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GENTRIFICATION 02.08.2003 20:39
Will NW Portland Residents Pay for More Parking Structures? Just Say NO!
Portland City Council wants to make Northwest District more like Beaverton or Gresham by pandering to automobility. Oppose the madness! A total of eight new parking structures have been approved for the neighborhood, overshadowing residential neighbors and in several cases requiring the demolition of existing residential structures that currently provide scarce affordable housing in this close-in neighborhood.

I encourage anyone interested in this issue to come to the meeting of the Northwest District Association on the evening of August 6th, 7pm at Good Samaritan Hospital auditorium, NW 22nd and Marshall. This sort of crap has been stopped once -- before I moved to Portland it took people making human circles around houses and getting arrested for blocking the path of bulldozers, but plans got modified and houses were saved.



F*CK CORPORATE MEDIA 01.08.2003 22:24
Corporate Newsbox BURNED outside the Red & Black
Wednesday morning smoke wafted up to the sky from the Red and Black cafe, and it wasn't from a cigarette. Evidence showed that someone had set fire to the Portland Tribune box. Throughout the day, plastic humbly smouldered in a clump on the ground while ashes and fragments of newsprint scattered themselves on SE 22nd Avenue. Within a day or two the box was unnecessarily replaced with a new one.

Personally, I think that it's a shame that any sidewalk space is taken up by the corporate news boxes. These are public sidewalks, so we own 'em. Say no to the corporate media! Let's flood the Tribune office with our dissent. You can write to delivery@portlandtribune.com. Why not write a letter to the editor at letters@portlandtribune.com while you're at it? If you want to have fun on the phone, circulation's number is 503-282-4094. If you call or write in, post a comment here and share what sort of response you got!


FOREST DEFENSE 31.07.2003 18:01
Temporary Restraining Order on Straw Devil!!!
With treesits, popular support and legal support from the ONRC (Oregon Natural Resource Council) the forest community has won a temporary restraining order against logging at Straw Devil and 2 nearby old growth timber sales! Logging was sheduled to begin again as early as Friday! Please keep in mind this is not a complete victory, only a delay. This being said it gives us another month at the least to prepare for the struggle ahead. We've got a whole lot of exciting stuff planned for the Forest Service and the timber industry

From a comment to this article titled, "more Clarification": 1) Only tree felling and new road construction are under the restraining order 2) They can yard trees already felled and they can rebuild existing roads. 3) They can also log the uncut remainder of unit 50 of east devil, (but they still need to follow fire level restrictions)

Previous stories about the struggle at Straw Devil: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale ( 24.Mar.2003) | Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale in Cascadia's Willamette National Forest (2.Jul.2003) | Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale (8.Jul.2003) | Forest defense needed immediately to stop logging in Straw Devil timber sale, where Sparrow's ashes are scattered (23.Jul.2003) | Update after Unit 1 logged-- arraignment & protest Monday July 28 (24.Jul.2003) | First Hand Account (24.Jul.2003) | photos of destruction at Straw Devil (28.Jul.2003) | Straw Devil declaration of war (28.Jul.2003) | update on comrade arrested at Straw Devil (28.Jul.2003) | Forest Defenders Needs List) | ] [ Cascadia Forest Defenders ]


Bush Protest Round 2 30.07.2003 01:49
Portlanders gearing up for Bush visit protest

Time to Plan for Bush Visit!
Last time Bush came to town, several thousand welcomed him with a spirited protest. When Ashcroft came to town, several hundred people showed up (with very little notice) to welcome him. With nearly a month to get ready, we should be able to organize a pretty large, powerful, Portland-style reception. I see that Black Cross has committed to support actions, as others surely will. But these few weeks before his visit will pass very quickly. We should get going on this right away. [ Read more... ]

Bush in Portland and Seattle Aug. 21-22 (and how Cascadia needs to come together)
SOS. Bush will be in Portland and Seattle on or around Aug. 21-22. The dates and locations of both events are kept secret (because this prez is too popular). Our Corporate press outlets have leaked this info to us. Now we have to organize to STOP BUSH'S TRIP TO CASCADIA. Our victory is a CANCELLATION OF THIS TRIP. [ Read more... ]

City of Portland should not pay for Bush's Aug 21 visit!
We should stir things up about our already bankrupted city having to foot the security bill for Bush visit that is strictly for campaign fundraising. Write the Mayor; Write letters to the editors; tell your friends to just say no! [ Read more... ]

