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27.09.2012 09:41
VIDEO: OWS Anniversary & Solidarity With Colombian GM Workers Rally/March
Though its hard to believe, it's been one year since the initial OWS Occupation started a mass movement of the people. At one time, we had the largest of them all here in Portland. Occupiers took to the street in unison with injured and fired Colombian workers who have been exploited by GM and are now in 412 days of Occupying, sewing their mouths shut in a hunger strike.

Report-Back: On 9/17, Occupy Portland and many other local organizations such as PCASC, Witness For Peace and Portland Jobs With Justice joined forces to rally and march in solidarity with Colombian workers who are in a hunger strike and have been fired from their jobs in a General Motors affiliated manufacturing plant after recieving injuries which occured on the job. This day was also chosen as it is the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement which has helped create an outlet for upset Americans to voice their frustrations. A crowd of about 200 people were present for this action and it made its way to a Chevy dealership where protesters delivered a memo to be given to GM headquarters. The peaceful march and celebration ended in St. Francis Park, part of St. Francis Church, where Occupy Portland now operates.

Video Link www.joeanybody.com/id24.html


27.09.2012 09:18
Protesters call for a new ordinance to make Portland nuclear free
Protesters call for a new ordinance to make Portland nuclear free author: Alex Milan Tracy e-mail: alexmilantracy@gmail.com No Nukes NW rallied for a new ordinance which would make Portland a nuclear free zone. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has endorsed the continued transportation of radioactive waste along Oregon's highways I-5, I-84 and US-97 to the Hanford site. Portland, OR, USA, 09/23/2012.

homepage: alexmilantracy.com

VIDEO: Chuck Johnson, Physicians for Social Responsibility ... Portland Nuclear Free Zone: Background and Strategies


27.09.2012 09:14
Defend Oregon rally held to restore public funding for education
Teachers, parents, students, and children rallied in Grant Park in NE Portland against budget cuts to K-12 education. Many people held signs against Measure 84 spearheaded by Kevin Mannix which would implement a tax break for millionaires. Portland, Or, USA, 09/21/2012.

homepage:  http://alexmilantracy.com


27.09.2012 09:11
Eight People Start Indefinite Tree Sit to Stop Keystone XL
BREAKING: Eight people climbed 80 feet into trees in the path of Keystone XL construction, and pledged not to come down until the pipeline is stopped for good!

(Excerpted from the Tar Sands Blockade Website)

"Today I climbed a tree in the path of Keystone XL to demand TransCanada stop construction of this dirty and dangerous pipeline. This pipeline is a disaster for everyone it touches, from the cancer tar sands extraction is causing indigenous communities, to the water poisoned by inevitable tar sands spills, to the landowners whose land has been seized, and to everyone that will be affected by climate change," said Mary Washington, one of the Tar Sands Blockade members sitting in a tree.

This blockade is a continuation of an unprecedented summer of actions against fossil fuel infrastructure across America, from Montana to Ohio to New York. As a record heat wave baked the country, Americans stood up in unheard of numbers to oppose fossil fuels that are contributing to climate change. Join this growing movement when you sign up now to join one of our upcoming actions. If you were thinking about coming to Texas, now is the time!

homepage:  http://www.tarsandsblockade.org/tree-sit-launch/


27.09.2012 09:07
Oregon: A.L.F. Liberates Dozens of Pheasants; For The Silent Ones.
"On the night of September 21, 2012, saboteurs tore open a lone flight pen located at the newly incorporated Primrose Pheasant Farm (27368 S. Primrose Path Canby, Oregon), releasing dozens of slaughter-bound ring-necked pheasants into the countryside.

Naturalized populations of ring-necked pheasants have resided in the Willamette Valley for hundreds of years and the surrounding farm land serves as ideal habitat that these captive bred non-domesticated birds can undoubtedly survive in. Destined otherwise to be killed by butchers and sport hunters, these sentient beings will now get the chance to live out the rest of their natural lives in the wild.

For the silent ones.. A.L.F."


[ Related: AAnimal Liberation Frontline ]


21.09.2012 14:11
Portland Nuclear Free Zone Kick-Off
The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site, approximately 225 miles northeast of Portland on the Columbia River, is the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the world. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has endorsed the continued transportation of highly radioactive waste along Oregon highways including, I-5, I-84 and US-97 to reach the Hanford Nuclear Waste Disposal site for storage and future processing. Hanford does not have the means to handle the waste it already has much less future deposits, and its only backup, the 20 double-shelled storage tanks, are now found to be leaking. Government death estimates propose that 800 people may die yearly from just the trucks coming through our highways, and that number is a number not inclusive of accidents! We find this intolerable and refuse to let it continue.

