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16.10.2011 01:06
End the Wars - Bring Our Dollars Home protest
Over 5,000 people marched through downtown Portland in a protest calling for an end to wars. After meeting at Shemansky Park the march headed to the 'Occupy' rally in Chapman Park, later meeting up again in Pioneer Square. Portland, Oregon, USA, 15/10/2011.

homepage:  http://alexmilantracy.com


14.10.2011 14:33
Right 2 Dream Too opens space for locals on World Homeless Day
R2DToo is a new Oregon non-profit organization supported by members of Right 2 Survive. Today a space was opened up on N.W. 4th and Burnside in downtown to provide a safe place for those that need it. Portland, OR, USA, 10/10/2011.

Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of Right 2 Survive, Dignity Village and Board Member of R2DToo, says "This is a direct result of the government's failure to admit that we have a housing problem in this country - not only has the government failed to admit it, it has failed to act on it." The housing crisis that has come to national attention since 2008 has deeper roots in the refusal of the Federal government to recognize housing as a human right. As long as this remains the case, homelessness will not end and we must explore alternative, cost-effective pathways for those who lack housing or who current programs, for a variety of reasons, do not serve. R2DToo hopes its space and the programs it develops will serve as a model for addressing the unmet needs of thousands of Portlanders and will inspire others in possession of empty lots or buildings to consider creating similar spaces."


14.10.2011 14:00
Two Imnaha wolves get last-minute reprieve
An advocate for wolves in Oregon expressed relief Thursday that the Oregon Court of Appeals temporarily stopped plans to kill two male wolves of the Imnaha pack. The number of known gray wolves in Oregon has dropped from 21 to 14, said Oregon Wild conservation director Steve Pedery.

"If they carry out the kill order, that's down to 12," he said Thursday.

State Appellate Commissioner James Mass, after reviewing an emergency petition from three conservation groups Wednesday, at 4:59 p.m. stopped state plans to kill the alpha male and a yearling male of the pack that inhabits Wallowa County. The pack is deemed responsible for killing as may as 14 cattle since 2010. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department decided to kill the two males after determining they killed a calf Sept. 22 near Joseph.


14.10.2011 13:57
OHSU's TORTUROUS DISCONNECT: Sponsoring the PSU Event Featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice
This article appeared earlier today on Blueoregon.com. I deeply appreciate their help getting out the word. And huge props to Mary Rose Lenore Eng and Joe Walsh, The Lone Vet, who are doing so much to raise awareness on this sorry episode in the annals of Portland State University & Oregon Health & Science University.

How can OHSU operate a renowned torture treatment center on one hand, and sponsor a local event featuring a former high government official who reportedly authorized torture on the other?


12.10.2011 08:39
Occupy Boston (including Iraq War vets) brutally assaulted, hauled off by cops
In one of the largest mass arrests in recent Boston history, the Boston Police Department cleared a park of activists with the 99 Percent Movement in the early hours of Tuesday morning, dismantling and destroying tents that had been set up on Monday. Startling [U-Tube] footage shot by an onlooker shows members of Veterans for Peace, an organization of U.S. military veterans who oppose war, being arrested by members of the Boston Police Department, their flags - including the American flag - being thrown to the ground:

Link to thinkprogress.org

Before the arrests and clearing of the park, the police surrounded it, lining up over a dozen paddy wagons along one side. They told members of the media to leave and not to film proceedings. After a five-minute warning to disperse, police moved in, first arresting the peacefully protesting veterans - who included a female veteran of the Iraq War, according to the Boston Phoenix - and then other Occupy Boston activists. According to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, about 100 arrests were made.


11.10.2011 11:27
Video: Privatizing Portland's Water Supply
Excerpt from the Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Guests discuss ongoing attempts by local government to privatize Portland's water supply. Excellent power point presentation detailing how this is being foisted on the public.

