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Save Tibet.. Why??
Tibetan Sand Mandala at Portland Library "Free Tibet" is a cause that has risen on the world stage to the level of the Nobel Peace prize for the Dalai Lama in 1989. For most who know their plight of human annihilation and cultural desecration by the Chinese over the past 50 years, the soul of Tibet is embodied in the Dalai Lama. Every Tibetan seems to contain a portion of that soul.

Why will the concept of saving Tibet not stop nagging at the collective conscience? A Tibetan monk, when asked what he thought was in it for those in the West who were trying to help Tibet, said there is nothing in it for us, except that it is right.

China is the greatest threat to the future of the West

A Brief History: Beginning in 1949 and in a violent and escalated invasion in 1956, the Communist China created by Mao Zedong invaded and subsequently occupied the country of Tibet. For China this was the gain of land mass roughly equal to the size of Europe.

With its continued occupation of Tibet, Communist China works to wipe out the culture of Tibet. Communist Chinese have destroyed all but 13 of the 6000 monasteries that made up the higher education and university system of Tibet. In the process, China took centuries old artifacts from the monasteries and placed many of them for sale on the lucrative international art market. Thousands of Tibetans die while performing forced labor.

financed by Western Investment and consumer spending, China's dictatorships are rising as dangerous economic and military powers. Tibet's history reveals an important perspective on the nautre of China's leadership. Tibetans understand the nature of China's dictators... The Tibetan's experience offers insight into the nature of future leadership in China Read More>>>

[ Interview With a Tibetan Llama | www.tibetanphotoproject.com/ | From a Tibetan in Exile ]


Priest Murdered in Guatemala
Jose Maria Ruiz Furlan, better known as ´Padre Chemita´was murdered by unknown person or persons in Guatemala City this week. He was 78 years old, and the assassins shot him 4 times near the church where he ministered for over 30 years. He was well known for the religous and political work that he had been a part of for much of his life.

He help aquire over 70 peices of land for poor families to build homes on, and was most active in the southern region of the city, where he lived. In 1970 he publically accused the military of killing his borther, and he ranas a candidate for mayor in the late 1970´s. he was also excommunicated form the church for 9 years for participation in politics.

The Human Rights Commission here thinks that because he was such a public figure that there will be serious pressure on the government to find the assassins, but it will be a slow and hard process, but even iftheir identities are discovered, it is hard to knwo if they will be prosecuted.


Big Money Opts for Phallic Symbol at Ground Zero
The sponsors of a design the commemorative project at Ground Zero contest have picked an entry that will be the tallest building anywhere, ever. Is this really a good way to remember those who died on that day?

The building will be something like 1400' high, which means it will be taller than the twin buildings in Kuala Lumpur, which means we're better than them.

The first 70 floors will be occupied by businesses and what not, whatever they put into offices, and the top 40 floors or so will be kept empty, conceivably to remember the victims. It is rather a creepy and strange idea, to build this monster and keep the top half empty, as if we can store ghosts up there, or as if to say, we will never forget you because we built all this useless office space up above where the important office space is.

From the design I saw on tv, the building will have twists and turns in it, to make it more unique. But won't this just make it more like a giant veined phallus? [ Read more... ]

Government's 911 Coverup Falling Apart
To most Americans, the first inkling that something was wrong with the official story of the 9/11 catastrophe occurred about a year after the event, when President Bush resisted setting up a panel to investigate the events of that dark day.

Why would he not want to investigate the greatest crime in American history? many wondered. Then, he badly underfunded it. Then, he tried to name infamous power broker Henry Kissinger to head it. Since then, Bush has stonewalled a committee of his own choosing, one stacked with political functionaries that is ill-equipped to conduct either a police or forensic investigation " and, perhaps most revealing, one that accepted the government's version of who the guilty parties were before they examined any evidence!

To date, there has never been anything revealed to the public about how the U.S. government KNOWS that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were the actual perpetrators of 9/11.

Today, millions of Americans realize - simply from watching thousands of cop shows on TV - that the one most interested in covering up a crime is the one most likely to have committed it. Many more millions also realize that the foremost beneficiaries of the attacks and mass killings of 9/11 are the same people who are now waging wars that are based on some very suspicious rationalizations, most of which since have been exposed as outright lies.

