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09.06.2004 11:50
Anti-G8 Protests in US, Small but Lively
The neoliberal policies of the G8 have faced popular protest ever since US President Clinton instigated its formation in 1997. This year's summit on Sea Island, Georgia, was accompanied by state-imposed martial law, including a federal takeover of security throughout coastal Georgia. These orders are probably the reason protests were so small, but still activists came together in Brunswick, Savannah, and St. Simon's Island.
PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 AUDIO: 1 VIDEO: 1

On the other coast, in San Francisco, there was a massive display of multi-agency overtime, city, state and federal police forces effectively shutdown the West Coast anti-G8 message and reasserted their hold on SF's main thoroughfares, at least for today. SF Reclaim the Streets had called for a mutant-themed anti-G8 RTS action in San Francisco. The sound system and costumed mutants gathered at UN Plaza, threw a stationary street party and then took to Market Street. Within a few blocks, however, a sizeable portion of the mass was encircled by SF Police, California Highway Patrol and Federal Protective Services. Officers reportedly offered the corralled demonstrators a chance to be either "cited and released" or arrested -- although when a Freak Radio Santa Cruz correspondent attempted to leave the encirclement, he was beaten by police. Police ended up making around 165 arrests at 5th and Market Streets. Meanwhile, police attacked and beat with sticks a number of protesters, bystanders and a homeless man outside the encirclement. Several protesters were grabbed off the sidewalk and arrested for no reason at all, including several who had been photographing police violence.
PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 VIDEO: 1


09.06.2004 00:00
Josh Harper on Domestic Terror arrests of 7 activists.
The FBI made a co-ordinated sweep across the country a few weeks ago to arrest 7 activists involved in a legal campaign against multi-nationals involved with Huntingdon Life Sciences, a CRO who tests, petro-chemicals, GMO's, weapons, and such life saving medications as Viagra on animals. Here is one of the indicted activists take on the arrests.


08.06.2004 17:49
Phone Interview with Oregon State Prisoner Jeffery "Free" Luers
This is about a twenty minute interview with Jeffery Luers. Free is a political prisoner being held on domestic/environmental terrorism charges for firebombing some SUV's. He was sentenced for 22 years. Find out more from the interview!

[ June 12 International Events Planned | Appeal Awaiting Oral Arguments in July | Background ]


COMMUNITY DESIGN 08.06.2004 03:21
Debunking the biggest myth about growth
The biggest myth that developers and corporate leaders have brainclogged most Oregonians with, including progressives, is that growth is natural phenomenon. It is, in fact, carefully engineered. The rapid growth of the late eighties and nineties occurred as a result of very intense efforts led by Neil Goldschmidt and industry leaders, who all put their heads and money together to get more businesses and people to move here, through national and international PR campaigns, through giant tax breaks to large corporations such as Intel and Nike, and through laws that continue to this day to give huge subsidies to growth.

The game is to siphon as much natural wealth from the earth and as much fiscal wealth from the pockets of the poor and middle class as possible. The way to do this is to constantly feed the fire of demand, artificial demand then fulfilled with jacked-up supply. The way to generate demand is by putting in place the businesses that create the jobs that attract workers from other states and countries. While a few of the jobs provide middle to upper income wages, the vast majority of them are low-paying.

[ Alternatives to Growth Oregon Chapter ]


07.06.2004 11:15
corporate power
According to the film The Corporation, a corporation is simply a psychopath: Lying, harming others and not caring about it, unable to learn from mistakes, and more. Biotech croporations are just that: harming and threatening farmers around the world, destroying biodiversity - and yet they describe themselves as selling "Food, Health, Hope". ( interviews)

Some 17,000 people from biotech companies from about 60 countries are meeting behind closed doors to set up more contacts, to sell their ideas, to raise venture capitalism - and to convince journalists and the public that biotech is just great. To spin pro-biotech PR, corporate journalists were provided with story ideas already a week before the conference started, while Indymedia journalists were denied press credentials due to writing from an "activist point of view".
For corporate journalists, BIO2004 started out on Sunday with a media brunch full of GM food and corporate lies, promoting GM crops as the weapon against obesity.


