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CITY LIFE 14.09.2004 23:09
War in the streets in Northeast Portland
For almost a month now I have been woken up every few nights to the sounds of gun shots. I hear the shots, then I hear the car squealing out of sight. It is always within a few blocks of my house, between Alberta and Killingsworth and between 15th and 20th.

The first time it happened I heard about five shots in succession and I jumped out of my bed and ran to the window. I was half asleep and not thinking. I saw a large light colored older car, like a cadilac speed up Alberta.

I heard people yelling. Then the neighbors slowly came out of their houses to check things out. No one called the cops. We have a saying in North Portland: cops kill kids. We don't want anymore youth killed by cops, but the youth may be trying to kill each other.

When I hear the shots now, I jump down on the floor. Then I go and find my roommates to see if they heard them. I don't know what it is all about.


14.09.2004 11:20
National Alliance of Black Panthers Reaching Out To Local Activists
Sister Shazza Nzingha, President of NABP with NC Panthers The National Alliance of Black Panthers is reaching out to local activist to help establish a Panther Youth Brigade in their city. A revolutionary program for ALL youth ages 12 to 18.

The National Alliance of Black Panthers was formed as a result of a secret meeting on May 29th of this year. Former Black Panthers from across the nation came together to discuss re-uniting for serious community impact through revolutionary social change. From this meeting social change has erupted in Washington, DC; New Orleans, Louisiana; Fayettville, North Carolina; East Orange, New Jersey; Pritchard, Alabama and Augusta, Georgia.

The National Alliance of Black Panthers is looking for bold aggresive individual actists to join its forces and implement a Panther Youth Brigade in their community. The Panther Youth Brigade program will teach youth survival skills, revolutionary history, goal setting and foster better self-esteem. If you want to help save our youth and be a part of a revolutionary team join these efforts today!


14.09.2004 11:09
Sen. Smith Vows Biscuit Rider
biscuit fire Every once and a while a moment arises in a campaign where the simple efforts of average citizens can mean a lot. Today that situation has arisen in the Biscuit campaign. Two (or a few) phone calls to Senators Smith and Wyden are urgently needed to protect this ecosystem.

Yesterday Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) announced that he intends to throw out environmental law and the recent order from a panel of judges stopping logging at Biscuit while environmental law is reviewed. He is threatening (and threatening is the proper word) to tack an amendment onto his already dangerous "reforestation" bill. The amendment would demand the logging of 19,000 acres at Biscuit and prevent any court in the US, including the Supreme Court from finding Biscuit logging illegal.

He has made this announcement two days before court-ordered mediation on Biscuit; a clear attempt to intimidate environmentalists into a compromise. If he doesn't get his way at mediation, he has threatened a rider on an appropriations bill this month or next. All of the work we have done could be down the drain with one vote. A bad decision in DC could leave the greater Kalmiopsis in ruins.

Further, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)has not publicly renounced Smith's underhanded threats.


13.09.2004 08:18
First public action of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance
Barely six months old, members of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance had its first public display last Saturday. The Multnomah County Central Library [was holding an] event, "The September Project: A Communitywide Conversation on Patriotism and Dissent" and included groups, Oregon Council for the Humanities and City Club of Portland. Author Barry Lopez was the keynote speaker.

The independent Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance held a demonstation in front of the Central Library with their Dot Questions signs, a dozen different unanswered questions concerning the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

In an unusual gesture for their event, library officials allowed the demonstrators to display their signs to the capacity crowd on the 3rd floor of the library.

[ more photos ]


THE END IS NEAR 13.09.2004 08:13
Chunkathalon? What the hell is it?
Walking through my southeast PDX neighborhood on Saturday, pushing my two-year-old in his stroller, I heard loud yelling, some of which sounded like it was mechanically amplified. Decided to check it out. I ran into a mass of people - I'd guess a couple of hundred - gathered at 14th and Clinton. Most were dressed like extras from Mad Max. They seemed to be gathered around a corral made of orange plastic fencing. Inside the corral were two guys riding modified bicycles being pelted by the crowd with empty beer cans. My son couldn't deal with all the noise and throwing and started to cry, so we left. I asked someone on the outskirts of the crowd what was going on. She smiled and said "Chunkathlon."

