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12.04.2011 18:09
Video: Secret Meetings Human Rights Commission Confusion April 4 2011
Human Rights - City Hall Transparency - Equity Office Confusion 4.6.11 Portland Human Rights Commission (HRC) Meeting 4.6.11

This is an out-take from the most recent monthly meeting of the Portland Human Rights volunteers, (Commissioners) who are discussing the NEW department of Equity, and the impact it is having on their own commission. The city has been SECRETLY changing the way this Human Rights Commission will interact, and is creating an office of Equity.

No one know what this means or what will be the outcome. I am not pleased to say the least in the way the city council is treating this commission.. (transparent? whats that?) Here's a link to the video


08.04.2011 16:46
Park Threatened!: Just South Of Mississippi Co-op & Blackrose Infoshop & Freecycle
Help Save the Park! The green space at 4008 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR will become yet another over priced 'mixed use' development unless we turn up the pressure on wealthy developer Chris Rogers.

For the 3rd time in recent memory a rich developer wants to make even more money by destroying an urban park. This popular park is located next to the Mississippi Ave. ballroom at Shaver. (check out 4008 N. Mississippi Ave. on Google Maps) The project would kill 3 trees in order to put in 48 small studio and 1 bedroom apartments that each cost $850+ a month! In addition to contributing to the unaffordability of the neighborhood the project would harm the low income housing next door. If built it would greatly diminish the solar access and over all livability for low income residents of a house owned by 501(c)3 non profit Portland Collective Housing. This house is an example of truly dense green development where 11 people live under one roof sharing resources, gardening and using bikes and public transportation.

We need your help! Please spread the word and stay updated on the effort to save the park. We'll need people to help us put the pressure on Chris Rogers by calling and emailing him to persuade him that this project isn't worth his time or money.


07.04.2011 08:10
Video: Keep Dr. King's Dream Alive - Portland Rally - 4.4.11
Labor, unions, workers, civil rights advocates, and citizens of Portland filled the Directors Square park [in the rain] to hear speeches, music, and rally cries for economy justice, as well as to acknowledge Martin Luther Kings dedicated work. Dr King died on this day 43 years ago. I would say the rally had around 200 people estimated in attendance. [no corporate media visible / no surprise]

Apr 04, 2011 05:30 PM
Director Park
SW 9th Ave & SW Yamhill St, Portland

April 4 marks the 43rd anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated while in Memphis to support a strike of city sanitation workers. Those public workers went on to win recognition of their union, along with economic justice and respect. But today, the rights for which they and Dr. King struggled are under attack.

[4 videos were recorded from this event]


05.04.2011 12:55
Video: Youth Groups Target Banks Financing Coal Industry
Members of Rising Tide North America and Power Shift 2011 targeted downtown branches of Wells Faro and Bank of America for their continued financing of coal and coal infrastructure.

[Video] Portland Banks Targeted for Financing Coal

First, at Bank of America, slogans were chalked onto the sidewalk as well as outlines of people, portraying the many deaths attributed world wide to the extraction and burning of this fossil fuel. Crime tape was strewn over doorways along with signs reading "Closed for Climate Crimes," and "Closed for Crimes Against People and the Planet."
Also, the walls and windows were splattered with funny money stuck to dabs of mud.

These actions were repeated at a local Wells Fargo Bank, a few blocks away, across the street from Pioneer Square.


05.04.2011 12:39
Wells Fargo, Bank of America Closed for Climate Crimes
Today members of Portland Rising Tide and participants in a training for Power Shift 2011 set out to let major banks in Portland know it's time to pull investments from dirty fossil fuel infrastructure. About fifty people visited local branches of Wells Fargo and Bank of America, letting customers know the banks have been "Closed for climate crimes."

While some participants staged a die-in on the sidewalks, others used mud to stick "dirty money" to the walls and windows. The group drew interested looks from people on the sidewalks and bank customers using the ATMs, and activists were happy to fill in passers-by on how these banks came to deserve their dirty reputations. A good time was had by all, and it was great to see so much energy channeled into shining a light on the companies financing some of the world's most destructive fossil fuel infrastructure. Yet while actions like this are designed to be both educational and fun, there's nothing amusing about funding activities that destroy the very livability of the planet. When Bank of America and Wells Fargo customers arrive tomorrow at the branches targeted by today's action, they'll learn about the dirty dealings with fossil fuel companies these Wall Street players ordinarily try to cover up.

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23.03.2011 19:30
Palomar Withdraws Its Pipe Line Proposal
At 1pm this afternoon, Palomar withdrew its proposal to build its 220-mile pipeline through Oregon's best farmland, most pristine rivers, and 47 miles of the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest!

At 1pm this afternoon, Palomar withdrew its proposal to build its 220-mile pipeline through Oregon's best farmland, most pristine rivers, and 47 miles of the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest!

