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Jefferson PublicRadio - the Clear Channel of Public Radio

You may be aware of increasing instances where NPR affiliates, acting more like Clear Channel Communications, are swooping in on unsuspecting communities and stealthily purchasing existing local radio stations and their FCC licenses in order to build their (non-profit) empires. We in northern Humboldt County, CA are the latest victims


FOURTH AMENDMENT 07.04.2004 08:00
Eugene Police Officers Target Students: Lack Causes, Abuse Power in Searches
No fourth amendment for students: Instead of being treated like any other community group, it seems EPD's policy regarding students thus far has been "guilty until proven innocent," along with the infamous "sorry, the Fourth Amendment doesn't apply to you."

Consider: Roger Eugene Magana -- a former EPD officer who has been indicted on 51 charges ranging from rape to kidnapping to official misconduct in separate incidents -- joined officer Melvin Thompson to investigate a noise complaint at a students' residence.

The two officers arrived at the apartment of Phillip Piper and Julie Dickenson on Nov. 6, 2002, knocked on the door and obscured the peephole when Piper came to answer it, according to an official complaint. When the officers finally identified themselves, Piper became suspicious of their actions and refused to open the door without a warrant or visual identification. The officers then contacted a maintenance person, and demanded a key to Piper and Dickenson's apartment. Back at the scene of the "crime," the officers entered the apartment, ordered the people inside to sit on the couch and ransacked the rooms for more than an hour.

Fast forward to February, this time under Lehner's watch. Undercover EPD officers, disguised as party-goers, infiltrated a gathering in the West University neighborhood in hopes of witnessing the unlawful sale of alcohol. The basis of their suspicions? A keg, obtained legally, was registered to the address. Their reasoning? To prevent a riot.

And these are only the violations that have been made public. It is amazing how often these incidents go on in Eugene. If you do not know already there is a pretty strong Copwatch program in Eugene. Also, a video camera in the face of a cop is always a deterent. Keep one handy if you want to take matters into your own hands...


SELECTION 2004 07.04.2004 00:15
Kucinch Speaks at People's Food Coop
I headed on over to the coop for a chance to hear Dennis Kucinich in an intimate environment. I'm from California and I already decided to register under the Democratic Party and I already voted for him in the CA primary. However, the primaries are coming up soon in Oregon and Kucinich is here in Portland to build up support for his campaign.

I had the chance to ask Kucinich his feelings about the roles of nonviolence and armed resistance.

My questions were if he considered breaking a window 'non-violent' and what his suggestions were for resistance to both US Imperialism abroad as well as repression here in the US.

My questions seemed to catch Kucinich a bit by surprise. I appreciated him saying that I was asking good questions that need to be discussed more in other forums, however I found his answers to be quite contradictory.


SELECTION 2004 06.04.2004 22:07
Nader nominating convention in Portland fails to attract necessary numbers
So okay, I admit this is second-hand info -- that is, I wasn't there, but I got a report from this event right afterward from a certain pink-haired rabble-rouser who was there.

Story is, in Oregon, if you can get 1000 people together in one physical location, you can nominate someone to the ballot in Oregon. So the plan to get Nader on the ballot this way. Personally, I was all for it. Anything to piss off those whiny Democrats, especially the ones still passing on the fallacy that Nader "lost the election" for Gore. (Hello! Something like 15% of the voting Democrats in Florida chose Bush! That would be Gore's problem, thank you very much! To say nothing of the tens of thousands of people of color illegally kicked off the rolls, and all the shenanigans at voting stations where people were turned away. Just go read gregpalast.com, crybabies.)

Anyway, only 600 people showed up (I was gardening until late and spaced that it was that day), so the plan failed. My pink-haired friend started heckling Ralph, though, and also aimed his sites at Portland lawyer, Greg Kaffoury, the spotlight-coveting Naderite well known for defending Tre Arrow (he gets points for that) and holding a prominent place in Nader's 2000 campaign. I guess he really laid into both of them. [ Read more... ]

AUDIO FILE: Ralph Nader at the Roseland
Ralph Nader appeared Monday evening, April 5, 2004, at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. Various reports as to the size of the crowd have been offered, but the last figure given by those who were counting was somewhere around 725.

