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30.08.2004 13:46
Old Forests Just in the Way
Neatening the forest Welcome to what used to be and old-growth forest. Then it became the Batwings timber sale. Now it is just nasty. No matter the excuses, the destruction of old growth is an ugly sight.


30.08.2004 12:53
Local Green Party activist responds to Counterpunch article
Counterpunch has been critical of the Green Party and individually attacking Green activists here in Oregon. Here is one response about the inaccuracies in their articles.

Dear Jeffrey, Alex and Michael,

Your article ("Situational Democracy: The Show Me the Green Party", August 27, 2004) contains many factual inaccuracies...

  • I'm not in the "inner circle" of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon. I have never been elected to serve on any of our state party's committees.
  • No committee or group in the Pacific Green Party of Oregon decided "not to pursue a replacement candidate" for Oregon's 5th Congressional district. Mitch Besser, our nominee, withdrew on the day of the Secretary of State's filing deadline. I was not aware of that Mitch actually withdrew until after the filing deadline passed. Moreover, I haven't seen, spoken with or written to Mitch Besser since May, 2004.
  • It is wrong that there are no PGP candidates will impact the election of Democratic incumbents. Teresa Keane is running a strong campaign against US Senator Ron Wyden.

related: [ Greens at the Crossroads: Party Fights for its Future | What's up with Indymedia? ]


A Recap of August 29th in NYC: The UFPJ march, Central Park, and repression on Broadway
The August 29 United for Peace and Justice rally has been gathering press for months, due to UFPJ's altercation with the City of New York over the city's refusal to issue a permit for a post-protest rally in Central Park. In the end, both the City and the state court rejected UFPJ's request to use the park. However, several thousand people convened in the park regardless, in a peaceful. festive gathering which went mostly unmolested. Meanwhile, police arrested over 150 people - many of them bystanders - in Times Square and on Broadway,as protesters attempted to converge outside the venues where Republican delegates had gone to watch Broadway shows.
Times is no Tiananmen -- Radicals stay safe trying to save the world
Times is no Tiananmen but they are part of the same movement against oppressive forces everywhere. The U.S. government did little more than learn from the Peoples Republic of China about how to handle this uprising in NYC a little more gently and with better control of the media. So, since the leaders of America and China consort amongst themselves, why shouldn't the common people, who live in those occupied lands, act in solidarity?

From NYC Indymedia: [ August 29, 2004: Wrap Up | Bronx Cheer: Well Into Evening, GOP Delegates Unwelcomed by New Yorkers | Volunteering at the RNC; Part #2 | The Not Quite "Battle" of Central Par | 'We're Disgusted With This Man': A Half-Million Marchers Say No to the RNC | Radical People of Color Take their Messages to the Streets | Interviews from UFPJ March, Part 1 ]

[ Photo summary of A29 ]


30.08.2004 09:43
Bark Alert: Juncrock, Cloak, Convention, ORVs, Roads
Old Western Hemlock and Pacific Yew in Cloak Unit 466 The abrupt changing of seasons has brought a flood of news for Mt. Hood. Just as the rain began this weekend, Bark received word that the Forest Service is preparing renewed logging plans for the controversial Juncrock timber sale. We had hoped the Forest Service had gotten the picture when they temporarily withdrew this old growth logging project earlier this summer, following hundreds of letters and calls in opposition. Apparently they still haven't learned that the public doesn't want to see any more old growth clear-cuts!

Bark is committed to stopping Juncrock, but we need your help!

Wild Weekend for the Wild Siskiyous Oct 1-4

Join with grassroots forest activists from across the Northwest and nation for what promises to be a historic weekend! We will build upon our vision for the permanent protection of public lands. The convention will be held at the Sis-Q Meadows camp in the remarkable Siskiyou Wild Rivers area - one of the most biologically diverse forests in the world and home to the largest proposed logging project in U.S. Forest Service history (the Biscuit).

National Forest Protection Alliance
Sixth Annual National Convention
October 1-4 * Sis-Q Meadows
Cave Junction * Southern Oregon


29.08.2004 14:21
Cobertura de las movilizaciones de Nueva York en directo, en castellano.
Informaci?n e imagenes continuamente actualizadas, en castellano, en este enlace: http://www.lahaine.org/b2/articulo.php...