Rather than draw my own conclusions about what I saw, I'm hoping someone can expain it to me. Is this some sort of new cultural phenomenon?

[ C.H.U.N.K. 666 website ]


12.09.2004 23:30
Oregonian article hits the bullseye; Nothing but an exception that proves the rule
i never thought i'd say this, but i read an article in the Oregonian that actually hit the target in the bullseye, or very close to it. The article, Full view of city's urban renewal lacking, by Randy Gregg, appeared in Sunday's paper. It's a review of the American Institute of Architects exhibit "Good Citizens Are the Riches of a City" showing in town. The exhibit was put together by the Portland Development Commission (PDC), and its theme is the history of Urban Planning in the city. Naturally, as Gregg points out, the PDC assembled what is essentially "a commercial for itself" with claimed successes highlighted and obvious failures mostly excised. Urban renewal in the United States is usually a racist and classist enterprise; for decades, targets of demolition across the country have been black neighborhoods and money-poor ethnic enclaves to make room for ugly "development", parking lots, or freeways. Urban renewal projects have destroyed many precious, vital places with a thoroughness that could only otherwise be accomplished through war-time bombing. The perpetrators have been, as Gregg points out, "a bunch of white guys".

Gregg does not shy away from any of these truths about the effects of urban renewal in Portland or the classism and racism at its roots. Most surprisingly, at the end of his column -- in describing a sculpture submitted for a proposed restoration of Ross Island -- Gregg raises an artist's question of what history will view as the greater crime: Ross Island Sand & Gravel's ravaging of the natural environment, or the act of burning trucks belonging to them in protest of their ecocidal activities. Whoah! With this last paragraph, Gregg gives that famous arson the most balanced and least hysterical treatment that has ever appeared in the Oregonian to my knowledge. This is where the discussion should have started in the first place, and it's too late now for the people since jailed.

Of course, this article by Randy Gregg is one of those exceptions that proves the rule; the rest of the paper remains dismally shallow and biased, and shows no signs of changing.


12.09.2004 12:58
Cops and Cameras: Guerrilla Media Grows Up
The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of cop watch activity. With a vocal anarchist community, eco-defense alliances, and a growing boldness due to organization on the part of activists, places like Eugene and Portland, Oregon, are spawning a strength of *Independent Media* that is placing them among the leaders in this field. From the high quality news website produced by Portland's Independent Media Center (IMC) to Portland's Indy Media Web Radio Collective and their Video Collective, to the Cascadia Media Collective, radicals are learning how to produce professional quality media that rivals, if not outperforms, the mainstream press. The "Guerrilla Video Primer," produced by Eugene's Cascadia Media Collective, is a perfect example of the high quality, community-based, media coming out of this region. The primer is packed with practical, cutting-edge information that is useful to all who participate in protests and direct actions, not just video journalists. The "Guerrilla Video Primer" goes far beyond being a video primer. It is a guerrilla primer. It offers clear and concise instructions, and I think it should be required viewing in all classrooms. Full of inspirational footage of anarchist actions, with a great soundtrack, this video is also perfect for community viewings. The footage of violent cop behavior is educational for those who have not experienced this behavior firsthand.