Some info to consider whilst organizing the A22 Bush visit protests
The group Direct Action Against the War sent a startling precedent last March when they help build a spokescouncil to direct the actions in San Fransisco's Market Street District. The following is a series of press releases, fliers, and posters from their work. [ Read more... ]

[ special portland indymedia page: THE PEOPLE OF PORTLAND VS. BUSH, ROUND 2! ]


CORPORATE HYPOCRICY 30.07.2003 01:35
"Made In Oregon stores" are a JOKE!
I was flying to Missoula, by way of Portland, when I found myself with way, way too much time on my hands, waiting in the Portland airport 3.5 hours for my next flight. Damn near could have driven to stump towne with that much time, damn near. So this being amerika, what did i do? The consumer thing. I went friggin' shoppin', but to a place I thought I could trust, the Made In Oregon store.

I purchased a really kool blanket, from Pendleton Woolen Mills, a type for a picnic or an outside concert like the Britt Festival in Jacksonville. The blanket rolls up and has two little handles like a little duffle bag, and it was Made In Oregon. But before I could get out of the store I looked at some Pendleton shirts all displayed on a rack near the entrance to the store, and this is where I nearly lost my lunch, my kool, and my Oregon pride. The shirts had labels printed "Made In Hong Kong."


Globalization, sustainability, and cob benches at People's Co-op
The People's Co-op is one of the premiere examples of green-building in Portland. Despite the heat of summer, the store has been quite cool and comfortable thanks to a passive heat exchange system that works by circulating air through a pipe that goes 300 feet under ground. In the winter, rainwater will be collected in a reservoir and used for grey water purposes, such as in the toilets. The exterior siding and the porch's large pillars are of wood recycled from an old dock in Seattle. The cob walls offer insulation, and are decorated with delightful bas relief plants, trees, and sensuous, root-like curves.

But the beauty of the People's building is not found only in the simple elegance of its practicality; the process of creating it all has been an integral component of its appeal and success. Throughout the renovation and up to the present, people who visit the store have had the opportunity to observe, ask questions, and -- best of all -- participate themselves. For the past few days, people have been working on finishing the cob benches in front of the store. Working with earthy materials, patience, and a light touch, volunteers and staff have been putting a colorful smooth coating over the firm cob. The community and sustainability expressed in this project is only the latest illustration of the uniqueness that People's brings to the neighborhood and the city, a quality that could never be reproduced sincerely by a larger, corporate store such as the one that's threatening to move onto a site just a few blocks away.


CASCADIA SUMMER 28.07.2003 14:21
Forest Defenders declare war over destruction of old growth ecosystem in Straw Devil sale
On March 24, 2003, following the death of Sparrow, a press release was sent out to announce the tree-sit and occupation of Straw Devil where some of Sparrow's ashes were placed. The press release included this quote:

"Sparrow will always be a part of the forest and will forever be inside each of us, affecting our thoughts and actions. Any attempts to log this forest will be akin to a declaration of war and is an audacious attempt to desecrate the sacredness of this forest," said Karla Wiley, a forest advocate and friend of Sparrow.

Basco Logging of Sutherlin, Oregon, under contract with Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors) of Cottage Grove along with the U$ Forest Service have just destroyed units 1 and 2 of the Straw Devil timber sale. They knew what this forest meant (especially these 2 units) and they knew that they wouldn't get it without a fight, so they sent in an infiltrator (and then that infiltrator was one of the people arresting our comrade after logging began); they orchestrated a "hard and fast" operation - building a road, marking unit boundaries, and felling trees - all at once -- completing the units in less than 2 days. More than 10 loggers and handfuls of law enforcement were sent in at once to do the job as quickly as possible. 4 units still remain uncut........

They have destroyed a sacred place and have desecrated the memory of Sparrow -- All in the name of GREED and PATRIARCHY. Friends of Sparrow will not forget and they will not forgive.....war has been declared. [ Read more... ]

Update on arrested comrade
The person arrested last week at the Straw Devil timber sale while active logging was occuring in units 1 and 2 showed up for their arraingment this morning in Lane County Court. They were informed that charges had yet to be filed against them because the investigation was still going on. The person was orginially told they would be charged with "Interfering with an agricultural operation". Now, they just need to wait and see if/when charges will be filed.

Logging is now complete at units 1 and 2 with the exeption of a small area surrounding the tree-sit in unit 2. All the trees are still on the ground - they have not been yarded out yet. Dozens of activists are now focusing attention on the other 4 units yet to be logged.

We need your help! We need more people in the forest , more people in town, and donations of money, supplies, rides to and from the forest, etc etc.[ Read more...]

