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VIDEO RESISTANCE 19.03.2004 13:12
More Videos from the Resistance Available Online
HEALTH CARE FOR ALL! 18.03.2004 22:58
Profile of struggles for OHP-Standard clients
Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts After July, unless something new happens, we're off the Oregon Health Plan.

Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts -Sarah Hobbs is one of the 85,000 Oregonians who face losing their health care coverage this summer if nothing is done to protect the Oregon Health Plan Standard population. Sarah has fibromyalgia and a rare tremor disorder, "I am too sick to work, but not sick enough to qualify for Social Security- Disability," explains Sarah.

Sarah relies on many prescriptions to deal with her condition and ease her pain. She says even under OHP she cannot get adequate pain relief, "I resolved myself to the fact that I am just going to ache, it's ok."

Sarah will not be the only OHP-Standard patient to end up in a hospital emergency room if health care services are removed. The effect on our health care system will be dramatic, but there is some hope. Due to lower case loads within programs in the Department of Human Services funds are available to stave off some of the health care cuts. The Legislature's emergency board will meet April 8-9 to discuss moving these funds. They need public pressure to make the necessary changes to preserve the services to the OHP-Plus population with existing state resources. If that is done, additional resources can be used to protect OHP-Standard clients, like Sarah, from a complete loss of health care services. Contact your legislator and ask them to find funding for OHP in April.

[Contact your legislator | www.oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org/


UPDATE on Lakeview, Oregon proposed new prison
The Western Prison Project is preparing to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice demanding a thorough and comprehensive review of a new state prison in Lakeview, Oregon. Approximately six million in federal funds will be applied to construction costs of the $27 million facility. The group plans to seek a temporary injunction halting construction of the prison until a full assessment of environmental issues is done. Citing the threat to local residents' water and other issues, the group is demanding a full environmental review of the proposed prison in a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.

"The biggest threat is to the water supply of the residents of Lakeview. But other concerns, including issues of solid waste, transportation, and geothermal resources have simply not been addressed. We're asking for a full review of the impacts of this proposed prison on the local community, something that should have been done years ago."

The proposed Warner Creek Correctional facility has been in the works since 1996 as part of a massive $1 billion prison expansion program for the State of Oregon, when six proposed prisons were sited in the space of six months under Oregon's emergency "super siting law."

Former Governor John Kitzhaber halted plans for construction of the Warner Creek Correctional Facility in 2002. But Governor Ted Kulongoski brought the project back last legislative session.


ROGUE COPS 18.03.2004 21:30
Victim Speaks Out About Perverted Eugene Cop
Magana Accuser Speaks, By Cathryn Stephens
Another perverted cop

Eugene - March 17, 2004 The accusers of a former Eugene Police officer will have to wait a little longer for their day in court, but in the meantime, one of those women is speaking out publically about her experience.

She first met officer Roger Magana when he stopped and searched her at the corner of 6th and Blair. Now, she's one of 14 women included in the criminal case against Magana and is suing the city of Eugene for more than $2 million.

"Put one hand up my shirt to shake my bra out and felt the underwire underneath my shirt," said Miriam Olson says after that first stop, former Eugene Police officer Roger Magana stopped her and searched her numerous times in the west Eugene area.

Olson says she was a heroin addict and paid for her habit by prostituting herself or stealing money from potential johns. She says Magana once had her sit in the front of his patrol car, drove a couple blocks, then told her she could avoid going to jail by performing a sex act. "He grabbed me by my head, got a big handful of hair and pulled my head into his lap with his pants unzipped," said Olson. Olson says she's now getting help for her addiction and no longer works the street. "I think a lot of good will come out of it. I think it will open a lot of people's eyes and maybe make a lot of victims lives a lot easier," said Olson.

Magana's trial is now set for June 2nd. A judge will hear motions in the case this Friday.


THE STATE VS. JUSTICE 18.03.2004 02:24
Portland lawyer shares more from Tre Arrow
I spoke with Tre again today, and he has an important message for everyone, that I will write up and disseminate broadly some time tomorrow. I ask for your patience on this. For now, I will leave you with some instructions for visiting him in case you wish to do so.

