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Support for Oregon Prisoner Requested
UPDATE "Oregon Department of Corrections Punishes Those Who Challenge it " reposted plus newly posted Dispatch from Brian. These words were lost in the mail but the situation is still timely to aid in Brian's defense. Things move so slow in prison and not much really changes so the time lapse doesn't apply -as much!

"COMBAT FIGHT CONTEND: To struggle against: OPPOSE
Dispatch 111:
Comrades, Volunteers, I understand that there has been a lot of support for me out there from the four corners of the revolution. I cannot thank you all enough for your support. Support for me is, in essence, support for the greater cause. Your contacts with authority figures challenges those authority figures, and their hierarchy, head on. This is a form of direct action and of COMBAT.

I am informed that the Oregon Department of Corrections Director has been answering letters inquiring why I am not getting medical treatment with letters stating that I am receiving adequate medical treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have two major problems with my back: (1) a wedged (slipped) disk, that pinches my spinal cord and (2) arthritis of the spine due to old fractures..."


07.12.2003 14:55
Largest Forest Service Logging Project in Modern History
biscuit fire Help save the Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon from the LARGEST FOREST SERVICE LOGGING PROJECT IN MODERN HISTORY.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) "preferred alternative" proposes logging 518 million board feet of trees on 30,000 acres, or 46 square miles! That's enough trees to fill log trucks lined up end to end for nearly 900 miles!! In response to the massive logging proposal from the Forest Service, conservation groups have developed a common-sense restoration proposal called the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Conservation Alternative:

Post-fire logging will retard the recovery of the Biscuit area and could severely damage the environment. Any logging should be confined to Matrix forestlands where it is allowed under the Northwest Forest Plan. The Siskiyou Wild Rivers Conservation Alternative relies on guidelines from the /a>. It recommends there be no post-fire logging on unstable areas and trees over 20 inches in diameter be left standing. Full Story & Sample Letter>>>

SEE ALSO: http://www.biscuitfire.com/proj_plan_index.htm | Siskyiyou Project | Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center
Your letters needed by January 5th, 2004!


PRISONS | POLICE STATE 06.12.2003 15:04
Beating at Oregon State Prison IMU in Salem Punish Free Speech
Oregon Dept. of Corrections retaliates against the whole Death Row population because over twenty prisoners signed a petitition complaining about mistreatment of the prisoners at the Intensive Management Unit. Why are we fighting a war in Iraq when we have a Police State here in Oregon?


Support Imprisoned SOAW Activists
Three folks have refused bond conditions and are locked up in a county jail in southern Georgia after being arrested for climbing over the fence onto Ft. Benning as part of a resistance action calling for the closure of the School of the Americas/WHISC.

Write them letters!

Their bond conditions include money, and a promise that they will not violate the law or go back onto Ft. Benning. These three are refusing to agree to those terms.

The three, Ben Jiminez, Mike O'Grady and Gary Ashbeck are all being prosecuted wth an unlawful entry charge, along with about 40 other people who were arrested two weeks ago for acting to close the SOA. They will likely recieve three to six months in prison once they go to trial on Jan. 26th, in federal court in Columus GA. Jiminez and O'Grady are also Jesuit priests.

At least one person from Oregon is being prosecuted this year, and is out on bond and at home pending trial Jan. 26. There have been 6 Oregonians sent to prison for 3-6 month sentences each for previous resistance actions at the SOA.

For more info www.soaw.org
For coverage of the action: www.atlanta.indymedia.org

End US Imperialism and Militarism!
Support Political Prisoners!
Suppport Self Determination!
Until All Are Free!


Report Back From Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center Benefit


Despite some shortlived technical challenges, the first benefit was quite a success. Many people packed tightly into Vinnie's pizza on Killingsworth and Vancouver in NE PDX. We kicked things off with an incredible drum circle. Next we listened to a recording of a strong Secwepemc, breastfeeding mother from jail. Chris from Indymedia Video Collective and Native Youth Movement as well as Nick from the Native Youth Movement spoke a few words about what is happening with the No Slopes, Anti-Sun Peaks Resort struggle and the Native Youth Movement.

