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29.06.2012 08:09
Video: Cindy Sheehan: Revolution. A Love Story - plus David Rovics music set
Cindy Sheehan Cindy is on a book tour and spoke in Portland on 6.23.12 at the First Unitarian Church. David Rovics played a few songs before she spoke...To a full room of listeners in Portland Oregon, Cindy Sheehan shares about her life, friends and recent travels.

Her new book is titled: Revolution: A Love Story.
Its about her recent trip to Venezuela and what she learned.

The 2 separate videos from this event on 6/23/12 are listed below:

Cindy Sheehan
 http://youtu.be/eBC1f3KKjEU (1 hr 24 min video)

David Rovics
 http://youtu.be/DEsfq90Jf-0 (20 min video)



25.06.2012 14:13
Climbing flagpole to deploy banner Salem, OR: Near 10:00 AM Cascadia Earth First! and Cascadia Forest Defenders converged at the Oregon State Capitol. Activists chained themselves together and staged a "die-in" in the offices of Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown while others climbed the building's flagpoles, hanging banners reading, "Oregon: For Sale by Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler" and "Defend Oregon, No Compromise, Earth First!"

As of 1:00pm: There are 50 protesters onsite. The climbers of the flagpoles have been arrested descending into applause and leaving the banners to be removed by cherry pickers. The people locked down in the office of Kate Brown have had their support crew removed by police, who are currently bringing in extraction equipment and have hung a sheet in front of the window obscuring outside media and support. The activists inside of the office of Ted Wheeler have similarly been deprived of their support crew and shielded from view. The crowd cheers from outside of the office doors Chanting: " "Devastation and Exploitation Won't be Solved by Corporations"
"Earth First No Compromise We Fight for Water Earth and Sky"

Protesters are targeting Secretary of State Kate Brown and Treasurer Ted Wheeler - both members of the State Land Board - after passing a plan in October of last year that will nearly double the annual clearcut in the Elliott State Forest. Today's protest is an escalation in a series of protests calling on the Land Board to stop the clear cutting of ancient forests and to separate public school funding from state forest management. [...]

Cascadia Earth First! and Cascadia Forest Defenders demand:
No more clear cutting ancient forests.
Drop the 2011 implementation plan for the Elliott State Forest.
Separate our school funding from public land management.
No more privatization of public lands.
Earth First!
homepage:  http://cascadia2012.com


15.06.2012 17:21
(VIDEO) Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Speech at Law and Disorder 2012
It was an honor to be able to film Chairman Fred Hampton Jr speak at the 2012 Law and Disorder Conference in Portland, OR. In case you are not familiar, Chairman Fred is the son of the late Black Panther Party spokesman Fred Hampton who was assassinated by the Chicago Police in 1969. Fred Jr's mother Deborah Johnson was eight and a half months pregnant with him at the time of his fathers murder. If this is news to you, we urge you to google how the police/FBI raid that took Hamptons life went down. Although the whole story is extremely disheartening, its wonderful to know that Chairman Fred Jr is alive and following his fathers legacy.

 https://vimeo.com/43881635 [video 1.hr 45.min]

Fred Hampton Jr is the founder, and chairman Prisoners Of Conscience Committee / Black Panther Party Cubs (POCC/BPPC).

"The Prisoners of Conscience Committee was founded by Chairman Fred Hampton,Jr. during his nine years of incarceration. "[The POCC] was literally birthed from behind enemy lines, its birth canal was the concentration camps, its umbilical cords are the prison chains." The P.O.C.C. is an international organization which engages in revolutionary work throughout the United States and abroad. The P.O.C.C. empowers communities through their own programs and through coalition building with other revolutionary peoples and organizations."

homepage:  http://www.becausewemust.org/


14.06.2012 14:56
Confiscation of my musical instrument yesterday
While Playing music at 10th and Yamhill I was ticketed for noise,without a warning,and had my musical equipment confiscated by authorities.

Playing in Portland 11 years, without having escalated to this level of conflict. Seeking feedback, wise council. Looking for resolution. I don't know when or if I will get my property back. Any suggestions,or insights, contact me. Thank you.


14.06.2012 07:28
Video: "Solidarity With Quebec Students" Action With Speech By Montreal Native 6.11.12
StreetNews Report
On 6.11.12, a protest rally was held at Pioneer Square in solidarity with Canadian students who are protesting extreme tuition hikes and interest rate increases in Universities across Canada.

