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27.03.2012 07:12
Sea Lion Slaughter on the Columbia: Updates
Last week the government again authorized the killing of sea lions on the Columbia river. The traps are set. It has begun again.
Yesterday, monitors with the Sea Lion Defense Brigade made the annual pilgrimage to the dam. It was strangely silent. Even the hazers were standing down, as it was Sunday. We saw no California sea lions up there yet at all. We did see two Stellars playing in the current just below the dam, and at least two others resting in the slower water down by Strawberry Island. Despite the government's best effort to get the Stellars de-listed from their threatened and endangered species status, the gentle and gigantic Stellars are still protected this year, and cannot legally be killed. (They are not safe, though. Vigilante fishermen kill more sea lions illegally every year than the government killed last year. These huge, friendly animals make easy targets for their predations.)

We also saw two beautiful bald eagles, hunting fish from a tall tree just below the dam. Nature is beautiful. But irony stings: a friend, upon hearing about bald eagles eating salmon, remarked, "What are they gonna do, kill every predator on the river? Why can't they just stop over-fishing?!" Indeed.


27.03.2012 07:04
Video: Workers Rights Hearing JWJ - 2.23.12 Vancouver Hilton Workers and Community
The Hilton Hotel Workers had a "Workers Rights" Hearing in the Vancouver Library - this is the film from the event organized by Jobs With justice.

The Workers Rights Board, was held on 2.23.12, and the room was full of concerned community members. Workers from the hotel tell of their unjust contract, and the greedy push back by management. Hear from the hotel workers how management works hard to push back against the workers struggle for fair wages, food to eat, their homes and health.

The City of Vancouver, through their organization the Downtown Redevelopment Agency, owns the Vancouver Hilton. For six years, the workers at the Vancouver Hilton have been in struggle. This is a struggle of becoming union, staying union, and fighting for respect and the ability to rise out of poverty wages - making good jobs for all in the service industry.

Workers' Rights Board:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/workers-rights-board
Video from the hearing:  http://youtu.be/KgtHDnqMPVM


22.03.2012 08:04
Indybay Journalists Charged with Felony: Conspiracy to Make Media
SANTA CRUZ, CA: District Attorney Bob Lee has embarked on a full frontal assault against independent media in Santa Cruz by including four regular contributors to the independent news website Indybay.org amongst the eleven people charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after the occupation of a vacant bank building on November 30th, 2011. District Attorney Lee apparently believes it is his duty to dictate how events such as the occupation of the vacant bank at 75 River Street should be reported on by the media, and if he does not approve of the coverage, then journalists risk the DA bringing charges against them.

Bradley Stuart Allen and Alex Darocy are Indybay photojournalists and Indybay editors who were reporting on the occupation. No charges nor arrests were made at the time, but warrants were issued over two months later on February 8th, 2012, for Bradley, Alex, and nine other individuals. Alex was arrested at his home before he could submit to the surprise warrant. Bradley and Alex were originally charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy, and two counts of misdemeanor trespass, but after a three-day preliminary hearing starting March 13th the felony vandalism charge against both was dropped. Alex and Bradley remain out of police custody on their own recognizance. [...]

Conspiracy to Make Media

As for the most serious remaining charge, felony conspiracy, District Attorney Lee has offered absolutely no supporting evidence of a criminal collusion. The DA has not argued that Alex and Bradley had prior knowledge that the building would be occupied. The DA simply asserts that the mere act of newsgathering at an announced demonstration, which turned into an unannounced building occupation, constitutes felony conspiracy to promote trespass and vandalism. In the same preliminary hearing supplemental brief referenced above, the DA wrote: "The defendants' presence and postings... aided and abetted the organization's occupation of the property." From this, District Attorney Lee takes another leap by claiming that Bradley and Alex "effectively serv[ed] as the media arm of the organization; the group's propagandists." The "conspiracy" is nothing more than reporting on a newsworthy event.


