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07.12.2012 07:03
Activists say NO to Ambre Energy
On Thursday, December 6th the Department of Environmental Quality held an informational meeting to hear community concerns over the Coyote Island Terminal Project (Port of Morrow).

Activists from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at the Ambridge Events Center in Portland on Thursday night to voice their opposition to the Coyote Island Terminal Project, which is spearheaded by Brisbane, Australia-based Ambre Energy. Tonight's informational meeting was hosted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and was the third such event held in Oregon regarding the controversial coal terminal. While the project did have some supporters in attendance, a majority of the people were there to send the message that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest will not tolerate 8.8 million tons of coal slinking through its backyards each year.
If approved, the terminal would be constructed at the Port of Morrow and serve as a hub for shipping coal to the Asian-Pacific market, making it the only operational coal export terminal on the U.S. West Coast. According to Ambre Energy's website, 3.5 million metric tons of coal would be shipped each year in the first phase of the project, with that number increasing to 8.8 million tons during the second phase. The Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for reviewing the permit applications submitted for the project and will make a decision whether or not to grant Ambre Energy the right to transport metric tons of toxic crap through the region. [...]


04.12.2012 20:33
Videos: OSPIRG Resists Union Contract and Fires Organizers
Rally and Picket at the Fund for the Public Interest offices in Portland Oregon where employees have been trying to negotiate a contract for over a year. The Fund for the Public Interest does fundraising for all the state environment and PIRG (public interest research group) groups, The Human Rights Campaign, The National Environmental Law Center, Environment America, Environmental Action, and Fair Share.
OSPIRG Resists Union Contract and Fires Organizers

Also included in this report is a 40 minute Public Access program featuring a discussion with two present employees and one past employee of the Fund for Public Interest. Program discusses the situation from the perspective of the employees seeking a union contract. The union is the Communication Workers of America, local 7901.

Discussing Union Busting at the Fund for Public Interest


26.11.2012 07:05
VIDEO: Black Friday Protesters Send A Big Message To Walmart
On black friday, protests across the country broke out against Walmart and workers across the nation walked out on them.

StreetNews Report:

Protests across the county have been taking place on black friday this year. The actions against Walmart happen to be the largest, and Portland protesters held a large gathering at the Eastport Walmart starting at 8pm Thanksgiving night. Through the night, organizers wired up a large LED lighted sign saying "Walk Out On Walmart" and had numerous shoppers honking in solidarity and curious about their message. The message to Walmart is clear; Stop overdevelopment which pushes small businesses out, start offering health care to part time workers, quit the employee mistreatment, and stop paying women lower wages than their male counterparts in equal positions.

Over 200 protesters showed out Friday morning chanting with signs and banners, and newly re-elected Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz attended the event and read a powerful letter with anger stating that Portland will not accept Walmarts' practices. Two people were arrested the night before after causing a "public disturbance" inside the store, but other than that all was peaceful. Across the country and throughout Oregon, many protests took aim at Walmart and considerable numbers of employees walked off the job on this day. Give the workers some respect!

Video Link:

Black Friday Protest Against Walmart In Portland Oregon


24.11.2012 13:06
VIDEO: "Stop The War On Gaza" Part 2 Action In Pioneer Square 11/21
JoeAnybody.Com Report-Back:

A follow up to saturdays action in Pioneer Square in which around 150 protesters rallyed and marched against Israeli occupation and war on Gaza. This action yielded about half as many people but they were just as motivated. As of November 20th, there has been a cease fire agreement reached but Netanyahu stated that it does not mean that Israel will not resort to invasion in the future and a top commander declared that quote "if there is quiet in the Gaza region, there will be no terror, if not then it may be a worse future" (AP). Palestinian activist and PSU organizer Wael Elsady led this speech packed rally along with other students who have been core organizers. Flags flew high as Portlanders sent their message of peace to Gaza, and though peace has temporarily been reached, they aim to bring awareness to the fact that Palestinians are still suffering by sanctions and enduring the hostility that Israel has imposed on them.

Video Link:

Stop The War On Gaza Protest - Part 2


19.11.2012 14:13
Stop Israel's war on Gaza!
About 200 people showed up yesterday to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and demand an end to Israel's ongoing attacks on Gaza. On November 14, two days after a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, Israel fired off a missile into Gaza, targeting and killing Ahmed Jabari, leader of Hamas' military wing, even though Jabari had been negotiating for a truce for peace with Israel through Egyptian officials. After days of bombing Gaza with Israeli airstrikes, drones and warships, over 66 Palestinians have been killed, including 32 civilians, and more than 400 wounded. 3 Israelis have been killed, with about 50 wounded.

