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LIAR 19.09.2003 12:49
Bush Lies About Lying About 9-11/Saddam Lies
On 9/18/03, President Jughead cleared Saddam Hussein of any complicity in the Sept 11 attacks. But then he went on to deny that he or anyone in his criminal cabal had ever said anything that even remotely implied such a connection. Secretary of Offense Donald "Strangelove" Rumsfeld even went as far as to say on Tuesday that he couldn't imagine ever suggesting such a thing: "I've not seen any indication that would lead me to believe that I could say that" he said, in his typically tortured bureaucratic double-talk jargon. However, the historical record suggests that the denials from the Regime are lies: US Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the UN Security Council on February 5 dwelt at length on the "links" between Saddam Hussein's regime and the al Qaeda terrorist group, which he stressed was headed by Osama bin Laden and responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Centers.


CITIZEN POWER 18.09.2003 19:28
PGE: Spending Your Rate Dollars to Lie to You
Anyone else get that business-sized envelope from PGE in the mail recently, the one with the cover letter and pamphlet spelling out what a bunch of swell guys they are, and what a fool you'd be to "risk" a "government takeover"? How thoughtful of them to spend my rate dollars sending me lying propaganda in the mail.

Oh, sure, they spout bullshit like "that money comes from our shareholders, not our ratepayers". Well, gee, just where do they think those shareholder dividends come from? Does PGE have a secret orchard of money trees somewhere that they harvest C-notes from? Or perhaps they hire Rumpelstiltskin to spin straw into gold for them? Yeah, right.

Let's take a look at some of their propaganda:

Soon, we will take one of two paths -- if not sold, PGE will become an independent company again. But what if you are sold? They never discuss that option. How curious.


18.09.2003 17:14
Support needed for political prisoner Sherman Austin
Sherman surrendering to prison officials amidst supporters Sherman Austin, the young man who was railroaded and sentenced to a year in federal prison for having a link to information about making bombs on a website he administrated, needs help from people who care about civil liberties and human rights.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, author of the sinister legislation under which Austin was prosecuted, has written a misguided letter cheerleading the US DoJ to bring on more such prosecutions.

In the wake of death threats against him by neonazi prison gangs, Austin's supporters are calling on people to denounce Feinstein's coldblooded, ignorant political demagoguery and to demand Austin's transfer to a minimum security facility in his home state, in keeping with his nonviolent record and lack of any prior criminal history. Your letters, faxes, and phone calls are crucial at this time.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 18.09.2003 09:04
Alan Graf, lawyer leading police brutality suit against city, receives a death threat
Alan Graf said that as a result of a case he's working on [the A22 Bush protest police brutality lawsuit], he's received a death threat. Today on his radio program, Voices from the Edge, which airs on KBOO, Alan Graf told his listeners that he was threatened by a man in a car in his neighborhood. The man told him that he was a liar and that he would be "blown away". Graf said that he was so rattled by the incident that he pondered buying a firearm. He said he wanted to make the incident public, so that everyone would know.

[ hippielawyer.com ]


SALVAGE RIDER RETURNS! 18.09.2003 06:43
Speak Out Now Against Bush's "Healthy" Forest bill and In Favor of Boxer-Leahy SB1453
The US Senate is preparing to vote on misguided wildfire legislation as early as this week! Please contact Senator Wyden after reading the following alert, and share with other concerned citizens as well. HR 1904, the so-called 'Healthy Forests Restoration Act' which was cosponsored by Oregon's Greg Walden (R-Hood River), passed the US House of Representatives last May. Now, the US Senate is poised to take a vote on the bill sometime in September. However, provisions of the destructive logging legislation very likely could appear as amendments to the Senate Interior Approriations bill as early as THIS WEEK

Senator Wyden has been party to the talks with the Administration and sources say a deal may be cut with Wyden, other Democrats and the White House by the end of the week. Please contact Senator Wyden to oppose HR 1904, the so called 'Healthy Forests Restoration Act' and backroom deals to get it passed via the Interior Appropriations bill. Call his offices at 202-224-5244, (Washington, DC), 503-326-7525 (Portland), 503-589-4555 (Salem),541-431-0229 (Eugene), 541-330-9142 (Bend).
Email comments via www.senate.gov/~wyden/mail.htm ,
fax # 202-228-2717.