What an inspiring action presented by Occupy Portland in Portlands' living room, Pioneer Square. Around 250 people showed up for the Facebook event created to bring solidarity with the students in Canada who are protesting in the thousands for education reform, as tuition rate increases are three times ours and interest rates are insane. This local rally showed the world and Canada that we are in support of the universal mission to lower the cost of higher education and increase the worth of degrees to actually make the academic investment worth it.

Great speeches were given by students and former students who were heavily affected by the debt they incurred while attending school. A contest was held to see who had the highest student debt, and a woman with 111,0000 dollars of debt took the crown. The frustration was seen in the faces of the many that decided to get up, grab the bull horn and tell their story. A visiting student from Montreal Canada just happened to be in Portland and spoke of how appreciative he is of all the solidarity that Portland is bringing to this issue.

Video Link:

Quebec Student Solidarity Action - Portland Oregon


11.06.2012 07:29
Pitch A Tent II--the Houseless Strike Back
The Grand Floral Parade will never be the same again, thanks to Right to Survive (R2S) and houseless activists. This is the second year that R2S, an organization led by houseless and previously houseless people, put out a call for "Pitch A Tent II?The Houseless Strike Back." Together with folks from Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo), they invited friends and supporters to pitch tents with the houseless along the parade route downtown to protest against the city's ordinance, which allows people to put up tents for 1 day for the parade, but criminalizes setting up tents for survival for the rest of the year.

Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of R2S, R2DToo and Dignity Village, wanted this year's action to put pressure on city officials, who continue to drag their feet on the houseless issue. He made clear that this action shows how the city prosecutes houseless people who try to erect shelters for themselves, but the ultimate goal of R2S is to get folks off the street and into a designated area where they can be safe and take care of one another. He hopes that this action will bring awareness that there is a homeless crisis in Portland and nationwide. He said, "The city needs to "sit down at the table with us and come up with solutions that will put a dent in the houseless situation."

Mubarak talked about Right 2 Dream Too, which provides a safe place for about 90 people to camp every night on NW 4th and Burnside, as one of the solutions. R2DToo wants to expand housing for 300 people per night, as more and more people lose their jobs and homes due to the crippling economy. But instead of cooperating with them, or letting them continue to self-manage this space, the city is fining R2DToo $1,200 a month. He said that Dan Saltzman, who leads the Bureau of Development Services, has described it as "not a humanitarian issue; it's about zoning and codes." Mubarak pointed out that the city spent $3,400 for each "bike shelter" in the city, but won't budget a dime to provide more solutions for the houseless. He said that the houseless and their supporters are trying to build communities and shelters for themselves, where they can be autonomous and make decisions to maintain safety and human rights.

Related Links:[video - Jim L] | [post - Mobile T]


04.06.2012 18:19
Never Alone Tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners (VIDEO)
Never Alone This past April we were able to meet up with the folks doing the 'Never Alone tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners'. We were really excited about this tour, as we believe prisoner solidarity and support should be the core of any movement of resistance. Since we like to film and make videos for all of you to watch, share and use as a resource, we offered to film the Eugene, OR tour stop for them so it could be put online. Here is a little background info explaining what the tour is about.


This tour is part of the collaboration for International Day of Solidarity for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners, June 11.




04.06.2012 18:17
No Oak Grove Walmart!!!
Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," this evening will feature a discussion with citizens who are opposing a Walmart grocery store at the previous location of GI Joe's on McLoughlin Blvd.
List of 15 more stores currently planned for the greater Portland area.

Watch the 58 minute video from "A Growing Concern" [Program features three guests]

NOGWAL: No Oak Grove Walmart

NOGWAL: A community-wide effort to build a better Oak Grove. We are your neighbors who say, No Walmart! Not here. Not now. We love Oak Grove and the vision of the MAP* plan that our community has developed over the last three years.

Our concern stems from what we have learned about the effects Walmart makes on local communities, their labor practices, their gender discrimination, ruthless business practices, their environmental policies - and their disregard for the plans our community developed over the last three years.

homepage: www.nogwal.org


04.06.2012 15:47
Portland Veterans for Peace gather on Memorial Day
veterans for peace Portland Chapter 72 of Veterans for Peace gathered at Peace Memorial Park to honor those who died whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Peace was written in chalk in the languages of countries where U.S. Led conflict has occurred. Portland, OR, 05/28/2012.

homepage:  http://alexmilantracy.com


04.06.2012 15:22
Olympia Police Station Attacked in Solidarity with St. Louis M24 Arrestees
Dearest St. Louis rebels, Hearing of the recent beatings and torture you endured while refusing the compliance your captors demanded is both beautiful and terrifying. More than anything, the image of repulsive swine punching in your face, holding a knives to your throats, choking you, and generally having a field day with your bodies derives an engulfing inferno of rage and malice; our mouths water for revenge.