He says to call the following number at the jail to arrange a visit: 250.953.4433. You must call at least 24 hours in advance of any visit. Be sure to ask what the jail's requirements are for visitors, and be certain you can comply with all requirements before even bothering to show up for a visit...

Tre's next court date is March 29th. I do not know the name of the court or its address yet. I believe there will be at least some supporters present. I do not know what is scheduled for that day, but my guess is it will be a preliminary matter (maybe an arraignment) concerning new charges in Victoria. Remember that other than the date this is just my guess. I do not know anything about Canadian law or procedure. [ Read more... ]

Seeds of Justice Plant Sale - A fundraiser for Tre's legal defense

We began planning this event before brother Tre was captured, now the pressure is on and we need to mount a full scale effort to support and defend him.

The sale will feature locally grown organic veggie and plant starts, as well as garden art made from recycled materials. There will also be an opportunity to drop off notes of encouragement to be sent to Tre. All proceeds will go directly to Tre's legal defense.

Sunday, April 4th 11am-4pm
at People's Co-op
3029 SE 21st

sponsored by the Speaking Truth to Power Fund

previous features about Tre's capture & incarceration: [ Tre Arrow arrested by FBI (15 March) | Portland lawyer: My conversation with Tre (16 March) ]


OUR CAPTURED COMRADE 16.03.2004 23:37
Portland lawyer: My Conversation with Tre Arrow

Tre Thanks his Supporters for their Love and Support, and Decries Government Lies

Acting on a tip from a good friend, I tried a phone number and reached the jail where Tre is held captive. I did not really know what to expect from a foreign jail, so dealt with the guards as I would any guards here in the U.S. I gave them enough information for them to confirm independently that I was who I claimed to be, and hung up, not knowing what, if anything, would happen next.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was Tre returning my call. I was sorry to learn that he really is being held in Victoria, and that this is not a case of mistaken identity. Still, it was so wonderful to hear his voice again. "Tre!" was the first thing I said, completely unexpected and unplanned, when I heard this voice I had not heard in too, too long.

Mine was the first friendly voice he had heard in some time, and I assured him he has all of your love and support. He told me that meant the world to him, and he thanks you all for your love and support.

We talked for nearly half an hour. [ Read more... ]

Indymedia readers express support for Tre Arrow
Tre's lesson must not be lost!
Tre is a hero for the example he set for all. There are many paths to revolutionary types of change and Tre showed us all that we don't have to choose between empty calls for revolution or failed reformist measures. While it may be easy for some armchair activists to criticize Tre's judgement by getting caught shoplifting, nobody should question his committment to fighting for what was right. [ Read more... ]

Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West
I can't remeber what office Tre ran for so I hedged a little bit in writing this. Otherwise I believe I wrote everything else as truthfully as possible. I hope others will start talkning about freedom for Tre as soon as possible. Not only should he be free but he should take governement office and have oversite of the forest service. [ Read more... ]

Arissa Media Release Supporting Tre Arrow
Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front, spoke out today in support of accused "eco-terrorist" Michael Scarpitti. Calling him a Saint, Rosebraugh urged the public to stand behind Scarpitti and demonstrate support for his commitment to protecting the natural environment. "It is a horrific day for our country, for the environment and for those working to make the world a better place," Rosebraugh commented on the news of Scarpitti's arrest. "Tre Arrow is neither a terrorist or criminal, he is a hero and should be recognized as such." [ Read more... ]

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EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW 16.03.2004 23:24
Benton County to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses
On Tuesday, March 16th, in a 2-1 vote, Benton County (Corvallis area) commissioners agreed to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The commissioners made the decision after the three-member board heard two and a half hours of emotional testimony.

Most of those who spoke were for the issuance of the marriage certificates.

Benton County commissions heard from a slew of religious leaders, several of whom advocated gay marriage. But others such as Steve Lee of the Suburban Christian Church said marriage between a man and a woman is rooted in the Bible.


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 16.03.2004 23:22
AUDIO FILE: The Underlying Issues of the Free Trade Debate
This is a presentation given by Barbara Dudley, professor of Political Science at Portland State University. The topic was: the underlying issues of the free trade debate.