Many environmental groups are supporting an alternative: S. 1453, the Forestry and Community Assistance Act of 2003. Sponsored by Senators Leahy and Boxer this bill provides a better approach for responsible fuel reduction around communities.

one thing i must remind everyone... forest fires are NEEDED FOR THE FOREST TO MAINTAIN HEALTH, trying to stop forest fires is basically the worst thing you could do for the long term health of a forest, besides of course cutting it and polluting it... there is NO potential gain from attempting to control fires. Fires help to work nutrients back into the soil, and certain types of trees seeds will not sprout until after a forest fire.. firs and such... So even though the administration is just using (forest fires) as an excuse to try and log the public lands, it is infact a horrible excuse.

Scathing Government Accounting Office Report finds FS budgetary diversions fail to prevent fires and exposes flawed reporting practices | American Lands Alliance | Center for Biological Diversity | www.tidepool.org | Oregon Natural Resources Council | National Call-In Day--start calling NOW!!>>>


BIKES / MEDIA CRITICISM 17.09.2003 22:54
6th Grader's Letter Re: ZooBombers Part II
I was just informed that my 6th grade Social Studies class' letter about the ZooBomber bike theft incident will be this week's "Letter of the Week" winner in the "Portland Mercury." Also, based on their "news tip," the paper will run a story about the jackboot we're living under. And in addition to this, the "Mercury's" Managing Editor, Mayoral candidate and sympathetic to "The Cause" ace writer Phil Busse has offered to come to my class to talk about local government and city issues.

Will the WWeek follow suit? Of course, it's an "alternative" paper only in the same sense that Wild Oats is an "alternative" food store. In fact, every city in the country has a paper exactly like it; in fact, most are owned by a small group of corporate conglomerates that put out nearly identical products all over the country... (gee, doesn't that sound familiar?).

See also: [ Zoobomber harassment gets press coverage ]

previous stories: [ Letters to editor by 6th graders re: Zoobomber bike theft incident | Update on police theft of ZooBomb bicycles | Followup on ZooBomber's Bike Theft | Portland Police STEAL ZooBomb Bikes ]


ENVIRONMENT 17.09.2003 22:49
Global Warming and the potential water crisis
The effects of human induced climate change is an area of scientific investigation embroiled in controversy. Some of this controversy is due to the efforts of powerful special interest groups. Some of the controversy is due to the lack of concrete scientific data, which makes the predictions of possible impacts subject to controversy and somewhat speculative. Research into the global warming phenomena reveals only one thing for certain, and that is that the climate is warming (in that temperature has increased about one degree) and that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 30 per cent since the beginning of the industrial revolution, with the biggest increase in temperature and CO2 taking place over the last decades of the twentieth century. These two pieces of data emerge from the controversial debate about climate change as two indisputable facts, and attempts to debunk this data (propaganda that is currently making the rounds that states that 'global cooling is taking place' is found to be based on deliberate falsification of data - the governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are two well known culprits when it comes to funding and propagating misinformation surrounding the issue of global warming and climate change).