Shockingly enough, even Thomas Kean, chairman of the committee constructed to cover up this greatest crime in American history, blew the whistle the other day that the attacks could have been prevented. [ Read more... ]


Important developing situation in Bolivia: Attempts to discredit social justice movements ramping up
Posted by an indymedia activist currently visiting Bolivia: I?m sitting in an internet cafe on Avenida 16 de Julio in downtown La Paz, Bolivia. It?s something like the 3rd hottest day in La Paz?s history, which isnt that hot. Usually it never goes above 70 degrees farenheit here.

It may appear that the incredible social changes that rippled through the country just 2 months ago have come to a low simmer, but in fact things are still happening, boiling away beneath the surface.

La Paz is in a canyon about 3000 meters above sea level. at the top of one rim of the canyon is El Alto, the site of an historic showdown in October between the people and the government of Bolivia. This morning I went to El Alto, a city in its own right , population 800,000, built in the last 17 years not by the state but by people, people flooding in from the surrounding countryside, the Altiplano. This morning I went there, to visit a neighborhood where 16 people died in that showdown. A friend who knows better spanish than I interviewed several kids while I videotaped, and they talked of the tanks and tear gas and bullets. We also talked with the priest who is working to raise money for those injured and the families of those killed. One man still lies in bed with 2 bullets in his head, because there is no money to take them out.

Back in La Paz the papers are telling a different story.


LABOR SOLIDARITY 19.12.2003 18:11
Portland IWW presents a forum on the Southern California Grocery Strike
The strike by 70,000 grocery workers in Southern California has been dragging on for some time now. The outcome of the stike will have lasting implications for all workers, organized and unorganized.

This discussion forum,led by Tom Leedham who was the former head of the Teamsters national warehouse division, is meant to assess how the strike got to this point and how it might be resolve, if things go right or if things go wrong. Bring your questions. A donation will be requested to pay for hall fee

December 20th 2003 Time 5:00 pm
Portland IWW Union Hall 616 E. Burnside Portland 503.231.5488

[ Announcement post: Forum on the Southern California Grocery Strike | background: Calif. Grocery Workers Strike: Union Leaders Call for National Boycott of Safeway Stores ]


ANTI-RECRUITMENT 19.12.2003 00:27
call: 503-257-9950 -- and let the military know that portland says no to recruting in our highschools... and everywhere!!!!

tell them that the portland comunity does not want murderers in our highschools.

the military recruters are just as guilty as those soldiers who put bullets through childrens heads.

recruters turn people into killing machiens,
soldiers are jus killing machiens that turn people into dead.

the youth must rise up!!!!!!!

student power!


ANIMAL RIGHTS 17.12.2003 17:32
"Merry Fucking Christmas, Puppy Killing Scum!" -- Activists Stink Bomb Forest Pharmaceuticals Christmas Party
Saturday, Forest Pharmaceuticals Christmas party was stormed by activists in Cincinnati (Howard Solomon, CEO, was in attendence). Multiple stink bombs, leaflets and personal security alarms were thrown by angry, screaming activists. The overwelming stench forced many to leave the party and go outside. One female activist was arrested and harrassed by Forest employees, while others were assaulted on their way out. Even though there was one arrest, this is not finished, not even close. Actions will escalate until Forest drops Huntingdon Life Sciences.


MEDIA CRITICISM 17.12.2003 07:07
ABC and other network bias protested Monday eve Dec15th at KATU
25 to 35 enthusiastic shouting protestors, with GREAT signs AND chant leadership, lined both sides sides of NE Sandy Blvd at 22nd Ave at KATU-ABC-affiliate Mon Dec 15th from 5-5:30 pm to protest Media brownout on presidential campaigns of Dennis Kuninich, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton.

I was there as one of a dozen people not particularly associated with Kucinich campaign who decided this was an important issue on its own merits and wanted to participate.
. . . The organizers did a great job of pulling this zesty event together at short notice, using portland.indymedia as well as, I assume, several list serve arrangements. We got such enthusiastic honking from passing traffic I almost thought the drivers had signed on as extras. And so far as I saw, there was not a even a hand held sign telling people to "honk for something."
. . . The organizers, at least mostly from the Kucinich campaign, were seriously considering a second protest on the same issue--and it surely looks like it could be a success too.
. . . The only downside I can think of is that they left the IMC report back to somebody who did little more than drop by with a sign.


