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ENVIRONMENT 10.03.2004 01:16
Chemtrails at Night in PDX
I was saying to my Boss/firend most all the day "Wow no chemtrails on 2 clear day's in a row"

I got off work about 4hrs later aprox 7:30pm and went across the st to the 45th st. pub and had 2 drink's Kettle One Vodka with soda to be exact, with my Boss/friend and he left so did I 10min later,I played music for 45min or so and I was walking back across the st and I see this big moon on a clear night, and all I wanted to do is to rush into the bar and tell the folk's whatta kind moon was out there, and then I saw the trail's 6 at first and then when I went into the bar I was saying OMG look out side!!! and after saying this 3 or 4 time's a friend of mine that lived down the way was there and we got her video cam out.

I don't think the pic's came out that good but we did get them,there where 9 trails within a 15min time span and the last one that we witnesed went across the others and then stoped the trail.


THE TRUTH 07.03.2004 02:40
Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti, Calls For Stop To Bloodshed In First Address To Haitian People From Exile
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who left a tumultuous Haiti under shadowy circumstances Feb. 29, has delivered an impassioned address "To the Haitian People and the World" by cell phone to a Haitian journalist in the United States working with a radio station in Berkeley, CA. Aristide spoke from the Central African Republic where he has been under a virtual house arrest in the days since he was delivered from Port-au-Prince on a U.S. plane.

Dear compatriots, it is with these first words that I am saluting our brothers and sisters from Africa, while I am standing on the soil of the Republic of Central Africa. Allow me to salute you by repeating that same declaration that is, "In overthrowing me, they have uprooted the trunk of the tree of peace, but it will grow back because the roots are L'Ouverturian." In fact, during the night of the 28th of February 2004, there was a coup d'etat. One could equally say that it was a geo-political kidnapping. I can clearly say that it was terrorism disguised as diplomacy. To conclude, this coup d'etat and this kidnapping are like two quarters and 50 cents side by side.

I have always denounced the coming of this coup d'etat, but until the 27th of February, the day before, I didn't see that the crime was going to be accompanied by kidnapping as well. The 28th of February, at night, suddenly, American military personnel who were already all over Port-au-Prince descended on my house in Tabarre to tell me first that all the American security agents who have contracts with the [Haitian] government only have two options. Either they leave immediately to go to the United States, or they fight to die.

Recording of Aristide speaking
Related Articles: [ Moscow Times discloses Operation Sweatshop | Venezuela Ceases All Training of Soldiers at the School of the Americas | The role of international financial institutions in the destabilization of Haiti | The day the U.S. claimed "Aristide Fled" ]


SEXUALITY | CIVIL RIGHTS 06.03.2004 13:00
Getting married for Gays and Lesbians means alot more to us than a slip of paper
On Wednesday when the first gay marriages were being performed me and my boyfriend wished we could afford the sixty dollars. That night our friend Megan called and asked if there was anything she could do to help us get married. Andi (now my husband) told her we didn't really have the money, she replied, "I said is there anything I can do!" So on Thursday March 4th 2004 we found ourselves standing in line at the Multnomah County offices waiting for the slips of paper, in triplicate no less, that affirmed our place in society as real human beings. I didn't have any idea it would be this important to me just to have the opportunity to get married. As if I was a real citizen, not a second class one. Everyone was wonderful; we met couples who have waited the 3 to 4 times the duration of most straight marriages just to have this opportunity.


400+ rally and march for health care in downtown Portland
Over 400 people took to the streets for Jobs with Justice's Health Care Action Day.

We had workers come in on a fire truck as part of our declaration of a Health Care Emergency, some great theater, and a march in the streets to two buildings that should be using union janitors and providing health care for workers' children.

More background is available at the JwJ website.

A commenter reports: We had about 30 people at the rally and march in Eugene. We gathered at South Eugene high School for speeches, then marched to the nearby Safeway where we were immediately met by security people who asked us to leave their parking lot and get on the sidewalk, which we did. We marched back and forth on the sidewalk for a while, handing out leaflets, then back to the school. People in cars honked agreement at us and I guess we got some TV coverage.


A GOOD DAY TO BE GAY 04.03.2004 17:26
Same-Sex Marriage Sweeps the County
Yesterday, Multonomah County sold nearly 300 marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It was the first day that same-sex couples were allowed to buy the licenses which cost $60 each. The Oregon Constitution does not define criteria for marriage outside of age. Lawyers found that it would be unlawful for the County to not issue the licenses since the constitution allows this. County Commissioner Lisa Naito said: "Multnomah County cannot deny marriage licenses to Gay or Lesbian Couples. We will not allow discrimination to continue when the Constitution of the State of Oregon grants privileges equally to all citizens."

