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ANIMAL RIGHTS 31.05.2004 08:31
2005 Primate Freedom Pre-Tour is HERE, NOW!
In May 1997, one individual, Rick Bogle, began a seven month tour of the seven regional primate research centers in the United States. This sparked a national caravan tour against primate experimentation in the summer of 1999 that stopped at over 20 primate research facilities.

Jeremy Beckham started the 2005 Primate Freedom *Pre-tour* road trip Thursday, May 20, 2004, from the Washington National Primate Research Center in Seattle, WA. Today, Saturday, May 29th was the first day at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro, Oregon. Local activists turned out in support of what will be a week-long (May 28-June 3) visibility and education outreach in front of the Primate Center.

The 2005 Primate Freedom Tour's purpose is to educate the public about primate experimentation and to speak out against its existence. Activists will tour the country in buses, stopping at the nation's largest primate labs to demonstrate the seriousness of the issue and their moral resolve through rallies, marches, protests, and vigils. Basic rights for primates can also serve as a model for helping other oppressed beings. Demanding protection for those who demonstrate characteristics we generally deem morally significant is the best place to start in tearing down the artificial species barrier.

Diary of an Anti-Vivi-sectionist | National Primate Research Museum | Schedule of Pre-Tour stops | How You Can Help make the Tour a reality


Protestors Clash With Police in Guadalajara, Mexico
Anti-Globalization protestors clashed with police yesterday in the Mexican City of Guadalajara. The violent police repression occured at the end of a trade summit between representatives of the European Union and Mexico.

According to an announcement from the Libertarian Commune of Guadalajara, posted on the Mexico IMC, the protests were planned as a response to the imperialist ambitions of the delegates to the trade summit. The demonstrators were protesting what they see as a small group of capitatalists and neoliberals attempting to decide the economic and social fate of an entire region of the world. In the eyes of the protestors, the summit was planned as a vehicle for the imposition of free market ideology on the communities of Mexico, for the benefit of trade relation with the EU, with no regard for the adverse effects that such ideology has had on the communities of Mexico.

The main march was yesterday, May 28. According the the target="_blank">Mexico IMC there were approximately 2500 people in the March. They represented diverse groups including: Students, teachers, campesinos, union members, anarchists, sexual minorities, civil society groups, and political parties.


For The Western Shoshone, War is not just in Iraq
We Need Your Help!!! Western Shoshone Payoff Bill is on the Move Again!

We just got notification that Sen Reid's bill S.618 will be on the House Floor under Suspension on Tuesday June 1st. Current legislation before the United States Congress, entitled the Western Shoshone Distribution Bill (HR 884/S 618), is an attempt to strip away U.S. treaty obligations and Western Shoshone connections to their homeland by a mere one time payment of cents on the acre. Last week we received information that under the guise of bi-partisanship, Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Jim Gibbons are once again gearing up to force this one time payment on the Western Shoshone people for 24 million acres of land at approximately 15 cents an acre. The bill is HR 884/S 618, entitled the "Western Shoshone Claims Distribution Act".

The fear of many Western Shoshone people and the majority of Councils is that the forced distribution of these monies by Congress will be used to silence Western Shoshone concerns regarding U.S. violations of the Treaty of Ruby Valley and ongoing violations against Western Shoshone rights to property, due process and equality under the law. This push is being made at the same time that the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste repository is being pushed along and Congressman Gibbons' is sponsoring other legislation, HR 2869 and HR 2772, which would open up Shoshone lands to privatization by multinational mining companies and massive geothermal energy development with no provision for Western Shoshone interests or concerns. Additionally, in the last two weeks, Notices of Intent to Impound livestock have again been received by Western Shoshone grandmothers Mary and Carrie Dann and other Western Shoshone ranchers.

Shundahai Network


30.05.2004 13:14
Reward Offered for Winning T-Shirt Design
A Reward in the form of a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Laughing Horse has been offered to a winning entry in the Laughing Horse & Video Collective's T-Shirt Design Contest. A local non-profit collectively-run bookstore, that has been on the search for a new T-shirt design for a short time now, announces that entries must be turned in by this week to qualify.