No Nukes NW will host a kick-off rally to create a new ordinance for the City of Portland that will make Portland a Nuclear Free Zone. The event, open to the public, will take place on Sunday, September 23rd, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Japanese American Historical Plaza, 2 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon.
September 23rd, 1-4 PM
Japanese American Historical Society


20.09.2012 22:06
Portland Solidarity Network Has WON Our Campaign!
Portland Solidarity Network Wins Campaign!
We fought with our friend Beth to force her landlord to return a stolen deposit!
Join Us For a Victory Celebration this Friday (9/21) at 6 PM at the Alberta Street Pub!

Great news! The Portland Solidarity Network (PDX Sol) has won our most recent campaign! Our friend Beth received a check for her full deposit from Brian Wannamaker, the target of our campaign, and it has been confirmed that the check has cleared, thereby meeting our campaign's demand! Brian, the owner and landlord of the Falcon Art Community building where Beth briefly lived, initially refused to return Beth's security deposit after she was forced to move out because of black mold in her apartment. Brian only relented and returned the deposit after PDX Sol spent several weeks engaging in direct action. Our victory proves that a network of community volunteers and supporters committed to solidarity with tenants and workers CAN produce real victories!

Beth initially got in contact with us after seeing our posters, and we took on her campaign with Beth as a member and active participant. We began by delivering a letter to the Falcon Art Community offices that demanded the return of her deposit in full. Thirty-four people came out to support Beth by crowding into the Falcon Art Community's office and handing over the demand letter. (Watch a video of the event here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2kqiDDr7o&feature=youtu.be) We continued our fight after the demand delivery by engaging in a campaign of direct action - a strategy that empowers individuals and their communities to directly confront those responsible for their exploitation without relying on lawyers or bureaucratic institutions. In the case of our campaign, PDX Sol and our supporters persisted in confronting Brian until he did the right thing and returned Beth's deposit. We relied on nothing more than the strength of our unified voice and the power that comes from public pressure.

[Previous PIMC Post 8.2.12]
[Previous PIMC Post 8.21.12]

homepage:  http://pdxsol.wordpress.com
phone: (503) 446-6065


20.09.2012 21:38
Occupy Portland #S17 march in solidarity with Colombian GM workers
An #S17 protest was held on the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall St. also in support of several Colombian GM workers who sewed their mouths shut after they believe they were fired unjustly for injuries sustained at the Colmotores plant in Bogota. Portland, OR, USA, 09/17/2012.

homepage:  http://alexmilantracy.com


20.09.2012 21:32
Occupy Anniversary and Colombian GM Workers Solidarity Rallies
monday afternoon on september 17, 2012, a portland crowd numbering in the hundreds turned out for the one year anniversary of occupy wall street, which they marked by rallying for justice for colombian general motors workers who were hurt on the job and then kicked to the curb by the us-based, and to a considerable extent us government owned multinational corporation.

[video]  http://youtu.be/mx8u171roie

(report back from event organizers)

occupy portland marks anniversary in solidarity with global 99%
rally supports injured colombian gm workers seeking justice

the colombians have maintained a continuous peaceful occupation in front of the us embassy in bogotá for over 400 days. ten of the colombian workers including colombian worker leader jorge parra are entering their third week on hunger strike. mr. parra is currently in detroit where supporters rallied in front of gm world headquarters as part of an international day of action for the workers and their families.
"the fact that general motors is firing workers for injuries they developed on the job is bad enough, the company's refusal to sit down and talk - the willingness they are demonstrating to turn a blind eye to the worker's hunger strike is incomprehensible" said paige shell-spurling, a member of the portland central america solidarity committee. " general motors is showing an utter disregard for human life and specifically for the lives of the workers on whose backs gm's profits are made."
the portland rally delivered petitions demanding justice for the colombian workers with over 4,000 signers to wentworth chevrolet. a manager at wentworth agreed to forward the petitions to the gm corporate offices.
according to marco mejia of portland jobs with justice, "the issue of exploitation of the colombian gm workers is emblematic of the kind of global corporate corruption that the occupy movement is fighting against. occupy and the progressive movement in general is continuing to build capacity for change through education, agitation and mobilization."






18.09.2012 08:53
Video: Dr. Paul Connett On the Dangers of Fluoride
Excellent power point presentation by Dr. Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network. Dr. Paul Connett has spent 16 years researching the fluoridation issue, first as a professor of chemistry, specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology. Dr. Connett details the many dangers of adding fluoride to municipal water systems and demonstrates the gross lack of science employed by those who promote this action.

