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Update on Bush's unHealthy Forest Restoration Bill
Roadside Many of you have emailed and called us asking for an update on the status of Bush's insidious bill, and want to know when this bad legislation will finally receive a proper burial. The following is an update on where the bill currently stands: On September 22nd, Democratic Senators Wyden, Feinstein, Lincoln, Baucus, Craig, Kyl, McCain, Domenici, Crapo, and Cochran cut a deal on a new version of HR 1904.

Tom Daschle (D-SD), and Senator Johnson (D-SD) also endorsed the deal. Due to the fact that Senator Daschle decided to support the deal, many other moderate Republicans and pro-environment Senate Democrats believe that the deal is good. The problem is that the deal is worse than HR 1904, and will still fully implement President Bush's bill. The compromise language in the deal is controversial, confusing, and unclear from a legal standpoint. The new supposed old-growth protection language has loopholes that could actually increase logging in these stands, as well as in roadless areas. It places restrictions on project appeals and judicial review.

Comment: ~5% of the nation's old growth is left and the pro-environment Democrats are "cutting a deal" that will cut down what's left. we saw this in the Clinton era with the salvage rider and we're seeing it again now. if you're serious about saving forests (and hence ourselves), then you can put no hope in Democrats and liberals. what's needed is a grassroots rebellion against this lawless logging, with protests, direct action, and whatever else will work. the "leaders" and executive directors won't help us here. we need to act ourselves.

the Witness Against Lawless Logging campaign has been revived. this is one great way to fight here in Cascadia, where we stand to lose so much...


NEWS FROM AFRICA 27.10.2003 17:48
Hard to Tell 'Who's on First, What's on Second' in Congo
he central part of Africa, along the equator, is mainly jungle and bush. The ability for snipers to run and hide and the difficulty moving military equipment makes it very difficult terrain on which to fight a war. It is an even more difficult place to maintain a peace.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has emerged battered and torn from a civil war which lasted almost five years and which eventually involved seven other neighboring nations (Background Report). But they have managed to cobble together an interim government comprised of the former national government, rival political groups, and several rebel army groups. It is an extraordinary amalgam of parties who have been largely hostile to one another for many years but who are now sitting at the same table and maintaining civility while they plan for the rebuilding of their country. The Congolese have achieved this political miracle almost entirely with their own initiative although they have enjoyed the benefit of foreign peacekeeping troops who have largely maintained the peace and provided the breathing room for talks and comprises to take place.


PERSONAL REPORTING 26.10.2003 14:45
"Last Travel Journal" part I
This article summarizes some thoughts, musings and pensee's concerning a voyage that I recently finished around the Earth. This voyage took 13 months of active traveling and opening my senses to the world reality around me; this period of living was truly worth the experience - so marvellous and quite horrifying at that same time. Arriving back, I would like to share some travel sentiments and ideas.

While living in Europe, this being many years before my grand trip around the world, I became acquainted with some British travelers that were doing these long trips around the globe. These intrepid travelers were for the most part young people who like myself (many were pierced, tattooed, squatted out or out squatted or both, and had the general anti-capitalist new age tendency; well an albeit middle class one) quite generally then, enjoyed traveling and were very different from the typical worldly clean cuticled/daily showered travel bug that sleeps in fine hotels, carries fine camera equipment and goes everywhere in plane or in air conditioned bus. Their alternative traveler stories were quite remarkable and I was getting somewhat envious of their voyages and their descriptions of the Exotica in the world. I especially was jealous of their amazing stories from the Indian subcontinent. Even the wild stories of getting deathly ill or being chased by robbers were becoming attractive.

Then this terrible Birth began in my still robust mind - yes, if these young British kids were doing it, then I could do it too! So I began to save my money, first in Europe and then also when moving back to Amerika. First, I learned that the most expensive item was the ticket: called a Round the World Trip Ticket. And of course, there was the spending money scheme, which I ought to have saved up; even though I planned to work as I traveled.