Part of the County Attorney's opinion reads, "Refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples violates Article 1, Section 20, of the Oregon Constitution... Multnomah County is required to act in accordance with the Constitution." Finding that not issuing marrriage licenses violates the State Constitution, county commissioners asked that the rest of the state follow suit and allow same-sex marriages. In Medford, people rallied in support of this, and asked for licenses to be issued in Jackson County as well. Medford Rally and March VIDEO

RELATED STORIES: [County Commissioner Lisa Naito Regarding the Issuance of Marriage Licenses | WE ARE THE REFLECTION POOL: a report from the marriage license line | The Daily Poetry Movement | Why A Defense Of Marriage Act In Oregon Is Bad | Far-right columnist compares same-sex marriage advocates to Islamic terrorists | Reasons for Marriage Equality | Multnomah County Cannot Deny Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples | Just Married? Not Yet for Dozens of Gay Couples in New York | Oregon Marriage Law & The Oregon Constitution ]

SEE ALSO: [ Basic Rights Oregon ] [ Rogue Valley IMC ] [ Queer Boycott of Capitalist Exploitation ]


Multnomah County Begins Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
In an unexpected move yesterday, the Multnomah County Clerk agreed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples today. This decision, comes on the heels of same-sex marriage licenses being issued in San Francisco, and New Paltz, NY. Ironically enough, it was NEVER ILLEGAL for same-sex couple to get married in Multnomah county, becasue marriage was never specified as "between a man and a woman."

After the story broke last night, same-sex couples and people in solidarity with them got in line for marriage licenses. A line started forming as early as 10pm last night...the licenses were to issued starting at 10 am this morning. Traditionally there is a three day waiting period between the marriage license being issued and the marriage being preformed. That waiting period has been set aside right now. Same-sex weddings have already been performed, some right outside of the Multnomah County Building.

one attendee writes: When I was there, (9:30am-10:30am) people were lined up around 3 sides of the 1-block County building to get there $60 marriage licenses. I've been to a few great weddings in my day, but this was the coolest celebration of love and commitment I have ever seen. Despite the steady rain, the mood was festive. Lots of people were coming by with flowers, donuts, coffee, umbrellas. The crowd cheered as couple after after couple came out of the building with their license in hand. A smal handful of bigots screamed obscenities about being condemned to Hell, spreading AIDS, the sanctity of their version of marriage, but people mostly ignored them. A group of younger folks started laughing at them and chanting.

WE ARE THE REFLECTION POOL: a report from the marriage license line
The line wrapped around the county building and was made up of several hundred couples at 2:00 PM. There were couples, children, friends and families. Others walked down the line handing out donuts, chocolate kisses, flowers and business cards. The rain fell lightly and continuously the normal weather this time of year in Oregon. I talked to several couples about to sign on the dotted line for a marriage license. [ Read more... ]

related: [ Why A Defense Of Marriage Act In Oregon Is Bad | A Brief History of Marriage in America | City Commissioner Stances On Gay Marriage | Lambda Project | Gay Marriages Legal | Shouldn't the Multnomah County Marriage Party Be a Feature? ]
PHOTOS: [ Gay Marriage Photo's | Pix from the Multnomah Co. Admin. Bldg. ]


Clear Channel trys to mop up after airing anti-cyclist remarks
clear channel sucks Clear Channel previously across the country was responsible for allowing shock jocks on their stations to advocate violence against cyclists. In Cleveland where one of the instances of anti-cyclist propoganda was broadcasted, cyclists have been awarded a $10000 settlement.

Now Clear Channel wants to team up with cyclists in the Portland area to do a biking public service message. They have offered to donate $150,000 worth of adspace to a pro-cycling campaign. Personally, I don't think any of what Clear Channel is doing absolves the criminal broadcasts they aired. [ READ MORE ]


one commenter writes: "clear channel is just trying to cover their ass from major lawsuits. they just sat and watched as their pathetic excuse for hosts advocated violence against cyclists, and in all likelihood they encouraged it. of course they actively beat the drums of war leading up to gulf war 2.0, for which they should be held responsible for murder, but that is another story. irresponsible is not a strong enough word. HEY BIKE RIDERS: anyone for a class action lawsuit?"


IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS 02.03.2004 08:29
Battered Women Facing Deportation (again)
INS hearings for both Maria Suarez and Rosario Munoz have been rescheduled, so please keep sending emails. Maria's supporters are also requesting URGENT ACTION Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rosario Munoz and Maria Suarez, who have been incarcerated in California for 15 and 22years, respectively, have been approved for parole by Gov. Schwarzenegger after Gov. Davis reversed several parole board decisions for each to be released. Both are now facing deportation to Mexico, away from their support networks here in the US. Rosario was imprisoned in 1987 for accidentally killing her husband's lover, after 14 years of being abused by her husband. Maria was imprisoned in 1981 for involvement in the murder of a man who bought her for $200 at the age of 16 and abused her for 5 years. Their hearings were set for January, but have been delayed. Rosario's is March 9 and Maria's is April 23.

Michael J. Garcia (Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will be reviewing Maria's case Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. His phone number and email address are not known but his fax number is 202-307-9911, so please contact him if you can!

To support Rosario Munoz, email freerosariomunoz@att.net (her support people will keep it on file to use in her hearing). To support Maria Suarez, email Schwarzenegger at governor@governor.ca.gov and senators Boxer and Feinstein via senate.gov/~boxer and senate.gov/~feinstein

Rosario Munoz support page | Maria Suarez support page | www.freebatteredwomen.org


KEEP IT LOCAL! 01.03.2004 14:17
Audio, photo and text coverage of "Leap for Localization", a No Starbucks in 7 Corners event
Yesterday's [Feb. 29] "Leap for Localization" was attended by over 60 people, who rallied against plans for a Starbucks in 7 Corners, and for localization and community-driven growth instead. The speakers were Richard White, an Urban Studies prof at PSU, Katherine Gray of the People's Food Co-op Board, Mark Lakeman of City Repair, Lynn Hanrahan, co-owner of Mirador, and Sophia from NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering. Then there was a surprise speaker, Ray, a 9 year old resident of the neighborhood [pictured, at left], who likened Starbucks, fast food chains, and TV culture to "cancer". Ray's analysis was spot on, and drew loud cheers from the crowd.

People wrote messages on gold strips of paper about why they don't want a Starbucks in the location, and what they want instead, and wove them through the fence in front of the construction site. This reclaiming of the space was a powerful visual symbol of neighborhood opposition and wishes. Afterwards, a neighborhood activist led a walking tour of the surrounding 2 square blocks where not less than 6 other developments are also happening, and talked about the lack of public input into what happens in our neighborhoods. He also suggested that people become involved with their neighborhood associations and other community efforts to demand a voice. [ Read more... ]


[ NoStarbucksIn7Corners.org | pdx indymedia coverage of No Starbucks campaign ]


Coup Coup: The US Media Says Aristide Fled
Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti yesterday...or at least that is what the US government would like you to think. This morning the president of Haiti spoke from exile in Africa to congressmember Maxine Waters and Randall Robinson of TransAfrica who told Democracy Now! that the president did not resign, he was kidnapped.

Aristide said that he was threatened by US "diplomats" who forcibly removed the president. Aristide was told that if he did not leave, Guy Phillipe, leader of the rebel army, would storm the capital and kill Aristide. He was then removed by helicopter and taken to the Central African Republic. Aristide was adamant that he did not resign, however the US has completed it coup attempt.

As early as four hours after the removal of Aristede, US and French troops entered Port-Au_Prince to "help restore order". That is what some corporate media sites are saying, as they continually push the myth that Aristide resigned.

Daily Grind 3/1/03 | Maxine Waters with Audio | Haiti Under Seige


Venezuelan President Chavez to Resident Bush: Back Off!
On the eve of the announcement on whether the U.S. backed opposition has enough signatures to force a Presidential recall referendum, hundreds of thousands of people turned out to support Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias. In his speech, Chavez said "Here is Venezuela in the spirit of the Liberator Simon Bolivar to say NO to Yanqui interventionism, to say no to Mr. Bush, to his invading, imperialist and colonial regime ... and we will tell him that here is the people of Simon Bolivar and we will keep on telling him."

The U.S. led opposition claims to have 3.4 million signatures with 2.4 million needed. Privately some opposition leaders have admitted that they do not have enough. Many of the signatures are fake. Some are from dead people, foreigners, forged, or stolen. Preliminary statistics predict only 1.4 million verified signatures.

"I'm ready to bet in bolivares or dollars, whichever he wants, that I will be President in the Miraflores Palace longer than he (Bush) will be resident at the White House in Washington D.C." Chavez Frias said in his speech.

