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02.02.2011 08:35
Solidarity Protest with Egypt
We stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt for their courageous resistance against the brutal, corrupt rule of Mubarak and the US Empire. We support their struggle for human rights, justice and freedom.

[related pics]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/01/405683.shtml
[related video]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/01/405655.shtml
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[A related PIMC post on the Egypt protest]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/01/405605.shtml


02.02.2011 08:21
Video: No Korea FTA Portland Event. Kim Kyung-Ran, is director Korean Trade Union
No Korea FTA lecture and slideshow Portland Event. Kim Kyung-Ran, is director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

[Video]  link to www.archive.org

The following text I copied from the event flier:

In early December, U.S. and Korean trade negotiators struck a deal that is expected to bring the Korea Free Trade Agreement to the floor of Congress in early 2011. This is the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA, and is strongly opposed by the largest labor federations in each country.

Hear Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, as she:
Inspires us to action with photos and stories from some of South Korea's largest and most dramatic mobilizations against the FTA to date.

Kim busts the myth that job-killing trade deals that hurt ordinary Americans some how benefit working people in other countries.

Kyung-Ran's stunning 35-minute slide presentation will be followed by short reports from local activists, updating you on the expected impact of the FTA in our region and how you can get involved in local efforts to stop it.


02.02.2011 08:16
VIDEO: Stop the FBI Raids Solidarity Day Of Action Rally in Portland Oregon
STOP THE FBI RAIDS ON PEACE ACTIVISTS 2011 Portland Oregon A protest to stand in solidarity with those being arrested and hassled by the FBI for working for peace and anti war issues. Around 45 citizens stood in front of the Portland Federal building to bring attention to this terrible case of American citizens being spied upon and their civil right violated for working for peace on earth.

This rally was in Portland in front of the FBI office, at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 1/25/11



23.01.2011 21:00
Blow Pony April 2009 Gay Bashing Case Botched By DA Office Incompetence/Negligence
The verdict for the trial of a gay bashing on Wed was a huge disappointment in a long line of disappointments. City officials have been telling the queer community that if we want something done about gay bashings we must report. This case, in particular was brought up in a press conference with the mayor. Airick Heater (the victim & well known local DJ for Blow Pony) was encouraged to prosecute. This trial was to showcase the effectiveness of reporting hate crimes in Portland. I think you'll have a clear opinion on that after reading what happened.


22.01.2011 16:21
Portland in the spotlight
Contrived Christmas Tree Terror Plot to Stampede Portland into Accepting FBI Takeover

*Alex Jones* Prison Planet / Infowars.com Kurt Nimmo
January 17, 2011

Residents of Portland, Oregon, recently attended a forum on the question of whether the city should rejoin the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force. The city withdrew its task force membership five years ago after the Justice Department turned down a city request for oversight over the JTTF. The decision followed revelations in 2002 that the FBI and the Portland Police kept thousands of "red squad" style police files on political activists. Since 1981, Oregon law has barred police surveillance of political groups in the absence of criminal activity.

"Both the FBI and the Portland Police Bureau have a 70-year history of carrying out surveillance on thousands of innocent individuals and organizations because of their political, religious or social activities - or because of their race or national origin - rather than because there was evidence of criminal activity," PortlandInsight reported prior to the forum.

In November, Portland was in the news when Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up a Christmas tree in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. It soon was revealed that the FBI had provided a fake bomb, van, and cell phone (to be used as a detonator) in the incident. Stephen Sady, assistant federal public defender, said the arrest of the 19-year-old native of Somalia "was obviously timed for maximum impact and maximum publicity." Sady said the FBI had groomed the defendant and there was "potential for entrapment." It can now be said it was also used to stampede Portland into accepting the presence of the FBI and its Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The FBI is notorious for recruiting clueless patsies in bogus terrorism cases. Over the last few years, dozens of such cases have provided the government with a diet of propaganda fodder in the fake war on manufactured terror. We Are Change Portland mentioned the first World Trade Center bombing during the forum with city officials and the FBI (see video below).