F*CK THE CORPORATE MEDIA 30.05.2004 03:04
"Thoroughly Starbucked" Response
The latest Willamette Week cover story pinpoints several arguments against supporting Starbucks; however, Taylor Clark's article ignores Starbucks' forged business relationships with companies such as Kraft and the Delek Group in Israel(a company responible for oil exploration, distribution and biochemical manufacturing).

Rarely is a company ALL bad, and rarely is a company, especially an international one, without flaw. The question is not simply: Is Starbucks good or bad? A more apt question is: Does Starbucks' environmental-conscious practices in some areas of business excuse the partnerships it has forged with companies that pay low wages to workers and degrade the environment? For some consumers, the answer to this question will be yes, for others the answer will be no. The important thing to remember is that consumers have power to influence markets, but only when we possess all the facts to make well-informed decisions about where to put our dollars. By not including key information in the cover story on Starbucks (Thoroughly Starbucked March 26, 2003), Taylor Clark's article is little more than an editorial with a front-page photo. While Clark does pinpoint some important issues, the follow-through is weak and offers a false sense of Starbucks as a company.

[ No Starbucks in 7 Corners indymedia stories ]


30.05.2004 03:00
I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier
For several weeks our caller ID had "The United States Government's" local phone number on it. It was the armed forces calling for my son. I was appalled! I could not believe the nerve of them barging into our lives with their mendacious offer to help pay for my son's education and then assist him in finding a job after school. That is the way that they slyly presented their bid for my son.

My daughter first talked with them. On the second call she asked who was calling and told them that she did not think that he would be interested. The recruiter commanded her to tell him who she was (their ordering of others never stops).

The calls came in quite regularly, several times per week, sometimes 2-3 times per day (they were zealous!) always when I was not at home. When I told my son about the phone calls, (who was not living her at the time), he just rolled his eyes and said "whatever".

Finally, one day when I was at home, the United States Government lit up on the caller ID. I was so ready to give them a peace of my mind. The (young sounding) man on the other end of the phone asked to speak with my son. I told him that he was not here and asked what he wanted with him. He asked who I was (the audacity; he's calling my home and asking me to identify myself!) I said "This is his mother", in the most indignant voice I could muster.


27.05.2004 11:49
Portlanders protest cuts to low income housing program
Yesterday (May 26) housing advocates held a short and sweet rally outside of the Housing and Urban Development office in downtown Portland. They were protesting budget cuts being made in the national Section 8 low income housing voucher program. If the cuts take effect, they could result in 250,000 families being booted from the program by 2005, including 3,837 families here in Oregon.


27.05.2004 00:23
The joys of urban gardening: A porch garden in Portland produces delicious bounty
Porch with snap peas climbing up string Raising your own food has many advantages. Rising gas prices are driving up the cost of food in the markets. The insidious spread of genetic engineering is reducing the safety of that food. The industrialization of agriculture funnels increasing amounts of money into corporate hands, rather than to farmers. These are economic, health-conscious, and political reasons. Less quantifiable but no less real are the emotional and spiritual rewards attained from nurturing seeds or starts into full grown plants that end up on your plate.

Urban gardening presents its own challenges - space, light, uncooperative landlords, etc. i want to share with indymedia readers a few photos and thoughts from my own attempt to grow as much food as possible on a front porch in the middle of the city.