National Elections Council (CNE) officials have postponed any announcement on preliminary results until tomorrow, Monday, claiming that there is an overwhelming need to preserve peace after repeated threats by the radical opposition to impose a unilateral decision that would mandate a recall referendum without the constitutionally required number of verified signatures.

In April 2002, the U.S. backed a failed coup attempt. In December 2002, U.S. corporate interests were involved in an economic lockout to force the ouster of Chavez. In September 2003, Venzuelan government officials claim the CIA intended to assasinate President Chavez during a planned trip to the U.S. Now the wealthy elite, along with the U.S. backing, are trying to force the referendum.

From tomorrow, March 1, Chavez Frias says a series of campaigns will be begun in 22 countries around Latin America, Europe and in the United States itself, against the Bush 2 government's interventionism and in solidarity with Venezuela's sovereign independence.

Protests will take place in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay. Also Mexico; Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, Ohio and Boston in the USA plus protests in Spain, Berlin, Germany and France.

[ Strengthened Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias tells George W. Bush to back-off; keep his nose out of Venezuela's domestic political affairs | Venezuela's National Elections Council (CNE) test statistics project only verified 1,472,200 signatures to petition a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez Frias | LA - MARCH 1ST. WORLDWIDE SOLIDARITY MOBILIZATION WITH VENEZUELA | The revolution in Venezuela is in Danger! ]

Previous pdx indy features: [ Venezeula Has "Overwhelming Evidence" That The Cia Is Attempting To Assasinate Hugo Chavez (Sept. 23, 2003) | The Venezuelan Coup, the Commercial Media and how to stop them both (Dec. 22, 2002) | Letter to President Bush about Venezuela from Congress and You (Dec. 14, 2002) | USA intelligence agencies revealed in plot to oust Venezuela's President (Dec. 12, 2002) | Struggles Continue Amid Coup Plotting in Venezuela - an Indymedia report (Dec. 11, 2002) | The Venezuelan Revolution in Danger (Dec. 7, 2002) | More information emerging about U.S. involvement in Venezuelan coup-attempt (May 6, 2002) | Coup in Venezuela fails; Chavez returns to power (April 15, 2002) | U.S. sponsoring war in Colombia; Venezuela next? (Feb. 28, 2002) ]


MEDIA CRITICISM 29.02.2004 20:01
Analysis: NOW With(out) Bill Moyers - The FTAA Special
From the open publishing newswire: As I'm sure you're aware, tonite's (friday) FTAA special on PBS was supposed to air last Friday nite. It did not. No one had an explanation and network geeks were NOT talking. I hope we find out soon. I think overall tonite's episode of "NOW With Bill Moyers" was highly damaging to the social justice movement. It surely wasn't asking any hardball questions. And it reeked of over a week's worth of direct government censorship if you ask me.

One commenter disagreed:Just finished watching. Thought it was extremely damning against Miami police, Timoney in particular. As someone who followed the whole business in Miami, I thought it was quite well done (even *I* learned something new in this show!) Granted, I haven't watched all the video footage, and some have been arguing with me that they could have used more or better footage to make the point. Nonetheless, I think the point comes across pretty clearly: the Miami police used gigantic overkill, and attacked large numbers of people indiscriminately with dangerous weaponry.

Another commenter added:A good friend of mine once nearly started crying to see a corporate newspaper in the indymedia center. After a week of being chased on blind alleyways, cornered, beaten gassed, harrassed, illegally arrested, when it was almost over, the delegates were going back to their coutries and then citizens of ours were gathered around the splintered picnic benches eating food not bombs, my friend looked down to see A CORpIRATE Newspaper in our news office.

All of the lives dedicated, all the mumias, all the peltiers, the Chavez, the mandelas, could be heard in his voice when he asked - WHO BROUGHT THIS HERE?


GE FOOD 28.02.2004 11:54
AUDIO: Genetically Engineered Food - What's Next?
Scientist and critic Craig Holdbridge dispels illusions about GE food. He gives a brief history of Genetically Engineered food and then moves on to critique the current models that GE scientists use. His main points are that (1) One cannot cause discrete changes through genetic engineering. That is you can't, "put a one gene in and the plant does what it's told." (2) You cannot isolate the GM plants from everything else in its environment. He goes on to answer a few good questions from the audience. The recording is one hour and 35 minutes. You can stream it live from PDX IMC Web Radio: Craig Holdbridge - GMO's - 02/27/2004


VIDEO RESISTANCE 27.02.2004 19:05
More Videos from the Resistance Available Online
deep in my heart, i do believe, that we shall live in peace some day.