Last night a police station was attacked to both lift your spirits and aid the healing of the trauma that was likely inflicted on you while in their clutches. This was also done in effort to encourage other devious plots in your honor. May the coming week (and beyond) be filled with calculated, vindictive, and well executed revenge.

Reposted from:pugetsoundanarchists
Mainstream media report | Reportback from St. Louis arrestees | Another police precinct attacked in Atlanta


30.05.2012 08:11
Video: Don't Privatize the Postal Service
Public Access program featuring an interview with a retired postal letter carrier, recently arrested along with nine other people protesting recent attempts to privatize the Postal Service. Program features video from the rally, march and arrests at the University Post Office in Portland Oregon on May 24, 2012.
Don't Privatize the US Postal Service

Jamie gives a clear and concise picture of what is going on and what the Postal Service could be in the future. But only if people get educated and support the efforts of those who are standing up against this privatizing scheme.

A local union is providing a speakers bureau for anyone interested in bringing this information before their organization.

Excellent background article on the effort to Privatize the Postal Service.



28.05.2012 12:24
Video: No Coal Exports Rally Featuring Robert F. Kennedy
Portland Public Access program featuring video from a recent rally in Portland Oregon regarding proposals to move coal trains through Oregon and Washington on route to China. The coal industry proposes to ship more than 150 million tons of coal a year through West Coast communities. Closing speaker for the event is Robert F. Kennedy.

No Coal Exports Rally, Featuring Robert F. Kennedy [58 min video]

These coal trains, up to two miles in length, would "release toxic coal dust and diesel exhaust along the rail lines, clog our railroads, ports, and highways, risk our families? health, pollute our air and water, and stoke the climate crisis." Up to 50 pounds of coal dust would escape from each uncovered coal car.

The Rally was held in conjunction with the WaterKeeper Alliance
Conference being held that week in Portland Oregon.
"Founded in 1999 by environmental attorney and activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and several veteran Waterkeeper Organizations, Waterkeeper Alliance is a global movement of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa."

After an introduction by Jim Lockhart, the host of "A Growing Concern," the video clips are presented in two segments. The first segment is of the speakers preceding RFK and is about 22 minutes in length. The second clip is the speech by RFK, and is about 17 minutes in length. Kennedy connects the dots between the devastation wrought by Mountain Top Removal in the eastern U.S. and what the coal trains would mean for citizens of the northwest.


26.05.2012 07:36
Water, The Liquid of Life.
bull run Bull Run - leave our water alone Yesterday was a good day, the water rate hikes did not go into effect. Mayor Sam wanted the vote, Leonard wanted the vote but it was put off until next week. This is not victory, just a week's worth of delay. I fear the council will vote for this 7-81/2% (percent) increase. They will end up destroying our wonderful water system, charge us more money to drink polluted water from the Columbia and the Willamette rivers. You must know that Sam and Leonard have decided to bail out before the mass of citizens realize what they have done. The incoming members of the council should be made to answer what their position on this outrage is today. We need to know what the future holds and fight we must. Will you join us? Will you get on the phone and call our senators? Will you attend next weeks meeting and say your piece, or just wimp out in the corner. The wonderful people who have been fighting this issue need your support now.

Related Article: Citizens speak out about water rates:
Citizens of Portland, OR speak up about the need for the water bureau and city council to ask for a waiver from the EPA to halt all unnecessary and costly treatment projects and to stop increasing water rates. One person testified that high utility rates are driving homeowners into foreclosure and many seniors on fixed incomes are having a hard time paying their water bills. And according to another person who testified, there are even people in Portland who cannot afford water at all, despite the fact that access to water is a human right. Watch on youtube

background information | Agenda for City Council meeting Wed May 30th | Open Letter to Portland City Council May 31, 2012

Citizens for Portland's Water


26.05.2012 07:22
Over 1 dozen arrested at Occupy Post Office last night in PDX
Over a dozen citizens / activists were taken to jail for occupying the Post office in SW Portland (University Station)on Thursday 5/24/12. Police arrested over a dozen [actually 10 were arrested] peaceful citizens when they refused to leave the Post Office after 6PM They wanted to speak about the Post office cuts, with the Post Master general, and were denied.