With the WTO and the FTAA in polical limbo, is the Neoliberal agenda in trouble? What are the broader political and economic implications of the developing countries' revolt against the Washington consensus? Can we find common ground in shaping a new agenda?

Barbara has appeared in various venues around Portland for at least the last three years, sharing her knowledge and perspective about the subject of Global Free Trade. More recently, she has been addressing the failures of the International Global Free Trade meetings to reach agreements, first in Seattle, then in Cancun, and finally last November at the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Miami. >[?All these various past presentations were distilled down into a cohesive and integrated accessment of the situation facing the world at the present time. As Barbara states towards the end of her talk: "we are living through one of the more interesting, if not most interesting, political moment that we've been in in my lifetime. And what's going to develop over the next three to four years, in terms of the trade agreement and the trade agenda of the developing countries is going to tell us alot about the future of the world."

[ streaming audio ]

[ Other stories by Jim Lockhart ]


HOW FINE ARE THEY? 15.03.2004 18:56
Aren't Portland Police just stellar?
Went by the courthouse today to support a friend who had trial for hanging a peace banner on a bridge facing the Navy boats during the Rose Festival last summer. It was a pretty silly affair, the plan was for hanging the banner in a completely legal way, but the cops decided to lie about her posture and say that she was violating a city code forbidding the "leaning of a torso over the rail of the bridge". They slammed her for a fine for violating the city code as per what the cops said. That's all well and great, but what was really interesting was the trial that started before hers then was halted and restarted later...

Apparently one Ms. Crowler was having an administrative search warrant served on her mother's home for excess yard debris or something. Ms. Crowler is 72 years old, legally deaf and blind, and lives in North Portland. The city agent was apparently showing her around the property, telling her she had to get rid of an "inside chair", a toilet bowl used as a flower planter, when Ms. Crowler noticed that an antique Red Flyer wagon that she rubbed against on the way out of the house was missing. She demanded that it come back and the city agent denied having taken it. She asked where the removed property was going and he said that contractors were loading it into a large truck with trailer.


DAMN THE MAN 15.03.2004 13:20
Tre Arrow Arrested by FBI

Tre Arrow was taken into custody this morning in Victoria, BC.

Earlier today info came to portland imc that wasnt entirely correcty: [ COMMENT ], here is the update. Tre Arrow was arrested earlier today in a Victoria British Columbia Hardware store. He was caught shoplifting a set of bolt cutters. He is currently in the custody of Canada, being held on charges of: theft, assault and obstructing a peace officer.

The Portland Joint Terrorist Task Force held a press conference today commending themsleves for the capture by proxy. The FBI has already updated their website to declare that Arrow is "captured" although terms have not released regarding his return to the US. Local activistws are already calling for legal funds to help when the time comes.

RELATED STORIES: [ Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West | Tre Arrest...Vancouver Sun Article | Tre Arrested in Victoria, BC | Tre Arrow Arrested in Victoria ]



BIOTECH 14.03.2004 23:36
Update from Genetic Engineering Action Network Conference
March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco, CA, USA. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA, USA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. [ AUDIO: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004 ]

The GEAN conference wrapped up today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place this weekend, here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available: [ Opening Session 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-13-2004 | Corporate Campaigning 03-13-2004 | Family Farmers 03-13-2004 | Latest Science and Statistics with Michael Hansen 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-14-2004 | Interview with Group that steered the successful campaign against GMO's in Mendocino County, CA 03-14-2004 ]

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LOCAL POLITICS 14.03.2004 14:18
Local Portland politics: May 18th candidates and measures
Democracy girl On May 18, 2004 Portland residents will be asked to vote in primary election to identify who will be able to run for Portland Mayor and two city council positions this fall. The last day to file for candidacy was March 9th. 25 people have qualified as candidates for Mayor (23 agreed to run). 7 candidates have qualified for Commissioner # 1 position, (incumbent is Jim Francesconi). 11 candidates have filed for Commissioner position # 4 position (incumbent is Randy Leonard). Residents will be asked to vote on one measure: Measure 26-53 - which will amend the city charter to read "Candidates Receiving Majority Vote at Primary are Elected". (See wording of this measure below).