06.06.2004 22:11
Native Americans could lose the right to vote under new election legislation
Leaders of the a national effort to get Native Americans to vote report that recent changes in election legislation is going to keep thousands of Native Americans from voting. American Indian leaders are working to get 1 million new Indian voters to the polls in November, a significant increase from a historically neglected minority that by chance and geography could decide which party controls the Senate.

The changes in voter registration would require all voters to have a street address, a drivers license or file a legal affidavit for identification. Many of the nations Native Americans live in rural areas where there are no street address and refuse to get drivers licenses because they do not recognize the license as needed under tribal sovereignty. For many filing a legal affidavit would require money they do not have. Many local area voter committees have been stacked with white conservative voter registrars who do not know many of the local Native Americans. Native leaders are trying to get the media to take notice of these election changes, but are having a hard time finding a voice.

[ National Congress of American Indians | pdx indymedia Indigenous Issues section ]


06.06.2004 15:56
call 8xx number for petition to "defend marriage"!
The Christian fundies are at it again. Here's your chance to share your view of their efforts to strip gays and lesbians of their rights to civil marriages by way of a citizen's initiative (on their dime!). Call 877-203-9595 today!


05.06.2004 13:36
Georgia Activists Prepare to Unwelcome the G8


From June 8-10, the Group of 8 (G8) Summit will bring together leaders of the world???s richest nations. Behind closed doors, eight men will decide political, economic and social issues affecting more than 6 billion people. As they gather on opulent Sea Island, Georgia, the contrast to the harsh realities of environmental injustice and high unemployment in nearby Brunswick could not be more stark. Meanwhile, civil liberties in South Georgia are being undermined by the Georgia Governor's "state of emergency" and excessive police and military build up in the area.


Running opposite the G8 Summit are several days packed with alternative events aimed at demonstrating what a sustainable world looks like, and how we get there from here. Both Brunswick and Savannah are the setting for an anti-G8 Georgia convergence that brings together anti-war activists, environmental groups, pagans, anarchists and other global justice activists for the first time since last November's FTAA Ministerial in Miami.


04.06.2004 16:03
9/11 Truth Movement Urges Scrutiny of Official Terrorists
whatisthetruth1 Toronto, May 25-31. Authors, researchers, activists, journalists, and people from around the world converged to participate in The International Citizens Inquiry into 9-11, Phase Two ( http://www.911inquiry.org). The flaws in the official story, as well as evidence that the U.S. officials have lied about the events of September 11th, destroyed key evidence, have actively engaged in a cover-up, and appear to be the prime benefactors of the crime, has prompted the participants to alert the public that the criminals behind 9-11 are planning worse attacks.

Financial analyst Robert McHugh noted in his May 30th forecast ( http://www.safehaven.com/article-1597.htm)-

"the Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we've never seen before without a crisis ... The amazing thing is, the Fed's actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?"

There were many financial indicators that "insiders" profited from their foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks. The 9/11 Truth Movement raises the questions- Who benefited? Who had the ability to commit, carry out, and cover-up the crimes? Organizer of the Toronto Inquiry Director Barrie Zwicker stated-

"If we want to learn the truth about 9/11, we will have to find it for ourselves."

Carol Brouillet, U.S. citizen, adds "Our best hope of preventing another attack is by exposing the truth about 9/11 and holding those responsible accountable; it is up to us to rein in a criminal government."


04.06.2004 15:55
Portland Rose Festival: Here's to "Community" (TM)
There's something for everyone in this year's Rose Festival. If you're into a dose of sexist objectification of women, you probably checked out the Fred Meyer® queen's coronation last night. Missed it? Not your thing? Fear not, there's more. Tonite, you will be treated to the STARsm ATM/Debit® Fireworks Spectacular. If you like to run, you can participate in the Key Bank® Starlight Run this weekend. Saturday night, the Portland General Electric® starlight parade will wind down the streets, and on June 12th, the Southwest Airlines® Grand Floral Parade will do the same.

Any day of the week, head on down to the Pepsi® waterfront village, and check out the Wells Fargo® Western Trail, the Fred Meyer® Kid's Kingdom, or take one of a number of exciting tours. You can experience the Nivia® Skin Inspiration tour, to learn about the exciting new skincare products brought to you by Nivia®, and the Allavert Allergy® "wherever you are" tour where you can win prizes and learn tips for coping with indoor and outdoor allergies.