Many were released by 10pm

Growing Concern coverage of Post Office arrests

Related Video Post: Video: Occupy The Post Office - University Station in Portland Oregon


26.05.2012 07:21
Four Chickens Liberated from an Oregon Egg Farm by the ALF

From Animal Liberation Frontline


This week, Bite Back received an anonymous communique from the Animal Liberation Front claiming responsibility for the liberation of four chickens from an Oregon factory farm. The ALF communique stated this was the same farm from which six hens were liberated in January.

The communique reads, in full:

During the second week of May 2012, two activists entered an egg farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 4 hens were removed from the premises and placed in good homes where they will live out the rest of their natural lives. This is the same farm where 6 hens were liberated last January.

This action was done to save these individual animals from the torture and misery intrinsic to industrialized egg production, as well as to demonstrate that although we may not be able to free every animal, we can free some. This was done in full solidarity with the anarchists and animal liberationists facing state repression here on the west coast and abroad.


26.05.2012 07:13
Video: Stop The F -ing War Protest - 5.18.12 - Two Activists Interviewed
I stopped by the weekly vigil: "Stop the F-ing Wars" protest on the west side of the Hawthorne bridge on Friday 4.18.12. This is about 30 minutes of interview with Roberto & Joe, two local individuals for justice activists, who are in the public eye demanding justice and accountability from our city and national leaders. The topic of Chicago NATO protest solidarity, Humanity, Community Compassion, Retiring the Police horses, police accountability, city budgets, military spending, houseless issues and more hot topics of community concern.

Roberto - Part 1 (7 minute video)

The Lone Vet - Part 2 (25 minute video)

This protest is every Friday at 3:30 PM on the Hawthorn bridge on-ramp More information is here: http://www.individualsforjustice.com/

RELATED: Free The Horses - City Council statement by Joe Walsh on 5/16/12 (3 min)


22.05.2012 08:03
Teachers on strike in East Portland
Teachers have gone on strike In a high poverty district on the East edge of Portland. The school board and district have been stalling and delaying for 11 months. The Reynolds Board and School District has walked away from negotiations at 11:30am May 21st on the first day of the strike. This puts a huge burden on many low income parents who must find child care for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How to help:
Keep in touch with the Teacher's Union


Call (503) 661-7200 and ask the district office to go back to the table sooner.

Here is what the media leaves out when reporting on this:

Reynolds School District Contract Agreement Partial - Strike Is On



21.05.2012 06:45
Video: Brian Willson - Speaks at Occupy Portland - May 9 2012 Blood on the Tracks
Brian Willson - Occupy Portland May 9 2012 Brian spoke in the St Francis church dinning hall for Occupy Portland on May 9, 2012. The discussion was about a variety of topics, from "occupy movement, war, protesting, obedience, imperialism, anarchism and community" The video covers experiences from a vast array of different actions and insights into making change from Brians opinion.

The topic of "Vertical Power Structures' is explained and encouraged by Brian, and he shares with the group why and how it correlates with the movement. There is also a Q and A in the last half of the video with the audiance.

More Information on Brians book [Blood On The Tracks]

(video 1 hour 40 minutes)

homepage: www.joeanybody.com


19.05.2012 12:32
Vigil for 28 year old cyclist Kathryn Rickson in Portland
A vigil was held at the site of a fatal accident involving an eighteen wheeler truck and bicyclist Kathryn Rickson at SW 3rd and Madison Ave. Portland, OR, USA, 05/18/2012.

Related Video Post from Kathryn's Vigil: VIDEO: Bike Memorial for Karyn Rickson


11.05.2012 08:25
Grand Jury Subpoena in Oakland
Taken from our comrade Jose Palafox:

From the face of the Grand Jury Subpoena, it appears related to an animal rights action that took place in Santa Cruz in August of 2008. I believe this is a political repression and part of a government attempt to gather information on activists and the animal rights movement. I will be getting a lawyer and plan to exercise my rights to the fullest extent. The National Lawyers Guild in San Francisco can help people subpoenaed before Grand Juries.

homepage:  http://www.becausewemust.org/grand-jury-subpoena-in-oakland


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