Awkward google translation: At the moment traves of THIS WEB the manifestation against the National Convention of the Republican Party can be seen that this being developed in New York (between 7? Reconciled and street 22, concretely). By this time no longer you go away the manifestation by this camara. The head of the manifestation has arrived at Square Union, end of the route, without moment incident nor arrests have taken place - of. At brief moments it is predicted that the concentration in Power station begins Park, is possible that something traves of webcam of THIS PAGINA is seen (Click on ?Central Park Area ?) People mainly direct towards Power station Park. The general atmosphere is quite calm in spite of small isolated incidents with the policia and the provocations of a handful of against-demonstrators. Two people have been stopped in 6? with 34 to photograph to policias of countryman. [ Read More ]


29.08.2004 13:52
Portland speaks to the world
PDX indymedia is carrying information about the protests to the world. I am grateful to live here. Thanks to you all who are doing this! MSNBC and Fox carried the protests for only a few minutes when the dragon float was on fire, then quickly abandoned them. C-Span is giving great coverage. None of the mainline media is carrying the protests. Yet, you can watch it on the walls of Amsterdam. What is wrong here... folks have been calling in to the webstreaming radio from wisconsin, texas, colorado, and elsewhere. yesterday, a few FM stations were rebroadcasting the stream and a woman called who was listening in her car in florida! san diego is restreaming the pdx indy radio broadcast. [Calls have come in] from nashville... and blacksburg virginia. Another caller feels the best coverage is to listen to pdx indy radio while watching CSPAN with the sound turned down. [f*ck yeah]

Approaching from Columbus Circle, there were only 4 officers watching over people. Though they weren't wearing riot gear, they had duffle bags whose contents were unknown. Tons of people were sitting against a fence around part of the park, but were getting no hassle. So, so far it seems like the cops are not pushing any boundaries in the Park. [ Read More ]

[This from a warrior against the drug war]: I spoke for a few minutes last night on PDX WebRadio, plugging Marijuana.com as touching on topics of medical marijuana, media suppression and blackout of issues, linking the war on drugs and the war on terror through the use of media-spread lies and propaganda. Also hit upon the GOP generally-organized opposition to medical marijuana and marijuana reform efforts. Today the PDX WebRadio has been EXACTLY what the People need all the time. We didn't get to get into the cannabis/biodiesel/petroleum monopolization angles inhereent in this broader topic. I greatly appreciate the effort of PDX WebRadio - you all Rock! PS - check out my anti-war tune, Flag Draped Box Flag Draped Box. [ Read More ]


SPORTS & POLITICS 29.08.2004 00:45
More Raised Black Fists at Olympics Ceremonies
Carlos and Smith at 1968 Mexico Olympics
In 1968, John Carlos and Tommy Smith made Civil Rights history at the Olympics in Mexico. When they won the gold and bronze, both men wore black gloves, and raised their fists in silent protest for the world to see. Where are the brave, socially-conscious athletes of today?

[ other articles by kirsten anderberg ]


28.08.2004 19:00
Lone protester in Portland confronts Republicans to show solidarity with protesters in NYC
I was one, armed with woman-made sign, because my heart is with protesters in NYC. The Bushites had a bash to honor 59 Oregonians headed for NYC to attend the Republican National Convention, and I was there in protest. I arrived at the Lincoln Center, 10250 SW Greenburg Road in Tigard, just before 10 a.m, after multiple bus transfers. My "woman-made" sign displayed my cause: "IRAQ = VIETNAM, IN SOLIDARITY WITH RNC PROTESTERS, DROP BUSH/CHENEY." (The previous evening I had dropped 2 letters in "protesters," when I was fixing a balled-up internet problem, but I repaired it mightily with peeled-off cardboard paper, sized to word, and brown sticky tape.) I held the sign and my head high as I walked up to the entrance.

A security guard, standing in front, said I couldn't go in. I replied I had no intention of doing so. Soon 2 more guards came out and said I had to leave the area and go up to Greenburg Road. Well, it has public visibility there, as I stood on the sidewalk waving to hundreds of passerbys in cars. Bush/Cheney signs were flashed at me, along with Women for Bush, Vets for Bush, a middle finger, yelling "Communist China," "insane," "fight for peace," and "How's Kerry's cancer?" To some I chanted "Out of Iraq."