PEDESTAL-TIPPING 17.09.2003 12:21
Michael Moore and Democrats deluded over General Wesley Clark; Corporate media complicit
In what some would consider an uncharacteristic lapse of judgement, filmmaker Michael Moore is urging General Wesley Clark to run for president on the Democratic ticket [ story ]. Posters to Portland Indymedia were quick to provide Mr. Moore and Indymedia readers with an education on Clark's abyssmal record, and posted a series of comments (in the same story) exposing Clark for what he is: a war criminal and opportunistic careerist. In response to this investigative work, one commenter wrote: "if the above was true Moore would not be urging Clark to run". But another commenter replies, "...Or... Michael Moore didn't do his homework. Portland Indymedia did."
"epidemic" writes: Yup, when even Michael Moore has been bitten by the "We must beat Bush, nothing else matters" bug, it's clearer to me than ever that it's an virulent epidemic, and it's got to be stopped... Sheesh... about this time Bush, is already beating himself... and even the lap-doggie media polls are saying so... Maybe it'd be smarter to just kick back and watch his karma catch up with some more, than trying to find an ever larger and blurrier selection of Dems to lob at him in sheer blind desperation?
Mitchel Cohen, an activist with the Green Party in New York, wrote an essay that was posted to the wire saying that Clark "is no anti-war candidate, despite what Michael Moore and other misinformed individuals would like to believe". The article also points out that Clark was "tactical consultant" to US military forces present at the Waco, Texas massacre on February 28, 1993, and notes that "[t]hus far, the corporate media have given him a free pass and have not asked him about it" [ story ].

Independent journalist Lloyd Hart posted an article in which he called Clark "Clinton's Wrecking Ball" and wrote: "There's absolutely no possible way General Wesley Clark can unite the Democratic big tent while operating out of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) pup tent that Bill Clinton pitched with his presidency and win the election for the simple fact that this man used the Powell doctrine on Kosovo." Hart also criticizes presidential contender Howard Dean for ignoring the reality of the race as it is being molded by the corporate media: "The corporate media allowed Governor Dean immense amounts of positive media coverage in the set up in which the corporate media plans to knock Governor Dean down to the corporate media's predetermined size, setting up a right wing democratic candidate to lose against Bush." [ story ]

On Sept. 16, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting put out a press release that spells out and documents the corporate media's mischaracterization of Clark: "[W]hile recent coverage of Clark often claims that he opposed the war with Iraq, the various opinions he has expressed on the issue suggest the media's 'anti-war' label is inaccurate." [ story ] (Now if only they would give this much attention to the 9/11 cover-up!)

Weighing in at the radical infoshop.org, Marko takes Michael Moore to task point-by-point. Marko writes: "The Moore argument then becomes this; only Wesley Clark, because he is a "GENERAL", can (supposedly) beat Bush therefore he must be supported. In other words the peace movement must vote for a Bush clone because only the Bush clone can beat Bush... It will be very interesting to see which sectors of the peace movement will fall behind this shameful policy. For instance Michael Albert of Znet has already called for the support of whoever is the Democratic candidate in marginal areas. If it is the objective of the peace movement to oppose and end the unjust occupation of Iraq, then how can it support a candidate that seeks to escalate the occupation?" [ pdx indy post | infoshop post ]

Last, but not least, DJ Shadow writes that Moore only "wants your money", and lists the cost of attending Moore's upcoming speech in Portland: "Individual tickets are just $29, or $20, or $15 for the crappy seats. Tables [for activist groups wanting to table] cost anywhere from $100 to $250." [ story ]

The hyperactive but vacuous coverage of the race for the presidency we have been witnessing lately -- from the artificial elevation of Dean to the breathless speculation around Clark -- reveals once again the shallowness of Democratic Party politics and the uselessness of U.S. corporate media. Presidential politics have become a game to be followed like the World Series or the spring basketball play-offs; at least in sports some honest skill is often required to win.

See also: [ Short Memories: Wesley Clark, War Criminal ]


RESISTANCE & FUN IN THE SUN 15.09.2003 22:03
Cancun wraps up


Cat And Mouse on The Streets Of CancunAt 1pm on the final day of WTO talks... a group of about twelve stepped out onto the road insisting that they were going to walk through the zone to various bars and cafes on the other side of the Conference Centre. Merely stepping into the road alerted the security services and the police that something was up... after half an hour or so they finally penned all activists into cages surrounded by police [image] on the road and negotiations for their release began - to be quickly interrupted by another small group of activists lying in the road blocking more traffic... And then the announcement came: The Kenyans had walked out of the talks and the 5th ministerial of the WTO had collapsed! The Kenyan delegate had only good things to say about the street actions including "If it was not for the protestors outside on the street, we would not have been able to shut down these talks"...