[ Read this first installment of a three part series written for portland indymedia ]


PGE Employees Pressured To Campaign Against PUD
photo from Portland TribuneIn the most recent (Friday, October 24, 2003) issue of the PORTLAND TRIBUNE, an article titled, "Decision Day Nears for People's Utility District Campaign" ( http://www.portlandtribune.com/archview.cgi?id=21047) carries a photograph and caption which reads, "Dave Covington, a lineman for Portland General Electric, says union members are being pressured to support PGE and Pacific Power in the fight against the people's utility district." (actual paper carries photo and caption . . . online story does not but I've scanned and included it here).

A link to the Clackamas County PUD site at ( http://www.clackamaspower.com/fatcats.htm ) details contributions made to the "Citizens" from June through September of this year and includes "in kind employee time contributions" for PGE and PacifiCorp (these same figures are quoted in the TRIBUNE article but are clearly out of date at this point). Anyone who has seen nicely dressed "employee-types" walking around downtown with anti PUD signs and stickers on their backs cannot help but believe that these are employees, sent out the door sent out the door like so many automatons with the message that they must push the agenda of their employer, regardless of the fact that they do not stand to lose their jobs if a PUD takes over. The only people with jobs at risk are the executives who make the big bucks and are afraid of losing them.

It would be very enlightening to see one of the memos or e-mails to these employees to determine exactly what sort of coercion or half-truths are being used to move them - willingly or reluctantly - to action. I am sure I'm not the only one who's noticed a majority of the anti-PUD letters to the editor in the OREGONIAN are written by PGE employees and signed that way. One can almost picture them sitting at their computers with a form letter in front of them, devoting a "strongly suggested" 10 minutes a day to trashing the PUD ballot measures.

Related Links and Websites: For your own sake get off the couch! | PGE is Enron.com | PUD Endorsers | Clackamas Public Power site | PGE's Trojan Power Plant ripoff | Peoples Utility Distric in Multnomah County | The Truth about Citizens Against Gov't Takeover Fatcats


New Paramilitary Stormtrooper U of O Marching Band Uniforms
Wow . . . has anyone seen the new Nike-donated U of O marching band uniforms? The attached pic was in this morning OREGONIAN. 1950s motorcycle-type helmets, padded shoulders, leather boots . . . these guys look like BOY TOYS.

The article says that the new uniforms are meant to make the marching band look "like ferocious road warriors". The uniform includes "1940s and 50s motorcycle-style helmets . . . motorcycle-style boots . . . bad-boy wraparound sunglasses . . . green pants and jackets with lightning yellow trim . . . suspendered pants . . . denim-like exposed seams and a Nike swoosh on the right hip pocket."

Curious about what others think . . .

[ Join discussion about creeping cultural fascism... ]


Why canít at least one politician tell the truth about health care?
HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!! I consider my politics far to the right of most of the people on this website, but I have to admit that Kucinich has the best heath care ideas of any of the candidates running. But even he can't seem to bring himself to tell people that a National single payer system like they have in Europe won't be cheap, and everyone especially the middle class will have to spend more of their money to pay for it.

I'm believe this because every other country that has national health care system taxes their citizens at a much higher rate than does the US. And not just the rich. The EU has a 17.5 VAT or sales tax on everything (except food in some countries). Most have a minimum income tax of 35%, and it goes all the way up to over 80%. Not to mention $5 a gallon gas. Plus, there is not million dollar law suits by people for medical malpractice. If you become disabled due to negligence you get a pension that is about 90% plus of your original salary, and the doctor may have to find another line of work, but there is no such thing has "Pain and Suffering" money.

I believe that if some politician just stood up one time and said "I will work with congress to allow you to have a national health care system, but you get what you pay for, and its not going to be cheap, but it will be affordable, and it will be better than what you have now, because everyone will be covered, and nobody will be treated any better or any worse, because of their financial status." People would respect that and vote for that person.