RADICAL IDEA OF TRUTH 11.09.2004 16:27
Three years after "Sept. 11", Left still has its head buried in the sand
whatisthetruth4 From the very beginning, the events of Sept. 11, 2001, have been mysterious. Who hijacked the planes? Where did all the missing planes end up? How did such small impacts bring down such huge buildings? What hit the Pentagon? "Abyssmal" is the best word to describe both the official government commission and the media's efforts to answer these, or any of the other many questions surounding the events of that day. The mainstream left media has been most disappointing of all for many of us wanting to know what happened, and bring the true criminals to justice. Publications like the Nation, the Progressive, Common Dreams, etc., etc., and well-respected figures like Noam Chomsky, who are normally quite critical of the government's explanations for anything, have refused to go anywhere near the topic of Sept. 11. Even though these leftist voices have pointed out continually how the government lies about nearly everything most of the time, suddenly, all questions stopped, and the official story (a ridiculous conspiracy theory about 19 Arabs with box-cutters) became somehow sacrosanct, beyond doubt, and not to be inspected at all.

When 50% of New Yorkers believe the Bush administration consciously allowed Sept. 11 to happen, and want a real investigation to happen, how can the left continue its bizzare avoidance? Alas, with this central question of our day, the Left has proven (once again) its moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

50% of NYC Residents Think BushCo. Consciously Let 911 Happen
Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks and "Consciously Failed" To Act; 66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New York's Attorney General, New Zogby International Poll Reveals
FIRST Portland 9/11 Truth Demo Will Ask the Taboo Questions
Portland, OR - September 11, 2004 - In observance of the 9/11 anniversary this Saturday, the Portland chapter of the 9/11 Truth Alliance will gather downtown to advertise some questions that official commissions and media seem afraid to ask.

This is the first?Portland demonstration on the issue. The demonstration begins at the Multnomah County Central Library at 3:00 PM, and will move to Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5:00 PM. Later the group will move about town to visit other September Eleventh? gatherings

[ pdx-indy 911 Investigation Page | 911 Research | 911 - What Did Happen? | Global Research ]


11.09.2004 01:57
Our Changing Climate : a summary review
Sometimes it seems to me that people have been misled by climate modeling computer software and consequently believe that climate change and global warming are problems that will develop over 50 or 100 years (and so you sometimes hear people talking about our 'responsibility to our grand children' and there are frequently stories going around about how the climate will be different in about one hundred years). What strikes me as conservative, overly cautious computer programming would then be the source of a mythology that allows climate change to rapidly advance while many people remain unaware of the scope of the developing problems.

Articles by Brent Herbert


Night and fog: Disturbing resonances between regime and reich
You think it's not true, you think it's not coming, you think "it can't happen here." But it can, and it is, right before your eyes.

George Bush's United States is clearly in a proto-fascist condition. Of course, there's no such thing as direct equivalence between historical events. The same dangers never come around again -- not in the same form nor with precisely identical content. At every point in time, a new set of elements and circumstances coalesce to create the unique reality of that particular historical moment.

But if you take the general definition of fascism provided by its founder, Benito Mussolini -- "the merger of corporate and state power" -- and apply it to the elements that are coalescing in America at this historical moment, you could hardly find a more apt description of the Bush Regime. Couple that with the Bushists' radical transformation of party politics into a quasi-religious cult of militarism and leader worship, and you have not an equivalence but certainly an ever-deepening resonance with the malevolent spirit that swept Germany and Italy during the first half of the 20th century.


AUDIO FILE: Lloyd Marbet Files Defamation Lawsuit Against RetainOurBoard.org
Oregon political and environmental activist Lloyd Marbet has announced the filing of a defamation suit against as-yet unknown individuals operating a website called RetainOurBoard.org. The name of the website refers to the Board of Directors of Columbia Credit Union of Vancouver, Washington which has been the subject of a recall effort from credit union members, including Mr. Marbet. Marbet is running for a position on the Columbia Credit Union's supervisory committee in an election scheduled for September 15.

In November 2003, Columbia Credit Union held a vote on whether the nearly 70,000-member financial institution should convert from a credit union to a bank, a move which would take away members' voting rights ("one member, one vote") and move the power and control more firmly into the hands of the board of directors. Since that time the vote, in which the voting members, acting on the advice of the credit union's board of directors, narrowly elected to convert to a bank, has been declared unlawful by state and federal regulators. The incumbent board of directors also narrowly escaped a recall vote held on March 28, 2004.

