to hope they'd just slowly die there?

Once my rage at these people subsided a little I began to think that these people also need help and who knows how many more situations such as this exist in Oregon? Horses are expensive to keep and daily clean-out of stalls is required along with fresh water and feed.

I think it is time to petition the state to form a group of volunteers to begin regular inspections of farms that house large animals. I don't think the animal control is staffed sufficiently.


18.09.2004 14:40
Animal Rights Activist Gina Lynn Has Been Released
Grand Jury = Witch Hunt Animal Rights Activists from through out the west came to Seattle yesterday to protest the jailing of Gina Lynn and the Grand Jury system. Gina Lynn, an Animal Rights Activist, was imprisoned for three weeks on contempt charges for refusing to talk to a federal grand jury. Gina Lynn's lawyer, Peter Camiel, had filed an appeal with the Ninth District Court right after her jailing arguing that the contempt charge was without legal basis. He also filed a Grumbles motion with Judge Zilly last week arguing that since Gina will never cooperate with the grand jury the cooercive value of imprisoning her is negated and that thus she must be released immediately.

[ previous pdx indy stories on Gina Lynn ]


18.09.2004 14:35
Free speech in a headlock again: Cheney protester assaulted in Eugene
A chilling aspect of the 6:00 news report on Cheney's Eugene bund rally yesterday was the completely tolerated violent group assault on a protester. A man in a white t-shirt with "Pro-Jesus, Bring the Troops Home" written on it began shouting during Cheney's speech. A 66 year old man, Art Briga of Springfield, in a red-orange jacket, lunged at the protester and put him in a wrestling headlock -- with a hand clamped over the protester's mouth. Another man shoved the protester backwards as others began pulling the protester from behind. The protester's female companion (similar t-shirt) seemed to be appealling to them to stop the assualt. The TV report then showed the man (Art Briga) who committed the initial assault outside after the rally, saying that protesters are "snakes in the grass" and need to be stamped down.


17.09.2004 19:05
"I am not a truck": Observations on 'bizarre police presence' at today's Cheney protest in Oregon City
I've been to many protests in 44 years, but today's against cheney in Oregon City made me notice more than usual how bizarre & confused police can be. I suppose i was bored & had to keep my mind occupied on something. The most disgusting sight, of course, was the usual riot-cops-face-off-citizens bit at the end, when "the dick" was leaving, while vile republicans came & went at their pleasure. Robo-cops this time were provided by Milwaukie, on loan, i assume, to Oregon City. "Discrimination", i think the term would be, as republicans were treated as if they owned the cops which, i suppose, is the case. Does it have to be so blatant!

When i first arrived & approached what appeared to be the perimeter, marked with police tape, one cop said i can't be there. I pointed out that i was outside the police tape. Another cop said i was alright, but the first cop said no, that i had to be behind those a-frame barricades "over there"

"navy dad" writes: A dedicated core of oregonians greeted dickie boy on his staged town hall meeting today.as usual,the regulars showed up to let the butcher of halliburton know he is not welcome.the ninja turtles were there to protect the vice president from the crowd too.a big thank-you goes out to all who were there to assemble and petition our grievances.and for the bushies who told me to "f*ck off",i hope you do not kiss your wife with that mouth tonight.


17.09.2004 13:08
Oregon's Farmworker Union sponsoring "United We Fast" event to urge passage of immigrant youth rights legislation
pcun logo Pineros y Campesinos Unidos Noroeste (PCUN), Oregon's Farmworker Union, is sponsoring a two week event called "United We Fast", the purpose of which is to urge passage in the U.S. Congress of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2003 (S.1545) and the Student Adjustment Act (HR. 1864).

PCUN reports that students and youth from around the country have started a two week fast to draw attention to this legislation. In Oregon, six cities will participate, starting in Medford on the 12th of Sept, Eugene on the 13th and 14th, Salem on the 15th and 16th, Woodburn on the 17th and 18th , Cornelius on the 19th and 20th, and Portland on the 21nd and 22rd. The fast will end on the 23rd of September with a massive rally at Senator Gordon Smith's office in Portland.

PCUN has been issuing updates about the Fast via email; here is what they've reported so far.


RNC IN NYC REPORT-BACK 17.09.2004 11:03
Photos: Team Cascadia vs. the Republicans
18. Performance protests Find out more about what happened in NYC this Saturday September 18th at 7pm at the IWW hall at 617 E. Burnside at the report back from the Republican National Convention. Including the: NY police tactics, arrests, legal proceedings, jail support, etc.

Just uploaded:
PHOTOS: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
VIDEO: [ NYC cops abuse of PDX protesters ]

[ pdx indy coverage of RNC protests in NYC ]


JUNE 2003 WTO PROTEST UPDATE 17.09.2004 10:51
Sacramento: City Council refuses to rescind "Son of Patriot Act"


Remember the repressive parade ordinance that the Sacramento City Council passed last year before the USDA Agricultural Ministerial? The city council refused to rescind the odious law at its meeting last night.