28.08.2004 17:11
RNC Update 7 Bikes and Bones
Last night the police broke bones. They surrounded and arrested hundreds in Critical Mass, the giant mass bicycle ride, that took off from Union Square with two to three thousand bicycles. I wish I'd seen them leave?I was at a book party and teach-in for David Solnit's book Globalize Resistance, in which I have a piece on feminism and globalization. The book is an anthology of writings about the movement, and many of us who wrote for it were there to speak about our pieces.

The book party took place in a community garden in the Lower East Side that was an idyllic little spot among the brownstones and refurbished tenements It was full of winding paths and raised beds of small trees and flowers blooming in purples and lavenders and pale yellow. We all crowded onto a small lawn and spoke as loudly as we could after the police turned off the sound system. There was a good crowd there in spite of half a dozen competing events, and I would have liked to stay but I had to dash off to a Pagan Cluster meeting. [ Read More ] [ Starhawk.org ]


28.08.2004 12:13
March for Womens Lives
Today, starting in Brooklyn, a March for Womens Lives was scheduled, the plan was to march across the Brooklyn Bridge to make sure that issues of reproductive health?global family planning, real sex education, accessible, safe and legal abortion, birth control options, the right to privacy regarding sexuality, and equal access to health care?are part of the national political dialogue.

Around 1pm today speakers started at Candon park in Brooklyn, the rally started small with just over 500 protesters and only about 70 police officers. There didnt seem to be much tension, with many of the cops being on bicycle. There were people there handing out water and Luna bars, to a very diverse crowd.

By 1:30, the march had begun and the crowd was up in the thousands, byt the time they started crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Reports came in of as many as 16,000 marchers going over the bridge. By the time the march reached City Hall Park for the end rally, it was three hours into it. There were reports of good vibes and lots of support (in the form of honking) by the passing vehicles.


28.08.2004 10:32
5000+ riders hit the streets for anti-RNC Critical Mass in NYC
NYC Indymedia reports: The first wave of posts on tonight's Critical Mass have come in. The ride was New York's largest critical mass, with well over 5,000 bikes.

Gathering at Union Square in the middle of Manhattan at 7 p.m. and departing at 7:30, oil-free transportation stretched across all horizons around Union Square. First pedaling south down Broadway and then rerouting north on Madison and Sixth avenues, Critical Mass consisted of a 45 block long brigade of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians. The ride lasted about 2 hours, performed its traditional occupation of Times Square and rode past Madison Square Garden (MSG), site of the RNC.


NEWS FROM OUR BROTHER 28.08.2004 00:58
Results of Tre Arrow's Hearing
tre arrow the results of today's hearing are mixed, but definately not all bad.

tre was not released today. his lawyer tim russel put forward a plan for bail and release conditions to the supreme court justice. this was primarily surety in the amount of $10,000 - $20,000, plus a proposed house arrest situation, in addition to reporting conditions that could be several times a day of tre reporting in, plus electronic monitoring, etc.

this plan was rejected by justice dohm, who instead proposed an alternative: surety in the amount of $200,000 - $300,000, or, someone with property, plus house arrest conditions which would have tre in the presence of another person 24 hours a day. the person with property must be a resident of bc.

justice dohm made it clear: he was not granting bail, but, he was not denying bail either.


Mattole Activists Assaulted, Arrested After Serving Subpoena for Pepper Spray Trial
chilean rainforest Shortly after the subpoena was served, activists were met by a truck from Columbia Helicopters, who are contracted by PL to stack logs from clear-cuts. Activists reported the truck driver was aggressive with his driving, and pushing into activists' bodies to get through them. When another truck appeared on the scene, this one a personal red pick-up truck, the driver jumped out and assaulted the woman with the camera, which was held around her neck by a strap. After he wrestled with the woman, reportedly throwing her to the ground, he began choking her with the strap as he attempted the take the camera from her. She tried to protect the camera by wrapping her body around it, but he was determined to take it from her. He pulled out a knife and eventually cut the strap, but not without cutting the woman in the process.