Several activists spoke passionately about the suffering of the Palestinians under Israel's brutal and unjust occupation. Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian-American poet, writer and activist performed two powerful poems, "Coexist" and "Normalize This." All of the speakers condemned ongoing US support of Israel, which funds Israeli occupation, attacks and apartheid policies. They also criticized the biased and untruthful reporting of the corporate media, which unfailingly casts Israel as the "victim" defending itself from Palestinian "terrorists," when in reality, Israel is the real terrorist and perpetrator, using its overwhelming military power to attack and oppress defenseless civilians in Gaza.

The speakers called for activists to support the local BDS efforts, and connected the Palestinian struggle for justice with our local resistance for justice and human rights against imposed austerity, corruption, evictions,and police assaults.

The protest was organized by Students United for Palestinian Rights (SUPER), the Portland Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Coalition (PDX BDS), Americans United for Palestinian Equal Rights (AUPHR), and Portland Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

PIMC Related Video Post from Solidarity Rally:


14.11.2012 17:20
VIDEO: Veterans Day Rally Against Postal Service Cuts 11/12
A group of over a hundred protesters gathered in Portland's living room yesterday to rally and march to stop cuts to public services and the Post Office in rememberance of Veterans Day.
StreetNews Report:

Veterans and Portland activists from multiple organizations such as Portland Jobs With Justice, Veterans For Peace, and Communities & Postal Workers United held a large successful rally in Pioneer Square before marching in numbers over 100 to the Portland World Trade Center building to protest cuts to the Postal Service as well as deficiencies that US veterans are facing today, such as their homelessness and a lack of adequete jobs and benefits. Jamie Partridge from CPWU once again led the chants and took the reigns in organizing the event. Portlanders ended the great rally by singing along to "God Bless America" in an emotional ending. Thanks to all the great people who came out, and thanks to all our veterans and public service employees.

Video Link:

Veterans Day Post Office Rally & March In Portland


06.11.2012 12:25
Report from N3 Anti-Austerity Action in Portland
NO to Austerity! The report from the coalition that claims responsibility for N3 in Portland,and some photos:"Despite police confrontations, the day of action succeeded in its aims of communicating that we do not consent to coming austerity programs," said Michel Losier of Portland Action Lab. "The 1% must pay for the crisis that they created."


8 streams, what's playing now is at http://indyradio.nu:2012

LIKE our Facebook page, and get continuous updates https://facebook.com/IndyRadio

[1.] [2.] [3.] [4.] [5.] [6.]


06.11.2012 12:13
An Open Letter to the City Council and the DOJ
The proposed agreement between the City Council and the Department of Justice to provide Portland with a police force which citizens can supposedly trust will no longer violate our civil rights. That agreement proposes hiring more police staff at tax payer expense - as if the fox can now be trusted to guard the hen house while the blood of chickens is still drying on his chin. To whom it may concern at the DOJ; to Mayor Sam Adams, and City Council members:

I attended Saturday's anti-austerity demonstration on November 3rd. . I was SO disgusted by the PPD's irresponsible reaction to the peaceful protest - pepper spraying some of us without prior warning or any apparent reason. The only violence was on the part of the police so it became obvious to anyone with eyes that the excessive police presence was a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars! There were far more police lining the sidewalks than were justified by peaceful protesters - there seemed to be almost as many cops as there were protesters. I was appalled by the insane waste of police man hours and of our tax money! I have no idea whose brilliant idea it was to send such an excessive police presence to the event; would that have been our City Council or the PPD itself?

I have reason to think that the police are often taken at their word as to whether their presence is necessary and in what numbers. Doesn't it ever occur to anyone that the police cannot be expected to have an unbiased opinion - it is in their self interest to inflate the possibility of conflict and therefor exaggerate their own importance? OTOH, Portland is not known for its riots. - All the Occupy events and peace demonstrations I have attended were of the kind where protesters stopped at traffic lights or would stop to help an elderly person across the street. The violence I've witnessed on more than one occasion has been police violence - the theft of personal belongings I have witnessed was done by uniformed police officers. If I were to sit on the jury, a number of Portland's police would go to prison for assault. [...]


06.11.2012 12:07
N3 Solidarity Against Austerity Protest
Hundreds of energetic protestors marched through the Lloyd Center area on Nov. 3 to say "Enough is Enough!" Their message was loud and clear: no more cuts to social programs and public services, including education, transit, postal service, and health clinics. The march was organized by Occupy Portland, together with many other peace, justice and workers groups. Though this was an unpermitted march, several hundred people, including many high school students, showed up to defy corporate power and a corrupt system that places profits over people.
N3 pictures from joyofreisitance


06.11.2012 11:57
Portland Police use pepper spray on #N3 anti-austerity protesters
Police used pepper spray and force against #N3 anti-austerity protesters as they tried to breach police lines and head northbound from NE Halsey St to 14th Ave. Dozens of people were covered in the liberal use of the spraying of the front lines. Portland, OR, USA, 11/03/2012.