Nader gave his usual rousing speech, exposing government corruption and corporate greed, and drawing a clear connection between the two. I've heard him speak on at least three occasions over the passt half dozen years or so, -once for about 2 1/2 hours, and this evening he packed much of that material in about a 50 minute presentation. He began, of course, by refering to the failure to reach the necessary 1000 head count of registered voters to get him on the Oregon ballot as a presidential candidate.

"It's really amazing when you go around the country, the completely arbitrary laws keeping third party independcent candidates off the ballot. For instance, in Tennessee, you need 300 signatures and you're on. In Alabama you need 1000. In North Carolina you need 98,000. One thing we're trying to do is highlight all this and go for one Federal standard for all Federal elections. And where we can'at wait for that we want to file lawsuits in a number of states." He states further that they've got the Two Party Debate Commission in Federal Court, again. [ Read more... ]

[ This audio file ] is about 46 minutes in length, but moves along rapidly, and is full of good information and perspective.


SELECTION 2004 06.04.2004 10:00
Report-back from Dennis Kucinich appearance in Eugene, April 4
Dennis Kucinich came to Eugene and spoke to an 800+ crowd. Even though the Democratic race is over and Kerry has it cinched, Dennis is the only other candidate who is still in the race. Why? Because, as he puts it, the race has ended but the fight for the Democratic Party continues on. Thus, he is pushing ahead and calling for votes in his favor so that the Democratic Party will address the issues he is addressing.

Dennis made it clear he had no illusions about the shortcomings of the Democratic Party. He spoke of the many Democratic elected officials that are actually 'Republicrats', or Republicans in sheep's clothing, and how they've taken over most of the Party. He spoke of the need for true Democrats to reclaim the Party and also of his dedication to remaining in the Party.

At another appearance, I heard from his road manager. She said that right now Dennis has nothing to lose or to gain, and by Kerry already winning, he has the opportunity to really take off the gloves and speak the truth about a number of things. With the current stranglehold on mainstream media this is an opportunity for the truth to be told about a number of issues.


OREGON ELECTIONS 05.04.2004 21:35
City Commissioner Randy Leonard invites Home Depot to Portland
In an interview posted April 5, Jeff Alworth of Oregon Blog (www.webfeet.blogspot.com) asks Randy Leonard how the city can have "anchor companies" who will protect it from economic downturns.

Leonard responds this way:

"Last year, I was asked by the Portland Development Commission and the Portland Business Alliance to go to the International Retailers Convention in Las Vegas. (the largest convention in the world). I sat in a stuffy booth for two days talking with major anchor chains about the "new Portland" way of doing business...i.e., we haven't changed our standards, but we have changed our attitude. As a result of those contacts the PDC and I are currently negotiating with some of those large businesses to locate in Portland."

Does this sound familiar? Recently it came out that PDC was negotiating with Home Depot regarding Depot locating in a new multi-story building at E. Burnside and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Is Home Depot one of the "major anchor chains" that Leonard talked to? Is Leonard part of the PDC negotiations?

This begs the question: Why does the Central Eastside need a "major anchor chain"? Is the C.E.I.D. a mall that needs an "anchor"?


NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE 05.04.2004 00:16
Report-backs from Sunday's rally for James Jahar Perez, African-American man killed by Portland Police Officer Jason Sery
Sunday afternoon, April 4, 2003, the Portland community gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza to voice both their grief and their outrage over the death of James Jahar Perez at the hands of the Portland Police Department. Perez was unarmed and his death has ignited Portland, as this was the most recent death of an unarmed person of color at the hands of the PPD.

I arrived about an hour late and managed to record about the last hour of the speakers. The crowd was large and vocal, and loudly protested this latest unnecessary death of a loved one from their midst. The speakers demanded justice, they demanded that the officer involved be punished, they acknowledged that, though Perez was an African American, this issue was one for all colors, and that only by reacting as a unified community could the institutionalized violence in the PPD, and other city police departments be nuetralized. [ Read more... | Streaming audio ]

This afternoons rally...
The park was full of people from all walks of life. There were some excellent speakers. So many people saying "this is a good event" Yes, but it's such a tragedy that a young man died at the hands of the police it was neccesary.

