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10.11.2011 08:06
People's Cinema
bmedia Unfortunately the People's Cinema is on hold for the time being until we can find a new projector to use.... If you have any projector available for us to use two or three times a week from 10PM to midnight send an email to  info@bmediacollective.org and we can try to work something out.

homepage:  http://www.bmediacollective.org


09.11.2011 04:52
Occupy Seattle Fights Back
Yesterday, [Nov 1, 2011] in response to a call out to march on the banks in solidarity with Oakland, 100 people marched into the streets from the Occupy Seattle camp to Chase Bank down the street. Inside the building 5 people locked themselves to each other, shutting down the bank. Once it was clear that the occupiers were being forced out, people began to block the police van, sitting and laying in front it. In this moment, chaos began, perhaps a cop pushed someone, perhaps someone pushed a cop, it's unclear but once the occupiers were pushed inside the van, people began screaming louder, and pushing harder. Small skirmishes broke out between protestors and the police. Leading the pigs to release their first hit of pepperspray of the day. This only further motivated people. Within these moments, people were running around, pushing cops, helping their comrades from the ground and pulling them back from the police. Several people were dearrested in the process.

With this flow of energy, the protestors flooded into the street in front of Chase. People linked arms, pushed the cops back, while others engaged in small fights with the police. Many pigs were punched in the face or hit with bottles. More pepperspray flew. During this melee people pushed the cops and took the streets, eventually kicking the cops out.




07.11.2011 08:24
Oakland General Strike a Success, but Cops Seriously Injure another Vet
In response to severe violence carried out by the city government of Oakland on October 25th, much of the city of Oakland was shut down on November 2nd and successful mass protests took to the streets. By conservative estimates 50,000 people demonstrated. Protesters included many union people wearing their union shirts as well as students. Marches included a morning march, a noon march on the banks, an anti-capitalist march, and a march of over 10,000 people that shut down the Port of Oakland with a mass picket honored by members of ILWU Local 10.

It was an overwhelming response against the police violence carried out under Democrat Mayor Jean Quan's administration that attempted to shut down the peaceful Occupy Oakland protest on October 25th with severe violence. Many people were injured by the cops and one protester, Scott Olsen, an Iraq War veteran and member of Iraq War Veterans Against the War, was hit in the head by a projectile fired by the cops at close range. The injury knocked him out with a fractured skull and has caused severe damaged to the speech center of his brain making him no longer able to speak.

A second veteran has now been seriously injured by the police on November 2nd. This time it was Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi whose spleen was ruptured due to a brutal beating by cops.

This an article of Liberation News, Subscribe Free


05.11.2011 20:08
Video: Occupy Portland Splinter March Occupies Bridges
A splinter group takes possession of the Hawthorne Bridge, crossing over to Southeast Portland, taking Grand Avenue on their way to Occupy the Burnside Bridge before circling back to the park. I arrived at the march when a fair sized portion of the group decided to walk across the Hawthorne bridge. The bridge was closed off at the time, due to the march passing down SW 1st street.

Hesitatingly at first, and then with gusto, folks marched across the bridge. Not being up to the exertion of the march at this time, I drove over to the east side of the bridge and rejoined them as the march traveled north under the exit ramp, and immediately walked up the embankment to take the Morrison bridge. The police were going crazy at this time, and I don't think they knew what to do. They were all over the place, sirens screaming and lights flashing.

On reaching Grand Avenue, the march took the entire northbound street and headed up to the Burnside bridge.

The video stops at this point. About 5 minutes in length.



05.11.2011 20:05
Occupy Eugene moves to Washington Jefferson Park
Occupy Eugene relocated Saturday from U of O Millrace Park to large park area south most portion of Washington Jefferson park. This is a highly visible, central park which ODOT estimates 56,000 cars pass daily. Large encampment includes 30 foot tall geodetic dome, large tepee, a dozen or more group garage tents, and 50 to 100 private tents...

Occupy Eugene also sponsored a large and successful "bank transfer day" march Saturday through downtown banking area.