Do you get the feeling you're being sold out? That's because you are. This is not community, it's consumerism. The civic spirit left events like this long ago. You're no longer a human being going to the fair to socialize with other human beings. Now you're a commodity. A "Consumer." A "prospect." The city is selling you to one corporate sponsor after another after another.


BioDevestation 2004 04.06.2004 14:55
Reclaim the Commons
For updates from the streets, check [ Bay Area Indymedia | BREAKING NEWS FROM TODAY ] or [ Enemy Combatant Radio | TUNE IN NOW!!! | call 415-864-1006 to report live on ECR ] or [ Portland IMC Web Radio | TUNE IN NOW!!!]
For in-depth coverage and analysis, check [ Biotech IMC | Impressions from inside the BIO2004 Conference centre ]


03.06.2004 15:34
Legal Protest at Boston Armed Forces Recruiting Center Results In Felony Charges
BOSTON- 5/26/04- A group of people got together to do an action at the Tremont St Armed Forces Career Center (AFCC) in Boston. JP and CW met NF and JM at the location. (11:00 am) JP donned a black hood, a loosing fitting black shawl, sandals and two black cords hanging from his hands. He was standing on top of a plastic milk crate. (11:25 am)
This was a visual approximation of the infamous torture photos from Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.


02.06.2004 21:36
Code Pink Memorial Ribbon Walk - Parade or Protest?
One little known Memorial Day event took place at Waterfront Park in Portland on Monday. Forty or fifty people gathered at the Salmon Street Fountain for the Code Pink Memorial Ribbon Walk, including members of Northwest Veterans for Peace and members of women's peace groups "Code Pink" and "Women in Black."

Organizers unfurled a fifty-foot pink ribbon bearing the names of the more than 800 U.S. military who have died in Iraq since March 2003. Participants took their places along the ribbon to help carry it along the riverfront. A few participants also carried signs honoring the Iraqi civilians and military killed in the Iraqi invasion and occupation.

Unfortunately, this moving and respectful event was marred by an intrustion...


COMMUNITY DESIGN 02.06.2004 16:32
New McNeighborhood planned for hills above Camas
A few days ago I rode my bike down Lake Rd. which is up above Lacamas Lake. If you travel southeast from the Prune Hill area, it's a long downhill ride through second growth forest. On the side of the road there's a sign put up as a public announcement, concerning a "proposed" subdivision bordering Prune Hill. The sign is easy to miss if you're on a bike, much less in a car, and I would guess almost no one walks up or down this hill, so in effect the sign is useless. It's about 20 ft. from the road, in among the trees and fern.

The proposed development is quite large, and apparently has already begun, as I saw somewhere on the web that contractors have asked the city of Camas for access to the site. Actual groundbreaking may not have begun though. From looking at the map on the sign, the actual development will be 40-50 acres, with surrounding "open space tracts."

I would imagine the forest here is an important part of the Lacamas Creek watershed, which flows into the Washougal River, and then into the Columbia. Across the Lacamas Creek valley is Round Lake Park, and some areas of that park are so ecologically sensitive that they're off-limits to everything except foot traffic.


01.06.2004 18:47
Starving for Justice: Tre's Ordeal Continues
Tre Arrow may be returning to Portland if Canada won't allow him to stay. His hunger strike is over, but Tre's lost even more weight because BC Corrections is literally starving him. Tre Arrow began presenting his case to a Canadian immigration panel yesterday in Vancouver. The imprisoned forest activist also had his first decent meal since his arrest March 13. Hands cuffed behind his back, wearing a red prison shirt, Tre called out to supporters as he was led into the closed hearing room: "Thank you so much for the food! My belly hasn't felt this full in months. I love you, I love you so much!" Tre's friends and allies clapped and cheered as guards hustled him away down the hall. After six weeks on a hunger strike, Tre is once again eating vegan raw food. But BC Corrections won't provide him with an adequate diet. He survives on a few salads and apples each week. Tre now weighs just 109 pounds, 40 pounds less than ten weeks ago. His wrists look like sticks, and the bones of his face stand out clearly in the glare of the fluorescent lights. Supporters in BC pooled their resources to lay out an organic raw food smorgasbord for Tre this week, including homemade guacamole, kiwis, dates, and coconut milk. On hearing days, when he's taken from Port Coquitlam to downtown Vancouver, Tre is allowed to have outside food. Otherwise, officials at the maximum-security detention centre refuse to allow his supporters to bring him what he needs. His devastating weight loss is caused by a lack of fat and protein in his diet. Tre's hearing for admissibility to Canada continues tomorrow (June 2), and a decision is expected in the afternoon. [ Read More ] [ Tre Update for 6/1 ]