07.03.2012 08:23
New Filings on Frank Ambrose's Docket
After a long period of inactivity, 10 sealed documents have recently been filed on Frank Ambrose's docket. On Dec 21, 2 motions from the AUSA, on Dec 22 an order, on Jan 12 an AUSA motion, on Jan 12 an AUSA document, and on Jan 17 an order. Then, on March 2, a sealed motion and 2 sealed documents; and on March 5th a sealed order. Frank Ambrose is an activist turned informant who provided the government with information against Marie Mason and others.


These sudden secret filings on the docket of a confirmed informant are cause for concern, though it is unclear what to make of it. What is disturbing is that this is occurring in the context of continuing prosecutions in the Midwest. The most recent of these was against David Agranoff, who agreed "to cooperate by attempting to provide substantial assistance to the government."

 link to www.greenisthenewred.com



05.03.2012 20:48
Do You Trust Your Health to OHSU?
Portland, OR, 2/27/2012 --- Watch what you say at OHSU or you might get punched. Or tased. Or choked. September 8, 2011, Monica Taylor was denied medical treatment, beaten, tased and arrested at OHSU. Ms. Taylor is currently preparing a lawsuit against OHSU.

On her doctor's referral, Monica Taylor went to OHSU to be seen by a neurologist for her rapidly declining mobility and health concerns. At the time, she was using a cane to walk. She was quickly dismissed by the OHSU neurologist and denied an MRI. Upset, scared and angry, Monica became increasingly agitated, yelled at personnel that she needed an MRI and eventually collapsed in the lobby in tears. OHSU staff asked her to leave the building. Outside the lobby door, she called her doctor to get a second referral. Next thing Ms. Taylor knows, a security guard is standing over her demanding she leaves. Ms. Taylor stated she would leave after her phone call to her doctor. Officer Townsend responded by grabbing her neck and slamming her face into the ground. Officer Townsend proceeded to tase Monica 8 times in the back, leaving permanent scars. The cops were called, and Monica was handcuffed, put in a wheelchair and taken to jail. Ms. Taylor was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempted assault and assault of an officer.


02.03.2012 06:59
Video: Community Forum on the Transpacific Free Trade Agreement
A community forum exploring the local impacts of past Free Trade Agreements, what the massive new Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement means for your community, and how you can help prevent this "NAFTA of the Pacific."

*More Offshoring of Good-Paying Jobs to In the Race to the Bottom for Workers;
*New Tools for Attacking Environmental and Consumer Safety Policies;
*Further Deregulation of Banks and Insurance Companies;
*Longer Patents that Restrict Access to Generic Medications.

After opening remarks by Elizabeth Swager of Oregon Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, we hear from:

--Greg Pallesen - Vice President of Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers, Local 5 on trade related job loss;
--Ted Gleichman - chair of the LNG Committee of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, and serves on the steering committee of Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP), which promotes feed-in tariffs to speed adoption of renewable energy. Ted is also a former member of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (ASFCME)."
--Kim Marks - a grassroots organizer who works within Rising Tide North America Collective and former board member of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment and BARK who speaks about the impact of trade on labor and the environment;

VIDEO: Community Forum on the Transpacific Free Trade Agreement - What does Wall Street want from the new Pacific Rim trade deal?


02.03.2012 06:53
VIDEO: A Mother Demands Changes To Mental Health System
Instead of celebrating with her son for his birthday, Cindy Fisher was found rallying in front of the Clark County Courthouse in Vancouver with dozens of supporters. She made a cry out for help after her son was recently taken into custody and faced charges for what boiled down to a coat he found that had been stolen. After returning the jacket, he was apprehended and blamed for the crime. Due to his history of mental health issues and the fact that he was on a high dosage of a drug he had been prescribed at the time, he acted in fear of the cops and was arrested. Cindy gathered much support since her son was put in jail, and all her hard work has paid off. She broke the good news to all those in attedance that her son had contacted her early that morning to tell her that the charges had been dropped and now he is under care at a facility. The facility however is giving her son large doses of medication and this worries her because she knows the effects of these drugs and believes there should be a better treatment solution. She showed us how she prays in a meditative state for her sons healing every day.