01.11.2011 08:05
One Arrested at Anti-Coal Zombie March Targeting Bank of America
portland rising tide zombie protest Portland Rising Tide, a direct action environmental group confronting the root causes of climate change resurrected the first ever undead zombie army against coal. On Monday October 31st, the zombie army against coal marched from Occupy Portland at 3:00 PM to two Bank of America branches in downtown Portland. One protester, Tim Swenson, was arrested in the protest for allegedly putting red corn syrup on the exterior of the Bank of America on 2nd and Morrison. A spokes-zombie for Portland Rising Tide, David Osborn, stated, "The connections between Bank of America, coal and climate change are too strong to ignore and too devastating to our future to not act against. We call for the immediate release of Tim Swenson and for Bank of America, the true criminal, to be held to account for its actions."

Currently, the cities of Longview and Cherry Point, Washington, are facing proposals to export up to 140 million tons of coal annually. Six other ports across the Northwest are in talks with coal export companies. If constructed, the export terminals will bring up to 26 mile-long trains through the Columbia River gorge, releasing 500 pounds of coal dust per car. Bank of America is the highest lender to coal companies across the nation.

For more information visit: www.portlandrisingtide.org


30.10.2011 15:06
Report back 22 arrested
Breaking News blips of info
About 22 arrested
PIMC 3:30 police leave - 100 people take back the park chanting "Our Park!"

riot cops leaving loud chants from crowd "Shame! Shame!"

police van is back - a protester on crutches walks to get in van, another protester is lifted by arms into van - van leaves 3:23am

another protester is walked to police car from the park

PIMC: 1 protesters dragged to police car - 3 or 4 still left at 3:10

crowd is yelling loudly, around police van as it was leaving, horse cops present

PIMC police van is leaving full of arrested, Still a few laying in park ...police dragging one by one to police car at 3:05

PIMC: around 2 dozen just got arrested in Jamison Park 2:30 AM - Over 100 riot cops - hundres watch from sidewalk in solidarity [...]


29.10.2011 05:38
Grey Coast Anarchist News, New Website Launched
Grey Coast Anarchist News Grey Coast Anarchist News has recently been launched out of a growing need for a common source of information-sharing on events and news stories that are relevant to anarchists in the Portland area. We will be posting news from our own communities, as well as stories from other national and international communities with which anarchists from the grey coast have direct or indirect ties.

Grey Coast Anarchist News also has (A) Calendar of Events and users can add their events to this. We hope that this site will provide more exposure for the excellent writing by anarchists in the Portland area, which often ends up on various blogs that few people know about, let alone read, and which eventually disappears into the ether.

The current site is fully functional. Stories and events may be posted anonymously, though all stories will be checked for relevancy before being promoted to the front page. Within the next month the site will switch over to a better platform (Drupal) and run from anarchist-operated servers.

homepage:  http://greycoastanarchists.org


28.10.2011 17:42
Post Occupy Everywhere news snippets #2!
If you have some news from the hundreds of occupations around the country and the world post it here! Lots of little news snippets are of interest but too small for an article, so post them as comments to this article!

The corporate media is owned by the super rich and does their bidding. They will not represent justice movements honestly. People have to be the media. The more people who contribute to independent media the more authentic journalism that will be available for citizens to read. So many still are captives of the commercial media. Break through the corporate veil!


28.10.2011 10:16
Occupy Eugene Moves to the University of Oregon
Late Wednesday night, in an exercise of consensus process and direct
democracy, the community known as Occupy Eugene elected to relocate to the University of Oregon campus. After hours of negotiations on Thursday between the University and representatives of Occupy Eugene, it was decided that the occupation would move to the Millrace Park on East 11th Avenue and Franklin. The University has generously supplied the occupation with generators, electricity, and rides from Public Safety to the Park.