[ Listen to the Audio | VIDEO FILE: The Untold Story of Columbia Credit Union ]


10.09.2004 13:16
McCloud River Indians to hold WAR DANCE at Shasta Dam
Members of the Winnemem Wintu The Winnemem (McCloud River) Wintu Tribe have called for a "War Dance" to be held at Shasta Dam, north of Redding, California, beginning September 12th through September 16th. The tribe is alarmed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's proposal to raise the dam because they lost much of their homelands, and their salmon, when the dam was first constructed. "Any raising of the dam, even a few feet, will flood some of our last remaining sacred sites on the McCloud River," sites we still use today," says Caleen Sisk-Franco, Winnemem Spiritual and Tribal Leader. "Village sites, burial grounds, and ceremonial grounds will all be lost forever," she continued.

The last time the Winnemem invoked the War Dance was in 1887 when a fish hatchery on the McCloud River was the enemy and protecting the salmon and the Wintu way of life was the focus...


Crisis In Vancouver!
Vancouver citizens are outraged over racist hostilities, and the lack of accountablility in thier local governemt. Now is the time for fundamental, change. Join us in solidarity, and protest.


REMEMBRANCE 10.09.2004 09:51
Vigils held in Eugene, Portland, Vancouver & McMinville for those killed in Iraq
Eugene--The calm late Summer night brought out perhaps 200 people to stand in silent solidarity to mourn the senseless deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, a vigil to mark that the death toll has reached 1000 this week. Let us not forget the tragic murder of nearly 13,000 innocent Iraqis, who are caught in a, as a few signs read, *quagmire*.

Many observed strict silence while pockets of others chatted about things totally unrelated to what brought us together. It made me wonder if they really understood the seriousness of the state of affairs.

Many passerbys honked in approval; only one SUV load of people yelled out: "Go Bush". Surprisingly there was not more of that given an article in this weeks Eugene Weekly that says that local Eugenians have donated twice as much to the Bush campaign as Kerrys. And we thought we were so liberal here in Eugene...

Portland--Several hundred people appeared at 8pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square to share a somber hour of subdued intermittent conversation and to share in a community of concern for the thousands of deaths in Iraq. Bush lied and thousands died. A year and a half from now, will we again gather to observe the 2000th American death?

There were also about 90-100 people gathered at 33rd & SE Belmont... We occupied all 4 corners of the intersection. After 30 minutes or so, some of us began to sing, which brought some unity to the gathering. Then after about an hour, most of us walked up to the sunflower intersection (CIty Repair, thanks!) at 33rd and Yamhill and made a big circle in the intersection; many put their candles in the middle. It was very moving.


Democracy 1, Secretary of State 0: Nader restored to Oregon ballot; Judge rejects Bradbury's partisan interference
The Honorable Paul J. Lipscomb, Presiding Judge of Marion County, today ordered the Secretary of State to "forthwith certify the Nader nomination as an independent candidate" for the November election.

The Court found that the Secretary of State made up "novel" rules for the purpose of applying them to the Nader Campaign. These "unwritten rules" which were "inconsistent" with the law and "not supported by the written administrative rules," and that such rules were "not applied either uniformly or consistently." The Courts specifically noted that the practice of directing the counties to withdraw signature sheets from consideration based on new criteria was unlawful, as was the Secretary's review of signatures which had already been verified as valid by the counties.

related: [ Nader Restored To Oregon Ballot ]


09.09.2004 14:47
Horse Abuse, Susan Matlock Forfiets Ownership Of Horses
Susan Matlock with her Attorney Dan Taylor Susan Matlock had a court hearing and arraignment today at the Washington County Court House in Hillsboro OR. Matlock gave up ownership of the 6 horses and has plead "Not Guilty" to 6 counts of Animal Neglect. Her next court date is Oct.18 at 9am.


