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02.12.2011 06:18
stop animal cruelty, fight speciesism, and combat gentrification On the night of Wednesday November 30.2011 anarchists vandalized Paxton Gate Portland, a wealthy boutique inhumanely supplying non-human animals and their parts. Windows were splashed with buckets of paint and on the side walk in front of the store was written "Fuck Paxton Gate". This was in solidarity with non-human struggles everywhere, and against the fight of inherent racism--gentrification.

We're not free until we all [including non-humans] are free.

[ Related: Fur Free Friday video ]


02.12.2011 06:14
Videos from the 1999 N30 Battle in Seattle
battle of seattle N30 November 30th is the 12th anniversary of the week long World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle. Attended by tens of thousands of people from all over the world, this event began the process of putting a face on the 1% seeking to control the trade, the economies, the food, the energy sources of the planet. Not from the streets of Seattle, but a similar protest here in Portland.

Here's a couple videos I edited of my experiences in the streets of Seattle, taken from a six part series produced through Portland Public Access stations soon after the event. Watching the videos now, I could easily mistake the action for current nationwide Occupation events. Though perhaps some of the names have changed, it is the same resistance, with the same desire for a true Democracy, being met with the same brutal response by corporate power, law enforcement and governments.

And nothing has changed in the demands of the people of this planet: PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS.

Each is about 7 minutes in length......


29.11.2011 07:22
2011 Mt. Hood Solutions Summit: Pacific Rivers Council
At the 2011 Mt. Hood Solutions Summit a diverse network of stakeholders were brought together to discuss the challenges and solutions for protecting this important natural resource.
Three Power Point presentations by members of Pacific Rivers Council at Mt. Hood Solutions Summit, sponsored by the forest advocacy group, Bark

Mt. Hood National Forest provides drinking water to one-third of all Oregonians and 98% of the Forest is the source of municipal water supplies. As a source of drinking and agricultural water, fish habitat, recreation opportunities, and energy production, appropriate management of this resource is critical to the well-being of Oregon's population and ecosystems.

This vital resource faces myriad threats ranging from climate change to a crumbling roads system and is the focus of much restoration work.


27.11.2011 15:07
Copwatch on KBOO this [11.16] morning 8am-9am
Portland Copwatch asks City Council to improve oversight and policies of the Portland Police Hearing today at 2pm at City Hall

summary of the show that is on now is at: http://kboo.fm/node/32101#comments

Dan Handleman's opinion of how this has been going is at: www.theskanner.com

[The KBOO Audio Recording of this is now available here]


27.11.2011 12:36
I met Justin James Bridges at Occupy Portland
Justin James Bridges, front & center, with friends last Sat. at Occupy Portland On Friday night he was talking into the camera for OP's livestream internet channel, confidently inviting the audience to drop by Chapman and Lownsdale squares the next day for festivities that included a planned potluck dinner and live music in support of the movement. On Saturday evening he was playing in the rain for the assembled protesters on the amphitheater steps at Terry Schrunk Plaza. By Sunday night, Bridges was bedridden at Legacy Emanuel Hospital, recovering from alleged police brutality earlier that day during the final sweeps by authorities of the last Occupy holdouts. And on Monday, he addressed the now homeless Occupy Portland General Assembly in Pioneer Square from a wheelchair.


26.11.2011 10:30
OWS Poetry Anthology
Poets from around the world have been sending poems to the People's Library in an effort to create a living/breathing poetry anthology in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement. All poems are accepted into the anthology. The anthology is updated on a weekly basis. If you'd like a poem added to the anthology email stephenjboyer@gmail(dot)com and please include "occupy poetry" in the subject.

All poems are welcome to be added to the anthology.

pdf of entire anthololgy


26.11.2011 10:22
Video: Occupy Portland - Failed Eviction on 11.13.11
A 9 part video set from the Occupy Portland Eviction at midnight on 11.13.11 - Occupy Portland Faces an Eviction at Midnight. It didn't happen. This video set starts just before midnight and runs till about 6 am The police attempt to remove the protesters using Horse cops charging into the crowds (didn't work and almost caused a riot) and as well as threats of chemical weapons and the use of riot cops with sticks and non lethal weapons. Nothing worked as far as trying to scare or hurt the protesters from the Occupy Portland camp.

1. Arriving Occupy Portland Saturday Eviction 11:30pm Nick Fish
2. Occupy Portland Eviction - Around Midnight 11.13.11
3. Occupy Portland The Push Around 1:00AM
4 Occupy Portland Shut The Road Off - 11.13.11
5. Horses Charge Crowd at Occupy Portland Eviction 11.13.11
6. Riot Police Stepping Back. 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction
7. Everyone Occupy 3rd Street 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction
8. occupy eviction . 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction 9. Good Morning The End. 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction


26.11.2011 10:18
Video: N17 Afternoon Bank Protest outside of Chase
N17 This is the 6 part video set from the 4Pm Chase Protest in Portland Oregon. This is the one where the police ram their horses into the peaceful crowd (again) who were legally protesting, the police shoved the citizens dangerously into the streets. Then the cops sent in hundreds of ROBO dressed Riot cops ... and yelling over loud speakers for next 30 minutes to "get out of the street"? ...So then (next) they start pepperspraying people and hitting them with sticks (and or jabbing protesters with their sticks)and then they do some more MAJOR blocking the street. Then they (hundreds of police) for no reason (?) leave and everything is peaceful and back to normal.