It seems to me that every politician (republican/democrat/green, etc) in this country wants to promise the moon, but tell you he is going to stick it to someone else to pay for it. Usually the target the politician says he will hang the bill on is always widely unpopular with the politician's audience. And that is a pretty childish and unrealistic way of looking at things when you think about it.

I realize that politicians spend a lot of time talking to their core audiences and throw them "Red Meat", but for once I would like to hear one just be honest. Even if I don't like what I hear, I would respect them a lot more.

I'm will to pay my 17.5% sales tax, my 50% income tax, and my $5 for gas, if I can get the same benefits as the EU countries have.

a href="http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/10/273847.shtml" target="_blank">Oregon Health Plan is in Critical Condition


Michael Moore's Portland Oregon Stop: What the message was.
The other night I got the thrill of hearing Michael Moore live. Portland was the 25th city in a 39 city tour to promote his new book "Dude, Where's My Country?" I, along with 10,000 other folks cheered this unlikely hero onto the stage. I'll share just a few of the themes he talked about, but first let me quash a report being put out by the local media and by Lars Larson (an ultra conservative talk show host here in Portland Oregon)....

What is being reported is that Michael Moore gave Lars Larson's cell phone number to the audience and that Lars has been being harassed and receiving "death threats" from anonymous callers. The reality is that Mr. Moore did not give out Larson's cell phone number (at least not all of it), and that somone in the audience actually gave the cell phone number to Moore. To the best of my memory having witnessed the whole thing, Michael Moore stated the area code, the prefix and (inadvertantly I believe) the last digit of the phone number. If people are calling and threatening Larson, it is NOT because Michael Moore gave them the number.

He talked at some length about the US being the only nation in a long list of nations that "pisses" on their poor. He argued that one of the fundamental differences between the US and Canada is that Canadians have drilled into their bones that all Canadians are Canadian - they are in the same boat. What happens to one of them is perceived as happening to all of them. Therefore it is unthinkable to let people "fall through the cracks." This is far different that the individualistic , "me me me" of the US.

Michael Moore argued that the Democratic party keeps edging to the right because that is where they seem to think that the public is; however, that the public is actually very liberal on social issues (from aid for the poor, to a woman's right to choose, to concerns about the environment).

He argued that "the right" is aware of this shift in the masses and that is why they are so angry... He argued that the angry roar from the right was the roar of a "dying dinosaur." It is in this context that Lars Larson received a phone message from the 10,000 assembled to hear Moore.

Overall, Michael Moore pushed the crowd to engage in our democratic process and to reclaim the country. He feels that it is critical that we do so, and that we need to act now - not wait until after the Democrats have chosen which "horse" they will run. He did say that all of us should be running for office from precinct captains up...The evening was much more than a book tour presentation by a popular author. It was a call to arms

Moore-related story: /a> (What Michael Moore didn't know)


A report from the October 22nd march
I arrived at the South Park by Salmon Street at about 3:45. Michael D. and company were just setting up tables and a couple of speakers. As I was I walking up the steps. Michael was talking to Commander Sizer, and Officer Meyers. I sat down to wait. It was raining slightly. Not too many people were around yet. I was talking to a friend as people began to arrive. The police began to accumulate too; first it was just Sizer, Meyers, and a bicycle cop. More black clad people began to arrive. The rain increased. The police accumulated. By 4:10 PM there were about 50 black clad citizens waiting. I saw mounted police, bycycle police and the truck with the robocops swung by once.