Contact: Lauren Asprooth, (630) 712-6435



26.10.2011 22:58
Oct 17th Student Loan Rally - Audio and Photos
Here is a 15 minute audio piece and a few photos from the Oct. 17th Student Rally at 5th and Main. About 75 people gathered. One person had a megaphone and people took turns describing their own experience. People described their search for jobs, how much money they owe, how the level of debt is going up even as they make some payment and the general sentiment that they were unlikely to ever be able to pay off their student loans. The point was also made that unlike other loans, student loans are not included in a bankruptcy filing.



26.10.2011 22:51
Recruiter Watch PDX wants to thank Military & Draft Counseling Project - War Resisters League (Portland), and its coordinator John Grueschow, for diligently pursuing the "equal access" concern for at least the last five years. As many of you may already be aware, the "equal access for counter-recruiters" (NOT anti-war protesters in general, as originally portrayed in THE OREGONIAN article) successfully passed last evening with a unanimous 7-0 vote! Congratulations, Military & Draft Counseling Project! It was a pleasure collaborating with you on this issue.

There have been a number of articles in corporate media and a plethora of comments to said articles. For the reality, please refer to the actual text of the Equal Access Resolution which can be found at:


25.10.2011 07:35
Post Occupy Everywhere news snippets here!
Post Occupy Everywhere news snippets here!

If you have some news from the hundreds of occupations around the country and the world post it here! Lots of little news snippets are of interest but too small for an article, so post them as comments to this article!


23.10.2011 19:09
Photos from Portland March - No message?
These are a bunch of photos from Oct 6th. They are mostly signs. I am posting these to counter the corporate media lies about people having no message.

The corporate media is owned by the 1% and does their bidding. This means they are always attacking any democratic movement. For a long time, the super rich have managed to keep people focused on each other - side to side. This has kept people divided. Now the Occupy movement is looking up at the super rich. The real issue is up and down, not side to side.

One of the ways that Occupiers everywhere have been attacked by the super rich through their media mouthpiece is by saying that people have no real message, they don't know why they are there. This is not true so these are a bunch of photos from the rally and march on Portland Oct 6th. I believe they show quite clearly that people know why they are there and who their enemy is.


23.10.2011 00:49
Occupy Sydney and Occupy Melbourne brutally shut down
Viv Miley, a participant in Occupy Sydney, told *Green Left Weekly* the police moved in and told people they had to move immediately or would be arrested. He said groups of occupiers linked arms and began chanting, before police began violently dragging people off... A rally had already been called in Martin Place for next Saturday, October 29 in support of the call for global rallies by the Occupy movement in support of a Robin Hood tax on global financial institutions. Miley said: "The occupation showed there is a lot of hope and inspiration by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the movement in Spain. It has captured people's imagination.

[According to The World Socialist Website:] A violent operation, involving hundreds of riot and mounted police, the Critical Incident Response Unit, the dog squad and plainclothes officers, was launched yesterday against the Occupy Melbourne protest camp. At least 95 people were arrested, many after being brutally assaulted by multiple police officers. Demonstrators were kicked, punched and blinded with capsicum spray. One was hospitalised after two police pinned him to the ground while another kicked him in the groin... http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/49176


21.10.2011 12:04
Occupy Portland On Public Access Television
This evening, October 21, 2011, the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," will feature a discussion regarding the recent Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Live at 7:00 on channel 11.

Program will feature video footage from the recent Portland "End the War in Afghanistan, Bring the Money Home," rally and march. Powerful speakers took to the stage expressing their disgust with endless wars and why citizens are taking to the streets and Occupying their cities.

Also appearing for a discussion of the local, national and international Movement will be a Social Media liaison with Occupy Portland.



20.10.2011 07:59
Mars Hill Mega-Church Welcome Wagon
Mars Hill On Sunday October 16th, a group of 20-30 antifascists and allies gathered at SE 32nd Avenue and Taylor Street to oppose the opening of Mars Hill's Portland branch. Demonstrators carried banners with statements of support for the LGBTQ community and maintained a presence in front of the church throughout the service. As church attendees exited the building, demonstrators held a dance party with the aid of a portable sound system and chanted, "Homophobes get out of here! Pro-Choice! Pro-Queer!"