The sheriffs arrived sometime thereafter, but refused to take reports from activists. They did, however, take notes on the report offered by Carl Anderson. The activists attempted to notify the deputies that they had been assaulted, to which Anderson reportedly joked to the Officer Carla Bolton, "What are you going to do, arrest me?" Given the number of times activists have witnessed Anderson giving orders to the sheriffs', opening the doors to their trucks and helping himself to their vehicle phones and equipment, the answer wasn't hard to guess. Five activists were arrested, and the videotape and mangled camera confiscated along with the proof of service of the subpoena.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 27.08.2004 17:45
Animal Rights Activist Gina Lynn Exercises Constitutional Rights; Jailed By Grand Jury
On the 7th of May 2000 a group in America calling itself "Revenge of the Trees" carried out an arson attack on a timber company called Holbrook Inc. On the same day the Animal Liberation Front raided Dai-Zen Egg Farm and rescued 228 chickens which were then all rehomed.

On the 25th of August 2004, American animal rights activist & former animal rights prisoner, Gina Lynn, was summoned before a Grand Jury which is investigating these two actions. Gina refused to answer any of the questions put to her and cited the 5th amendment. If a witness is granted partial immunity from prosecution they automatically have their constitutional right to silence taken away from them. If they then fail to answer any questions they can be jailed for contempt of court. Gina was given partial immunity from prosecution and because she failed to answer any questions she has been jailed.

From another article: States Gina, "It has never been my intention to cooperate with this political witch hunt, and I remain firm in my principled resistance to these secretive probes. Their aim is to disrupt and destroy political movements such as ours. I will not be a willing participant." Since being jailed for exercising her constitutionally-protected rights, Gina has been refusing food in protest. Please join her in taking a stand for civil liberties.

Related articles: [ Snitch Alert; Geoff Kerns speaks to Seattle Grand jury | Animal Rights Activist Gina Lynn Rebuffs Federal Grand Jury ]


27.08.2004 10:38
The Death of Sgt. Van Dale Todd
Back in 1972, near the end of the War in Vietnam, I was living in San Francisco, and my close friend, ex-Sgt. Van Dale Todd, a combat veteran of the 101st Airborne, lived in another apartment of the same building. It was an old Victorian house out on 29th Street. Sometimes Van would take a notion to hit the wall which separated our apartments with his fist and shout, "Who the fuck would join the Marine Corps?" I'd yell back, "Airborne sucks!" "The Marine Corps sucks!" Van'd shout. "Only two things come out of the sky," I'd yell back again, "Bird shit and fools!" That was how we said good morning to each other. It was our ritualized greeting.

We didn't set out to live next door to each other, that just happened to be the way it turned out. One day I discovered that I had a new neighbor; someone had moved into the adjacent apartment and had pasted a peace sign on his door.

It was a day or two later that I encountered him on the landing at the top of the stairs. He was a tall, powerful-looking guy about 22 years old, with shoulder-length hair and wearing a combat fatigue jacket, similar to the one I had on. He introduced himself as "Van." In the course of the conversation we found that we were both ex-GIs and had both attended some of the same antiwar marches and rallies. We were also, coincidentally, members of the same veterans antiwar organization.


26.08.2004 11:14
RNC - Hotel Banner Hang
A Banner was hung from the Plaza Hotel in midtown manhattan at 59th and 5th this morning at 9:45 a.m. (eastern time) by rock climber artist-activists who had repelled from the roof. The banner had two one-way signs with "Bush" in an arrow pointing one way and "Truth" in an arrow pointing in another. People watching from below applauded once the banner was fully revealed. It looked like vice-city as countless police vans and trucks pulled up below. Two officers went to up to balconies and tried to detain the activists, and were eventually succesful. NYC IMC story
Nude Protest outside Madison Square Garden
At approximately 12:15 EDT a group about a dozen nude protesters from ACT UP were arrested outside Madison Square Garden for blockading the intersection at 33st. and 8th Ave. Local cable news station NY1 carried the arrest, but the message of the protest was largely lost in the sensationalism surrounding the nudity. ACT UP was protesting the Bush administration AIDS policies, and also requesting debt cancellation for third-world countries.
NYC IMC stories- 1 | 2

Other RNC articles of interest: [ RNC Update 4 Action Bardo--What is an anarchist? | Statement from UFPJ on Aug. 29 March Plans & Central Park | RNC Video ~ Paula Revere's Ride


26.08.2004 10:24
VIDEO FILE: SaveCCU: The Untold Story of Columbia Credit Union
On November 3, 2003, the board of directors of Vancouver, Washington's Columbia Credit Union held a meeting to tally membership votes on a plan to convert the 52-year old financial institution into a mutual bank. During the meeting, several members of the credit union voiced deep concerns about the fairness of the election and the reasons given for such a radical change from the founding principles of the organization. Their pleas were ignored.