AUDIO| GE FOOD 13.03.2004 02:11
AUDIO: GEAN Conference in San Francisco
Today, March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. Here is a list of the speakers:
  • Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director for Center for Food Safety
  • Percy Schmeiser, Canadian Farmer
  • Nick Greco - Organic Rice Farmer, Greco Farms, CA
  • Renata Brillinger, Californians for GE-Free Agriculture
  • Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

The full audio is available for streaming from PDX IMC Web Radio: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004

Day 2 and Day 3

The GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference continues through today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place already this weekend and more scheduled the rest of this afternoon. Here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available:


FOREST DEFENSE 11.03.2004 22:06
Bark Sues to Stop Old-Growth Timber Sale at Mt. Hood
Portland-based forest conservation group, Bark, filed a suit in the Federal District Court in Oregon today to stop the Forest Service's plans to log 184 acres of old growth on Mt. Hood National Forest. The area slated to be logged, called the Slinky Timber Sale, is located east of Estacada in the Oak Grove and Upper Clackamas watersheds, and would clearcut trees as old as 450 years. The Clackamas River District on Mt. Hood is currently planning 15 other logging projects totaling 5,195 acres. Concern about the cumulative impact of these projects on drinking water and wildlife is what spurred Bark to take action.

The Slinky timber sale proposes removing 184 acres of northern spotted owl habitat at a time when the species is thought by many experts to be at risk of extinction. Current timber sales are expected to remove over 1,355 acres of spotted owl habitat from the landscape, equivalent to over two square miles of forest. In the past several decades, thousands of acres of spotted owl habitat have been destroyed. Given the precarious state of the spotted owl, Bark feels the timber sale is utterly irresponsible.

"The Forest Service is out of step with the public's desire to preserve Oregon's remaining ancient forests," says Sandi Scheinberg, Bark's executive director. "The Forest Service's documents say they need to log these forests because they are old growth. We feel that this is the very reason that they should be protected. Oregonians overwhelmingly want to see our legacy ancient forests preserved for clean drinking water, critical wildlife habitat, and for our children."

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SEXUALITY / TACTICS 11.03.2004 11:57
Ooops, I really did offend the oregon Christian Coalition
Just recieved a citation from the PoPo for verbal battery and destruction of property.

Two days ago, I was greeted by a woman at the door wanting me to sign a petition on behalf of the Oregon Christian Coalition and Defense Sacramental Marriage Coalition; an effort to disbar city commisoners' decision towards same sex marriage and towards a contitutional amendment (Fed) to ban forever the possibility. I was angry but said nothing, I agreed with her, claimed interest in signing, took her petition and then said..."just a moment, my son is out back, let me check on him"...(I have no son), in the minute it took me I put her 20-some signatures in my post Enron shredder, then returned her clipboard empty, she inquired as to the papers, I returned them to her as confetti in a paper baggie (Ecologically correct), and told the nazi bitch to get off my porch and property


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 11.03.2004 11:04
Media Politics: Olympia’s Noncommercial Radio Menagerie
smaller free radio image As Olympia gains a new LPFM station and a simulcast of Seattle's KEXP, local listeners will have a remarkable four choices for noncommercial, progressive public affairs and independent music. How will all these listener-supported stations all find financial sustainability in the area? Will KEXP's professional DJs attract listeners away from the homegrown students and activists at the other stations?

Olympia's location at the southern dregs of Puget Sound, separated from metropolises to the north and south, limits its access to some of the great community media coming out of Seattle and Portland. The city's smaller size has left its radio airwaves relatively uncrowded by comparison; making it remarkable that fans of noncommercial radio and progressive news programs like Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News are already well-served by local broadcasts. Evergreen's 1500-watt KAOS (89.3fm) is king of noncommercial community broadcasting in the area, and there's also the scrappy pirates at Free Radio Olympia (91.3fm), broadcasting a daily schedule of public affairs and often-exciting music.