Previous stories about the struggle at Straw Devil: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale ( 24.Mar.2003) | Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale in Cascadia's Willamette National Forest (2.Jul.2003) | Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale (8.Jul.2003) | Forest defense needed immediately to stop logging in Straw Devil timber sale, where Sparrow's ashes are scattered (23.Jul.2003) | Update after Unit 1 logged-- arraignment & protest Monday July 28 (24.Jul.2003) | First Hand Account (24.Jul.2003) | photos of destruction at Straw Devil (28.Jul.2003) | Straw Devil declaration of war (28.Jul.2003 | Forest Defenders Needs List) | ] [ Cascadia Forest Defenders ]


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 28.07.2003 14:11
Pacific Green Party's Portland Metro Chapter launches newspaper
I stopped by the Red and Black to see what was up the other day and saw a stack of something called "The Green Zine" on the lit table. I always like to check out what people leave there so I picked it up and sat down with it. Turns out it's a new newspaper about local issues and events, and it's being produced by the Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party. Now I'm not much one for electoral politics -- I don't see the point except at the very local level, and even there we need to overthrow it, not reform it -- but I do appreciate when people organize to inform the public about things that the corporate media ignores, and that's what the Green Zine is doing, and doing well in this first issue.


Southeast Portland residents launch campaign to keep New Seasons out of their neighborhood
Residents of SE Portland who oppose the opening of a New Seasons grocery store in their neighborhood launched a campaign on Saturday, July 26, at the Clinton-Division Street fair. New Seasons is a local whole foods grocery store chain with four locations around the metro area. It caters to a higher-end clientele, and its prices put it out of the reach of most working class families. Residents fear that the opening of the New Seasons store will raise rents, increase traffic congestion, and adversely affect the People's Food Co-op, which has been a unique community institution for over 30 years.


CRITICAL MASS 25.07.2003 22:47
The Real report from Freeway Critical Mass
Freeway Mass Yes, the only truth that the media reported tonight is that we are "anarchists and anti-capitalists". The ride started in Hillsboro with more reporters and police than bicyclists. At about 6:15 with 6 regulars from the Portland C.M joined by 6 never-rode-mass-before Washington Co. riders, we sallied forth, first heading west to ride around GM's regional support center. some of their employees outside cheered us while we made noise riding around the building. We then headed a little further west to get on the Hwy, followed by 3 Hillsboro bike cops. We took a lane for about a 1/4 mile that did not have a bike lane south of the freeway and then headed east towards Beaverton. During the course of the ride we were handed off twice when we crossed city/county boundaries, the police CORKING FOR US as we crossed on and off ramps! [ Read More ] [ Critical farce ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 25.07.2003 08:06
Old growth forest in Straw Devil sale being clear-cut; Forest defenders fighting to save it
From a first-hand account by an arrested forest defender:
I woke up before the sun rose yesterday morning, to the sound of heavy machinery rumbling on the forest road (FS 5875) near where I slept beneath stately old cedars in Unit 2 of the sale. It took me a moment to realize this was not the usual early morning parade of heavy machinery going to work on the railroad - this convoy was stopping right at the head of the trail into the unit. I snuck up to near the road and heard car doors slamming and voices shouting back and forth. I heard the words "spur road" and "crop unit boundaries" before I ran back to where other folks slept on the ground. They woke up and were scurrying into the trees in moments. I got out the camcorder.

And out of nowhere come a cadre of loggers, chainsaws slung over their shoulders. From the other directions, two Freddies (saying forest service law enforcement officers is just waaaay too respectful for their ilk, eh?) come hurtling over a log. One is the infamous Burckel (hell if I know if I spelled that right), and he shouts: "This is a logging operation! If you interfere, YOU - WILL - BE - ARRESTED!" He was followed by an oddly familiar looking man with a mustache who greets me like he knows me. And lo and fucking behold, he does. He showed up in the units two days prior with a bicycle claiming to be "interested in what we were doing to save the forest." Damn sketchy man was, indeed, a spy!