For over three years Bark has tenaciously fought this threat to Mt. Hood National Forest, challenging NW Natural's (one of Palomar's backers) belief that our ecosystems should be sacrificed for more fossil fuel infrastructure. Bark is proud to say that your time and financial support has paid off. Thank you for supporting Bark during these times.

What's next?
Celebrate! We saved the Clackamas River, Fish Creek, the Pacific Crest Trail, and towering old growth forests!
Stay tuned- Bark is currently speaking to media outlets, decision makers, and will be updating our website regularly this week.

homepage:  http://www.bark-out.org


22.03.2011 18:09
Photos/Report of Free Bradley Manning Direct Action
Today, shortly after noon, Malcolm Chaddock, a member of Veterans for Peace, imprisoned himself in a cell outside Pioneer Courthouse Square in a direct action to raise public awareness of the torture and solitary confinement of Bradley Manning, accused of leaking government documents to Wikileaks.

[...] While he stood inside his "prison cell," protestors held signs with the names of the "Real Criminals:" CIA, FBI, UN, Halliburton, KBR, Bush, Obama, Cheney, Rice, Hillary Clinton, General James Amos, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Others also accused "Capitalism, US Empire, Corporate America, Shell Oil and Blackwater" as the real criminals.

Related post & video by Jim Lockhart:
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21.03.2011 03:13
Video: M19.2011-Military Madness Robs Us All
Portland Rally at Pioneer Square and March through Portland commemorating 8 years in Iraq, and protesting the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of our love affair with Empire, war and death.
How Is The War Economy Working Out For You?

"According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories."
"The military high command deploys to our overseas bases some 253,288 uniformed personnel, plus an equal number of dependents and Department of Defense civilian officials, and employs an additional 44,446 locally hired foreigners. The Pentagon claims that these bases contain 44,870 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings, which it owns, and that it leases 4,844 more." Common Dreams

These are just examples of the War Economy of the United States. It reaches into the very heart of our country and exudes from every pore. In order to dominate the planet and insure our security, the U.S. allocates 59% of it's discretionary budget to the Military(Department of Defense, War, Veterans Affairs and Nuclear Weapons Programs.
Such expenditures constantly demand cuts in funding for education, health care and other social service programs, as evidenced, for example, by recent Republican attempted cuts to Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio.

Master of Ceremonies for the event was Mark Knudson, senior pastor at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland. He gave a few brief introductory comments and introduced four speakers: Ray Harris, President of Oregon Iraq Vetrans Against the War; Will Seaman, member of various Portland groups and speaking for Community Meida in general and KBOO 90.7 Radio in particular; Barbara Dudley, former director of Greenpeace USA and currently active with the Working Family Party of Oregon; and Francisco Lopez, Oregon CAUSA.

Related Video / Pictures by Navy Dad
Pictures Posted by joyofresistance
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20.03.2011 20:44
VICTORY FOR LABOR: Janus Workers and the Portland IWW
After four weeks of informational picketing, everyday for 2 hours outside of Janus Youth Programs' main office at 707 NE Couch St, workers at the Streetlight/Porchlight shelters and at Harry's Mother finally gained the right to keep their peer review panel. Janus workers and the IWW would like to thank the members of the community who have supported them in this effort, including Portland's Jobs with Justice.

A victory for one is a victory for all.

Major Victory for Janus Workers and the Portland IWW


17.03.2011 09:17
Rising Tide targets banks for coal financing
Cascadia Rising Tide giving notice to coal financiers Banks put on alert for direct action campaign if connections to coal corporations are not severed

Monday March 14, 2011 : Rising Tide activists delivered "Official Notice" letters to 25 banks across Portland with ties to coal financing: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and Citi Financial.

The notices read: "We regret to inform you that this bank is being put on Notice. Effective immediately, you must begin to cease all financing of coal fired power plants and related infrastructure.' The letter went on further to name all coal related corporations that we will not tolerate and finished with a three month time line for them to address our demands.


13.03.2011 10:52
Student Walk Out - Wisconsin Solidarity Rally - Portland, OR

Video of the Student walkout in Portland on Friday 11th March 2011.

VIDEO Link 1 \ VIDEO Link 2 \ VIDEO Link 3

Report Back


11.03.2011 13:30
Montana Citizens Temporarily Block Tar Sands Refining Shipments
Missoula, MT, March 10, 2011 - At about 2:30 am on Thursday morning, two residents of Missoula, MT, Carol Marsh and Ann Maechtlen sat down in the middle of Reserve St. in an attempt to halt the shipment of large, oversize loads of equipment heading to a ConocoPhillips tar sands oil refinery in Billings, MT. They were joined in protest with about 100 community members stopping the loads temporarily.