26.05.2004 17:56
Oaks and Wild Rice; NO GMO
When GMO corporate crops are pushed on people as the only solution to world hunger, we are neglecting the many wild food plants that can sustain people without continuing the cycle of corporate dependency started by spray herbicide/pesticides and continued into GMO patented crops. Wild native food plants can sustain people's health without corporate control. [ read the full article... ]

ALSO SEE: Biotech IMC I Reclaim the Commons I BioDevestation | NW RAGE


26.05.2004 11:31
Interview With TALDF organizer Westwind
tre-shirt design Since his arrest this March, the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund has been hard at work raising funds to mount an agreesive defense against charges brought against the Cascadian expatriot. With the stakes hight, and the case heating up, I sat down with fund founder Westwind to find out more about TALDF. [ read the full interview... ]

interview snippet:
root: So what's happening with the case right now?
Westwind: Tre has an Admissibility Hearing (for his refugee claim) on the 31st, if that hearing goes well he may have the opportunity for a Bail Hearing. Potentially he could be released then.

root: how's he holding up?
Westwind: Amazingly well. Clearly that foreign prison is no holiday camp, but it's not Abu Ghraib either. Tre has an indomitable spirit, and he's not letting the assholes get to him ~he is really looking forward to his bail hearing!


25.05.2004 20:10
Local Worker Elected to Board of US Federation of Democratic Workplaces
The US Conference of Democratic Workplaces being held this week in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the first of it's kind in the United States. The Federation will strive to unite, strengthen and increase the number of Co-Ops and worker collectives across the US. Laurie Burge Of People's Food Co-Op was elected today as the board member representing the Western United States.

The days have been overcast and rainy here in Minneapolis, it seems the large contingent of Portlanders present at the Conference of Democratic Workplaces brought it's own weather along with them. However, the mood inside the conference, held on the University of Minnesota campus in downtown Minneapolis, has been up-beat and determined. We are creating history here in the Great North, creating something that has already been in existence in Canada, South America and Europe for many years: A federation composed of and benefiting worker owned and/or run workplaces. We are strenthening the idea that Co-ops and collectives are the only just way to do bussiness. The idea that worker ownership is the only way to achieve social, environmental, and economic fairness. [ Read More ] [ U.S. Federation of Democratic Workplaces ]


25.05.2004 19:34
Unprecedented Week of Transgender Activism in Nationís Capital
Group photo of NTAC Lobbyists prior to hitting Capitol Hill. A bit of history occurred the end of April and early May. Three national transgender or gender-diverse civil rights organizations lobbied Capitol Hill simultaneously and, for the first time, all lobbied for the same issues. In addition, yet another rejuvenated national group conducted its first organized protest in years, and still another organization conducted a march to the Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial, and conducted a historic wreath laying ceremony.


25.05.2004 02:46
Good times at the Food Not Bombs benefit!
On Sunday, May 23rd, Liberty Hall hosted a benefit show for Food Not Bombs, to help them buy a new vehicle. There was a long list of acts, and I know very few of their names, so I am just going to give some descriptions that hopefully entice people to support local musicians/performers/fnb groups more!

When I arrived at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy) there were a bunch of people outside, lots of clowns, and tons of bicycles, which I found to be very cool. I hung around outside a bit and then went inside. The first performer (that I saw, apparently I missed a puppet show) was Pepto Dizmal. This was a pared down act for the kids there. And there were a bunch of kids! I always love seeing kids at these types of events. But, the band was very, uh, tame. And it was painfully funny.

Then, one of my favorite moments of the night, this girl Miriam played. She is amazing. The plays acoustic guitar, sings in spanish and english, and just has a wonderful voice. It is very powerful. I am pretty sure she is local and people should check out her shows if they are ever advertised anywhere.


BOYCOTT TACO HELL 25.05.2004 00:38
Taco Bell Boycott update: Yum Brands makes "offer"
At the Yum Brands annual shareholders meeting this past Thursday, May 20th -- as workers from Immokalee led an animated protest outside and more than 1,600 people fasted across the country in solidarity with the workers' protest -- Yum CEO David Novak told CIW members inside the meeting, "We're ready to end this boycott if you are." He then proceeded to lay out the terms of what Yum called their "offer": Yum demanded that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers end the Taco Bell boycott immediately in exchange for Yum's expressed willingness to work toward an industry-wide surcharge of 1 penny per pound to be paid by all buyers of Florida tomatoes, and Yum's willingness to work with the CIW to lobby the Florida legislature for better agricultural working conditions.