Michael introduced the first speaker, I didn't catch his name. He taunted the police, making remarks about "Good cop, bad cop." He spoke of his problems with police overreaction during the august 21st visit By George II, and how he was arrested by police in a related protest later that month. He joked about how a Christian fundamentalist had tried to convince him that Christians needed to "form and alliance" with anarchists. [ Read more... ]

Poem about oct22 anti police brutality march by Stew Albert
Speaking again
at a Portland rally
against police brutality
in the wind and rain
I was the only one
to mention George Bush

last year the crowd was twice the size
no cops were present
we marched in the street
slightly disrupted traffic
and no fuzz.
It was an inexpensive day
for taxpayers and civil libertarians

what a difference
a Bush year makes
now we have
swaggering cops
arms folded leaning on trees broadcasting strutting messages
of control freak power
when the march came
so did the posse

previous reporting/commentary: "heavily guarded march up main?"


BICYCLE SAFETY 25.10.2003 12:08
Beware Radio City Cab #24
I was enjoying what I consider the perfect Portland night--a late night jaunt up Mt. Tabor on my single speed bike. On the way home I was cruising down Hawthorne, through a green light at 50th, when Radio City cab #24 jumped out into Hawthorne, almost hitting me. The driver was, surprise surprise, gabbing on his cell phone. I gave him a disapproving look. No finger; no yelling (an amazing demonstration of self-restraint for someone who grew up on the East Coast). Anyway, he then barreled out into Hawthorne and swerved into my path, almost hitting me again (and raving into his rear view mirror as only an unbalanced white man behind the wheel of a car can do).

Anyway, I called the cab company and registered a complaint, though I said I was not asking for him to be fired (as I am a working man myself), but only asked that they explain to him that bikes are vehicles that merit the same rights as any other vehicles on the road. Will it make any difference? Shit, I don't know.


MEDIA CRITICISM 25.10.2003 12:07
Lars Larson's personal cell #...
At the micheal Moore speaking thing, the crowd of 10,000 person's called Lars, hoping to get him on the phone...sadly, lars did not answer in person, but his home answerring machine message gave out his personal cell phone #... please call and pester his stupid ass. 503-351-8886

One commenter stated: This episode shows what a gutless, classless piece of garbage Michael Moore is. Ditto for some of his followers. Hey Suave, how would you like it if we posted your phone # for all the right-wingers to harass you? One of the callers actually phoned in a death threat. He will soon be getting a visit from the cops. Why? Because Lars has caller ID, that's why! You have put yourself in the same cesspool as Randall Terry and Operation Rescue. Proud of yourself? You want a torrent of obscene phone calls at 2 in the morning? Don't worry. Lars isn't going to publish your home phone number. He has more class than that.

But another commenter added: Lars Larson is one of the untouchable icons of the local slough of conservative facists, and he finally got what he deserved... After years of sexist, racist, elitist mud slinging, I think suffering through a night of prank calls is the least he deserves... I can only recommend that people continue to harass this hate-monger, and hopefully, one day, he'll go away... As Moore said, Portland is revered around the country for being a haven for liberals/progressives/socialists/anarchists, and we all need to let these oilguzzling/treechopping/psycho/hillbilly/nazis know that their city sanctioned, police protected, reign of terror will no longer go without consequence...


FOREST DEFENSE 23.10.2003 22:34
Vindication for 3 of the "Borg 4"!
Yesterday (Oct. 22nd) three defendants in the Borg timber sale protests that occurred August 30th 2002, were found "not guilty" on all charges. With the decision made by federal district judge Garr King proclaiming that the u.s.f.s. had violated regulations in accordance with the National Forest Policy Act, the acquittal of these three seems even more appropriate.

Lesley Krueger-McElhatton and John Felsner, who were both charged with "Interference with agricultural operations", were found not guilty by Judge Van Dyke in Clackamas county court. Kruegers and Felsners charges had been reduced from criminal misdeameanors to criminal violations earlier this year during their arraignments. Due to the reductions in their charges, neither were entitled to a jury trial in which the state would have to prove its case "beyond a reasonable doubt". Stu Sugarman, the defendants attorney, attempted to file a motion which would grant the defendants a jury trial or acquittal. Mr. Sugarman's arguement was because Krueger and Felsner had been arrested, read Miranda Rights, booked and detained in Clackamas county jail, they were still entitled to the same rights as someone charged with a criminal misdeameanor, regardless of the subsequent reduction. Mr. Sugarman cited statutes and past cases which supported his arguement , all to no avail.