We can only hope for a better future that will provide those with mental health issues more than just a suppressive drug. Cindy Fisher still needs over $5,000 to meet the $9,000 cost to put Siddharta in a new program which offers better treatment. If you would like to know more, contact Cindi below.

VIDEO: Happy Birthday Siddharta - Rally on Clark County Courthouse Steps - 2.28.12



01.03.2012 07:30
Venezuela: worker-president of ALCASA removed
*On Saturday, February 25, Venezuelan vice-president announced the
dismissal of Elio Sayago, worker-president of the state-owned aluminum
smelter ALCASA, and his replacement by Angel Marcano. This decision
represents an assault of the bureaucracy within the Bolivarian revolution against workers' control and has caused outrage amongst revolutionary activists in Guayana and throughout Venezuela.*

*It is not by chance that this decision has been taken just as president Chavez, who appointed Elio Sayago as worker-president of ALCASA, had left the country for Cuba for medical reasons. *



01.03.2012 06:11
VIDEO: Peace House and Friends - protest ALEC in NE PDX on F29
Some really peaceful activist got followed around by the police as they stopped at 5 corporation that are tied to ALEC: Taco Bell, McDonald's, Walgreen's, ATT and Bank of America.

I filmed these clips with a cell phone and also filmed this with a video camera


Peace House and Friends F29 - Cleaning up ALEC in NE Portland 2.29.12
(Full video is 1hr 28 min)

homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com


01.03.2012 06:02
VIDEO: Update On The Portland Papa Murphys Pizza Workers Protests
papa murphys Former workers of the Papa Murphys Pizza franchises on NE Fremont street in Portland tell their story in a series of clips wound together from ten different actions spanning nearly three months. Report:

Its been almost five months since the last picketing organized by former employees of the Papa Murphys franchises located between 15th and 71st & NE Fremont street in Portland. Two of the workers, twin sisters Cherise and Dennise Mofidi staged a picket against the management and owner of these stores in response to discriminatory and sexually harassing behaviour they experienced in the workplace.

In speaking with one of the twins involved recently, we were advised that Rawza Inc. (the franchise owner) has been in mediation with the Bureau Of Labor & Industries in coming to a resolution that ultimately required them to provide BOLI standards in-store training to their employees and send one manager per year to BOLI classes to refresh them on workplace code of conduct. An out-of-court settlement has now been paid and both twins have shared the monetary award. We are glad to see that solidarity and consistency brought justice to these youth and we wish them the best.

Here is the video link:

Papa Murphys Pizza Workers Protest - 10 Slices Of Solidarity


01.03.2012 05:57
Help Portland ban Horses and Chemical Weapons at Protests
police horses and chemicals Encourage Portland's Charter Commission to let Portlanders vote on banning horses and chemical weapons for crowd control.

Several of the proposals being considered by the Charter Commission are making city officials nervous, according to commission member Steve Weiss, quoted in a Portland Mercury article. The 20-member city council-appointed group is given the power to create proposals that (if 15 of them agree) are then placed on the ballot to be decided by voters. Housekeeping measures and an independent utility commission proposal were supported by the city council and mayor, but when the commission started considering other more radical ideas? like instant runoff voting and police accountability? the city leaders' nervousness began. Two votes are expected this week: Monday, February 27 on an independent utility commission proposal and Wednesday, February 29 on a proposals that would ban the use of horses and chemical weapons for crowd control... The major point made by those testifying at the police accountability subcommittee meeting was that pepper spray, tear gas and horses don't break up protests? they only make them more chaotic and dangerous. The commission asked for comments from protesters who have had to deal with horses and chemical weapons up close, so any comments based on personal experience would help inform their opinion. Would Portlanders ban horses and chemical weapons if given the chance to vote on it? Possibly. Should Portlanders be given the chance to vote on these issues? Definitely.