Privatizing Portland's Water Supply

For More Information:Citizens for Portland's Water | Friends of Bull Run Water Facebook Page | Privatizing Portland's Water Supply


09.10.2011 00:37
Another - Portland Occupation
R2D2 - Ibrahim Mubarak NEW HOMELESS CAMP - R2D2

Today, Saturday, the 8th of October, a new organization is taking physical form. The Right to Dream Too (R2D2) movement is a houseless camp being set up in the heart of downtown Portland next to the China Town's entrance.

The first task is constructing barrier walls around property that has been donated by two Portland landowners to this group. According to the group's spokesperson, Ibrahim Mubarak, "Right now we're on Fourth and NW Burnside, downtown Portland. We have acquired some land from some gracious landowners and we are building a fence so that people who normally would not get a good night's rest, or midday's rest, can come here and rest. And when I say people, I mean houseless people. The fence will keep people safe while they sleep."

Going on to explain the meaning behind the name of this new group, Ibrahim states, "This is called 'Right to Dream Too' because you know about the American Dream, when they tell you that you have to go to college, get married, have 2.5 children, buy a house with a wife, picket fence, and a dog. That's somebody else's dream. They're not allowing other people to dream, meaning that if you're not sleeping, you're not dreaming. So we're allowing people to rest so that they can dream, so we're calling this R2D2, Right to Dream Too, so that everybody will have a right to dream."

R2D2 is currently completing its press release. The release and more information about this action can be found at the Right 2 Survive PDX website: right2survive.wordpress.com.

RELATED POST: Right 2 Dream Too opens space for locals on World Homeless Day [w/pics]


08.10.2011 18:52
Video: The march starts - Portland 10.6.11
Occupy Portland - Thousands walk past me ...and up to Broadway

A VIDEO from the march on Friday in Portland

[Related PIMC Video Post:] March on Broadway and "The Park"


07.10.2011 21:43
Portland: “The government does not represent the people”
In one of the largest protests in Portland in years, thousands of demonstrators converged on Water Front Park in sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In one of the largest protests in Portland in years, thousands of demonstrators converged on Water Front Park in sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

With estimates of participants ranging from 10,000 reported on The Oregonian to 5,000 by the Portland Police Department, demonstrators wound their way through downtown streets to Pioneer Square, which became so congested that about a thousand people were unable to enter the square. Though most protesters were youth, large numbers of families and older workers also attended, with many expressing the same sentiment that one worker told the WSWS: "This is long overdue."

The issues raised by the Wall Street protests pose the necessity of a struggle against the capitalist system. Above all, this requires a turn to the working class and the mobilization of its independent strength against the financial parasites who have looted the whole of society. It means building new organizations of struggle in the workplaces, neighborhoods and schools... The right to a livable income, high quality health care and education, decent and affordable housing and other social necessities must be guaranteed for all through a fundamental reorganization of society and redistribution of wealth.

homepage:  http://www.wsws.org


07.10.2011 01:54
Photos From the Occupation of Portland
A few photographs taken with my camcorder of today's Occupation in downtown Portland. An incredible turnout, an enormous outpouring of Democracy!

This was an example of Community at it's best. Not just it's best behavior, as the news media reported, but setting an example for the nation and the world that people can get together as one voice, speaking from many minds.

The general theme was a protest against the greedy and unfeeling corporate influence in politics, in society, in the media, which puts profits before people, before Nature, before the Constitution, and ultimately, before the future of the planet and all living things.

Our country is in a minor upheaval, if not revolution. It continues at this moment at the General Assembly in downtown Portland. Whether or not it continues after tomorrow is in our hands. Much more than just the success of the Occupation of Portland is at stake here.

