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Sahara climate change threatens region
Hundreds of mud brick structures in Timbuktu, a Unesco Heritage site on the Sahara, have been melted by this years torrential rains in the area, including some structures as much as 600 years old. Because Timbuktu does not have a drainage system, even more modern structures have collapsed when their foundations sunk into the muck. The Niger river is less than an inch below flood stage, and millions of people who live along its banks are being warned to move to higher ground as more heavy rains are in the forecast for the region. The Niger is currently experiencing a flow of eight times as much water as is typical for the rainy season.


FOREST DEFENSE 10.09.2003 09:36
Great Grandmother in court defending forests
Great grandmother Betty Krawczyk will finally get her day in court this coming Monday, September 8 starting at 10am. Actually, she will get five days before a BC Supreme Court judge to explain her actions protesting the BC Liberals proposed Working Forest legislation - as her trial is expected to go every day of the week right through Friday September 12.


9.11 INVESTIGATION 09.09.2003 16:28
Recent Member of Blair's Cabinet Accuses Bush of 9/11 Collusion - U.S. Media Silent
Michael Meacher, member of British Parliament and until 3 months ago the Environmental Minister has accused Bush of collusion in the Sept 11th 2001 attacks. Meacher resigned his post as Environment Minister because he opposed the conquest of Iraq. Last year Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney asked the question "what did the Bush Administration know?" and demanded an investigation. Now a former Cabinet level minister of this countries staunchest ally has in effect accused Bush of treason. Read his article that was published in the Guardian.

This story is making headlines around the world and the U.S. media is completely silent about it. A recent member of Tony Blair's own cabinet accuses Bush of complicity in the September 11th 2001 attacks and treason against his country and the U.S. media says nothing? That is exactly what has happened.

Not only has the U.S. corporate media ignored this story but one poster is pointing out that the Indymedia network in the U.S. is also saying nothing. Shame on indymedia (except pdx) for ignoring the 9.11 cover-up!

On the newswire:
[ Meacher predicting Fourth Reich with his 9.11 accusations ]

Previous PDX features on the peoples investigation of 9/11:
[ 9.11 - What did the U.S. know, and when did it know it? | Why is the Indymedia network ignoring the call for a 9.11 investigation? | The People's Investigation of 9.11 | It's time to stop loony conspiracy theories about Sept 11 ]


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 09.09.2003 12:37
Update on police theft of ZooBomb bicycles
The final low down on who, what and why???.........

The officers involved were PPB officer Suttle and Beaverton Police officer Coulson. The bikes they stole, (the total seems less than the # of bikes in the pictures I took), approx 15, were turned in to the Portland Police Downtown Evidence/Property Room, located on 17th and Jefferson. The clerk I spoke with @ about 11:30 today claims that unless the owners can prove ownership to the officers who turned them in as "found property", they will be destroyed. [ Read more... ]

previous stories: [ Portland Police STEAL ZooBomb Bikes (06.Sep.2003) | Followup on ZooBomber's Bike Theft (08.Sep.2003) ]


POLICE STATE 08.09.2003 09:19
Sherman Austin, raisethefist.com webmaster, assaulted by racists in jail
Sherman Austin has been moved into protective custody at the San Bernardino Central Detention Center. The guards moved Sherman into isolation because of death threats against him by white supremacists. In order to secure Sherman's safety we are demanding his immediate transfer to a permanent facility. The white supremacists responsible for this crime have been located We plan on taking legal action against them. Please mail, fax, and/or e-mail the attached letter down below (copy/paste it) to the following institutions and follow-up with a phone call. [ How to help ]

background: [ LA IMC stories on Sherman Austin ]

[ raisethefist.com | Free Sherman Austin (de) ]


Mining to Scar More Earth in Columbia County
Columbia County Commissioners and other officials are ready to sell out yet again to Glacier NW. In an avaricious bid to squeeze more capital from the land, plans are in the works to allow mining on 52 acres near St Helens and to level 432 acres near the Scappoose airport for industrial development. This development hinges on some cozy deals between county officials and corporate interests.

Have you been out to Columbia County? It's beautiful. Rolling meadows, forests, and wetlands stretch along the Columbia river, beavers, otters, elk and other wildlife share the riverbanks, and small towns at least a century old provide a habitat for the humans who live there. But, like the rest of Oregon's once-thriving rural ecosystems, it's on the verge of "progress."