After the votes were counted and the conversion plan narrowly passed, several Columbia members filed complaints with the National Credit Union Administration and the Washington Department of Financial Institutions. While the state and federal regulators opened investigations into the propriety of the vote, these members formed a group called 'Save CCU' and began a grass-roots drive to return their credit union to a democratic, member-focused organization.

Video: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


FOREST DEFENSE 26.08.2004 09:58
Mt Hood: Horrific Juncrock Timber Sale Back on the Chopping Block
Juncrock Timber Sale Comments on the renewed logging plans for this terrible timber sale are due by Thursday, September 30th.

Earlier this summer, Bark learned that the Forest Service withdrew their decision on the Juncrock Timber Sale in response to the legal appeals submitted by Bark and ONRC. The Forest Service has now announced they will be releasing a revised version on the Environmental Impact Statement for the Juncrock Timber Sale this fall. The Forest Service has not changed their proposed action, despite receiving over 500 letters opposing the sale. They still plan to log over 550 acres of mature and old growth forest off of Highway 26 in the White River Watershed, Mt. Hood National Forest. One again, we must raise our voices against this sale. We have until September 30th to submit "scoping" comments. As early as October, the Environmental Impact Statement will be re-released. At that point we will need to mobilize to gather hundreds of comments in a brief amount of time. We need your help both to comment now and to prepare for the up-coming EIS comment period.


25.08.2004 18:05
Winkler Development making splinters of a 125,000 square foot wood structure rather than opting to recycle
Five years in the making, what once stood as the Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge in Southwest Portland, is being demolished by the same company which plans to rebuild 100 units of mixed housing, namely Winkler Development Co.*, owned by Jim Winkler. The 'teardown and dump the massive wood structure into the landfill' decision, rather than recycling the valuable wood products, creating more jobs and less harvesting of oldgrowth timber from Federally owned forests, appearantly would have cost too many dollars for Jim and friends.

Quotes byJim Winkler such as: "We have an opportunity to make a big difference, we are making the environment and the environmental potential the focus of the project." And: "...the project['s] reality will depend a great deal upon obtaining several grants that would support the funding of the project," has helped him convince the City of Portland to contribute their good name and over $60,000 in grant money to the aptly named, Headwaters at Tryon Creek.

Response from Rob Bennett on the Winkler Headwater's project demo

Rob Bennet is the director of the green building program with the city of Portland's Office of Sustainable Development, and has probably done more for the cause of green building than any other individual in Portland. Here is his reponse regarding the Headwater's project demo.

[ Other articles by M. Scott Jones ]


F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 25.08.2004 18:04
Indymedia poster seeking "embedded reporters" to report on RNC to The Oregonian; Is it worth it?
I wrote a letter to the Oregonian and asked them to cover RNC protests from the point of view of the protesters. They asked me for names and contacts. If you are interested, please contact me. This is a great chance to get the other side of the story told. They specifically want people from Oregon, preferably the Portland metro area.

"reader" comments:
Why would anyone want to help the Oregonian? Anyone who wants to tell their side of the story will do so through indymedia. Who needs a corporate filter on the telling of one's experiences? Why would anyone want their story to be edited in a way that will ensure the sale of more papers? People who want to know what is really happening will learn that the corporate press will not help them.

"Shrex" responds:
Perhaps with information coming from the other side of the fences (literally) the Oregonian could balance the spin a little. I hope someone who is going will take you up on this and I hope they will represent the protesters views with dignity, not hatred and bashing of all who disagree.

"reader" retorts:
The only way to move forward is to realize that the corporate media is not on your side. They are on the side of profit, not truth. This will not change. Anyone who things that media corporations care about anything besides their bottom line is not paying attention.


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