FOREST DEFENSE 15.12.2003 10:46
Report from the Dec 12th Wyden Weenie Roast
Friday, Dec. 12th, Back to the Wall held the Wyden Weenie Roast rally in front Wyden's office. Just before 1 pm, a stack of weenies (veggie of course!) were delivered to Wyden' office. Meanwhile, people gathered outside the office, about 50 altogether.

There were 4 big weenie balloons with Wyden's picture on them, held aloft by a couple regular helium ballons. There was a 'press conference' where the speaker, Joe Keating spoke about the details of the so called "Healthy Forest Initiative". It was pointed out that this bill is going to allow an unprecendented amount of cutting on public lands and that it is the Democrat, Senator Wyden who sponsored it. It was also pointed out that he happened to be the Senator who received the most blood money from the timber industry. Rather than honestly represent the majority will of his constituency, he has betrayed that will in the name of personal profit. Some people would call that an evil act. At the least he should be remembered as a selfish profiteer who helped destroy some of the most beautiful forest remaining in the world today. Humanity will suffer for the selfish acts of Ron Wyden.

At the end of the press conference, a letter, on stationary that looks like Wyden's, was read out loud. The letter seems to have been written by Wyden in a moment of unusual candor. It was a funny letter, especially since a copy was sent to the members of Congress! I thought that was a creative and worthwhile tactic.


POLITICAL THEORY 15.12.2003 10:11
Craig Rosebraugh at Laughing horse Friday night
Former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation front, Craig Rosebraugh had a book release this past Friday night to a packed room at Laughing horse books for his new book "The Logic of Political Violence: Lessons in Reform and Revolution".

Rosebraugh resigned his spokesperson position in 2001 after believing that more directed and extreme action was need against the political system in the United States. In 2003, Rosebraugh co-formed Arissa, an effort to build a revolutionary movement in the United States.

Somewhat reminisant of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, Craig sat at a small desk with two standing body guards on both sides. At times Craig raised his voice and pounded his fist on the table as he outlined the need for revolutionary change.

In one of the more telling moments of the evening, Craig stated that you could not find one book that advocated the revolutionary overthrow of the United States government in any library anywhere in the United States.

While "The Logic of Political Violence: Lessons in Reform and Revolution" outlined Craigs truely unique and well documented indepth studies of history and the role of political violence in bringing about social and political change, he seemed to leave little hope for future generations short of a complete revolution.

On one very important wide eyed look at the reality we live in, it would seem hard to disagree with Craig's conclusions, but on another, it revealed a man who has given up and resigned himself to promoting a revolution whose time may not come about in our lifetime.


MEDIA CRITICISM 15.12.2003 10:04
The state of corporate media in Southern Cascadia: Report from the wasteland
I moved to Southern Oregon almost 6 months ago. My work takes me into Southern Oregon and Northern California from the ocean to the borders of Nevada and Idaho. What has happened to the diverse voice of America? It has been coopted by Clear Channel.
My work allows me to slowly pass through the communties of Southern Oregon and Northern California. I search for a voice of reason and diversity on the radio channel. Even the Public Radio channel out of Ashland is mostly filled with opera and classical music. While the music is a nice filling to an early morning view of Mt. Shasta, I am filled with a longing for discussion of what is truly happening to and in America.

The only diverse talk shows are on Jefferson Public Radio. This information programing is often held at a time when working class folks are not listening. Some folks have told me that they are not allowed to listen to liberal news and information at work. Instead, they say...they are assaulted with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other Clear Channel hate radio programing.


YOUTH | DRUGS | MEDIA 15.12.2003 10:03
West Sylvan Middle School newspaper finally prints student's article on marijuana; Student courted by corporate media, dissed by principal
The article is in the west sylvan newspaper. However, very edited and censored. Corporate KGW channel 8 news saw the story on this website and called my house and told me they were going to interview me at lunch at my school and put me on TV. I said ok. I know it was corporate news, but it will still get the point across and more people would know about it and it would make my school's administration look bad. However, the principal of the school found out, and pulled me out of 1st period and said "i want to be in the interview with u," knowing i would say something that would make her look bad using the excuse "it can be intimidating." The next period, she says to me..."they;re not doing the interview" the first thing i say to her is "WHY?" she answers "I CALLED them"