I was especially moved (to tears) by the black religious leaders, calling for people to remain calm and non-violent. These community leaders do have great power due to earning the respect and love of thier community. The crowd was not a violent, or a vengeful group anyways, though, and my opinion is that the same religious leaders should say the same words to the police department, Maybe they are. [ Read more... ]

Educational Material handed out at Rally
A local Portland, Oregon, Police Accountability Group distributes a flyer demanding Police Accountability at a Rally for James Jahar Akbar Perez, age 28, today at Terry Schunk Plaza. According to the flyer Mr. Perez is the "Third Unarmed African American Killed by Portland Police in 25 Months. " The flyer reminds people the information is for educational purposes and gives a reference of where the information is from. The flyer also asks for people to call Mayor Katz the Police Commissioner and Demands state law and City Policy be changed. [ Read more... ]

[ Some Photos From the James Perez Rally ]


Benefit Plant Sale for Tre Arrow a success!
what i picked up at the sale Today's plant sale to benefit the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund was a great success. It was a lovely sunny afternoon in the courtyard in front of People's Co-op where we set up. Lots of folks came by and bought flower and vegetable starts for their gardens. Several people also brought by starts to donate to the sale. The level of support in the community for Tre is really encouraging, and shows that gov't and media disinformation tactics have not stolen love from everyone's hearts yet.

The corporate media was also there briefly, and acted as expected...

Tre Arrow Support Flyer


SELECTION 2004 03.04.2004 20:13
VIDEO FILES: Dennis Kucinich at Portland Saturday Market
On March 27, 2004, Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich visited Portland Saturday Market, as part of a tour of Oregon. His tour through the market was captured by local videographer, Frank Mahoney from which he edited an excellent 5 1/2 minute video.

[ DSL/CABLE Stream ]
[ 56K Stream ]

Dennis schmoozes with the folks at the Market, enjoys some Saturday Market music and street corner theatre. He states that "its's time that the Democratic Party takes a strong stand for peace. This whole debate on Iraq is drifting....we need to insist on a new direction for this country; we need to work with the world community and we need to bring the U.N. in and we need to bring our troops home...............It's time to start acting on a vision of a world as one; a world that is interconnected and interdependent." The Oregon tour also included Eugene and Ashland Oregon.

Kucinich Oregon website ]


9/11 INVESTIGATION 02.04.2004 09:42
AUDIO: Michael Ruppert at 9-11 Citizen's Inquiry in San Francisco 3/28
Here are two mp3 files for the speech (about 30 minutes) and the focus group held thereafter in an upstairs room with about 40 people. The audio quality is quite poor and hopefully someone that has "real" recordings will post them. But this information should be set free so here it is.

MP3s at 4.3 mebibytes [ 1 | 2 ]

Richard Heinberg, author of "War, Oil and the Fate of Industrial Societies" spoke before Ruppert so he was in the meeting room as Ruppert came in, and they both talked with the group. That Q/A file, however, only covers the last 65% of that session (technical difficulties with the recorder.

The audio quality is poor, and the coughing and loud comments from people around the mic can sometimes be heard. But the content is accessible if you listen closely. :-)

related: [ pdx indy 911 Investigation | pdx indy interviews with Mike Ruppert (April 2002) ]

AUDIO: Ralph Schoenman in San Francisco / 9-11 Citizen's Inquiry
MP3s [ Schoenman Talk | Schoenman Q/A ]
[ comment ]


UPDATE ON TRE ARROW 01.04.2004 23:41
Victoria Jail "Taking every Bit" of what Tre Has Left
Hunger Strike: Day 20

Phone: (250) 953-4400
Fax (250) 953 4453

Rawn Phalen
Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC

[ sample letter ]

Tre Arrow told me today the Victoria jail is "taking every last bit of what I have left" by depriving him of any connection with grass or the outdoors, by depriving him of any beathable air and by locking him in a solitary cell for 23 hours a day. In his first conversation with any American supporter since being put in solitary confinement on Monday, Tre urged everyone to blanket the jail with phone calls, letters, and faxes until the jail backs off its cruelty.