Then we showed "Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center" a sort of introduction to theintroduction to the fight and "Take Back The Land" (a very self explainatory title) in which the Secwepemc people use direct action and build a home on their land. The RCMPs try to do what they can to stop them at every turn but they just can't hold down the Secwepemc people(especially the womyn!!!!!!!!!) and their spirit of resistance! The jar was passed to ask for funding to support the Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center through the winter and provide tapes for Chris to cover an action at the Protection center coming up December 21st. People gave as generously as they could, the supportive energy was beautiful.

If you missed it, we'll be showing again at It's a Beautiful Pizza (34th & Belmont) this Saturday 6th at 8pm and at the Red & Black Cafe (22nd & Division) next Friday 12th at 5-7pm. These events are free, but we are asking for donations of funds and/or supplies for the Protection center to make it through the winter. Wish list: candles, fire wood, camouflage clothing, wool clothing, or any other snowy weather camping supplies are GREATLY appreciated!

homepage: http://www.ubcic.bc.ca/sun_peaks.htm


RACISM | MEDIA CRITICISM 05.12.2003 12:20
Corporate media ignores domestic terror plot; Conspirators happen to be white and from Texas
In May 2003, white supremacists in Texas were caught with a sodium cyanide bomb, other bombs, illegal weapons, hate literature, fake I.D., and chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. In mid-November, three people pleaded guilty to related charges, while seized documents indicate that there are other co-conspirators at large. The feds have served "hundreds of subpoenas across the country," and the plot has been included in the President's daily intelligence briefings.

But most of us have never heard about it. The only media that saw fit to report about this terrorist plot within the US were a few newspapers and TV stations in Texas. The Web-based news outlet WorldNetDaily ran a story about it, but Google News shows that there hasn't been a word in the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or any other big media outlet. Why have the media decided that this is a non-story? It's hard to say, but we can say with certainty that if Muslims had been caught with these weapons of mass destruction, fake I.D., gas masks, and books on making explosives, it would've been front-page news for days.


MEDIA CRITICISM 05.12.2003 12:14
Clear Channel criticized through billboard liberation

I took these photos on Wednesday the 3rd. Whoever did the work is pretty good at matching paint colors.

more about Clear Channel: [ Code Pink Targets Clear Channel ]


SELECTION 2004 05.12.2003 00:56
Conflict of Interest infected Howard Deanís Vermont record concerning police shooting; Dean refuses multiple press requests for comment
On two consecutive days, Dean's campaign refused to respond to press requests from Connecticut and Vermont newspapers about his corrupt behavior concerning his conflict of interest with William Sorrell, Vermont Attorney General, related to a police shooting and how that conflict tainted his decision relating to the appointment of a special prosecutor. No comment. Couldn't be reached. Wouldn't return calls. See articles below.

Two years ago, Dean was petitioned by grieving friends of a slain Vermont man (Justice for Woody) to appoint a special prosecutor/investigator to look into the police shooting. The group strongly objected to the results of an investigation conducted by William Sorrell, Vermont Attorney General. Dean accepted the request to look at the matter and take appropriate action if he deemed it appropriate.

When Dean accepted the report from the Justice for Woody people he failed to disclose to the group that he had an enormous conflict of interest with William Sorrell and he would never undermine his friend's report on the shooting. To do so would usurp his friends authority and put into question Sorrell's abilities and judgment.

background: [ Cronies v. Qualifications, Howard Dean's Dilemma ]


FTAA MIAMI 04.12.2003 22:52
Oregon Pagans in Miami
"No army can hold back a thought, no fence can chain the sea."
Thursday, November 20
The day starts at 7am at Government Center, perhaps as many as 1,000 people are gathered for an early morning march/parade to the fence that surrounds the Intercontinental Hotel. The police presence is large, but they stand back from the edge of the crowd, blocking the entrance to the MetroRail station and standing across the intersection. Marching through downtown Miami is eerie: buildings are boarded up, offices are closed, there are no workers or shoppers. It's like a ghost town. Naturally, folks want to challenge the 9 foot fence, to take down the symbol of the state's attempt to silence us. But here we are singing and dancing through the streets with puppets, drums, flag twirlers, and radical cheerleaders. We are a vibrant, colorful, pageant flowing through the empty streets of downtown. Some of us wonder if we'd be better off marching through the neighborhoods where our audience would be more than the riot cops who are armed and ready to pounce.