Cancun News and Analysis from Inter Press Service / Analis?s y noticias desde Canc?n por Servicio InterPress After five days of squabbling, world trade talks in Mexico collapsed abruptly on Sunday amid demands by poor countries that agricultural subsidies in the EU and the U.S. should be eliminated. Learn about what went wrong and what next in IPS. Developing Countries Pull Out, WTO Talks Collapse Social movements celebrated victory Sunday afternoon as the 5th Ministerial meeting of the WTO collapsed when the developing countries, led by Afican delegates, walked out. Through an unprecedented alliance, backed by worldwide protests, developing countries achieved near equal footing in this week?s meeting while rich countries failed to impose their will.


BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS 15.09.2003 14:31
OHSU Bio-terror lab- Public Meeting Reports
The Sept 11th West Beaverton Association meeting was the third small public meeting to dicuss the OHSU proposal to build a bio-terrorism lab in Hillsboro at their Primate Center. Some new information was presented.

Barbara Shadrick, NIAID's (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) Senior Contracting Officer in charge of this contract said that because BSL-4 labs are so scarce and costly, it would be NIH's policy to make the lab available to scientists from other federal agencies and departments, including the Department of Defense, to do research requiring BSL-4 facilities for their own projects. The CIA has conducted what was at the time secret bio-weapons research.

OHSU will only be managing the day to day running of the lab, while the oversight of research priorities and projects is jointly under the control of the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services.

Report from the Aug 13th meeting
One person also said that: "I am very concerned that OHSU tried to brush off the fact that these actions both violated their protocol and the law. If they are going to ignore such a violation as somehow unimportant because it is only deadly to people with 'weakened immune systems', why ever should they be trusted with more deadly diseases?"
Report from the July 28th meeting
On Monday July 28, about 65 people attended a public meeting to talk about OHSU's proposals to build bio-terrorism labs. The meetings was in Hillsboro sponsored by the Citizen Participation Organization (CPO) #9
Bio-Science: To What End?
The U.S. Government has a long and fruitful history of tapping into academic expertise. The atomic bomb was a joint effort of academicians and the military. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has long had strong ties to Universities. It is through DARPA that technologies were developed that led to the M-16 rifle, the F-117 fighter, the B-2 stealth bomber and the Strategic Defense Initiative (to name but a few). Here is a quote from their web page:

"DARPA has a strategic thrust in the life sciences called "Bio-Revolution." This thrust is a comprehensive effort to harness the insights and power of biology to make U.S. warfighters and their equipment stronger, safer, and more effective. It stems from several developments:

[ nobioterrorlab.org website | 'Stop the UCD Biolab' website | Previous Feature- Website launch - No Bio-terrorism lab at OHSU | From Portland Alliance- Controversy Grows Around Proposed OHSU Bio-terrorism Lab | meeting announcement ]


9/11 INVESTIGATION 15.09.2003 14:21
Report from "Impeach the Terrorists!" Rallies, marches, events in SF
At the 5th annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful Free Concert and Social Justice Rally, over 30,000 people attended and the 9-11 activists passed out thousands of flyers, the 9-11 [investigation]table was very popular and the issues championed were finally echoed by the main speakers on stage.

That evening, the documentary by GNN- Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9-11 was shown at the Parkway Theatre to a full house (175 people), followed by a public dialogue with Guerrilla News Network producer, Ian Inaba, journalist Joyce Lynn, and myself [Carol Brouillet].

Most other 9-11 events- in New Hampshire, Toronto, New York, Germany, reported full houses, tremendous public interest, and there were a smattering of breakthroughs into the alternative and mainstream press. I continue to believe that 9-11 is the Achilles Heel of the Global Elite and that exposing it could bust the "War Game" once and for all, helping us to shift human energies from killing and controlling people and planet to nurturing healthy relationships between all life.