[Related post & pics by: Jeremy Wilder]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/10/410988.shtml

Related post & pics by Chris Leck]


06.10.2011 22:12
Occupy Portland
Thousands gathered by the fountain at Waterfront Park this morning as part of Occupy Portland in response to the groving movement which began on Wall Street and continues with increasing support nationwide. After marching from Waterfront Park, over two thousand people congregated in Pioneer Square in the downtown area around 3pm. Following a pause for about hour, the march continued to Lownsdale Square which was also occupied and will remain so until the morning. Permission from Mayor Sam Adams was granted for the occupation to remain in the square overnight. Portland, Oregon, 10/06/2011.


05.10.2011 10:06
Saboteurs Cut Nets and Release 40,000 Fish In California
salmon release In what may be the largest liberation of animals in U.S. history, nets were cut at a holding pen in the San Francisco bay this week, releasing 40,000 fish into the wild. There has not yet been a claim of responsibility by the Animal Liberation Front or other group.

A police spokesperson describes how the fish were released: "(one or more people) came along with essentially what are wire cutters to do this. It was purposeful. Someone knew what they were doing." An employee at the institute where the salmon were held says he speculates this may be the act of an animal rights group.

If this was the act of animal liberators, it would be the largest recorded animal liberation ever in the U.S. The largest previous liberation was the Animal Liberation Front raid of the Drewelow and Sons fur farm in New Hampton, Iowa in 2000; where 14,000 mink were released. The Tiburon Salmon Institute is now soliciting funds to purchase security cameras.



03.10.2011 19:33
Video: Discussion of Wall Street Occupation
In this 1/2 hour interview, Sandy and Mindy discuss their reasons for traveling to New York and risking arrest in order to participate in an ongoing Occupation of Wall Street. They both articulate their motivations very clearly, explaining why they, and many people in this country, have had enough with the current social conditions assaulting the poor and middle class.

Excerpt from the weekly Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with two people traveling across the country to participate in the Occupation of Wall Street.

Discussion of Wall Street Occupation


02.10.2011 10:16
Occupy Eugene Public Awareness Event!
occupy eugene From 11-2 today in the heart of downtown Eugene, folks in solidarity with the ongoing Wall street protests in NYC gathered to hand out information and talk with Saturday Market attendees. Occupy Wallstreet protesters in New York City are protesting issues including the 2008 bank bailouts, foreclosures and high unemployment in the United States.

Occupy Eugene started as a facebook page only a few days ago and now has close to 800 members. Local events are being planned for this coming Thursday, October 6th, as a show of solidarity with Occupy Portland and with the rest of the country. The next meeting of the Occupy Eugene General Assembly (which is a gathering of interested people) will be:

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 5pm
University of Oregon
EMU Amphitheater (outside)
1585 East 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR

For information on cities participating nationally and internationally check out-
New York City -  https://occupywallst.org
homepage:  http://occupyeugene.com
find us on facebook Occupy Eugene


01.10.2011 18:11
Hundreds Show Up for Occupy Portland Meeting Tonight
OCTOBER 6 2011 Hundreds showed up (300?)
Group discussions delegations of sub committies and organizing ideas were heard and agreed upon

The exact location was not announced of where the "occupation" will take place, until the day of the event

The OCCUPY PORTLAND protest will start at noon on 0ct 6 at waterfront park

There were 2 uniformed police officer in the crowd who casualy stood around and even got drawn in to a Q n A with a sub group.

Twitter: #occupyportland #occupypdx [also @portlandimc #portlandimc]

Website:  http://occupyportland.org

Flyers:  http://occupyportland.org/?page_id=28

Portland Wiki:  http://portlandwiki.org/Occupy_Portland

PDX LiveStream:  http://occupyportland.org/?page_id=39

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OccupyPortland
One of the Facebook group pages:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/284344344909229/


29.09.2011 20:26
Video: Climate Justice Portland
Break out session at the Portland Moving Planet event, September 24, 2011. Session is about the failure of governments to deal with Climate Change and how the people, including people in Portland are stepping up to the plate.
Climate Justice Portland[9 min. Video]

Climate Justice Portland was established from members of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, who in April 2010 had attended the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba Bolivia

Inaugurated by Bolivian President Evo Morales, the Conference was attended by more than 20,000 attendants from over 125 countries. The meeting, supported by numerous grassroots organizations, was designed to act as an alternative to the United Nations' continuing discussions on climate change.