Alex Milan Tracy N3 PIMC Pepperspray Related Links
N3 Pictures by Alex [1] | N3 Pictures by Alex [2]
N3 Video by Alex


03.11.2012 10:53
Eugene Anti-Fascists resist David Irving’s event.
On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving's event "Hitler and I", hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr. David Irving is recognized worldwide as a holocaust denier and fascist sympathizer, whose events are frequently held in private with strictly screened attendees. Despite our repeated attempts, we were unable to find their location. There is an equal possibility that Irving cancelled the meeting, as he is known to do when resistance is expected.

Events like this recruit people to white supremacist ideology and hate groups, and often lead to an upswing in violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, women, people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Events like this also make local hate groups feel energized and empowered. It is important to confront these events to make a statement that we don't want this in Eugene.

Eugene has continually grappled with it's own racially motivated conflicts. In light of this, we believe that communities should unite in opposition when fascist organizers attempt to target sections of the population with violence and hate speech. Some critics of anti-fascists defend fascist organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state intervention, not from criticism by the public.

In response to this threat, Eugene anti-fascists held a public rally and dropped several banners to inform the public. We extend our solidarity to Portland anti-fascists and others who have opposed David Irving in their cities.


25.10.2012 07:01
Radical Mycology Convergence 2012 Port Townsend [Documentary]
The second Radical Mycology Convergence was held in Port Townsend, Washington. This volunteer-run four day event attracts mycologists and fungal enthusiasts to share skills about the benefits of fungi in terms of bioremediation and human uses. Port Townsend, WA, USA, 10/22/2012.

[video]  https://vimeo.com/52069765
[homepage]  http://alexmilantracy.com


24.10.2012 07:30
VIDEO: Citizens Rally And Send Delegates To Ask Sheriff Staton To Stop The ICE Holds 10/22
On monday a crowd of over 70 protesters assembled at the Multnomah building in southeast Portland to rally and show Sheriff Daniel Staton that they are disappointed that he is honoring ICE (INS) holds on what is mostly latino detainees. A group of delegates entered the building and proceeded to Sheriff Statons' office to deliver a message. Inydmedia was exlusive in filming and photographing this amazing action which was a success!

StreetNews Report:

Local Portland activists held a large rally to stop the ICE immigration holds that are now enforced by not only Portland, but cities and states nationwide. This early rally was held at the Multnomah Building in southeast Portland, the hub of operations for the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and over 70 people were present with no presence of the mainstream media.

Video Link:

Sheriff Staton: Stop The ICE Holds - Rally


16.10.2012 06:53
VIDEO: Another Portland Resident Faces Eviction From Her Home By Mortgage Brokers 10/14
Yesterday over four dozen community supporters led by Portland Solidarity Network activists advanced upon a house owned by Patricia Williams and her husband to bring attention to another case of banks trying to evict homeowners and pocket revenue.

StreetNews Report:

On Sunday a surprise solidarity event took place in southeast Portland. Yet one more desparate family came forward to the community with their story of being wrongly evicted from their home. Portland Solidarity Network, Occupy Portland members, and community neighbors met with upstanding citizens Patricia Williams and her husband at Raymond City Park to hear her story and bring some support. She addressed the crowd of 50+ people and told them of how she has been ordered to evict by a judge in favor of her mortgage brokerage firm. Williams and her husband have lived in their home for some time, paying off eight years in good faith on their mortgage and they believe the eviction is unfair. Dealing with sickness and financial problems, the couple say they are staying right where they are. Supporters signed a large banner and a neighbor gave a great speech, saying that the couple is well respected within the community where they live. Just like Alicia Jackson and Annette Steele, this woman and her family will not be moved.

Video Link:

Patricia Williams Will Not Be Moved!


14.10.2012 08:51
Video: Portland Fluoride Referendum a Success!
On October 11, 2012, Clean Water Portland turned in 43,236 signatures to Portland City Hall, more than twice the required number and one day early. The referendum campaign was a response to Portland City Council pushing through an ordinance mandating the fluoridation of the pristine Bull Run water.

Portland Fluoride Referendum a Success!

Several boxes of signatures were triumphantly carried in to City Hall by the three Chief Petitioners, Clean Water Portland Executive Director Kim Kaminski, Frances Quaempts-Miller and Malgosia Cegielskik,PhD. Following turning in the signatures, each of the three Chief Petitioners spoke briefly to the press gathering.