ENVIRONMENT 15.09.2003 08:51
Sudden Climate Change is the historical norm
This model of suddenly reaching the threshold and then going through sudden, surprising, non-linear climate change seems to me to be the best explanation for what is currently happening to the world's climate. The forests of the United States are extremely unhealthy, and this is so obvious that trees have been moved to the top of the Republican Agenda in White House (right up there with the Iraq war, and the reason is obvious, if you look down on America from space, and study all the drought indicators). Now there is some spin doctoring occuring here, and some butt covering as well, for when devestating forest fires occur, it can be blamed on those 'damned tree huggers' who wouldn't let us 'thin the forests'. Actually forest thinning is not the solution, espcially given the enormous size of that unhealthy ecosystem (according to my back of the napkin calculation, given current stats, if you start now you might get done by the end of the century). Furthermore, tree huggers are not the source of the problem, rather climate change is the source of the problem, since if your trees were healthy they wouldn't be in danger of burning to the ground like they are now. Even a one degree warming of the Pacific results in catastrophic droughts in the American Western Forests. Even supposing you could 'thin trees' that wouldn't even come close to addressing the real problem with your unhealthy forests.


CANCUN | WTO ON THE RUN 14.09.2003 16:25
Cancun WTO 9/14 update - WTO Talks Collapse! We Win!!


WTO Meetings collapse Almost an hour after the official announcements from the developing countries the jubilant atmosphere within the convention center is continuing. Delegates and NGO representatives are regarding this as a victory of the developing world and many can be found embracing each other with teary eyes. Manifestaciones Cancun contra la OMC / Cancun WTO Protests News From The Streets in Cancun / Noticias desde las calles de Cancun Inside Castle Gray Skull, Last Minute Fights Over WTO Ministerial Text The draft text that was released yesterday has been strongly condemned by third world countries and NGO's. Late last night a number of countries were brought in to a late night green room meeting which started sometime after midnight and lasted about 5 hours. The US and EU are trying to break down the G21's resistance and tear apart the coalition which has been keeping the negotiations focused on Ag and Development issues. Unidad para derribar la fortaleza / Unity Brings Down the Fortress


As many as 10,000 people attended today's march and rally to demand the end of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to commemorate the death of South Korean farmer and activist, Lee Kyung-hae, who took his life in protest against the WTO's agricultural policies. When the march came to the police barricade at kilometer Zero, the heavily constructed mega-fence was largely dismantled by an all female activist crew with an anarchist security cordon, and finally tumbled by a Korean-led contingent of hundreds of other activists. La OMC a punto de colapsar / WTO talks on verge of collapse El vocero de la OMC Keith Rockwell esta realizando una conferencia de prensa en donde ha confirmado que solamente un acuerdo de ultimo momento puede salvar la conferencia ministerial. WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell is currently holding a press conference during which he confirmed that only a last minute compromise can save the Ministerial Conference.


Portland No-WTO Rally
Saturday, September 13, 2003 people gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center to express their dissatisfaction with the World Trade Organization and show support for those protesting the WTO MInisterial happening this week end in Cancun Mexico. This report consists of two 6 minute audio files from that rally.

After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.




CANCUN | FROM THE FRONT 13.09.2003 23:22
Cascadia Media Collective in Cancun Update #2


The streets of Cancun were quite today--reflective-- as people gathered at the barricade to mourn the death of their comrade, Lee Kyung-Hae. Solidarity was thick in the humid air as campesinos chanted "Cor-e-a" over and over again, lit candles and held ceremonies. But Lee Kyung-Hae was a warrior, one of the first to summit the barracade, and that spirit was celebrated as well. One by one, people launched coke bottles over the fence, cheering when one shattered against a riot cop. It appeared that they had learned a lesson from the day before...don't throw anything the cops can throw back.