BULLSHIT.she called them and said You can't do the interview.my voice was silenced once again. SHe's a little scared i would say something that would cause her to have angry parents call her and complain about the school. Here is the final article that was in the newspaper. I am, for the most part, not happy with the censorship. [ HERE IT IS... ]

indy volunteer writes:
Don't fret over the corporate media, they have as little interest in the nature of your story as your school paper did. The single biggest thing the media must never investigate or report are questions of "why". They don't want people to know why people in middle school choose to use drugs anymore than they want people to understand why people would turn to terrorism against the united states or why the US government would lie to the american people to get them to support an unjustifiable war. You have been spared and you should be thankful to your principal.

original feature: [ West Sylvan Middle School newspaper refuses to print student's article about marijuana; Read it here on indymedia (9 Dec. 2003)


AUDIO 14.12.2003 23:09
AUDIO FILE: Miami Report Back
On December 7, 2003 at the Portland First Unitarian Church members of the community gathered to witness a multi media report back from the Free Trade of the Americas protests in Miami Florida which took place in late November. The program was introduced by Kate Lore, Social Justice Director of the First Unitarian Church, who, along with many other members of her congregation, were in Miami. The program began with an overview of the FTAA and the significance of what happened behind the closed doors in Miami by Barbara Dudley. Following Barbara, six people who were in Miami addressed different aspects of the Convergence: a lawyer, Brenna Bell talked about the arrests, the police abuse and disregard for civil rights; Chris Ferlazo of Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition spoke about the labor organizing; Will Levin and Djen Whitney spoke about the direct actions; M2, of Portland Indymedia and Bette Lee, an independent photographer and journalist, spoke about media perspectives.

Following an 11 minute slide show and 2 minute excerpt from a 1 hour indymedia rough cut video, three people spoke briefly about where to go from here. At this point people either broke into groups for spontaneous discussions, or watched the 1 hour Indymedia rough cut video of the Convergence. This a 1 hour and 6 minute audio file of those presentations.

[ Philosopher Seed Website ]


NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR 13.12.2003 04:31
At least sixteen people, including children, stood with rather aggressive anti-military and anti-W-regime signs and PEACE and Justice flags 3:30-4:30pm today at NE 13th and Broadway. Auto traffic Honked for Peace like crazy, well beyond our expectations. Half todays demonstraters were people new to us, including Vancouver WA, who responded to announcements in portland.indymedia and on KBOO.

[ Previous post from Stand For Peace ]


Fur Free Friday Marchers Lend Loud Voice for the Critters

Too loud to ignore and fun for the whole animal-loving family! This year's Fur Free Friday March in downtown Portland had something for everyone?an exuberant faux-furred wolf for the kids, an angry fur store proprietor for the cops, more than 100 raucous marchers to educate the gridlocked shoppers, and even a couple of pooches showing off their beautiful (original owner) fur coats.

The animals had loud voice as 115 traffic-stopping activists of all ages took over Yamhill Street, forcing shoppers to consider the 41 million fur bearing animals brutalized by the fur trapping and farming industries for fashion and greed in the U.S. every year. [ Read More ]

Please join us downtown to educate shoppers about the horrors of the fur trade. We will be handing out educational materials along with showing video footage of this cruel trade on the fauna vision.

When: Friday, December 19th
Where: Nordstroms (across from Pioneer Square)
On Broadway between SW Yamhill and SW Morrison
Time: 6:00 pm


LABOR | CORPORATE CRIMES 11.12.2003 22:06
Murder in Colombia, Take Action Now!
screen shot from Killer Coke video, in Final Cut Pro viewer window Attached you will find an action alert regarding a murder that took place in Barrancabermeja, Colombia last Wednesday night [December 3, 2003]. The man that was murdered, Jose Rojas Castaneda, a member of the teachers union, is the brother-in-law to Juan Carlos Galvis, the man that was here in Portland in October speaking about the atrocities that Coca-Cola has committed, and continues to commit, in Colombia. Juan Carlos and his fellow workers are asking people to contact the U.S. Embassy in Colombia, as well as the Coca-Cola Company to urge them to take the appropriate actions in investigating this murder and protecting the family members involved. This attack was very clearly targeted and the lives of union leaders and their families are greatly at risk.

Juan Carlos visited Portland on a national tour and in doing so was greatly putting his own life at risk upon returning, luckily he is still safe but times are unpredictable and taking a moment to send e-mails to the necessary individuals could very well make a big difference for peoples lives in the Global South. En Solidaridad~

Comment: What can we do? I just saw the video from the resistance on the coke wars in columbia. Yeh, coca cola, not cocaine. Juan Carlos Galvis speaks eloquently in this video. I knew coke was bad, and have boycotted it for years. But I guess I just had no idea they were actually killing people, right in the factories.