What caused the jail to put him in solitary confinement? The jail says it is concerned for his health. This is completely false because Tre was doing fine until his current punishment began, and now he feels "horrible."

Please call the jail to urge an end to Tre's solitary confinement. It is only by shining the light of day on this travesty will Tre ever have a chance to be fairly treated.
[ Read more... ]


MEDIA CRITICISM 01.04.2004 09:48
KGW censors photo of Jason Sery, killer of James Jahar Perez
Local channel KGW broadcast a photo of Jason Sery on their 6pm news broadcast this evening. The photo was probably taken while he was an officer in Montana. It accompanied a story about his service in Missoula, I think. Anyway, the same story ran at 11pm, but his photo had been blurred out. Was it self-censorship, or did KGW get some "feedback" from the Portland Police between the 6 and 11 broadcasts? Has his photo been published anywhere else?

A commenter writes: one of the issues at hand is the TV news still has to deal with the police in the future so if the news media doesn't step in line with the police of course things will get worse for the stations. the police and the news in Portland are not getting along as well as the police would like you to believe.

Another commenter adds: One thing that can be done to keep up the pressure is to renew the efforts to get the picture of Scott McCollister [killer of Kendra James] and get it up here. It'll be a real psychological boost for the PIMC & progressive activist community to get this "gottcha" on the Po-Po's as it'll be best trump card played to really frazzle their nerves. This issue of "photographs" is certainly a HOT BUTTON item for them, for why would KGW pull their picture of this Sery asshole, unless they were forced to do so by the cops? Pictures seem to touch lot's of raw nerves! Let's touch a lot by getting their poster boy plastered here!

related:[ Sery was target of prior excessive force lawsuit ]


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 31.03.2004 11:52
Your Tax Dollars to Help Home Depot Build on Burnside?
According to an Article in the Oregonian, the Portland Development Commission wants to use your tax dollars to help Home Depot locate on the east end of the Burnside Bridge. The commission is considering Home Depot to anchor a mixed-use project with condominiums and offices centered at the northwest corner of the intersection of East Burnside and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. According to the Oregonian article and a brief mention in the Tribune recently, the PDC has been anything but honest about the fact that they've been talking to Home Depot.

Funny thing is if you read the FAQ's on the PDC's website they claim: The "PDC helps make Portland a great place to live and tries to keep it that way. We call it sustained livability for our city and region. We share a vision with others of a city with a vital economy, healthy neighborhoods and quality jobs for all citizens."

Yeah hoisting a mega huge Home Depot on the Central East Side - that'll help make Portland a great place to live...

"Home Town NOT Home Depot" at sprawl-busters.com/


RACIST POLICE STATE 31.03.2004 09:04
Pervasive Culture of Violence in Portland Police Bureau Leads to Killing
Jahar Perez is one more in a long line of people of color gunned down by the Portland police. He's the second unarmed person of color in less than a year to be murdered during the course of a "routine" traffic stop. Why is this happening?

If the PPB had dealt with officer Scott McCollister as they should have, perhaps the Perez family would not be burying one of their own today. McCollister shot Kendra James, an unarmed mother of two, in cold blood and left her to die in the street. McCollister then lied to a grand jury about his role in the killing. Although the fact that she was not armed is indisputable, the officers involved were "cleared of wrongdoing" less than a year ago. McCollister was then cannonized by the police union as being a hero and/or sacrificial lamb for having to endure a few month's suspension for the killing. The corporate media, complicit as always, continued to hide his face out of "respect," even as they continued to smear Kendra James' name with allegations of drug abuse and a "who cares, she was just a black junkie" attitude.