Mars Hill is a misogynistic, homophobic, evangelical megachurch founded by Mark Driscoll in Seattle, Washington. His tiny flock first met in his living room in 1996 and swelled to a membership of 1,000 by 2003. It now boasts 12 branches in four states. The original Seattle branch alone was reported to have an attendance of 3,500 people per week in 2006, and numbers have grown since then. There are congregations of Mars Hill specifically devoted to "converting" queer people, encouraging them to suppress their sexuality and live a straight lifestyle. The newest church outpost here in Portland aims to change the sinful ways of the Rose City: namely the city's Left-wing, feminist, and pro-queer culture.

Full article is available at: rosecityantifa<dot>org

We are always interested in any and all information on fascist and racist organizing in our community. Contact us!
Email: fight_them_back@riseup<dot>net or Voicemail: 971.533.7832
homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org


20.10.2011 07:49
Dance Party Shakes Bank of America
Zombies Against Coal Protesters from Occupy Portland and Portland Rising Tide confront Bank of America with a dance off in the lobby of their corporate office tower in downtown Portland. Thirty five protesters entered the building and kicked off a rowdy dance party in the lobby, playing on bucket drums and rhythm sticks. The Bank of America branch immediately locked its doors, preventing protesters from bringing the dance party inside. As this debauchery disrupted business as usual in the tower lobby and the bank branch and mortgage center, a small group of individuals took the elevator to the seventeenth floor to deliver letters to corporate employees demanding that Bank of America cease and desist its funding of coal mining across the country and coal export projects in the northwest.

Climate activists have been targeting Bank of America branches over the past year in Portland and beyond for the company's financing of coal. Proposed coal export terminals threaten the Northwest in Longview and Bellingham, Wahington, as well as St. Helens and Coos Bay, Oregon. These terminals seek to export up to 80 million tons of domestic coal annually to growing Asian markets, in stark contrast to the recent achievements Oregonians have made in moving away from dirty coal fired power plants. While Bank of America gets the profits off of their investment in the world's most dirty energy source, the rest of the world gets the devastating side effects such as natural disasters fueled by climate change, health problems from living near coal plants, rail-lines or export facilities, and forced removal from our homes and land to allow for coal mining.



20.10.2011 07:35
Video: Occupy Eugene. Occupy Eureka. Occupy Ashland. Occupy Medford, Humboldt. Love&Peace.
Photo of Child at Occupy Euegene A Music Video and Art-Collage-News piece about Occupy Eugene, Occupy Eureka, Occupy Ashland, Occupy Medford and Occupy Humboldt. Love&Peace.

 http://bit.ly/occupylovenews5 - Solidarity with Occupy Portland, Occupy Together, Occupy Wall Street and All movements for peace, love and social justice.

homepage:  http://bit.ly/occupylovenews5


17.10.2011 21:56
Student loan justice - Discharge the Debt rally
Around 100 people gathered to protest outside the US Bankruptcy Court on SW 5th Ave and SW Salmon in Downtown Portland to demand full dischargability of all student loans in bankruptcy. Portland, OR, USA, 17/10/11.

According to a press release from the organizers;

"We demand that all student loans be fully dischargeable in bankruptcy court. Because the wealthy have their business and personal debts canceled when they declare bankruptcy. Because when the poor seek to have their debts canceled, they're told that student loan debt is non-dischargeable for life. We seek the total abolition of bankruptcy discrimination against the poor and working classes.

Students have no credit history when they enter college and seek to finance their education with student loans. No one will lend money on such a risky venture. This is the argument for a federal guarantee of student loans. It brings lenders to the table. But because there is no credit history on which the loans are made, student loans are not part of the credit markets. They are part of a modern system of indentured servitude.

We demand an end to the student loan industry. We demand a 100% grant-based system for funding education instead. We demand that all debts be treated equally in bankruptcy courts. We demand bankruptcy discharge of all debts for rich and poor alike. [...]


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