The PPRC is Low on Blood Sugar
The September 5th weekly Portland Peaceful Response Coalition's rally and march for peace was another step in sharply dropping numbers and enthusiasm for the weekly marches. Approximately 30 to 40 people attended the march, which generally has a short rally and speeches at Pioneer Square and a march to City Hall for more speeches, and a march back to Pioineer Square. The crowd has become increasingly subdued throughout the last several months; at several points during this week's rally, the only person chanting was the person with the megaphone. The marchers are also increasingly more representative of older peace activists as youth and young adult participation has become rare.

During the march, a woman who appeared to be pregnant and about 40 years old collapsed onto the sidewalk, her abdomen and face hitting the sidewalk with relative force. Several marchers helped her to her feet and assisted her in walking to City Hall; once at City Hall, marchers asked for a sugar-loaded snack to give her. The symbolism of a pregnant woman, full of the potential for life, collapsing from low blood sugar was not lost on all of the marchers.


Albina Ministerial Alliance accuses Scott McCollister of lying, DA of collusion
I had to work early on Saturday afternoon so I couldn't attend the entire Albina Minesterial Alliance-sponsored forum on the murder of Kendra James by the Portland Police, but I did drop by for the very beginning and got a copy of the "Executive Summary" of the report they are preparing. Apparently, the full report will be out next week and will be posted to the Portland Copwatch website. In the meantime, I've included the full text of the summary below. [ Read more... ]

One attendee's notes on the report to the community
One attendee's notes on the report to the community - very sketchy, all the usual caveats, much is paraphrased -- most of this came from the AMA investigation panel, some came from community members during the Q&A, and the odd bit I may have made up out of whole cloth -- but I thought it might be helpful to get at least some detail posted about Saturday's presentation. [ Read more... ]

Report on Albina Ministerial Alliance forum Saturday
The Albina Ministerial Alliance forum was disappointing at best. Most of the major players in the police accountability movement were left out of the six-member panel which included mostly African American pastors, Dan Handelman, Marlene Howell of Sisters of the Road Cafe, and Marta Guembes of the Latino Network. Those people who were included clearly did not do their homework. [ Read more... ]


MILITARISM 06.09.2003 20:57
Website launch - No Bio-terrorism lab at OHSU
A new website is online providing information and news about the OHSU bid to build a Bio-Safety Level 4 lab at the primate center. While OHSU has failed in its bid to be selected as a regional "Center of Excellence", it is still very much in the running for the proposed BSL-4 lab. There is no guarantee at all that this lab will not be used for weapons research. Until now, OHSU has sidestepped questions regarding classified and/or military research. They have refused to state that there will be no such research there should they win the bsl-4 grant. However, even if OHSU were to say at a public meeting, or on their website, that there will be no classified research or military research at the proposed labs, it is important to keep in mind that such statements are not binding.

At the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, officials are quietly retreating from a pledge made in 2001 that their BSL4 facility will not conduct classified work and will be "wide open and above board". That standard, which UTMB used in public meetings and on its website, has been downgraded to apply only to its "current plans". Future work, outside researchers granted access to its labs, and new laboratory spaces are under no such transparency commitment. In otherwords, UTMB has made their original pledge meaningless. [read more...]

Controversy Grows Around Proposed OHSU Bio-terrorism Lab

Quoted from the article: At one of the proposed BSL-4 sites, the University of California, Davis, faculty believe the lab would not be safe and signed a petition stating: "We would be poor scholars of American history, however, if we did not heed the legacy of leaks, spills, fires, explosions, mismanagement, and accidents associated with UC's own Livermore and Los Alamos laboratories." Jim Orzechowski, former designer of U.S.BSL-4 labs, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, June 25 2003: "You never get the straight stories...None of those laboratories can meet their own requirements in terms of containment." He also stated, referring to the new labs, "We're getting as close to fail-safe as possible...as fail-safe as the space shuttle."
[read full article]


BIKES | F'N COPS 06.09.2003 01:59
Portland Police STEAL ZooBomb Bikes
Celebrating after 2nd Washington Critical Mass this evening, 4 of us decided to do a mini ZooBomb and were having a great time until we got down the hill to Rocco's about 9:30 after guiding a virgin bomber down his first ride. We got there just as a Portland Police officer and a Beaverton Police officer got done picking the lock securing about 30 bikes to the bike rack across the street from Rocco's Pizza. They threatened me with arrest twice, once for walking behind a police officer and again for crossing the street. Empty charges both and they did not, obviously , arrest me.