Matthew Ritzinger was charged with "Interference with agricultural operations" and "Disorderly conduct". If he'd been convicted on both counts, Ritzinger could have done up to 18 months in Clackamas county jail. Drew Chilton, who was representing Ritzinger, elected to not call any witnesses, implying that the states case was to weak to get a conviction. The tactic proved to be the right one! [ Read more... ]

background: [ Forest Activist Legal Update (23 dec. 2002) | URGENT-Forest Activists Under Attack!! (27 sept. 2002) | New Road Blockades at Borg Timber Sale (30 aug. 2002) | Photos of Borg | info on borg timber sale from BARK | cascadia forest alliance ]


INDYMEDIA 23.10.2003 07:41
Indymedia fights Diebold's legal attempt to silence discussions about e-voting
Documents are publicly available that detail vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines manufactured by the Diebold Corporation. Diebold has been sending cease and desist letters to internet service providers (ISPs) that host the documents or links to them. Numerous Indymedia servers have been targeted by Diebold in its campaign to suppress this critical information.

Indymedia will defend its right to post internal memos and documents detailing vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines manufactured by the Diebold Corporation. The documents were made publicly available, and subsequently reported by writer Bev Harris on her websites blackboxvoting.com and blackboxvoting.org.

The vast information contained in these documents is still being investigated by top computer scientists and researchers, but a set of widely circulated internal memos detail Diebold's flippant disregard of test runs, accuracy audits, and security for its voting machines. System tests (much like a dress rehearsal) are often required by local election laws--Diebold memos mention how they simply changed the name "memory test" to "***System Test Passed***" as if the machine performed a self audit. The memos also say how Diebold installed new versions of the voting software that were left untested.

Their election results are not secure, as evidenced by this comment in one email regarding the "contents" (i.e. the votes) of the e-voting machines: "Now, where the perception comes in is that its right now very *easy* to change the contents. Double click the .mdb file." Diebold's Republican executives have touted e-voting as a solution to the punchcard voting systems that scandalized Florida in 2000. In fact, this evidence of security and reliability flaws raises serious questions about this "solution" to election woes in the US.

Full Global Indy Feature

[ The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged | earlier global feature, August 2003 ]


Fair Play Out the Window / Appeals Court Moves To Block Clarifying PUD Ads
Anyone who thinks that delaying a decision until after the election is in the best interests of Multnomah County voters is either a "Citizen Against The Government Takeover" or deluded. A clarification would have helped voters better understand the actual ramifications of weighing in on the measures in question. Opponents of the measures, who continue to air misleading and damaging commercials, don't want you to understand that one of these measures has absolutely NO tax ramifications and the other, only a small one-time fee and not a continuing property tax burden.

Portland Communique, in a message posted on its site (October 20) reported:
"Okay, here's how the whole thing played out . . . Mara Woloshin (whose attorney is from the law firm whose members pad out the list of contributors to the fake "citizens" group opposing the PUD) today asked Judge Haggerty to stay his order of last Friday. According to Linda Williams (one of the other attorneys, along with the aforementioend Dan Meek, involved on the side of the plaintiffs in the case), Haggerty "immediately declined."

At that point, Woloshin (in legal parlance termed an "intervenor" -- the other intervenor in the case being the State of Oregon) filed an appeal. More or less concurrently, the County -- the actual defendant in the case -- also filed an appeal and asked for an emergency stay of Haggerty's order.

Woloshin is a professional, accomplished, high-profile PR flak for the "Citizens". Real citizens with a conscience don't mind the truth; PGE and Pacific Power realize that the court-ordered clarification does not serve as well as innuendo. They are all about saving themselves (which is understandable) at all costs and nothing more. Woloshin is, no doubt, being well paid for her efforts.