The possible vote on the police accountability proposal [took] place Wednesday, February 29th from 6 to 9 PM at Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Rose Room. For links and video visit: villageportland.com

Video of the Feb 22 hearing


01.03.2012 05:45
Video: Sharing Portland Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting
portland advisory meeting This is a video of the semi-monthly public meeting in the Portland Building regarding the use and sharing of the public sidewalks. Open to the public and city departments for discussion on how we all can get along on the sidewalks in Portland. The meeting was about 1:15 minutes long.
Its held in the Portland Building at 3:30 on the 2nd floor.
Open to city departments and the public to get together and talk about the issues of our city sidewalks.

Portland Advisory Committee public sidewalk meeting 2.6.12.
(video 1:15 min)

The next meeting will possibly be in April (TBA) - it was discussed near the end of the meeting. There is a city webpage on "sidewalk data" it is located here: portlandonline.com Data / Sidewalks


26.02.2012 07:05
Report Back From Bradley Manning's Arraignment
Yesterday's [2/23/12] arraignment for Bradley Manning lasted a little under an hour, as expected. Replacing the Investigating Officer from the Article 32 hearing is military judge Denise Lind. After members of the prosecution and defense declared their certifications and qualifications, the judge addressed Pfc. Manning directly, asking if he understood that a military counsel is available to him at no cost, or a civilian counsel is available at no cost to the government. "Yes, your honor," Manning replied. She then asked who he wished to represent him, and he replied that he wanted to keep Mr. Coombs and the rest of the defense team with him.

Then the prosecution and defense were allowed to question the judge. The prosecution declined, but Coombs stood for the defense. He asked her what prior knowledge she had of Manning's case. She responded, "I knew there was a case, that it involved classified information. I knew the case involved someone named Pfc. Manning." First, the judge mentioned the defense's proposal to compel discovery and deposition. What came after that was revealing. There had been a series of email communications between the court, the prosecution and the defense team as part of the RCM-802 process.



26.02.2012 06:53
Film Screening: Greedy Lying Bastards, a Documentary Film by Craig Rosebraugh.
At the 30th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, the Sunday Keynote address will be a Film Screening: Greedy Lying Bastards, a Documentary Film by Craig Rosebraugh. A panel discussion will follow the screening. Greedy Lying Bastards is a film exposing the shocking lengths the fossil fuel industry travels to insure maximum profits for exectuives and shareholders.

A trailer for the film

More information on the film

This year's [PIELC / ELAW] theme is New Frontier: The Political Crossroads of Our Environmental Future

Conference Schedule


22.02.2012 17:28
Williams Clearcutting is in Full Swing
Small Town Endeavors to Protect its Future

The rural community of Williams in Southern Oregon is striving to prevent an imminent clear-cut on a privately owned 320 acres. This parcel is perched atop a prominent ridge in the Williams Creek watershed, located in the Applegate Valley, and serves as the headwaters for three major contributing streams. The community has united as the non-profit organization Williams Community Forest Project (WCFP) to purchase the land. The WCFP is fervently intensifying its fundraising and media campaign to procure the necessary funds and raise public awareness about the plight of our threatened woodlands. Thus far, the community has been pledged a substantial loan from a private group and raised $120,000 from grassroots fundraising.

Further information can be obtained at the WCFP website, www.williamscommunityforestproject.org, or through an inspiring ten-minute film posted at www.indiegogo.com/Wiliiams-Community-Forest-Project where direct, tax-deductible donations can be made. Donations may also be sent to WCFP, P.O. Box 36, Williams OR 97544.