ELECTORAL POLITICS 06.09.2003 00:14
Report from Democratic candidates' debate
Well, here's a my little comparison between Kerry and Dean. The whole debate was GREAT. It was an important public service event that all people should watch...... a good commentary on a lot of the problems we need to solve (and WHY we have the problems: BUSH).

I took notes, and had to post something on the Dean Blog.......so it will be quite a bit out of context .....but you will get a feel for the difference between Kerry and Dean, at least (from my perspective). I will try to make some other notes in re to the other candidates. [ Read more... ]

See also: Howard Dean and his Psyops Machine


ENVIRONMENT 06.09.2003 00:10
Drought Watch, September 2003
On the satellite image the effects of the drought can be clearly seen. There is a distinct boundary between the dark areas to the east, with healthy vegetation, and the pale colored area covering the drought stricken west. The drought has been building in severity for years, and it goes without saying that while trees have deep roots, and thus can tap ground water sources and withstand drought for some time, nevertheless, the Western Forests of the United States are under increasing stress, and this might explain the White House 'healthy forest initiative' (a misnomer if there ever was one). Given the severity of the conditions over the last few years, American forests seem destined to burn to the ground if these conditions persist, and 'thinning the forest' is not a solution, given the huge expanse of this unhealthy eco-system, visible on both the graphics, as well as from space. On the negative side, American forests are part of the lungs of the planet, but if it should prove to be the case that these forests are doomed to burn to a cinder, on the 'positive side', it should end any debate about 'global warming' and it also might cause Americans to rethink whether it was wise to drive SUVs and practice unrestricted consumption.


UNITED STATES OF THEFT 05.09.2003 09:35
Western Shoshone land under attack in Congress
The final hours appear to be upon the Western Shoshone. Western Shoshone land rights are being crushed; beautiful, Shoshone horses are dying senselessly; and the engines to gauge, pillage, and assault Newe Sogobia, Shoshone homelands, is revving up. Congress came back to session on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2003 and Western Shoshone lands, site to the nation's largest gold production, nuclear dump and nuclear test site will be hot on the agenda. With no hearing date scheduled for the Western Shoshone Distribution Bill (HR 884/ SB 618) we know we have to be ready. Senator Reid has made clear the priority with which he is pushing this bill. In the House, the bill is geared for quick markup before the Committee on Resources. (As soon as next week.) In the Senate, the bill is on the way to the floor after being railroaded through the Committee on Indian Affairs. They plan to tell their story in a press conference as well.

They need YOUR help! Now is the time to stand in unity with the first people of this land to stop abusive government policies which violate fundamental human and environmental rights and which allow for corporate and military desecration of the earth simply for its resources. THIS IS TRUE HOMELAND SECURITY, SECURITY TIED TO JUSTICE! Please take a stand whether your concern is with indigenous rights, free and healthy Indian horses, protection of property rights, nuclear free Nevada, nuclear disarmament, or corporate empire building.


[ Western Shoshone Defense Project | Western Shoshone Land and Sovereignty ]


IMPERIAL OVERREACH? 05.09.2003 09:33
The U.S. & Europe: Gulliver Calls and the Dwarfs Follow
[This article originally published in: Freitag 35, August 22, 2003 is translated from the German. Jurgen Rose is a lieutenant colonel in the German army.]

To the Texas league aesthetician in the Oval Office, the daily reports of losses endured by his occupying force in Iraq bring beads of sweat on his forehead. These are hardly drops of sympathy for those sacrificed to the imperial megalomania. Rather the chances of being elected to the White House shrink reciprocally to the increasing numbers of body bags.

Thus the pompous protagonists of the "only superpower" will have to swallow their pride. The ground in Iraq is hot under their feet. Four billion dollar occupation costs per month are considerable. Therefore sharing burdens is the word of the hour. New America rediscovers "old Europe" Friendly words about "chancellor Schroeder" and the German engagement in Afghanistan are heard from the mouth of the blue-jeans president posing in the circle of his sycophants before rolling cameras at his Texas ranch.

Fierce dealing occurs behind the scenes of the UN and NATO. Saving face and distributing the Iraqi spoils are uppermost. The US administration seeks to make participation in the Anglo-American occupation regime in Iraq appealing to opponents of war with a new mandate of the Security Council while keeping the price as low as possible. This is actually a fantastic opportunity for a community of states snubbed by the arrogant world power to use its awkward and self-made situation - through a catalogue of demands that the Bush administration has to fulfill before aid could be considered.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 03.09.2003 22:31
Portland Police Association asking for donations to "assist Officer Scott McCollister", the murderer of Kendra James
According to their website, you can go to any Key Bank to make a donation to Officer McCollister through the Portland Police Association Officer's Assistance Fund. Maybe we should let Key Bank know what we think about that.