Not long before that, officers who gunned down an unarmed Jose Mejia Poot within the halls of a mental hospital (a MENTAL HOSPITAL!) were awarded medals by the PPB. Are these isolated incidents? Or are they symptomatic of a dangerous and pervasive culture of violence that led to the death of Jahar Perez? I believe it is the latter. [ Read more... ]

Failure to Signal

James Jahar Perez was killed after being pulled over for 'failure to signal' - I would like to know how many white people have been pulled over for 'failure to signal' in the last year, vs. people of color. Wasn't the PPB supposed to be compiling data on the race of people involved in traffic stops? Where can this information be found?

A commenter adds: "Laws" against failure-to-signal,rolling stops,visibility,etc.,exist solely to provide an excuse for the cops to pull over hippies,black people,the poor, Mexicans,any disenfranchised group.This is why conservatives resist any liberalization of these codes. [ Read more... ]

counterproductive police

We pay these guys to make our fine city safer! What I want to say is that people on any and kinds of drugs are a hundred times less dangerous than people who are angry. When somebody is pissed off anyone in front of them becomes a good target. Now a few of our police officers are making a bunch of people angry.

The police officers union should stop protecting sub-marginal officers who take the high wages we give them and make our fine city more dangerous for everyone, especially bus drivers, cabbies, conveience store clerks and such. I am outraged but not suprised that a human being lost their life for the lack of a turn signal. [ Read more... ]

Portland Indymedia does it again...has the cops on the run...
They had brief interview with "Pastor" whatshisname from the Southwest Bible Church of Beaverton, and how did the newspeak folk at Channel 12 find out about this church and their connections to Officer Jason Sery? Bet they found out by reading it here in the Portland Indymedia...their media of choice!

Way to go folks! We ARE making a difference! [ Read more... ]

background: [ Portland Police Murder Unarmed Black Man (28 Mar. 04) | 15 Hours Later, Po-Po Still Mute (29 Mar. 04) ]


THE INJUSTICE SYSTEM 31.03.2004 08:51
Tre Arrow Punished for Speaking Out
I spoke with Tre early this morning, and he has a message to pass on to all of you. He has been moved into solitary confinement. The warden, Rawn Phalen, who is the director of the VIRCC (where he is being held), expressly said that if it had been simply a fast, then he would not have moved Tre from regular cell. However, because of the media involvement and because this is a protest, he's moving Tre to "observe" him and Phalen claims that he's concerned with Tre's health and well-being. Of course, if he were truly concerned, then he would not be depriving Tre of fresh air and adequate exercise.

All of Tre's things have been taken from him, and so of course he does not have access to his phone numbers, etc. There are radioactive fluorescent lights blaring down on him 24 hours a day. There is cold blasting at him while he sleeps and last night he was freezing. There is one small window, but it is covered in opaque glass. He now has restricted access to the phone and fresh air. His visits are now confined to the box (using a phone to talk and a full thick pane of glass between he and his visitors)..

He believes this is a reaction to the media (publicity, as there was a press conference held yesterday in Victoria) and now he is being punished.


FOREST DEFENSE 31.03.2004 08:48
"Climbing Eric", violent assaulter of tree-sitters, still avoiding justice
Freshwater, CA - A year has passed since the mass treesit extractions began in Freshwater Creek. They were carried out under cover of the pre-emptive war on Iraq. High above the ground, non-violent activists were forcibly removed from old-growth redwoods slated for cut by the Texas-based Maxxam Corporation.

Eric Schatz, of Schatz Tree Service, led the charge to remove treesitters. He bought an ad in the paper saying he and his crew were there to 'rescue' treesitters, and his main concern was safety. Despite the rhetoric, treesitters were kicked, choked, hung up side down, threatened, hot-tied and sexually harassed. Schatz continues to employ Michael Oxman, who has violently and repeatedly mishandled activists, even as he is told "you gotta get off him" or "ok Ox, give him some air." According to reporters who have spoken with Schatz, he is proud of what his crew accomplished -- aiding in the removal of fifteen treesitters in Freshwater alone, clearing the way for Maxxam to continue illegal logging of the already impaired area.