Kim thanked all who participated in the successful effort and upbraided City Hall for their back door dealings which led to their approving water fluoridation without broad public participation.
"These are public servants, and it's their job to serve the public, not special interests, not do this behind closed doors......we don't want any more chemicals in our water."

Frances also thanked all those who contributed to the monumental effort that many said was an impossible task. She stressed the point, "not one of us got any money from any big corporations, not a single one of us took any money to do this work."
"What we care about are direct, real solutions to dental issues. We don't want to throw chemicals into the water and call it done....we want clean water; we want democracy and we will fight to get it."

Malgosia, a psychologist and a child psychologist, spoke last, emphasizing the toxicity that fluoride "contributes to children's brains that are already way over loaded with neurotoxins, and can't think, and can't learn, and can't pay attention."

Homepage: http://www.cleanwaterportland.org/


13.10.2012 14:11
Controversial Marijuana adverts in Portland to be removed
People are outraged over billboards projecting marijuana in a negative light in Portland, a city with nearly 10,000 legal medical users. Clear Channel will allegedly remove the billboards from the city due to pressure through Facebook organisers. Portland, OR, USA, 10/11/2012.


13.10.2012 14:03
Statement From A Resister - Leah Lynn Plante
Leah is a 24 year old political prisoner currently serving time at FDC Seatac. Leah was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury three times, refused three times and was thrown into prison for civil contempt on October 10th, 2012.


Leah is a 24 year old political prisoner currently serving time at FDC Seatac. Leah was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury three times, refused three times and was thrown into prison for civil contempt on October 10th, 2012.

freeleah.org | supportresist.net

[Related PIMC Post]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/10/419046.shtml


08.10.2012 19:08
Video: Youth Ending Slavery "Walk to End Slavery" speeches - march Portland 10-6-12
Walk to End Slavery is a youth organized group from St Marys High School. These high school girls have organized YES (Youth Ending Slavery) and a march with speeches that is bringing awareness and educating our community by publicly exposing the human slavery, trafficking and exploitation is in our town and around us.

This video is only of the speeches by the five organizers and county commissioner Diane McKeel.
 http://youtu.be/vNo02EJoGVI (22 min video).

After the rally, the estimated 200 headed to waterfront and then back to Directors Park.


MORE OCT 6 PIMC RELATED POSTS 08.10.2012 12:03
Occupy Portland one year anniversary march
Occupy Portland held a march through downtown Portland to commemorate the one year anniversary of the occupation. Protesters passed City Hall, Chapman and Lownsdale squares and continued through the downtown area. Portland, OR, USA, 10/06/2012.


Alex Milan Tracy:
[1] Occupy Portland one year anniversary march | [2] Occu-PoPo monitor police on first anniversary of Occupy Portland | [3] Armed riot police wait for disorder at Occupy Portland anniversary | [4] Portland re-Occupiers face off with DHS Federal Protective Services | [5] Occupy Portland one year anniversary march
[1] terry schrunk park - re-occupy
Jim Lockhart:
[1] Video Clips (2) and Pics From October 6, 2012 Rally and March
joyofresistance :
[1] Occupy Portland, not Afghanistan march | [2] Wedding gets blessing from Occupy Portland
Joe Anybody & Mobile T:
[1] Video: Oct 6 Occupy Portland Not Afghanistan -speeches and march -full video


08.10.2012 11:54
Video: Bark Response to USFS Jazz Timber Sale Decision
The US Forest Service issued a Decision Notice and Environmental Assessment for the Jazz Timber Sale on September 7th, 2012. While nearly 3,000 individuals provided public comment in opposition to the Jazz Timber Sale, the Forest Service has decided not only to proceed with Jazz, but the only change they made was to increase the amount of heavy thinning to "create elk habitat."
Bark Response to USFS Jazz Timber Sale Decision>

This 7 minute video is a response from Bark by Brenna Bell, staff attorney and National Environmental Policy Act NEPA)Coordinator.

(The following is adapted from the Bark website.)

After months of waiting, the Forest Service issued its decision on the Jazz Timber Sale, and the results are shocking. The final sale puts more forest on the chopping block, admits to additional road impacts, and has no plans to monitor logging impacts on the ground.

Now, since receiving the decision, Bark has a begun review of the decision and initial impressions indicate that the Forest Service did not fully address the more than 3,000 public comments submitted opposing the project. We will provide more information after full review.

The Jazz Timber Sale would log 2,000 acres of forest, throughout 30 square miles of the Collawash River watershed. The Collawash is a tributary to the Clackamas River and is host to the last wild late run of winter coho salmon, making it key spot for the survival of this species.
Homepage: http://www.bark-out.org


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