01.06.2004 11:34
ACT: resist represstion in Guadalajara
flyer In Guadalajara, Mexico, violent repression and torture is occurring during protests of the meeting of Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union May 26-29th.Over 100 activists and bystanders have disappeared. Protesters are being held in 5 different jails and 2 different hospitals and the authorities have refused to release their names. Witnesses in the jails have reported torture inside the jail. Women have been forced to strip naked, and men have been brutally beaten while handcuffed on the ground.


01.06.2004 10:04
This morning's press performance by Bush "Repetitive, Juvenile"
Given that the President has held a record low for press conferences during his administration, the news that an impromptu question and answer period revolving around the announcement of a new Iraqi leader would occur this morning was greeted with hope by the myriad of reporters assembling at the White House.

The disappointing performance that followed left many, I am sure, feeling, "why did he bother?"

Technically speaking, the event was frustrating for viewers. The only live mike appeared to be on the podium and so questions asked by reporters were nearly inaudible. And since the President's reponses to all questions were practically interchangeable, it would have helped if either an aide or Mr. Bush himself had rephrased the questions before "answering" them.


AUDIO FILE: Against Nuclear Weapons
At the First Unitarian Church, on May 15th, 2004 two speakers addressed the issue of nuclear weapons. The first to speak was Jonathan Schell, Professor at Wesleyan University and Peace Fellow at the Nation Institute. Schell, author of numerous books, including "The Fate of the Earth" and most recently, "The Unconquerable World - Power, Nonviolence and the Will of the People," is currently director of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute, an organization founded by Helen Caldicott, who was the second speaker at this lecture.

After introductions by a member of the Women In League For Peace and Freedom , we first heard some remarks by a veteran who served in the first Gulf War: "...it doesn't matter how justified a war might be, it doesn't matter what the politicians say or that they think this is the right thing to do. No matter how justified a war might be it is always an atrocity. And so the work I am doing with Jonathan, Helen and others is dealing witht he ultimate atrocity, which is nuclear war. And that's why we brought them here tonight, to talk about what could happen; both the horror of what could happen, but also the hope of what we can do to prevent it from happening."

I found this to be an extremely illuminating presentation. This synopsis barely outlines the depth and range of his remarks, and only covers less than the first half of his lecture, which is about 25 minutes in length. Well worth the listen! This entire audio file, is about 30 minutes in length. Hopefully in the near future I can post the talk by Helen Caldicott, whose presentation was less scholarly and more spontaneous. Hers was much longer, about 45 minutes. Eventually these lectures will be aired on Community Television stations in the Portland area. For schedules of this and other programs, check out Community T.V. Schedules

[ Philospher Seed Web site ]


31.05.2004 16:27
Photos from the Village Building Convergence
Kids at Atkinson School at 52nd & Division. Here are some photos from VBC4. I spent the week visiting different building sites and saw some amazing and beautiful work. VBC is an annual event in Portland that demonstrates and showcases alternative building techniques that are intended to make better community spaces. This year's VBC is over now, but planning for next year's will begin at a meeting at People's Co-op on June 10th, at 6pm.


FOREST DEFENSE 31.05.2004 08:34
Vandals damage logging equipment in 'salvage' area
Because the Regional Forester in Portland, Linda Goodman, authorized the Monument timber sale as an 'emergency' under 'Healthy Forests Initiative,' it was being cut despite ongoing efforts to stop this illegal logging in court. Looks like vandals had to step in to put a 'people's injunction' on the logging for a couple of weeks. These are not 'terrorists' as the ignorant 'Undersheriff' claims below, they are at worst vandals, at best - heroes. DR Johnson would have likely kept cutting through the Memorial Day weekend in their malicious race to get the old growth trees on the ground before the courts stop them.


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