Conoco Phillips, the third largest integrated energy corporation in the United States, operates a tar sands refinery in Billings and has a 50 percent equity interest in the proposed Keystone XL Energy Pipeline, which would cut through the Northeastern portion of Montana, transporting large quantities of tar sands crude to Texas, a project that has sparked an outpouring of opposition from Glasgow to the Gulf

Marsh, a retired journalist and grandmother, and Maechtlen, a two-time cancer survivor, attempted three or four times to block the shipments but the police refused to arrest the two women, instead opting to forcefully remove them to the sidewalk as they were cheered on by a crowd of about 100 supporters. The police cited and released one other man who sat down with the two women.

The action was the culmination of a "welcome to Missoula" street party organized by local grassroots group Northern Rockies Rising Tide (NRRT) in an effort to take back the streets from Big Oil.

homepage:  http://www.northernrockiesrisingtide.org


11.03.2011 12:57
Video: Say No to Portland Police Joining the FBI JTTF - 3.10.11 Protest at City Hall
No JTTF FBI in Portland 3.10.11 protest The city is deciding on if they will join with the "known to be rogue-operating-outside-of-the-law FBI". The protest lasted for over an hour and had at over 100 people in attendance.

This was all filmed outside city hall and inside the lobby when the protest went to "deliver petitions" to the city council

Randy Leonard meets the protesters in the lobby, and then moves the conversation outside to the front steps

Four YouTube videos from the Portland Oregon JTTF \ FBI Protest on 3.10.11: 1, 2, 3, 4.

homepage: www.joeanybody.com

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08.03.2011 01:18
Video: AIPAC Protest in Portland 3.6.11
This protest was just outside of downtown Portland on Sunday at 4PM. at the Mittleman Center.

There was over 100 people demonstarting peacfully and loudly against AIPAC.

No corporate media, no arrests.
This is video is Part 1 of 3 videos from the 2 hours I was there

14 min video

[RELATED:] Do The Right Thing - by The Lone Vet


07.03.2011 23:41
US Rep Blumenauer birddogged for AIPAC support
banner being floated AIPAC <--  Enviro Justice --> The keynote speaker at the 2011 University of Oregon Public Interest Environmental Law Conference , US Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), caused controversy as members from the audience protested his involvement in both the acclaimed environmental law conference and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Oregon chapter meeting. Congressman Blumenauer served as the keynote speaker for both organizations in the same weekend.

banner being floated AIPAC <-- Enviro Justice -->
Halfway through Congressmen Blumenauer's speech promoting Portland's bicycle culture, protesters floated a 5 x 10 foot banner to the ceiling of the University of Oregon ballroom. The banner read "AIPAC" with an arrow pointing backwards and "Enviro Justice" with an arrow pointing forward. The group claims that being in lockstep with AIPAC contradicts environmental values.

Literature distributed by the protesters cited the environmental impacts of the occupation including the number of Palestinian olive trees uprooted by the Israeli military since the second intifada (over 500,000) and information about the Israeli bombing of the sewage treatment plant in Gaza resulting in raw sewage contaminating the Mediterranean Sea.

Suspended over the audience with 23 helium balloons, the banner remained throughout the presentation and onto the next day until it floated down on its own. The conference organizers censured audience questions during the Q & A to prevent protesters from addressing what they call "social and environmental justice contradictions."

Congressmen Blumenauer received further protest when he arrived at the AIPAC meeting on Sunday in Portland. Over three dozen protesters held signs protesting Israeli actions in the West Bank and Gaza and constructed a mock separation wall.


07.03.2011 23:05
AIPAC protest photos & report back
On a chilly Sunday, about 75-100 folks gathered outside the Mittleman Jewish Community to protest against the annual AIPAC event yesterday. The protest was organized by AUPHR (Americans United for Palestinian Human RIghts) and SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights). For about 2 hours, we shouted, chanted, and stood our ground, saying "No to AIPAC! No Support for Occupation! No Support for Apartheid!"

We went there to let AIPAC and its supporters know that we vehemently oppose US aid to Israel to continue its 60+ years of brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine. Israel would not be able to keep committing crimes and atrocities against the Palestinian people if it weren't for US support. According to If Americans Knew, Israel is the largest recipient of US military and economic aid since 1976. US gives Israel about $3 billion per year, about one-fifth of the US' entire foreign aid monies. The US currently provides Israel with $8.2 million in military aid every day! Israel continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land, demolish Palestinian homes, farms and orchards, destroy businesses and shops, arrest and torture the Palestinian people without due process, and bomb, shoot and kill them with impunity. We are always told that the budget deficits make it necessary for politicians to cut social programs, education and health care for us, but when it comes to funding wars, occupation and attacks on civilians in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and other countries, there's always endless amounts of money!