Related articles & websites: [PGE is Enron.com | PUD Endorsers | Clackamas Public Power site | PGE's Trojan Power Plant ripoff | Peoples Utility Distric in Multnomah County | The Truth about Citizens Against Gov't Takeover Fatcats | For your own sake, get off the couch! | Court Agrees with PUD supporters


Corporate media, big money colluding to defeat Public Utility District
Still No PUD Ballot Clarification Ads - Write Steve Duin!
ime is running out. PUD ballots have been in the hands of voters for four days now and the federally mandated advertising correcting misleading wording has not yet appeared, although it should have been published beginning on Sunday. Let's get to the bottom of this and make some noise. Write Steve Duin at the OREGONIAN! [ Read more... ]

Recall The Ballots . . . Federal Court Ad Directive Isn't Enough
Yesterday, a post entitled FEDERAL COURT AGREES WITH PUD SUPPORTERS introduced the startling news that the ballot to be mailed regarding the PUD measures contained inflammatory, unnecessary and misleading wording on the envelope and in the descriptions. The Federal Court found that Multnomah County's ballot is so "patently false" and "profoundly misleading" that it violates the US Constitution in four different ways. The Court ordered the County to insert dozens of newspaper ads in an attempt to counter the "inherently misleading" language on the ballot. In my opinion, this will be a case of too little, too late. The ballots are already out there. [ Read more... ]

Anybody who cares about their power bill (and reliability) ought to get some "door-hangers" and canvas their neighborhood
We have an immediate need, the ballots are already out and the undecideds are subject to intense bombardment of propaganda from the big-wigs at PGEnron. These are the folks who stole 65 million from the state of Oregon, and drove away business by raising the cost of electricity 51%.

Go down to 232 NE 9th (9th and Everett). (It's being run out of the democratic party HQ) between 2-6 pm tomorrow. Get yourself a map and 250-500 flyers. Then go meet the neighbors. You will find 80% of folks to be very supportive. But we've got to remind them to vote!

For your own sake get off the couch! [ Read more... ]

PGE is Enron.com | PUD Endorsers | Clackamas Public Power site | PGE's Trojan Power Plant ripoff | Peoples Utility Distric in Multnomah County | The Truth about Citizens Against Gov't Takeover Fatcats


GET UP, STAND UP 21.10.2003 01:50
Report from the PPRC March last Friday
We left about the usual time. As we headed North on Broadway, I noticed a man across the street was giving us the good old thumbs-down sign. I was carrying a "He lied, they died sign" I held it up just in case he hadn't quite gotten the idea yet.

A little later, a man with a "Support Israel" sign started following the group. There was some discussion back and forth, but nothing serious. We turned up toward Nike for our usual stop.

A man approached me as we crossed one intersection. He asked me "How do you know?" and pointed toward my sign ("He lied, They died".)


AUDIO: BOLIVIA 20.10.2003 23:56
As it happens: Interview with Andrea Alipaz in Bolivia
Andrea Alipaz is interviewed live from Bolivia by an indymedia activist on Friday 10-17-2003 as the President is being forced from power by a united people of Bolivia. Hear the events just as they were happening only a few days ago. Hear the interview on PDX IMC Web Radio


"Preserves for People" event a success!
Today's money-free barter event for home preserved foods at People's Co-op was a success! Folks showed up throughout the afternoon with jars of jelly, pickles, and compote, and traded them. I took applesauce, peaches, pears, blackberry jam, and dill pickles, and went home with apple-fig-chai compote, grape jelly, plum jelly, spicy pear jelly; pickled zucchini, asparagus, and beans; spicy crab apples, blueberry jam, tomatoes; AND two 22 oz. bottles of home-brewed stout! Most of the fruit and vegetables were home-grown or from local organic farmers. No money was used at this event, although a couple people who didn't have preserves tried. Attendees exchanged tips and talked about the politics of food. De-commodifying food is vital; the corporatization of the food supply has been leading to malnutrition, loss of livelihood, and has broken the sacred connection between eating and the earth. Interestingly, most of the people who attended this event were young people in their twenties and early thirties; it was good to see that the food preservation arts are being taken up by a new generation.