INDYMEDIA 04.12.2003 01:38
A Necessary Autumn for the Seattle IMC
November 24 marked the quasi-official fourth anniversary of the Independent Media Center, the date of the first message posted to www.indymedia.org (now seattle.indymedia.org). "The resistance is global," wrote tech/media volunteers Matthew Arnison and Manse Jacobi on the eve of the 1999 Seattle WTO Ministerial. "Prepare to be swamped by the tide of activist media makers on the ground in Seattle and around the world..." The energetic greeting heralded a new era of local-cum- international grassroots media activism which has grown far beyond what anyone could have imagined four years ago. Today's global Indymedia network includes well over 120 regional sites around the world, featuring self-published news in at least twenty-one languages.

In Seattle, the IMC's original office space at 1415 Third Ave. has served not only as the home of the Seattle Indymedia organization, but also as a community resource with a large screening room and public computers, and even as a tourist destination for activists remembering the 1999 protests which made "WTO" and "Seattle" buzzwords around the world.

So it will come as sad news to people far and wide to learn that the Seattle IMC may soon close down its original space.


9/11 INVESTIGATION 04.12.2003 01:37
Corporate Press Ignores 9/11 Widow's Bush Treason Suit
When you present documented charges of official treachery behind the greatest national security disaster in modern history and the press doesn't show, doesn't listen, doesn't write - just what in fact is really being communicated?

[T]he challenge facing American newspapers "is not to stay in business -- it is to stay in journalism."
That despite all the deaths, lies, wars, and bizarre official actions that flowed from 9/11 there's actually nothing there to be investigated at all? That addressing desperate victim families' still unanswered cries for truth is not a legitimate journalistic concern?

That news will now be what the corporate media say it will be, so drink your infotainment Kool-Aid and kindly shut up?

And what news have we seen of the thousands of Depleted Uranium deaths and birth defects now desolating Afghanis, Iraqis and our own Gulf War troops?

And whose looking into the $1.2 trillion the Pentagon admits is "missing" or the half trillion in laundered funds now propping up our banks?

And how many times have you seen it reported that unbid Iraq contracts have pushed the worth of VP Cheney's 433,333 Halliburton stock options to $26 million plus? But to return to 9/11, [ the funny business has just begun ].

related: [ WTC1 9-11 plane had BRIGHT FLASH before striking showing IT'S NOT COMMERCIAL JET ]


PRISON 04.12.2003 01:29
The life of women prisoners in Miami-Dade County as seen through the eyes of an FTAA protester
"Come on Ladies, no talking allowed... Eat faster, Ladies or lose your food... Midnight, Ladies get out of your beds and in line for count... Ladies, if you are found with more then one blanket you will be disciplined... Ladies, it's four in the morning: time for count and then breakfast. I said 'WAKE UP!' Ladies. You don't want to see me angry!"

Who are these "Ladies"? They are the women inmates of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. Don't be fooled. Many of these women (65%) have not been convicted of crimes. They are merely too poor to secure the funds necessary to free themselves with bail and obtain legal counsel other than a public defender.

Ninety-two percent of these women have incomes of less then $10,000 per year with which they must support themselves as well as their families. They may spend more then five days in jail before a magistrate reviews their case. Then they are often given a difficult choice. They can plead guilty and go free on the spot with a mark on their record. This option leaves them less likely to get a job and more likely to get jailed again. Or they may "choose" to remain in jail, for weeks and sometimes months, if they can't raise their bail money, before their court date. For these women, innocent before proven guilty has become a joke. [ Read more... ]

related: I remember in Seattle N30 1999 when I was in jail and I heard all of the people in the streets outside using "Repeat after me!" to send messages inside! What would it be like to hear thousands of people sending their support to you while you are inside your cubicle, factory, and so on...? [ Expanding Jail Solidarity ]


COMMENTARY | COVERAGE 03.12.2003 12:38
Analyzing "The Movement"-Looking Back at PPRC
SInce September 11th, or more to the point, since October 7th, 2001 and the bombing of Afghanistan, I've been involved with what I tend to call "the movement." The Twin Towers falling, the Anthrax scare, the indiscriminate bombing of a starving country while the terrorist culprits scrammed, all of it moved me to act. I wanted to act in concert with others to expose the lies, and to eventually build something better than the corporate doomsday world I'd found myself in.