Yum made the statement not just to the CIW representatives, but to the press gathered at the shareholders meeting that morning, and, later that day, to anyone else who would listen -- faxing news of their announcement to key boycott allies across the country, as well as the media. The following two paragraphs are the CIW's formal response to Yum's announcement. Following the formal response, we have provided a bit of the analysis behind our response:

[ Boycott Taco Bell | Virtual Tour of Immokalee ]


24.05.2004 22:29
Stew Albert, Jeff Jones at Laughing Horse
Stew Albert read from his new memoir "Who the Hell is Stew Albert" Saturday night at Laughing Horse Books. While the event was rather sparsely attended,it was fascinating to hear Albert answer questions about the state of the 'movement' today as compared to his heyday. Also in the audience was former SDS leader and Weatherman, Jeff Jones. It was somewhat mind-blowing to chat with Jones for awhile after the reading was over.

Albert, not surprisingly, was quite whimsical. He joked about being followed by the F.B.I. through New York City in the early 70s and for vegans to forgive his fondness for "good pastrami". He was dead-serious, however, in his condemnation of the "near facist" regime of BushCo. His memoir is a nice first hand account of one of the iconic figure of the 60s counter-culture.


24.05.2004 21:56
Starbucks Sign Code Violations
2328 W Burnside Starbucks Coffee is engaging in multiple and repeated violations of Portland's sign code, causing safety hazards and inconvenience for the disabled.

The first two pictures were taken in front of the Starbucks Coffee at 2328 W. Burnside Suite 2. Note the narrow sidewalk along one of the busiest streets in the city. This placement of the sign isn't as bad as I've seen it: sometimes most of the sidewalk has been blocked. Note also that the sign is unlicensed -- there's no city license sticker on either side of it. [ read the full article... ]


23.05.2004 23:36
Afterthought with Phil Busse
Q: Does money=votes? If so, what [in your opinion] can be done to change that?

Clearly the outcome of this race showed that money doesn't equal votes. The two highest spenders in the race didn't even take 2 out of 5 votes. Between Potter, Posey and myself, we didn't spend more than $100,000, yet managed to pull in more than half of the votes combined.

Considering that one of Potter's most publicized parts of his platform was his $25 cap, I think that people voted for Potter because they saw him as representing limits on money in campaigns.


Tale of a Portland Property Pimp
A notorious Portland Slumlord by the name of Theodore "Ted" Robertson, of 212 NE 166 Ave., has recently evicted and thrown out a disabled man, who happens to be a notary, on the street. This is not the first time that this devout Mormon, who routinely harrasses tenants in conversion ploys, has done this. He is one of worst offenders in the NE Alberta area.


21.05.2004 17:12
OSU moves to squelch grad students
OSU is moving to stop grads from communicating and organizing around their pay and working conditions as well as threatening to fire grads who, when excercising free speech, they deem to be "interfering with university operations". OSU grads need your help to fight back.


COLOMBIA: NO TO THE FTAA 21.05.2004 16:25
Colombia Rises Against Free Trade Agreements
Thousands of workers marched in all the large cities of Colombia tuesday during the national strike, called by the Comando Unitario de Trabajadores (CUT).

In Cartagena 15,000 demonstrators where violently repressed by the forces of order. On the other side of the country near the Ecuadorian border, in Pasto, thousansds were attacked by the police but resisted against those in uniform. In Bucaramandga, Cali, Popay?n and many other countries the workers began a 24 hour strike and left their places of work to take to the streets. More that seven million students attending public schools were left with out class when 300,000 teachers joined the strike.

The common call was: "NO TO THE FTA - NO TO THE FTAA!"

RELATED STORIES: [ DECLARACION DE LA ASAMBLEA FRENTE AL ALCA Y EL TRATADO BILATERAL CON ESTADOS UNIDOS | Policia agredio a No amigos del TLC | FOTOS | In Colombia nobody wants the FTA with United States ]


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