20.02.2012 08:36
Activists Scale Billboard, Expose Local Coal Threats
Coal Wars: Comin Soon to a port near you... Three activists with Cascade Climate Network and Portland Rising Tide occupied a billboard at the corner of SE 12th and Sandy Blvd. in Portland Sunday afternoon to protest proposals for coal export terminals across the Northwest.The activists altered the billboard with a giant banner that listed five potential coal export sites along the Oregon and Washington coast, while around forty protestors gathered below and spelled "no coal exports" with oversized letters.

Coal corporations including Peabody and Arch Energy are seeking to export up to 100 million tons of coal annually from six separate sites in Oregon and Washington. Last month, with minimal public input, the Port of St Helens approved an option to lease the port to coal companies Ambre Energy and Kinder Morgan. This comes nearly a year after Millenium Bulk Logistics temporarily withdrew an application to export coal from Longview, Washington after internal documents revealed inconsistent figures regarding the intended volume of coal for export.

This event was part of a regional day of coordinated action against Northwest Coal Exports. Actions occurred across Oregon and Washington near sites of proposed export and in Montana near the coal fields of the Powder River Basin.

homepage:  http://www.portlandrisingtide.org ;


20.02.2012 08:32
Video: The Lynne Stewart Report
Lynn Stewart Taking Aim's Mya Shone and Ralph Schoenman interview Ralph Poynter, husband of attorney Lynne Stewart who is currently a political prisoner in the Carswell Federal Prison facility outside of Fort Worth, TX.
Please watch this important video on Politube for further information about Lynne, her appeal, and these events.

About the Court Argument on the 29th of February(From Lynne's Website)
By Lynne Stewart...


20.02.2012 08:17
Video: Rehire Ryan - A rally outside of New Season Market on 2.14.12.
Rehire Ryan Over 100 people gathered on valentines day outside of the NS Market on SE Division in Portland Or to stand in solidarity and for the just rehiring of a worker - labor activist (Ryan Gaughan) who was fired for a petty issue. Ryan was involved with organizing for workers rights, safety and labor issues at New Seasons where he was employed. He recently had been participating in "coffee talks" where management and workers discuss common important work issues together. Ryan was terminated [for what appears obvious to anyone who looks into this,] for his strong involvement in organizing at his job site, where he has worked at for over 9 years {7 years at this store on Division that terminated him.} Ryan, the community New Seasons customers, friends and labor activists are all asking management to give him his job back.


19.02.2012 10:01
two animal rights activists arrested because of NIO website
reposted from green is the new red website:

Two activists with the animal rights group "Negotiation Is Over" (NIO) have been arrested at a protest in Florida. Group founder Camille Marino was arrested on an out of state warrant, and is awaiting extradition to Michigan.

In Michigan, NIO is campaigning against an animal experimenter at Wayne State University named Donal O'Leary, who uses dogs in heart experiments. One of the dogs, the Dalmation pictured above named Queenie, was forced to run on a treadmill with a device implanted in her heart, catheters protruding from her body, and open wounds leaking fluids. Doctors have urged the federal government to investigate O'Leary's violations of the Animal Welfare Act.


19.02.2012 09:57
Stop the Coal Train Banner Drop
Today at approximately 1:30 PM, members of No Coal Eugene dropped a banner reading "STOP THE COAL TRAIN" from the parking garage on 10th and Oak in Eugene, Oregon. This action was done in solidarity with Rocky Mountain Powershift and to bring attention to the coal trains proposed to run through Eugene.

In October 2011, the Port of Coos Bay signed a contract with an anonymous company to ship coal out of the harbor. Coal will be coming from the Powder River Basin in Montana through several cities, including Eugene, to be exported out of Coos Bay to Asian markets. An estimated 15,000 tons of uncovered coal will be on every train. The Sightline Institute estimates that 500 lbs to a ton of coal can escape from a single loaded car. With one or two trains coming through Eugene everyday, Eugenians will be inhaling an unsafe amount of coal dust.
No Coal Eugene is in opposition to the coal trains for three reasons:



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