Reclaim The Media Coverage


SUSTAINABILITY 10.03.2004 17:33
Environmental Impact of PCs
When you add all the electricity it takes to run the internet + the impact of making PCs, it's a global warming and environmental nightmare..."the manufacturing of one desktop computer and 17-inch CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor requires at least 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water. In terms of weight, the total amount of materials used is about equal to that of a mid-size car."

A United Nations University study into the environmental impact of personal computers, due to be published later Monday, has found that around 1.8 tons of raw material are required to manufacture the average desktop PC and monitor and that extending a machine's operational life through re-use holds a much greater potential for energy saving than recycling.

According to the study, the manufacturing of one desktop computer and 17-inch CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor requires at least 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water. In terms of weight, the total amount of materials used is about equal to that of a mid-size car. [ READ MORE ]

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Fix Hawthorne to improve bike and pedestrian safety and quality of life
Hawthorne is a great neighborhood. Hawthorne is a terrible street. I understand why the sidewalk gets used for bikes, the street is terrifying. That's no excuse for bad manners. Bikes on the sidewalk should be walked or riden no faster than a walk and with plenty of bell ringing.

Get involved with the future plans. Don't be too skeptical of getting involved with city planning. It works, sometimes its hard, but you can make a difference, as in the reservoirs are still on Mt Tabor.

Hawthorne, the street, needs some majorverhauling.

  • It's too narrow for 4 lanes of cars. Reduce to 2 car lanes, and 2 GOOD bike lanes.
  • Sidewalks too narrow. Use some of the freed up space to widen sidewalks.
  • Sidewalks too ugly. Plant more trees. Place some benches.
  • Too damn smelly and noisy from traffic. Whatever happened to electric steetcars?
  • Parallel parking is dangerous and annoying. Use some of the freed up space to create BACK-IN angle parking. It is easier than parallel and MUCH safer when re-entering traffic.

RELATED ARTICLE: [ Cyclists: Show some freakin' courtesy! ]


Neighbors oppose new bar in Seven Corners area
The future of the Seven Corners area of Southeast Portland was once more the center of discussion and contention tonight, at a meeting between the Hosford-Abernathy Neighborhood Association (HAND) and the "Opal Corporation", which is made up of four individuals who want to open a bar called "the Night Light Lounge" at 21st & Clinton. Just around the corner from the new New Seasons, and down the street from the planned Starbucks, this establishment is one more example of how quickly Seven Corners is changing these days, and how little (if any) power that neighborhood residents have over what happens in the places they live.

The subject of tonight's meeting, which was facilitated by Eric, a man from the city's office of neighborhood involvement, was a "Good Neighbor Agreement" that Opal has been discussing with HAND over the course of several meetings. HAND has already come out in opposition to Opal's application to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The application is for a "limited on-premise license" for beer, wine, malt beverages and cider that would let the Night Light sell those alcoholic beverages until 2:30am, the latest time allowed by Oregon State Law. It's my understanding that Opal wants to stay open that late in order to cater to the twenty- and thirty-somethings around town who work at other bars and restaurants and want someplace to go after work. HAND has offered to withdraw its opposition to the OLCC license if a Good Neighbor Agreement is signed. By the end of the meeting, however, no agreement had been reached, but a lot was revealed about the state of The System.


WHAT FIRST AMENDMENT? 10.03.2004 01:27
No Free Speech in Seattle's Public Market
Abbie Hoffman said, "Free means you don't pay for it." And America's constitutionally- guaranteed "Free Speech" has several freedom issues, including freedom from payment, freedom from political censorship, and the freedom to perform anonymously. As a street performer, "free" speech has been a long-fought battleground, and I see street performers as the canaries in the mine. When a town wants to ban free speech, the first thing they do is ban street performance and then label all political speech activity as street performance, thereby prohibiting free speech via street performance ordinances. Or, they sidestep and confuse constitutional free speech issues, by clouding them with street performance rules and regulations.

This technique of squashing 1st Amendment rights has been effectively employed, in my opinion, by Seattle's famed Pike Place Market (the one with the guys throwing fish on TV), for the 27 years I have been a street performer there.

[ Other stories by Kirsten Anderberg ]


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