In the past week at least 4000 downloads of the first 4 video files have been completed. Since the demand has been high links to 4 new videos are being provided, including the popular Day X video.

New releases: [ "Day X" Day of Bombing Protests (3/20/2003) | "Lockdown For Peace" Federal Building Lockdown | "Holding Up that BloodStained Banner" | "The Price Of Consumption" ]

Past releases: [ "A Call to Media Arms" | "A Million Dollars Later" August 21, 2003 Bush Protest | "Cops of the World" | "Li2U News" Corporate Media Expose ]


GLOBAL FOREST DEFENSE 27.02.2004 11:51
Victory for Chile's Native Forests - "No Conversion Agreement" Preserves 1 million Acres
chilean rainforest Dear Friends of Chile:

Without the steady work of the US activists and your support, the buyers of Chilean wood products would not have not sent the "market signals" needed to initiate the process of negotiations nor arrive at the "No Conversion Agreement" signed by the Chilean companes as part of their commitment not to convert or log native forests. We even moved forward one more step: The companies committed themselves to protect and report on the current status of their native forest assets. More than 1 million acres they own will not be cut. In the past two years the support you have provided to the Chile Native Forest Campaign has made a tremendous impact and created unusual opportunities to open up the negotiations with forestry companies in our country.

[Another Organizer writes:]"In June 2002, you and many others protested the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado and then again in November 2002 in Dallas, Texas. The first action put the issue of indiscriminate destruction of the forests into Chilean headlines for two straight months, forcing the logging industry to scramble for a way out of the unflattering spotlight. The Dallas NAWLA actions and protests not only garnered more media attention in Chile, they also raised concerns about Chilean wood products throughout the world. By crashing two consecutive NAWLA meetings attended by 650 of the world's worst forest destroyers, we showed these corporations that we were not going to let up on our pressure to halt the stream of unsustainably produced wood products from the Global South just to feed the greed of corporations from North America.

The NAWLA protests stigmatized companies such as BMC West and North Pacific Group, and forced them to change their policies so that the Chilean wood products they buy do not come from destruction of native forests or native peoples. Arauco, Chile's largest logging company was forced to put its 600,000 acres of native forested lands off limits to logging pending the results of an open and expensive process to identify areas that should never be logged. And the Chilean government was forced to cancel a logging project that would have destroyed 150,000 acres in the heart of the Valdivian Rainforest, one of the world's largest unprotected temperate rainforests." www.forestethics.org


HOMELESSNESS 26.02.2004 14:55
Report-back from Dignity Village Press Conference
At noon today, February 26, 2004, representatives of Dignity Village held a press conference at City Hall.Dignity has a proposal before Portland City Council (in the form of a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Erik Sten) to designate their current site at Sunderland Yard as "transitional housing," which would permit them to stay there long-term while they continue the search for a permanent site.

Jack Tafari opened the press conference by saying that "today we are hoping for a designation as a campground under ORS 455.252. That's a statute that allows for two campgrounds in any city in Oregon where the housing crisis is of such dimension that it requires that. So we're going into the council today very hopeful of getting this designation."

Tafari then spoke briefly of athe particular vision of Dignity Village and that "this designation will allow them to negotiate a firm, clear lease with the city for up to 10 years at Sunderland yard."

After these few brief remarks by Jack Tafari, about 1 1/2 minutes, the media immediately began asking questions.
[ Full report & AUDIO FILE ]

Council votes 4-1 in favor of Dignity Village proposal
Dignity's proposal to declare their site a "campground" in accordance with ORS 455.252 was approved in a 4-1 vote. Following the overwhelmingly supportive and often emotional testimony, one of the two holdouts on the council, Dan Saltzman, announced that he would support the proposal, with the proviso that the village should pay for its own water and power. Commissioner Randy Leonard had previously questioned this penny-pinching demand, citing the cost savings Dignity enjoyed as compared to traditional homeless shelters. Saltzman, however, citing the repeated statements by witnesses that Dignity Village was not a "permanent solution to homelessness," stated his unwillingness to subsidize the Village on the grounds that this could reduce funding for officially sanctioned city programs.

Only a single witness testified in opposition to Dignity Village, a resident of Oregon City who argued against the proposal, arguing to the effect that "too much money is spent on welfare programs already, and these programs are harmful to our freedoms."