POLITICS 19.10.2003 17:11
AUDIO: Jim Hightower Speaks @ PSU
Philosopher Seed recorded Jim Hightower on 10/8/2003 at PSU. Jim talks about the state of democrarcy in the reign of the current administration. Jim is a very entertaining and insightful speaker...so it is no chore to listen to this report. There is a brief introduction by a few speakers including some good information by Lloyd Marbett.

This is a 37 minute audio file of that presentation, given in Spanish with English translation. [ Listen to the MP3 version @ PDX IMC Web Radio | Listen to the Real Media Version @ PhilosopherSeed.org website ]


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 18.10.2003 15:26
Reportback from Colombian Union Activist speaking on Coca Cola's Human Rights Atrocities
The speaker, Juan Carlos Galvis spoke last night in the Musician's Union Hall, Local 88. He spoke of the reasons behind the initiation of the campaign to take on the coca cola corporation. The need for this boycott has come about because of Coca Cola's systematic violation of human rights. He shared with us some of the events that led to the decision to begin this worldwide campaign:

Dec 5, 1996, Isidro Segundo Gil was assasinated at the bottling plant in Carepa. {A chilling description of Gil's assassination, based on eyewitness accounts, is the centerpiece of a lawsuit filed in Miami in July 2001 against Coca-Cola, Panamerican Beverages (the largest soft drink bottler in Latin America) and Bebidas y Alimentos (a bottler owned by Richard Kirby of Key Biscayne, Fla., which operates the plant in which Gil was killed.... http://www.killercoke.org/} The murder took place inside the bottling factory of Coca Cola and was perpetrated by paramilitary groups. Luis Aldorfo Companera had to leave the union at this time because his life was threatened. he now has asylum here in the U.S, lives in Chicago and cannot return for fear he will lose his life. And on that same day they burned down the local union hall.

Dec 6, 1996. The very next day, the paramilitiaries entered the factory, rounded up workers and told them to leave the union or face assassination. 48 members had to flee that area because of the events of that day. In that fashion, they basically wiped out that local.
That same year, 5 members of the union were arrested and jailed on terrorism charges. It seemed that these were claims of terrorism against coca cola. They spent 6 months in jail before they were released and declared innocent by the courts. But the coca cola company was asking that they receive 20 years in prison and 500 million dollars in colombian currency as fines.
And in that same time-frame in a town nearby, another union worker was kidnapped by paramilitary groups. He was driven around the city blindfolded to a distant location. When the blindfold was removed he was showed pictures in a newspaper of a protest outside a coca cola plant and was told that if these continues they would take his life. And there are over 65 union members who have received death threats from these same paramilitary groups. This is a 37 minute audio file of that presentation, given in Spanish with English translation. Listen to the MP3 version @ PDX IMC Web Radio | Listen to the Real Media Version @ PhilosopherSeed.org website


PALESTINE 17.10.2003 23:36
Report-back from the Peres - Shaath "Roadmap to Reality" lecture in Portland on Thursday Night
Last night's speaking event at the Schnitz highlighted 2 speakers who were both instrumental along with PM Rabin and Clinton in negotiating the Oslo Accord with Arafat. One was Nabeel Shaath, and the other Shimon Peres, their bios are at the end of this writing, copied from the program. Both these men in general agreed that the 2 State solution needs to be put into effect, as was agreed on in the Oslo Accords in the early '90's and that the settlements need to be removed and that land, dignity and civil rights need to be returned to the Palestinians as soon as possible. Both agreed that this should happen now.


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