I was also shocked to see all the many products manufactured by Coke that I had no idea were even connected. Odwalla! Nestle, which should be boycotted anyway, for the fact that they killed babies in the third world with their baby formulas being pedaled by fake "nurses." Dasani. Danon yogurt! Geez, and that's one of the few yogurts that's made with pectin and not gelatin, so vegetarians can eat it. Seagrams. There was a long list on the video.

But surely there must be more we could do? Is there a coke plant nearby, or are they all "conveniently" located in the 3rd world? Where are their corporate headquarters? I'd like to plan an action to bring more attention to this.



YOUTH | DRUGS | MEDIA 11.12.2003 01:00
West Sylvan Middle School Student whose article on marijuana was rejected by school newspaper produces re-write; Hoping it will be published
My school is starting a newpaper. I have my own colum in it...and was told i could write whatever i want.The topic i chose to write was a re-occuring "problem" in middle school, marijauana. That was the summary for 'PT.1' I rewrote the article and here it is. I am still sadly trying to get it in the newspaper. The person who is stopping it is the teacher, of course. PLEASE COMMENT. [ Here it is... ]

original feature: [ West Sylvan Middle School newspaper refuses to print student's article about marijuana; Read it here on indymedia (9 Dec. 2003)


'TIS THE SEASON 10.12.2003 15:43
Bi-Mart Winter Wonderland, Powered by Comcast
This morning, as I meditated on the meaning of the "Bi-Mart Winter Wonderland, Powered by Comcast," I realized we've all been wrong about corporate america. Obviously, giant, faceless corporations have our best interests at heart. How else explain their desire to co-opt meaningful events of cultural and spiritual significance like Christmas, by attaching their names and logos? I mean, why would Bi-Mart and Comcast sponsor a heartwarming event like this, if not for altruistic reasons? What could be more in line with the spirit of Christmas than 20 or 30 huge plastic cartoon characters festooned with colored lights, circling the Portland International Raceway, where families can drive around in a slow circle for around $10 a carload? Forget a walk around your neighborhood, get out there and drive around PIR and soak up a little of the capitalist take on the holiday season. And afterwards, why not head downtown, where you can participate in an endless gauntlet of sales schemes designed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about spending, spending, spending. After all, that's what Christmas is all about, right?


YOUTH | DRUGS | MEDIA 09.12.2003 18:57
West Sylvan Middle School newspaper refuses to print student's article about marijuana; Read it here on indymedia
My school is starting a newpaper. I have my own colum in it...and was told i could write whatever i want.The topic i chose to write was a re-occuring "problem" in middle school, marijauana. It turned out to be rejected by the teacher and the 2 perfect editors who are the only fellow middle schoolers who did not like it. It was too much for all of them to take. I admit, marijuana is a very senstive subject in middle school. However, the comments they had were pretty much 'I don't agree with your opinion'. Please just comment on what you think about this... [ and here's the article ]


INDYMEDIA 09.12.2003 09:48
Reportback from Monday Night Videos From The Resistance at PCC
First Killer Coke was shown, about Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia and elsewhere. Colombian Union Activist, Juan Carlos Galvis spoke here in Portland at the Musician's Union Hall October 17th, 2003. He asks that we boycott all coca cola products, sign the petition at killercoke.org, flyer/sticker and protest to raise awareness of the union busting tactics and criminal acts committed by Coca Cola worldwide, and put pressure on our legislators to stop funding murder. The article covering that event can be found here.

Then the Code Pink Protest (codepinkportland@lists.riseup.net)of the Diebold Voting Machines advocating to go back to paper ballots. It was mentioned afterward that even though we in Oregon use paper ballots, they are fed into electronic machines to be counted. These machines are owned by Sequoia Corporation, which are owned by Republicans and contracted through the state. The states are being given federal funding to hire private corporations to "upgrade" voting systems nationwide.

Humour was interjected with the next one: Preserves For People, Not For Profit... Urban wildcrafted preserves and veges were traded, not sold, with special appearances by gov't agents and the black bloc!

[ December VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE showings feature 3 new videographers! | UPDATED list of December's featured videos, with descriptions ]


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