It was one of the most bizarre meetings I've ever been to. The public testimony featured a self-described "libertarian" who supported the ordinance, a wacky "gun rights" lobbyist who supporting outlawing slingshots and water bottles, and a video by Dave Jenest's Citizen's Community Watch /Patriot Watch that showed the "evils" of black bloc anarchists at the Sacramento Ag Expo last year. The video was so bad that It was almost like a self parody of right wing stereotypes and jargon about anti-globalization and anti--war activists.

I, like much of the audience, was rolling in laughter throughout much of the video. It was much better than Reality TV could ever be.

Indymedia coverage of 2003 WTO protests in Sacramento: [ pdx indy | Biotech IMC ]


POLICE HARASSMENT 16.09.2004 12:44
"I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't want my Grandmother to See."
I thought I had heard that the criminalization of poverty had been declared unconstitutional in this country. Guess I was wrong. Well...it's a good thing soldiers are "fighting for our freedom" over there in Iraq. Maybe that'll help. Other kids told equally terrifying stories, but did not want to be filmed. I couldn't believe the magnitude of the suffering they've been asked to go through by the police in this city. Are we really paying the cops to beat up children and homeless people in the streets? What kind of society is this?

One person pointedly told me, "Every summer, they start rounding up the street kids to clear the streets for the rich tourists." My mind flashed back to an outrageous story from Brazil a few years back, where it became publically known that the police had hunted and slaughtered homeless children to keep the streets "clean" for tourists there. It's a short jump from the social belief that these kids are expendable, to the belief that they are vermin, to the belief that it's acceptable to "dispose" of them. Could that happen here? After what I've seen recently, I honestly wonder.

You may think these were just stories the people told me, because I had a camera. Even if you know the violence of the Portland police, even if you're aware of the shootings of unarmed people of color every year here, even if you saw their outrageous behavior on A22, you still might not want to believe they could be so cold and evil as to hound poor kids living on the streets.

Think again. We caught some if it on film.


15.09.2004 21:31
Local activists protest Ringling Bros. circus coming to Portland
Local activists joined PETA today (Wed.) to hold a demonstration (in) downtown Portland (Or.) protesting the arrival of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. They (Both) will be at the Rose Garden September 22nd - 26th. Come out and help us protest the extreme animal cruelty that goes on everyday under the big top.

A shackled activist with "lacerations" on her back represented the real wounds suffered by animals at the hands of Ringling Bros. circus.

Naked and Chained: Report Back
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged a bizarre protest down on Front and Ankeny today. In an effort to bring attention to the cruelty inflicted upon animals by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus, they stripped a woman naked, shackled her arms and legs, affixed faux scars to her back, and laid her on the sidewalk in the rain in the hopes that, as one woman told me, "men might look at her, and then maybe learn about the issue."

I had heard they were planning to do this, and went down to see it for myself. I wanted to ask why they would do such a thing. How could otherwise well-meaning individuals with the noble goal of ending the oppression of animals not understand the connection between the objectification and exploitation of women and that of animals? How did they imagine that this act of sexualization of violence would alleviate the brutality meted out against animals at the circus?

This is not meant to be a condemnation of PETA. Indeed, I had very mixed feelings about this event, which is why I made it a point to attend.

PETA Anti-Circus Website: [ The Circus is no place for Animal Abuse ]


15.09.2004 11:24
The 9-11 Truth Movement Rises Up
"what is the TRUTH?" graphics The credibility of the Bush Administration has plunged, as new euphemisms for lying are tested by the mainstream press to explain their failure to describe reality in a timely fashion. Cheney believes what Napoleon once articulated, "You don't have to suppress the truth forever, just until it doesn't matter anymore."

9-11 is the defining crime of the century, a crime used as a pretext for imperial wars, the gutting of the Constitution, the attack on the Bill of Rights, to kickstart a "Shadow Government," and that is being used now to rush through sweeping legislation designed to expand "the National Security State,"( the CIA established in 1947) into a "Global Security State."

The official narrative of what happened on September 11th, 2001 has been reinforced and rarely questioned by the media. Those who weren't surprised, shocked, terrified, traumatized, by the events that day, however, found the official narrative difficult to believe, and a 9-11 truth movement was born, dispersed in the seeds of questions, in skeptical minds scattered across the planet. Some had even predicted or warned that the attacks would occur, and were certain that the events were "an inside job," "a false flag operation," designed to gain public support for an attack by the world's richest country upon the world's poorest country, Afghanistan, for geopolitical reasons, including control over the flow of oil and drugs.

The Project for a New American Century stated their desire for imperial world hegemony and said, "The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor."

[ Other articles by Carol Brouillet | Creating Community Currency ]


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