The Freddies went on their way, and immediately the loggers began cutting some of the beautiful cedars that inhabited the top of Unit 2. I stood less than five feet away from one logger (named Frank) as he bore down into the cedar's old trunk with his saw. [ Read more... ]

See also: "Old-growth trees on the Willamette left for dead" and "Update on Straw Devil Timber Sale destruction"
Original call-to-action, with updates: "Forest defense needed immediately to stop logging in Straw Devil timber sale, where Sparrow's ashes are scattered"
Environmental News Service story: "Activists clash with officials on Willamette National Forest"

Previous stories about Straw Devil: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale ( 24.Mar.2003) | Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale in Cascadia's Willamette National Forest (2.Jul.2003) | Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale (8.Jul.2003) | Update after Unit 1 logged-- arraignment & protest Monday July 28 | First Hand Account ]


YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT "WORK" 24.07.2003 00:52
Portland Police and Homeland Security Raid Peace Camp
Wednesday morning at 5am a dozen officers from both the Portland Police and Homeland Security raided the Portland Peace Encampment. Although the police threatened to arrest the sleeping demonstrators for "Obstruction as Nuisance" and "Interfering with an Officer," no one was actually charged. The police did, however, confiscate "abandoned" property from the Peace Camp. The raid lasted from approximately 5:02am until 5:33am.

The Portland Police involved in the raid were: Sergeant Sablan in command, Officers Engwiler, Brennen, Ho, Shaw, Winters, Whitcanack, Voeller and Bourasa, and Criminalist Barnes. In addition, Officer Johnson of Federal Protective Services of Homeland Security took part in the raid. The Portland Police used 7 squad cars and 1 Paddy Wagon, while FPS arrived in an SUV. [ Read More ]


ANTI-GLOBALIZATION 20.07.2003 20:27
AUDIO FILE: Saturday's Town Hall Meeting On Free Trade
On Saturday, July 19, 2003, citizens of Oregon and Washington gathered at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland to discuss and decide what kind of trade policy will work best for the Northwest. This was a well organized and attended event, lasting from 1:00-4:00, with a one hour break out session afterwards, featuring 5 workshops on various related subjects, from preparing for the next WTO protest to the "connection between globalized trade and what is at our dinner table." [ Read More ] [ www.PhilosopherSeed.org ]


Kucinich Visit to Portland
Bring 'em on! Presidential hopeful, and US Congressman, Dennis Kucinich visited Portland, Oregon today. Here is my impression. Dennis Kucinich was clearly pumped up and pleasantly surprised, when he appeared before an overflowing crowd today. Just after 11 AM, around 100 people lined the walls in a stuffy, narrow hallway of the Oregon Pioneer Building, as an animated Dennis Kucinich squeezed thru the crowd, shaking hands, and receiving a warm Portland welcome. [ Read More ] [ Audio: KUCINICH IN PORTLAND ]

Barb's report: Dennis Kucinich arrived to a packed conference room and a packed hallway at 11 am this morning. He spoke to the crowd from the perch of a chair about his platform for about half an hour and then answered questions. After about 45 minutes, he suggested that the crowd relocate outside, and he stood on a newspaper box and answered questions for another 25 minutes or so. The crowd was estimated at about 350 people, and Kucinich energized the crowd and challenged each person to be active in his campaign and to make the grass roots difference to put him into the Presidency. There was a lot of optimism and enthusiasm and energy in his address and he gave that same energy to the crowd. The good news is that a Kucinich campaign office will be opening here soon. The web site is www.kucinich.us.

Man's report: I went to meet Mr Kucinich this morning and was NOT dissapointed in the least. It was wonderful to hear a politician talking about the things that are important to me.

Call to Protest Kucinich's visit Why should we support Kucinich? Because he is anti-war? Bullshit. He may not have supported the war on Iraq, but he would still support the wars in Palestine, Colombia, and the economic warfare of global capitalism decimating the world's population. He still supports the systematic racism in this country which keeps people of color oppressed every second of every day. He is a capitalist. He will not solve any of our problems.


The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile
It's no secret that the US educational system doesn't do a very good job. Like clockwork, studies show that America's schoolkids lag behind their peers in pretty much every industrialized nation. We hear shocking statistics about the percentage of high-school seniors who can't find the US on an unmarked map of the world or who don't know who Abraham Lincoln was.

Fingers are pointed at various aspects of the schooling system?overcrowded classrooms, lack of funding, teachers who can't pass competency exams in their fields, etc. But these are just secondary problems. Even if they were cleared up, schools would still suck. Why? Because they were designed to.


Stories and photos from the Ashcroft protest in Portland
Ashcroft in town, a peaceful protest in Portland, and no pepper spray wafting through the air? I actually saw babies who got past the riot cops without being blasted with a little CS. What gives?