But here's what happened. I found out that the movement wasn't really there. It seemed to be there, I could watch it on television, or read about it in various magazines, but in my real life all I could find was a nonprofit organization called PPRC.

This organization had an interesting beginning, and through my involvement with the organization I learned both about how difficult it is to build an open and democratic organization, and that there are some seemingly built-in constraints muzzling most peace groups.

Primarily, however, the story of my involvement with PPRC is a story of burnout, alienation, and a growing sense of hopelessness. Still if I am going to find a way out of this abyss this story is one that I have to write. A story I have to examine, come to terms with, and eventually transcend.


OREGON POLICE STATE 03.12.2003 12:36
Oregon Department of Corrections punishes those who challenge it: Support requested for political prisoners
A PRISONER OF THE Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC), Brian McCarvill recently filed suit against the ODOC because they continually denied Brian reading materials of a radical/anarchist nature. Brian contended that free speech rights were being stifled and the ODOC was mistakenly labeling those with radical politics as "gang related". After settling the lawsuit, the ODOC chose to punish Brian for his challenge by transferring him out of the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem to the Twin Rivers Correctional Facility in Umatilla.

Due to this retaliatory transfer, Brian has lost his job, many of his belongings, access to dental care he was about to receive, and, as he has no money or way of making any now, he can't afford Advil to help control his back pain. Brian has for years suffered serious back pain (from two slipped disks, and calcium build-ups over fracture trauma). He has been sent to a prison where there are no chairs in the dayroom with back-supports. ODOC has, in Brian's words, "full knowledge" of this situation. Brian is also attempting to get dentures - he hasn't had any teeth at all since November 2002. Work was scheduled begin on these dentures late May at Oregon State Penitentiary. No work on dentures is done at TRCI, so it is possible that the authorities will move him yet again. It is imperative that Brian is transferred back to Oregon State Penitentiary. [ Read more... | Newly posted dispatch from Brian ]

Dispatch from Jeff 'Free' Luers
I always feel a little funny writing these because it isn't like any of my other writings but a direct view into my life. It gets sent out to all you wonderful people-some of whom I know-many I don't. I must admit-I ask myself "why do these folks sign up for these updates?" (Oh and officer: I know why you sign up).

Lately, I've been thinking about my future a lot. It is driving me nuts, to be frank. I have this good/bad habit of dreaming the impossible-bottomline, I'm a romantic at heart and a realist in mind. It makes for a very confusing life at times. I have some great dreams I'd love to have come true and I hold on to them because all I have to get me through the day is my dreams.

But, it devastates me to think they may be 19 years away because with each passing year, they are less likely to come true. And I become a little colder inside, a little harder and a little more resolved to tough it out and hold my head up high. That's where I'm at right now. I'm pissed off and determined to make my imprisonment as hard on the state as it is on me- harder if possible.

I'm working on several different projects and many have a long term range and goal. One of these projects is fighting for political prisoner status. This presents a unique challenge as the United States has never acknowledged that it has political prisoners. [ Read more... ]


DEEP POLITICS 03.12.2003 12:13
WORLD BAD AIR ALERT --- Global Chemtrail Spraying
People in the UK, USA, and in many other countries, are getting dangerously sick because of the massive spraying in the sky and air of toxic chemicals -- such as barium stearate and aluminium oxide. This 'Chemtrail Spraying' started in West USA around 1991, and became severe over many countries in 2001 and 2002. Over the past few years millions of people will have died from, and many millions are now sick with, these conditions and complications from the massive 'Chemtrail' spraying operation occurring over many countries.

I have been trying (along with many, many others) to coalesce action to stop this madness for 36 months, but now this spraying is becoming very severe - so, I am trying again. In a chemical-filled storm (caused by planes dropping their chemical loads into approaching weather fronts) here on the Isle of Man a few weeks ago, I heard first-hand of many babies being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. Now is the time to tell this story and to unite people, because most people are now beginning to understand that we have some pretty mad people making many of the biggest decisions on Earth.