6. N17 Hundreds of Riot Cops In Street (video 13 minutes)
5. N17 Riot Police In The Street(video 11 minutes)
4. N17 Horse cops and pepperspray(video 5 minutes)
3. N17 Horses pushing people into street(video 13 minutes)
2. N17 Occupy CHASE grandmothers Solidarity with Occupy(video 2 minutes)
1. Arriving at Chase Bank for protest in Portland Oregon (video 6 minutes)

[RELATED:] another N17 reportback w/ photos
[RELATED:] another video reportback from Wells Fargo protest at noon
[RELATED] another video reportback: N17-the People Are Rising; No More Compromising


26.11.2011 10:11
Video: Speakers From Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan
Oct 15 march against Iraq War
Dynamic speakers from the October 15, 2011 Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan Rally and March. Rally was held at the South Park Blocks, where a large crowd gathered and then marched through the streets of downtown Portland, cruising by the Occupy Portland sites. Speakers addressed the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the immoral and illegal actions of the United States regarding drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen. The many reasons for the Populist Occupy Wall Street Movement were also enumerated. This 1984-ish Endless War is only one reason among many demonstrating how our country has been moving in the wrong direction for decades, swerving from a Democracy into Empire. Most remarks are brief, under ten minutes in length.

Shahid Buttar, Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan
Wael Elasady, Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan
IVAW Speakers at Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan
Meredith Reese at Portland 10 Year Anniversary of War in Afghanistan



20.11.2011 05:42
Portland Anarchists Occupy Umpqua Bank With Rocks
At 4:30 a.m. on November 14th, a group of anarchists broke out the windows of the Umpqua Bank at NE 18th and Alberta. Umpqua Bank tries to sell itself as "green" and a "community" bank, and we wanted to shatter that illusion. Umpqua Bank has been known for financing timber giants all over Oregon that are responsible for the destruction of our precious temperate rainforests, and with them the possibility of a livable future.

Alberta Street has been incredibly gentrified in recent years, and Umpqua Bank is a big part of that. Forcing People of Color out of one of the few neighborhoods they were historically allowed to live in is racism, plain and simple.

Repost From:


20.11.2011 05:38
Seattle, Wa: Bank of America Attacked
On the night of monday the 14th 9 windows of a bank of america where smashed out with rocks. This was a gesture of solidarity for our comrades in oakland and chapel hill. For an indefinite general strike, an occupation of territory and the permanent conflict with the existing order.

repost from:


20.11.2011 05:35
Occupy Eugene Visits Stumpqua Bank, Shuts down Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank
Occupy Eugene still serving 800 meals daily and visiting banks too!
Occupy Eugene Protesters Join "National Day of Action." By Desmond O'Boyle (KLCC Radio)

As part of the "National Day of Action" Occupy Eugene demonstrators are rallying against corporate greed today [November 17, 2011]. Protesters marched to Umpqua Bank where they hung a banner protesting the banks alleged involvement with clear cutting. A group remained blocking both entrances. Protesters then marched to U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo where they found both had closed. Signs were posted alerting customers they would remain closed until further notice.


19.11.2011 12:07
New Occupation Now!
People have reoccuppied! SW Park and Jefferson!
10am Saturday, the 19th
Come down.
Bring people, tents and supplies.

Occupation 2.0! Come show your support!

Live Stream at  http://occupyportland.org/livestreammedia/


16.11.2011 07:26
Photos and comments of Occupy Portland, Nov. 12-13
The class war by the 1% against the Occupy movement is in full throttle. Last night, cops raided OWS at Liberty Plaza without warning, attacking protestors with pepper spray and batons. Two days ago (Nov. 13), facing a similar eviction threat from Mayor Adams, it was Occupy Portland in the crosshairs. Other Occupy camps have been brutally attacked in Oakland, Berkeley, Denver, Chapel Hill, and elsewhere. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not giving up the fight.

But, as we, the 99% know, this movement is too big and significant to fail. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not going to give up the fight. That night on Nov. 13, the words "We the People have the power" came alive in the streets of Portland. We collectively experienced what power we can have when we stand together and overcome our fears. The call has been shouted out and heard everywhere from Portland to NYC, "Occupy under attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!" They can never destroy Occupy/us, as long as this spirit of resistance stays alive!