I couldn't understand it at first. Lately, no police riot seems complete without watery eyes, gasping breath, and a little burning skin. And yet, here they had every opportunity to spray not only babies, but senior citizens and women without shirts on. Think of the burns! Imagine how impressed Mr. Ashcroft would have been if he could have seen The People kept at bay by chemical weapons and assault rifles. But it didn't happen, at least not before I left. (And I left right after Ashcroft went fleeing off in an SUV being driven at breakneck speed.) [ Read more... ]

Another poster writes: " however, as peaceful as the demonstration seemed, the city of pdx overzealous police force had salvia and testosrone buildup's with the potential opportunity to ponce, spray, taser, and illegally arrest peaceful protestors desenting against the number one terrorist facing our civil rights...John AshHole. Maybe flattop Rowley was hidden away, but several other pdx terrorists were there. There were many comical reliefs to the day however...my favorite was the swat team dressed to the full in charcol black, with stocking face mittens, helmets and full body armour to defend against cardboard carrying citizens and partially nude participants. We were cool and liberated while they sweated under the embarrassment of their military like actions. Come on Rosie/Krocker/Vera....your a disgrace to the taxpaying voters who were out in your park for some noon time banter. It's OVERKILL!!!" [ Read more... ]

Ashcroft Protest: words from participants and observers
I'd barely time to bathe and change my clothes after a week in the forest before scurrying downtown Friday morning to protest one of the cruelest men in the world. With the inspiration of old growth trees and Eagle Creek, I chewed on Oregon Grape root to temper my anger and ground my resolve and took my tape recorder onto the streets to get a feel for the people.

I met RT in the street as traffic was blocked by about 75 folks who marched from the South Park Blocks to the courthouse. He rode a groovy bicycle: "This country is run by an industrial sector who know no other way of controlling the economy except by fascist means. You see, I have trouble describing what I mean, but I know this country's in trouble. I blame the automobile. [ Read more... ]





Code Pink report and photos |


Ashcroft vs. Lady Liberty |


More Protest Photos |


Late Protest Photos ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 18.07.2003 23:38
Report from stUmpqua Bank Protest in Eugene on Thursday
Yesterday, about 25 people gathered at the Eugene branch of Umpqua Bank to protest their connection to the timber industry.

While police and security guards stood watch from inside the bank and outside, about 25 activists surrounded the bank's 2 entrances holding large banners and signs, including one "Allyn Ford is an Ecocidal Maniac".

Materials were handed out to customers and passers-by explaining why Umpqua Bank should be boycotted.

One woman gained access though the bank's locked doors and was able to pass out a letter to all the employees explaining why we were there and urging them to take a stand, before she was kicked out.


Two More Arrested at Portland Peace Encampment
Police paid another unannounced, but not unexpected, 4am visit to the Portland Peace Encampment Thursday morning, seizing several sleeping bags, backpacks, signs, paintings, and other personal belongings, as well as two more human beings. A sergeant on the scene supervising the arresting officers said the two men would probably be charged with interfering with a police officer or failure to obey a lawful order. He said the men would not be charged with violating the anti-camping ordinance, despite the fact that they were both sleeping bags when police arrived, and both still occupied their sleeping bags when physically removed by the officers and arrested.

Many homeless and homeless advocates in Portland have called the anti-camping ordinance unlawful, preventing people with nowhere else to go from peacefully sleeping in public. Members of Crossroads, a group advocating for the rights of the poor and homeless, sponsored a giveaway of dozens of sleeping bags at a demonstration in front of City Hall, across the street from the longstanding encampment, in June. When asked why the men arrested Thursday would not be charged with violating the anti-camping ordinance, an officer said, "You can look at the arrest report when they get out to see what they were charged with." [One commentator speculates: "Peace encampment will probably be harassed bigtime today and tomorrow since Asscroft is coming to town and will be at the Hatfield courthouse late morning." ] [ Read More ]


17.07.2003 12:27
Flawed Report Advocates Massive "Salvage" Logging
Old-growth pine that survived the Biscuit fire - threatened by Logging interests released a report today advocating for massive "salvage" logging, widespread pesticide use, and the creation of expensive, flammable tree plantations across Siskiyou wildlands affected by the 2002 Biscuit fire. This proposal would come at tremendous tax-payer expense without providing an ounce of needed fire protection to at-risk communities in southwestern Oregon.



Update on DUI homicides last month
This is an update on the status of the legal cases against the suspects in the killings of three cyclists and the severe injuries of another that occurred in the last week of last month. Please make your voice heard to ensure the vigorous prosecution of the suspects to protect our community from reckless and drunken drivers. See here for earlier articles related to these cases.


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