As the sun set, drums and torches gathered in the park for a raucous march through the streets of Cancun. It was fast, fun and somewhat frustrating. As more than 1,000 people approached the barricade, "leaders" steered the march away and back towards town. A Pizza Hut was tagged and smashed up along the way...but in all, it seemed like the boundless energy of the march was squandered. In the end, the day seemed an appropriate way to celebrate September 11th...in vigil for fallen comrades, no love for the USA. [ Read More ] [ Cascadia Media Collective | Cancun Indymedia | Gallery | WTO Solidarity in Portland - pics | a lost "Hopi Survival Guide" ] [ UPDATES FROM CANCUN INDYMEDIA: wto, us, cancun | CJSF Daily News Report 9/13/03 on the WTO Cancun Ministerial | Interview with Starhawk | Not in our name: Steven Shrybman speaks on GATS and the Canadian resistance to privatization - part1 / part 2 | El Hurac?n llega a Tijuana | Testimonio sobre l'impacto de Plan Puebla Panama en Oaxaca | Statement of the International Indigenous Peoples' Caucus | Queremos entrar a toda costa | Canc?n: mujeres abriendo vallas ]


NO WTO! 13.09.2003 19:19
After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.
Barbara Dudley
Next to speak was Tim Nesbitt, president of Oregon AFL-CIO, speaking about the politics of deception known as Free Trade. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, since 1993, Oregon alone has lost 50,000 jobs lost due to plant closures. Hewlett Packard has shipped its high tech printer jobs to Mexico; Freightliner outsources its trucking components to Mexico; cheaper Canadian lumber forced the closure of dozens of mills throughout our state.
He cites numerous other examples of things going sour for the American worker, yet our politicians refuse to learn from these mistakes. He states that this is going to be a mainstream poilical issue in the 2004 elections.
Tim Nesbitt

[ Philosopher Seed Website ] [ WTO Solidarity pics ]


12.09.2003 23:14
AUDIO FEATURE: Recent Free Trade Forum
On Saturday, July 19, 2003, citizens of Oregon and Washington gathered at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland to discuss and decide what kind of trade policy will work best for the Northwest. This was a well organized and attended event, lasting from 1:00-4:00, with a one hour break out session afterwards, featuring 5 workshops on various related subjects, from preparing for the next WTO protest to the "connection between globalized trade and what is at our dinner table," given by Mark Des Marets of NW RAGE. [ http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org ]


12.09.2003 17:10
Todos Somos Lee
A few thousand of us maybe. No more. The crowd snakes through Cancun, a neo-liberal paradise lost. Of the 600,000 people who live here fully two-thirds are transient laborers. Like a large proportion of the world's population they exist in the twilight zone of mobile capital, industrial tourism and ecological catastrophe.

At the WTO fortification; a fence ten foot high reinforced by a matrix of steel and concrete a crowd assembles. Behind the fence, thousands of cops. The farmers electrify the mood. The Mexican campensinos push a table displaying a collection of diverse corn strains, alter-like, and are lead by one who carries a basket of kernels on his back. They say that the transgenic agenda of the WTO will mean the end of all this.


POLICE STATE 12.09.2003 11:35
Breaking: Pomona CA activist coop currently under siege by the FBI and ATF
At 2 am PT Fri. 9.12.03 FBI and ATF agents approached our collective home and arrested one of our members. They would not provide a reason but we knew it was politically motivated because that member has been a key organizer in anti-war and antiBush protests.

Since 2 am they have completely surrounded our home. They will not let us come or go with any boxes or bags, incl school notebooks. They cut our Net access. They say they will be there until their warrant arrives so they can search our house.


NO WTO - CANCUN 10.09.2003 23:36
In Cancun: 10,000+ march; Korean Farmer Commits Suicide In Protest of WTO policies
A Korean farmer took his own life in protest against the policies of the WTO and at least eight other protestors were seriously injured by police during the first massive march against the Fifth Ministerial of the WTO.

Fifty-year-old Lee Kyang Hae of the Korean Farmer's Organization stabbed himself in front of the indifferent glare of police who were attempting to block passage of the march. The Korean farmer climbed the metal barricade, screamed something in Korean and jammed a knife into his stomach. His body fell from the top of the fence amid screams of help from the rest of his contingent who later reflected their sadness over the event.

Other newswire articles: [ Anti-WTO actions BEGIN in Cancun! | Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 ]


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