06.03.2011 13:38
Life and Death among Dogs: No Kill Now
Lily Two days ago, a mother and her babies were to have arrived at Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. They were eagerly awaited, as they had all been through a lot and we looked forward to watching them blossom once they found the love and care they deserved in this world. Lily never did arrive in sanctuary. Instead, this is what happened to her (reposted from the Ananda FB page). We're so sad for her. Everyone should be. Please help us stop the killing.

Lily and her puppies were supposed to arrive today. We were looking forward to finally giving them the love and kindness they deserve. Lily never got much of a break in this world. She was extremely neglected, and when she showed up in a kill shelter in California with her little family of puppies, she weighed only about 30 lbs (roughly half what she should have.) And, in the dance of crisis and extortion common to kill shelters, Lily's story made it out to rescuers through the same teetering, cobbled-together, informal communication network in which all kill shelters seem to communicate with the outside world: "Yes, she's here. She will be killed this weekend unless you get her out."

(This, by the way, is a special annoyance of mine which is worth mentioning because it is one of the obstacles that stands in the way of saving dogs like Lily. It's apparently not bad enough that the public is usually kept in the dark about all the dogs being put to death inside these places. They have to make it even better by occasionally letting rescuers know that the animals will die unless WE, the RESCUERS, do all the work to save them. Not only that, but we usually get hit up for a pull fee, too. So small, independent rescuers who have almost no resources are forced to pay money to a huge, tax-funded, government agency "or else" they will kill every animal without another option. Basically, we're subsidizing them through our unpaid labor. This is part of the anachronistic system that is killing millions of dogs and cats in this country every year: Kill shelters take in too many animals, they plead for help from rescuers "or else," and then they don't let anyone take the animal without paying an often exorbitant pull fee. Rescuers can't always afford to come up with these fees over and over and over again to save these animals. Why is there a fee to rescuers who are doing the shelter's job FOR them??? Why aren't the shelters giving us money to help them do their jobs?)...


04.03.2011 16:29
Video: Portland Human Rights Commission 2 part Meeting on Feb 23 2011 (JTTF and Equity Discusion)
Portland Human Right Commission Meeting on 2.23.11
This public meeting covered two topics. It was held in NE Portland.

(1) The discussion and vote as to whether the Human Rights Commission supported the Portland Police joining the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) with the FBI
(2) The discussion with City Councilwoman Amanda Fritz regarding the new announcement of having a department in the city called the Equity Department.

Meeting 4pm on 2.23.11

1. Human Right Commission discuss police joining the FBI JTTF

2. Human Right Commission discuss the Equity Department
with City Councilwoman Amanda Fritz
 link to www.archive.org


27.02.2011 11:31
850 Rally in Portland in Solidarity with Wisconsin
Despite the bitter cold (at least by Pacific NW standards), hundreds rallied and marched in downtown Portland on Friday.

Portland joined in with the labor uprising sweeping the country. At a rally organized in two days, about 850 people came together to stand in solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin and across the country. Yesterday, over 100,000 took to the streets in Wisconsin, while solidarity rallies happened in every state in he country.

Photos here:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/photo-gallery/wisconsin-solidarity-rallies

Video here:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1757722457433

weak KATU story here:  http://www.katu.com/news/local/116960688.html
(even though counter-protestors weren't there, KATU sought out some right-wing tea partier for comment--ever see them do that when it's the other way around?)

Want to find out about more actions like this? Get on the JwJ list:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/join-us


27.02.2011 10:58
Video: Salem Oregon Solidarity Rally with Wisconsin
Rally held in Salem Oregon in support of the protests by labor unions and their supporters in Wisconsin. About 800 people showed up at the state capital as part of a nationally organized event taking place in all state capitals nationwide.

Salem Oregon Solidarity Rally with Wisconsin

After some music by an excellent bank various speakers took the microphone to lend their voice and support to the struggle taking place in Wisconsin between a Republican administration and public employee labor unions in that state. The protest has gone nation wide and many labor unions have demonstrated their support for the protest.

Allegedly due to fiscal problems, Governor Scott Walker is proposing a budget bill that would strip collective bargaining rights from public employees.

Speakers included various new and old school labor leaders, a student, two women from Wisconsin, a young Latina, and a man urging folks to join the movement to end Corporate Personhood.
There are various groups working to that end in this country, but the one he was talking about is the Move to Amend the U.S. Constitution and "firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights."

The event finished with the entire gathering reading in unison a passage sculpted in stone on the north wall of the State Capital.
The text reads: " A free state is formed and maintained by the voluntary union of the whole people, joined together under the same body of laws, for the common welfare and the sharing of benefits justly apportioned."

Video is about 14 minutes in length.
homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org


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