The Rights of Mother Earth

Here locally, Climate Justice Portland is working on several fronts to implement necessary changes in our relationship with the planet.
First, the group insists that we need to be addressing the root causes of climate change, and move beyond expecting that merely life style changes will be sufficient to solve this problem.
"We need to be addressing industrial pollution, we need to be addressing what role our nation is playing, and U.S. based corporations are playing, in changing the ecology of the planet.

The second aspect of strategy is to determine "who is being most affected by this. Who are the people in the front lines of climate change. We look to the global south, people whose islands are disappearing, entire populations of people are migrating, whose agricultural communities are completely being devastated by climate change and look for solutions from them."

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28.09.2011 01:30
Video: [new] Human Rights And Equity Office - Mayor and Commissioner Discuss 9.7.11
9.7.11 Here are the [six] video clips on YouTube from the longer version
The Mayor and Commissioner discuss the (their) new proposal for a Human Rights and Equity Office. Filmed at the monthly Portland Human Rights Meeting on 9.9.11.

Six Parts with Mayor Adams & Commissioner Fritz discussing the new Equity department for Portland

(previous PIMC post for September HRC meeting is here)

(Portland Human Rights Website is here)


27.09.2011 14:22
Activists Lockdown outside the ODFW Headquarters
Salem, OR - On Tuesday, September 27th at 10:00am, activists from the Animal Defense League put the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on lockdown, blocking all entrances and locking themselves to doors with bike locks. The Animal Defense League is demanding an end to the agency's program of wolf persecution and extermination.

Late last week, the ODFW announced plans to cull two more wolves from the Imnaha pack, reducing the pack size down to only two. One of the two wolves to be killed will be the pack's alpha male. This will leave only the alpha female and her young pup born earlier this year.

The state's wolf recovery goal calls for four breeding pairs, producing two pups who survive at least a year, for three consecutive years. Yet, this plan of action will take out one of the only known breeding pairs in the state, as it is not known whether the other two packs are breeding.

The ODFW has been managing wolves in Eastern Oregon since spring, when the Fish and Wildlife Service controversially delisted the wolves as an Endangered Species in the Northern Rockies. Since then, the ODFW has already killed three wolves.

For more information, please visit:

[Breaking News 9.27.11 12:07PM] 2 activists were arrested at the ODFW Headquarters[.]
Jail support needed for Justin Kay and Stephanie Taylor.
[PIMC Link]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/09/410757.shtml


23.09.2011 08:51
Day of Outrage following Troy Davis execution
A rally for Troy Davis was held at Portland State University at 4pm after he was executed on September 21st following conviction for killing an off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail on August 19 1989 in Savannah, Georgia. Later in the day around 75 people held a vigil opposite The Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland.

homepage:  http://alexmilantracy.com


Day 16 Sunday - Protest Is Continuing 21.09.2011 12:19
Livestream - Global revolution

Live feeds and archived footage is all online:

link to www.facebook.com
Streaming chat ...LIVE feeds and archived footage:  http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

(suggestion) Watch archived footage from Tuesday Morning: "Arrests This Morning @ 7:20" it is archived on LIVESTREAM - popo drag protesters on cement, cuffs makeing hands bleed ... This is not my America ...Faschist Police Hurt Protesters for Wall Street Croonies -

homepage:  http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

[Full LINK ARCHIVE to Donate-Contact]

[Day 5 Wednesday - four arrests - protest continues]
[Day 6 Thursday - eight arrests - protest continues]
[Day 7 Friday - one arrest (face was covered) - protest continues]
[Day 8 Saturday - 80 arrested, 1 of media team - protest continues]
[Day 9 Sunday - 0 arrested - protest continues]
[Day 10 Monday - protest continues]


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