After a brief introduction by Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland, Dr. Connett opens his remarks with the statement: "what you are seeing in Portland is the end of fluoridation world wide. It is already clear from what you have just seen in just a few weeks that they've got no arguments, no science, and you're seeing the kind of tactics that are put in place of science and solid rational argument."

Dr. Paul Connett

This is not Democracy! This is not Portland! This is a wake up call!

[RELATED:] Video: Portland Citizens Respond to Forced Fluoridation Vote


30.08.2012 19:52
UPDATE: Volksfront Member Fired After Rose City Antifascists July 31st Day of Action
We are pleased to announce that the fine folks at Morgan Distributing, the company that Cheshire worked for, have discontinued his employment after antifascists made them aware of his fascist organizing.
On July 31, Rose City Antifascists organized an outing of several local Volksfront International members, including Nicholas Cheshire.

A huge "thank you" goes out to everyone who helped with the effort.

Cheshire's termination sends a message to all fascists that organized bigotry is not something we tolerate in our communities!

homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org
phone: 971.533.7832


29.08.2012 06:28
Video: Portland Citizens Protest Water Fluoridation
Demonstration at Portland City Hall protesting City Council's intention to add fluoride to the pristine Bull Run water. Interviews with many of the well informed and passionate citizens who want this put to a vote. The community has already voted this down three times in recent decades.

Video OF No Fluoride Rally

Posted this over the week end before I left town and forgot to include the link)

About a dozen people came forth to give their views on this subject. They attended the demonstration to make a point to City Council and they welcomed the opportunity to voice their opinion. Many chimed in from the side lines as I finished an interview. All were well educated on the issue of forced fluoridation and all were angry and frustrated with City Council's intention to by-pass the democratic process and mandate our water be fluoridated.

Numerous studies are cited, from EPA and Harvard, for example. The biggest thing I took away from this was the fact that the problem can be solved or mitigated by proper diet and dental hygiene. Fluoride is an attempt at a quick fix, which, as with most quick fixes, creates unintended consequences sometimes more egregious than the original problem.

Video oF No Fluoride Rally


25.08.2012 11:54
VIDEO: Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest (Report-Back)
What a nice morning welcome for PMG Pat Donahoe, who is closing post offices, cutting workers, and shaving away at weekday mail delivery. Jamie Partridge, lead organizer of the rally, recieved the support of Portland Jobs With Justice as well as many community members. Local media surprisingly covered it, and word is that Donahoe heard the message from inside.

StreetNews Report:

Patrick Donahoe, the Post Master General, made a visit to the Vancouver, WA Hilton Hotel today (8/21) to attend a Postal Carrier Convention and meet with the public. A Portland "Save Americas Postal Service" organization called Portland Communities and Postal Workers United had planned for his visit, and welcomed him with a protest. Donahoe, being head of the US Postal Service, has implemented deep cuts and closures to postal services and communities across the nation are standing up to it.

Video Link:

Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest


23.08.2012 06:30
Photos from Recent No Fluoride Protest
Photos from the recent Demonstration at Portland City Hall, protesting City Councils intention to add fluoride to our water supply, at the cost of five million dollars. According to corporate news reports, a yes vote has three votes, enough of a majority to pass.
Mayor Adams, Nick Fish and Randy Leonard have indicated their willingness to vote for this proposal.

A large and very well informed crowd gathered at City Hall around 12:00 on August 21, 2012, to emphasize to City Council their dissatisfaction and outrage at this bypass of the democratic process.

These photos not only depict the event, but also provide a window into many of the objections to this proposal:
"Search hydrofluorosilicic acid. (www.fluoridealert.org)

homepage:  http://www.fluoridealert.org/videos.aspx


22.08.2012 07:16
Video: Portland Interview Regarding GM Workers Hunger Strike in Colombia
Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with John Walsh, local member of Witness for Peace. John speaks at length about the workers at the GM plant in Colombia who were fired for injuries sustained on the assembly line.

Interview Regarding Colombian GM Workers

Walsh discusses the workers situation, but also speaks about labor and political conditions in the country in general. Also discussed are Free Trade Agreements and how they create conditions which allow multi national corporations to ignore human and environmental regulations.

At various points during the program, short videos are introduced, all taken from the Asotrecol Workers Youtube Page
These videos explain the reasons for the hunger strike and detail the suffering these families are going through due to assembly line injuries. One video features interviews with the wife and daughter of one of the workers.

ASOTRECOL - GM Workers Website


18.08.2012 17:15
Protesters oppose Powder River Basin coal exports through Portland
Protesters gathered in St. Johns at the railroad cut under Lombard to oppose plans for 157 million tons of coal to be exported yearly from the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming to China via ports in Portland and Vancouver. Portland, OR, USA, 08/18/2012.