Most of the trees activists fought to defend are gone, but the legal repercussions rage on.


BPA continues with plans to trade a viable ecosystem for $$
Although the public has been most concerned about salmon, the truth is there are many fish that travel the waters of the Columbia river. And all these fish have been imperiled by the presence of dams, and their associated churning turbines, in these waters. Not only the fish, but the birds, mammals, and fragile riparian ecosystem that depend upon their presence has been jeopardized by the dams.

In generating electricity to feed our insatiable consumption habits, Bonneville and other, smaller power managers have made tremendous profits from the water. However, they have also decimated fish populations and utterly changed both the landscape and the character of the Columbia river basin. Bonneville repeatedly failed to shoulder any responsibility for undoing the damage wrought by the dams. Then, last May, after a long struggle by environmentalists, US District Judge James Redden ruled that the government's plan to protect fish on the Columbia was inadequate. It appeared that the water would once again be required to be shared with the fish.

Since then, however, the BPA has been busily seeking ways to avoid the implementation or continuation of measures that would mitigate damage caused by the presence of the dams in the middle of the Columbian ecosystem. For example, dam operators have been required to open spillways in the summer to provide safe passage to fish rather than shooting them through the churning turbines. Bonneville has fought this requirement tooth and nail, and it looks as if they have finally paid off the right people somewhere.


NEWS FROM OUR BROTHER 30.03.2004 09:40
Report on Tre Arrow's first court appearance in Victoria, BC
Victoria BC -- Tre Arrow had his first court appearance Monday, March 29th, where his Canadian lawyer, Tim Russell, requested a continuance. Tre's next appearance is scheduled for April 20, 2004.

Afterward there was a press conference, which involved the wonderful Mira reading a statement which had been prepared by Tre to communicate tre's desire for the world to focus on the social and environmental issues taking place in our backyard including cuts to welfare, the "working forests initiative", and the norsky pulp mill pumping pollution all over Vancouver Island. Mira brilliantly avoided the Corporate media's attempts to bring her down to their level. [ Read more... ]

previous Tre features: [ Indy reporter Travels to BC To Check on Tre Arrow (25 Mar) | Tre Arrow Speaks Out (19 Mar) | Portland lawyer shares more from Tre Arrow (18 Mar) | Portland lawyer: My Conversation with Tre Arrow (16 Mar) | Tre Arrow Arrested by FBI (15 Mar) ]

upcoming event: [ April 4: Seeds of Justice Plant Sale - A fundraiser for Tre's legal defense ]


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 29.03.2004 23:41
indymedia readers investigate PDX Police officer Jason Sery, killer of James Jahar Perez
When we look around at all the problems in the world -- imperialism, racism, environmental destruction, etc., -- we can feel hopeless. These issues are huge, and are the methods and results of a tiny class of wealthy people who dominate the vast majority of the rest of us. How can we fight back? One of the best ways is by taking on the corporate media, which is nothing less than the propaganda arm of the ruling elite. Factually, the corporate media lies and leaves out the important parts; Psychically, they define the world within a narrow framework of disempowerment -- in which everyday people are helpless to change anything (but can choose among dozens of colors of cellphone faceplates) -- and in so doing, cause the feelings of hopelessness we have about the state of the world. Corporate media incarcerates us inside our own skulls; fortunately, we can break out at any time if we so will it.

indymedia readers showed how open publishing can be used to challenge the corporate media model and create a more effective community resource, when they researched Jason Sery, the PDX Police officer who killed James Jahar Perez, and posted their findings to this site.

previous features: [ Portland Police Murder Unarmed Black Man (28 Mar. 04) | 15 Hours Later, Po-Po Still Mute (29 Mar. 04) ]


FARMWORKER RIGHTS 29.03.2004 20:49
PCUN and MEChA march in Corvallis a success!
Despite the rain and cold weather, a march for farmworkers' rights, held in Corvallis on Friday, March 26th, drew close to 700 participants. The march, organized jointly by PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, and MEChA, the Mexican-American student organization, was held in conjunction with the MEChA National Conference, taking place at Oregon State University.


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