SELECTION 2004 06.09.2004 21:11
Kerry Supporters Rally at Cheney's Visit to Pendleton
Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton Over 120 supporters of John Kerry for President rallied outside the Pendleton Convention Center during VP Cheney and Gordon Smith's visit one day after the RNC. "We wanted to show the world that Eastern Oregon is not solidly in the Republican's pocket," said rally organizer, Benjamin Talley.

Don Butcher, one of the marchers, responded after the rally, "I was deeply moved today by the more than one hundred people showing up to demonstrate that a substantial population in our area demand that we move beyond the politics of militancy, cronyism, monotheism, etc., to an America of vision, wisdom, equality and inclusivity."

As the Cheney meeting ended, many attendees leaving the Convention Center walked across the parking lot to join the Kerry supporters lining the street. The gathering reflected the diversity of Eastern Oregon -- retired folks, young people in dredlocks beating drums, Native Americans in tribal regalia, veterans, working people, professional people, young mothers and their children, and high school students.


06.09.2004 21:08
Biscuit Survives Summer
biscuit fire It is hard to imagine but as Labor Day passes, not a single tree in the 500,000 acre Biscuit area has fallen under the extreme Bush Biscuit logging project. The campaign is fraught with peril and damage has been done, but this is a time to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate a job well done so far and a forest well into its third year of natural recovery.

The most diverse National Forest in the American West still faces the largest timber sale in modern history, but the rivers, rare plants and serpentine forests of the Biscuit will remain largely intact for another winter.


04.09.2004 15:41
Democrats Support Bush, Attack Nader; Show Where Their Loyalties Lie
Here in Oregon, the Democrats have shamelessly violated the spirit of democracy and possibly the law to prevent Ralph Nader from getting on the ballot. Not once, but twice. First by undermining efforts of Nader supporters to have a convention and gather 1000 signatures by stacking the event and refusing to sign and now by using political influence to invalidate thousands of signatures already accepted as valid by county election offices. An appeal has been filed by a group of Oregon voters.

This is in sharp contrast to how the Democrats are treating George Bush. The Democrats have helped change laws in 9 states to extend the filing deadline due to the lateness of the Republican Convention. The Democrats assisted Bush to get on the ballot on his own terms. States include Illinois, Oregon and Alabama.

This shows the true nature of the 'two-party' system and how Democrats act as allies to Bush, rather than expose him as the lying, thieving, treasonous, Bill of Rights trampling, illegal usurper that he is. Meanwhile, it is the candidate who the Democrats are trying so hard to shut up who is rightfully calling for the impeachment of Bush.

Related Articles: [ APPEAL OF SECRETARY OF STATE'S UNLAWFUL REJECTION OF NADER PETITIONS | Nader Campaign Calls on Secretary of State to Respect Each Signature | Nader campaign goes to court over Oregon ballot access | Bradbury says Nader fails to get on ballot | Nader: Evidence Supporting Impeachment Grows | Oregon Democrats sabotage nader...Again | Nader Crashes the GOP's Bash ]


ORIGINAL REPORTING 04.09.2004 13:59
Home-grown Columbia Sportswear has the Sweatshop Market all Stitched Up
Quietly growing like a cancer on the distant northern fringes of Portland, locally-owned Columbia Sportswear has made good in the sweatshop-manufactured sporting-goods distribution business. Huge profits and a bright future have not trickled down to even their American workers, who labor on the banks of the Columbia River much as if they were sweatshop workers themselves. Meanwhile, the company has been very careful to keep the roots of their successful business model out of the press, and have generally avoided any association with the word "sweatshop".

When I replied to a job announcement posted on the progressive-friendly Craig's List internet bulletin board, I was pretty desperate for work of any kind. Working in a warehouse didn't sound half bad, compared to developing global strategy for Exxon-Mobil or deciding where to drop the bombs in the current so-called "War on Terror", and I've known people who have worked in similar places as an agreeable way to pass the lulls in between more desirable jobs. When I showed up for an interview, I felt a little deceived...


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