14.11.2011 06:43
Translator/Musician Beaten Unconscious By Portland Police
ALERT! A man named Justin James Bridges, musician & ASL translator for Occupy Portland General Assembly, was assaulted by @PortlandPolice today during camp clean out. He was beaten repeatedly in the back and has now lost use of his right arm. Though Justin was lying on the ground in compliance, Portland Police continuously beat him in the back with clubs until his eyes rolled back in his head. Fellow protesters thought he was dead. He is now in critical care.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE, DO NOT HESITATE TO COME FORWARD. National Lawyers' Guild # 503-902-5340. Protect rights, protect the truth. Please share. And if you have info or evidence, for the sake of justice, come forward.



14.11.2011 06:26
The Battles of Occupy Portland
For those who were there, November 13th will be a day long remembered in Portland, Oregon. Occupy Portland again proved why it remains the 2nd strongest Occupy movement in the U.S. when it mobilized against police eviction. Instead of the Occupiers being evicted it was the police who were sent home demoralized.

The following morning, however, the police again moved in to evict the mostly-emptied camp, and again thousands of protesters arrived to protest. As this article is being written there remain thousands of protesters in downtown Portland trying to decide their next occupation spot with hundreds of riot police nearby. Although the original occupied park is now surrounded by a fence and hundreds of riot police, the movement has been strengthened exponentially after the stunning victory the previous night and energetic re-mobilization the following morning which grew throughout the day.

The Mayor, police, and the local 1% had set the stage to justify police violence while scaring the public away from the downtown occupation spot; radio stations warned listeners to "stay away from downtown," businesses closed their doors early for "fear of violence," the media shamefully reported stories without sources about people from "out of town" coming to Portland with violent intent. The ultra-peaceful protest that ensued made a mockery of these lies from Portland's 1%.


13.11.2011 06:11
Some videos from Occupy Portland
12.11.2011 16:55
Video: Statement in Response to Portland Occupy Eviction
Press Conference in front of City Hall regarding recent announcement by Mayor Sam Adams to evict Occupy Portland from the parks at 12:00 midnight on Saturday, November 12th.

Organized by Oregon Working Families, the event featured speakers from Veterans for Peace, Faith Communities, and from Unions, among others. Speakers vowed their support for the occupation and promised to stand with the Occupation during the upcoming eviction. People are already arriving in Portland from Seattle and the Bay area in solidarity Video is about 15 minutes in length. The audio was in portions somewhat compromised due to traffic noises, especially the helicopters hovering over the Occupied parks.

Statement In Response to Occupy Eviction


11.11.2011 06:14
VIDEO: Occupy Portland - Jamison Park "We Dont Have Guns" 10/30/11
This is an 8 part video set from Occupy Jamison Park midnight to 3 am on 10/30/11. It shows the protesters sitting / standing peacefully in Jamison park. It show the police come in and using force, controlling the parks like gun toting thugs
Part 1. "Make No Arrests A Moment of Peace"
Part 2. "You're Breaking The Law - Turn Your Camera On"
Part 3. "Don't Poop in Our Park - We Are Here For You"
Part 4. "Shame On You - The Horses"
Part 5. "Public Property - Who Are You Protecting"
Part 6. "We Don't Have Guns - Riot Team in Park"
Part 7. "Why is the Police Filming - Move Back A Foot"
Part 8. "27 Arrested - Livestream on Computer"
I will be filming on Saturday evening ...when this insanity starts again as police bring guns back into the park.
As the title states... "we don't have guns"
As the mayor said when this first started... the police can use desecration, regarding to arrest or not.
So now he wants to see the arrests.... I think that's a bad decision ...and the wrong decision

I don't want to film anybody getting hurt

Solidarity = Love


10.11.2011 13:33
Occupy Portland Camp Survey Results!
URGENT: Occupy Portland Survey Results Complete! And the Results may surprise you... Two strategies were used to distribute the survey. a total of 545 people filled out the survey.

Overall it feels safe to visit the Occupy Camp.
Yes 322 people (76%)
No 103 people (24%)

The percentage of people saying that it feels safe to visit the camp is quite high, and this should not be ignored by city residents, public officials, or members of the media. We also asked survey respondents to list the three most important, positive things that have been created by the Occupy Portland camp and movement. By far, the most common responses to this question were that the camp has brought a wide variety of people together, allowed for sustained interactions between these people, and allowed for a sense of community and solidarity to emerge. Many respondents also report that the camp and the wider movement have brought public attention to issues like economic injustice, poverty, and homelessness. A lot of people responding to the survey said something like "These problems are usually swept under the table, but now they are visible have to be dealt with." Finally, a number of respondents who said they are homeless said that they feel safer in the camp than they would if they were sleeping in other parts of Portland. Many survey respondents encourage non-profits and city officials to reach out to vulnerable people in the camp, and provide on-the-spot services, rather than using the presence of homeless citizens as a reason to criticize the camp.


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