18.08.2012 17:11
VIDEO: Free Bradley Manning Protest Ends Up At Obama HQ With 5 Arrested
StreetNews Report:

On 8/16, a well planned action took place at several army/military recruiting offices in Portland. At the end of the days actions, all groups of protesters met up at the Lloyd Center Recruiting Office for a mass protest. They marched from there across town to an Obama Campaign Training Facility where they Occupied the building and 6 persons went into the office and refused to leave.

Upon closing time of the office, the protesters would not budge and were locked in the facility by management. Portland Police were called and around a dozen cops showed up. They were advised by a liason that the protesters intended to stay until PFC Bradley Manning was released and the police stated that "that is an unreal demand". They asked if the protesters intended to be arrested (which they did) and proceeded to bring in the wagon, enter the building, and arrest 5 protesters in a peaceable manner. Prior to doing so, they made an over the mic announcement that everyone was being recorded by cameras in patrol cars.

Remaining supporters marched to the downtown Justice Center in solidarity and the people were released within two hours of being arrested. This is part of a national solidarity effort and day of action to free Private Bradley Manning.

Video Link:
Free Bradley Manning Protest - 5 Arrested Inside Obama Campaign Facility (Short)

VIDEO: Panel on Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks
Video: Stand With Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning treatment in 'flagrant violation' of military code - lawyer


16.08.2012 16:54
EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT: Solidarity With GM Workers In Colombia
Today 8.15.12 is a national day of action to stand with the Colombian General Motors plant workers who have been in a hunger strike for weeks now and have sewn their mouths shut. Community members here in Portland aim to hold a solidarity flash mob in Pioneer Square at 11:30am.


Portland, Oregon - Wednesday, August 15th, an emergency demonstration will take place in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, in response to General Motors' failure to resolve the situation of fired workers injured at their Bogota, Colombia assembly plant, who are entering their third week of a hunger strike. This local action is part of a national Day of Action called for by Witness for Peace.

Come for this quick action downtown... 11:30 to noon. Signs, art and music provided. Just show up, bring a friend to double the fun. Let General Motors feel the pressure- from Portland, Oregon to GM's corporate headquarters in Detroit, to McLean, Virginia (home of GM CEO Daniel Akerson), and all points in between.

Jim Lockhart: Video: Portland Solidarity with GM Workers in Colombia
Joe Anybody & Mobile T: VIDEOS: Solidarity With Colombian General Motors Workers Action In Portland 8.15.12


14.08.2012 17:53
Rose City Antifascists Expose Nazi Neighbors and Coworkers During Day of Action
Nick Cheshire poses in this outdoor photo shoot. Note the Volksfront insignia. On July 31, as promised, Rose City Antifascists delivered a message to white supremacist organizers our state. We tracked down leading Volksfront International activists Casey and Alaina Joy Banyas of Albany, OR at their residence, and also located Volksfront leader Nick Cheshire at his workplace, Morgan Distributing in Portland. In addition, our organization also asked for information from those living near the last known address for Nick Cheshire and wife, Leah Cheshire (nee Crandall), in Oregon City. We mailed flyers to about 250 to the neighbors of these neo-Nazi thugs, and also contacted Nick Cheshire's employers at Morgan Distributing about the presence of a neo-Nazi activist within their company.

homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org
phone: (971) 533 7832

Why Volksfront is a Threat to Communities and Workplaces:


14.08.2012 17:52
Animal Liberation Front Empties Fox Farm in Virginia
Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia

From Animal Liberation Frontline

Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia

On Saturday night, the ALF emptied a small fur farm approximately two hours from Washington DC. All 13 foxes on the farm were released. According to the communique posted by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the ALF also damaged equipment at the farm. The farm bordered Shenandoah National Park, where the foxes returned to their natural habitat.

The fox farm raided appears to be:

D & S Fox Farm
16671 Fox Farm Ln.
Elkton VA 22827-2739
Owner: Dean Scott

The full communique reads:

"On the night of August 5, the Animal Liberation Front visited the only known fur farm in the state of Virginia, Scott Dean's D&S Fox Farm in Elkton. We opened every one of the few cages at D&S, giving thirteen beautiful foxes a chance at new lives in the nearby Shenandoah National Park. As we watched a few of them immediately scurry off to freedom, we damaged the machinery that allows Dean to continue his day-to-day operation confining and torturing these sensitive creatures. Dean, it appears that this is a hobby providing you only supplementary income - it is our commitment to free your prisoners and cost you more than you make until you shut down. To those nationwide who also seek justice for the innocent, your nearest fur farm is at most a state away. Take action for animals. -ALF"


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