Billboard altered to send message to Sen. Wyden

Pranksters send a message to turncoat politician, Ron Wyden of Oregon during a wet Portland night, 11/29/03.

background: [ Opposing the Medicare prescription drug bill | Stop the sham Medicare prescription bill ]


BuyNothingDay CriticalMass Powell'sStrike
A tourist from Canada returns to Portland with the fondness of Bikesummer still warm in his heart to find our rather confusing state of critical mass. While waiting at a green light for friends to catch up he was told by an officer to get on the sidewalk because he was blocking traffic. Looking over his shoulder, not seeing ANY cars, and being from Canada he asked the obvious question, "Eh?" The Peace Keeper in question quickly told him he was to be cited for disobeying a direct order. The Canadian was left wondering why the people would willingly pay for this person to "serve and protect." I wonder what the Portland Business Alliance would have to say about the tourism generating disposition of our civic defenders.

Meanwhile at the Powell's Bookstore Strike a rather uncomfortably tight-dressed supervisor told a small group of us that we could no longer sing bike themed x-mas carols on the patio, and would have to move. Singing from the sidewalk huddled around a wet piece of paper proved to be somewhat inspiring as passerbys were all curious why we were singing there. [ Read More ] [ Bloating a different action request ]


Thanksgiving Buffalo Slaughter
In this time of thankfulness we have some sad news. On Tuesday November 25th, another bull buffalo was shot dead by DOL agent Shane Grube while running back towards the boundary of Yellowstone National Park. He was some 25 yards shy of the border. Volunteers had to witness the agents drag the dead bull to the facility where they proceeded to fork-lift him onto a truck, gut and skin him, and remove his head. Again another powerful animal died at the hands of the ignorant and intolerant. The bull lived the only way he knew how---"Wild and Free!" Even in death the Buffalo continue to teach. [ Read More ] [ Buffalo Field Campaign ]


BOLIVIA SOLIDARITY 30.11.2003 20:42
Public Letter from Bolivia
This [10-17-03] letter is an attempt to inspire genuine solidarity with worldwide social movements, so that they might intervene, to prevent order from being reestablished, and instead help to create a new and just social order in Bolivia. After one month of conflict we are at the end of our resources. The magnitude of this warlike arsenal, the mass media and economic sectors acting in the interests of the transnationals who support our government, is forcing us to ask the brothers and sisters of this continent for help to defend our common cause, for a more just world. The elites of this world have designed a system to suffocate and weaken the legitimacy of our cause, by using violence in the streets and a press corps that lies, a cause that our people paid for with blood.

Beyond the effective denial of the crisis and the portrayal of the conflict that Sanchez de Lozada sells to the foreign press, there are people dying, unionists being arrested, silenced intellectuals, and persecuted journalists. The people are defending themselves to their full capacity with diverse strategies, the right for freedom of thought and for a the right to a life with dignity for all Latin Americans, Africans, Asians, all indigenous peoples, blacks and mix-races, all the oppressed, discriminated and forgotten in this world.

It is incorrect to say that Bolivia is now undergoing its worst social, political and economic crisis. It is not true that intolerance and violence threaten to divide our country. We Bolivians understand that this crisis is not only our crisis, intolerance and violence is not threatening our people in a way that we have not experienced before, because our country has been divided by discrimination for centuries.

"The sublime sacrifice of so many brothers will only be worth it, if we can twist the arm of the owners of the world, if this battle initiates a chain reaction that leads to the defense of the sovereignty of all Latin America.... We have given of ourselves, now it depends on You."

www.rebelion.org | www.bolivia.indymedia.org


POLICE STATE 30.11.2003 01:19
Anti-FTAA Solidarity and demands from Dade County Women Prisoners
MIAMI -- (November 27, 2003) The Dade County Women's Detention Center prisoners express their solidarity with the protesters of the FTAA. Many of the conditions the protesters found in the jail and detention centers, however horrific, are just examples of what we live with every day. There are many health code and civil right violations in the Dade County jail system. The women prisoners would like the following conditions to be addressed immediately:

1) There is black mold in our showers that cause rashes and breathing problems.

2) There are large amounts of bugs in our cells and in our showers.

3) The food is often in terrible condition, sometimes even rotting.


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