The lone remaining holdout against the proposal, Commissioner and mayoral candidate Jim Francesconi, prefaced his statements with a deep sigh and the disclaimer that he "sure wish[ed] [he] could vote for this"... [ Read more... ]

Dignity Village: more info and talking points for 2/26 City Council meeting | Dignity Village Press Release | Dignity's proposal | www.outofthedoorways.org | Street Roots Coverage | Council votes 4-1 in favor of Dignity Village proposal


SELECTION 2004 25.02.2004 23:43
Kucinich Deals Edwards a Hawaiian Punch - Takes 26% of the vote
As the Democratic primaries wind their way across the nation, Congressman Kucinich continues to make his voice heard despite the mainstream media silence regarding his campaign. Like Gore in 2000 vs. Bush, Kerry and Edwards continue to run on a platform of "kinda' like George W. Bushco, but better."

Even as the mainstream media amplifies their collective silence and marginalization of the Kucinich campaign, his voter support continues to build. Kucinich began to break out in the New Mexico Caucuses with a 6% showing. Then Kucinich slipped past Edwards and Clark in Washington, and even more decisively in Maine with 16% of the vote, to finish in third place in both of those races.

Yesterday's primary results showed 6-7% voter support in Utah and Idaho, but the big surprise came from Hawaii, where Kucinich spanked Edwards in a surprising 2nd place finish, earning a solid 26% of the vote!

Kucinich Blackout

I've browsed many alternative news websites, 'progressive' sites, and it seems they all have the same affliction.? There is little if any mention of Dennis Kucinich.? Even IMCs in states with primaries coming up, it just looks like business as usual.? WTF!? This is no time for business as usual, this is our chance for the PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

Commondreams.org- silent.? WTF!
Buzzflash.com- nada.
DemocracyNow.org Headline- Kerry wins 3 states (wtf - Kucinich 30% is THE Story!!!)
Moveon.org 'the progressives'? not a word. Have they been infiltrated?

I just looked at the IMCs in Super Tuesday States, nyc, san diego, indybay, santa cruz, vermont, atlanta, boston, danburyCT, la, sf, baltimore, ithaca, rochester,? & Minnesota.? Minnesota was the ONLY imc with a DK feature!? WTF!?? Isn't that what IMCs are all about, being an alternative to the $$ media, exposing the bias and turning our world around.? We need to unite behind the True Alternative to bushco, where is the Unity?


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 25.02.2004 01:37
Review: Fourth World War rekindles the global rebellion in our hearts and souls
This is the most gripping, the broadest ranging, the most inspiring movie about the last decade of worldwide struggle I've ever seen. Tight editing keeps it moving, but it manages still to linger on faces and their expression, on reasons and their history, on momentary fragments that conjure a living, breathing whole that any of us inside the movement can recognize. And despite narratives woven from movements in South Africa, Argentina, Chiapas, Palestine, South Korea, and Iraq (as well as Genoa, Quebec, and New York) you'll recognize your kinship with a world in rebellion.


BLACK PANTHER HISTORY 24.02.2004 23:18
Audio File: Bobby Seale @ PSU 02-24-2004
Tonight, 02-24-2004, Bobby Seale one of the two founding members of the Black Panther party spoke on PSU campus about the real history of the Black Panthers to dispel myths and to motivate. His style of talking brought things down to the grass roots level and at the same time showed the depth of Black Panthers. The talk lasted about two and half hours. Listen for yourself on a live stream of whole speech from PDX IMC Web Radio.Bobby Seale at PSU - 02/24/2004


FOREST DEFENSE 24.02.2004 12:19
Endangered Species died Monday at the Forest Service headquarters
A crowd of over 50 friendly protesters, and a few armed people who looked afraid and stayed inside the building -- including a woman who held onto her big gun -- witnessed the death of four endangered species today [Monday] outside of the forest service headquarters.

About 55 people gathered this marning at 7:30 a.m. at the waterfront for a rally. Members of Back to the Wall, BARK, and the Sierra Club were there to let everyone know about Bush's plans to destroy the forest. Today the Bush administration hopes to do away with the rule that basically says that the Forest Service has to check to see if there are endangered species in the Forest before they cut it down.

Everyone then marched a few blocks to the Forest Service headquarters, where a few police officers guarded the doorway which they had locked. People who worked inside were redirected to the back entryway. Most of them thought that it was stupid and said that they knew were were peaceful and that the security was unnecessary. [ Read more... ]

related: [www.cascadiarising.org | Endangered Species Solidarity Day ]
VIDEO: [ DSL/CABLE Stream | 56K Stream ]


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