I'm not kidding. Check out the PPA website at www.portlandpoliceassociation.com and see this for yourself. Then, if you're interested, click into the rap sheet, where you will be treated to an article by Sergeant Bob Gross entitled, "Responsibility for Shooting Lies with Kendra James." Referring to the tiny stature of Kendra James, Sergeant Gross says, "I know, from experience, that diminutive people often times put up the fiercest fight." Indeed. Well then, isn't it good that we have people like Officer McCollister to take down 90 pound women. You know, in case they get fierce.

The sergeant concludes, "The majority of the responsibility for the outcome of this incident should be placed where it belongs, on Kendra James."

Are they joking?


IRAQ WAR 03.09.2003 22:29
Executive Order 13315: the Official Looting of Iraq
Executive order 13315, which Bush signed on 8/28/03, was published in the Federal Register today 9/3/03. It expands upon executive order 13303, and appears to be an asset grab under the guise of funding the Iraqi reconstruction, placing Iraq's state assets under control of the U.S. Treasury: in effect, the official looting of Iraq. Very convenient for a government which seeks to hand over control of Iraq to UN peacekeepers. This executive order has had zero corporate media coverage as of today. [ Read more... ]

Left vs Right-part 1: A debate over the war in Iraq
What follows is a letter I sent out to my family and friends right after the U.S. began it's attacks on Iraq. After I sent out the first letter I got these responses from my aunt who is a working class republican. I think the dialogue shows what your average conservative thinks pretty well. For all of us who ask, "How can they believe this sh**?". Here is how they justify it. [ Read more... ]


The most shallow pro-Dean article ever published by Common Dreams
This reads like a transparent editorial from a biased corporate newspaper - what a joke. Common Dreams has become one of the Dean-pimps, pushing anything about Dean in our faces regardless of the superficiality of the actual piece. Will this be in the other Dean-pimp publications too now? In Alternet, the Progressive, the Nation? Try writing an article like this about Kucinich and see if any of these will publish it. Good luck.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 02.09.2003 12:24
New Chief of Police Foxworth is Unacceptable
I did some quick research on Portland's New Chief of Police. He is not acceptable. There has been no public discussion or input in this choice. That is also not acceptable. This is a political move and is not enough of a change to fix the pervasive and systemic abuses of the Portland Police Bureau. Citizens Against Police Abuse (CAPA) will continue forward with filing a civil police misconduct complaint with the US Department of Justice. Contact us at capa@riseup.net to file a CAPA police misconduct complaint or to discuss this effort with us.


LEGAL UPDATE 31.08.2003 01:10
Results of Infernal Noise Brigade Trial
The trial of three members of the INB began Tuesday Aug. 26th, and lasted until Friday Aug. 29th. The jury found:
  • Drum Major charged with Criminal Treaspass II- NOT GUILTY
  • Flag bearer charged with Resisting arrest and Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- NOT GUILTY (This couldn't have been better- the state dropped two more charges against this member just before the trial began. She could have been looking at a Felony and 5 years in the can.)
  • Parade Rifle bearer charged with Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- GUILTY.

Sentencing for the one member found guilty will be September 19th at the county courthouse. Overall, while not a total victory for the people, the verdicts have set a precident for future protesters.

[ Background: Earth First! shuts down Umpqua Holdings building for two hours/ four arrested (July 8, 2002) | VIDEO available of action ]


WHO'S A LIAR? 30.08.2003 17:00
The Kids Left Behind
He was going to be the education president, and during the campaign in 2000 he hugged kids from coast to coast, crowing about the education miracle in Texas and promising to spread the Texas model nationwide.

He said he was a different kind of Republican, a man of honor and compassion who would look out for the kids. It was all smoke, of course ? photo-ops in a cynical campaign. You knew it was smoke when the "compassionate" George W. Bush put Dick Cheney on the ticket, a former congressman who had voted against funding for Head Start, against subsidizing school lunches and against federal aid for college students. In other words, against kids.

Next week the Senate will take up the education budget proposed for next year by the White House and Senate Republicans. From the perspective of those who are pro-children, it's loaded with bad news. Not only does the bill fall far short of the photo-op promises Mr. Bush made to provide funding for programs to improve public education, but it would actually cut $200 million from the president's very own (and relentlessly touted) No Child Left Behind Act.


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