21.01.2011 00:36
Video: Portland Rally Opposing Korea FTA
NO FTA Demonstration opposing the Korea Free Trade Agreement. Speakers include Arthur Stamoulis, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign; Mitch Besser, displaced high-tech worker; Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions; and Madeline Elder, president, Communications Workers of America.
No to the Korean Free Trade Agreement

From the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign Website

"President Obama recently announced plans to push ahead with the Korea Free Trade Agreement in early 2011. This Bush-negotiated pact is the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA itself. If passed, it will accelerate the offshoring of Oregon jobs, expose the state's environmental laws to new types of attacks and prohibit the type of banking regulations needed to head off the next financial crisis."

The Demonstration took place and the offices of Sen. Ron Wyden, who chairs the Senate's Trade Subcommittee. The gathering then marched the few blocks to the offices of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumeauer. Video is from the action at the Wyden offices.

[Related PIMC video link]


21.01.2011 00:11
Video: Fur Free Friday, 2010
Taking place on the day after Thanksgiving, Fur Free Friday is an international event dedicated to educating people about the horrors suffered by animals in the fur industry.

Fur Free Friday, 2010


20.01.2011 23:58
VIDEO: FBI Terrorism Task Force JTTF joining Portland Police - A Town Hall Forum 1.13.11
The City Council held a Town Hall on the topic of the JTTF and the Portland Police[.] This was attend by a good couple hundred people and lasted for a couple hours[.] It was an open forum for the public to voice their opinion[.]

There was no debate nor any decisions made

The JTTF stands for Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force formed in 1997 and is one of 106 across the country. The Portland Police Bureau are no longer part of the JTTF.

But the Oregon State Police, Port of Portland and the Washington County Sheriff's Office participate with federal agencies for investigations.

Most people at this forum / event in my opinion tended to be very skeptical of the FBI and wanted no part in the "becoming partners" with the city or our police, in this type of partnership. There were a few questions raised as to why this merger was necessary.

There was a point in the meeting where 'break-away' groups formed to discuss concerns in a smaller group setting.
The break-away groups lasted for about 30 - 40 minutes and was not recorded in the video.

 link to www.archive.org


07.01.2011 23:31
Video: OHSU Tortures Animals
Rally and Procession to morn the deaths of countless animals as a result of animal experimentation at Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) in Portland Oregon. Event was sponsored and organized by Portland Animal Defense League, who can be contacted on both Myspace and Facebook

OHSU Tortures Animals
The gathering stood for a time in front of the hospital with numerous signs indicating their opposition to this lucrative animal experimentation before commencing the funeral procession. At this time they proceeded to march along both sides of the street, morning the needless loss of life and demonstrating OHSU's callous disregard for the sanctity of life.

The signs being carried by the demonstrators claim that at OHSU "Pigtail Macaques are beaten," "monies are used to kill bunnies," and that "pregnant mothers are forced to smoke." This last refers to the work of Dr. Elliot Spindel, who introduces high levels of nicotine into pregnant monkeys through transdermal mechanisms, and later dissects the infants, amazingly discovering that nicotine is bad for infant Primates.

In an interview with Tim Hitchins, spokesperson for Portland Animal Defense League, he states that these experiments are scientific fraudulent, morally unjustifiable and a waste of the taxpayers money.
These experiments are fraudulent, according to Hitchins, because humans respond completely different to tests and pharmaceutical drugs than animals do.

"The reason these experiments are defended so strongly by OHSU.........is because of the amount of money they bring to the University. We're talking about tens upon tens of millions of dollars that help fund....other facilities on their campus."

Other procedures cited by Hitchins in this interview include deliberately stressing animals and the deliberate inducing of obesity.


07.01.2011 21:13
Activists Hold Funeral Procession at OHSU to Mourn the Deaths of Murdered Animals
30 activists from Portland Animal Defense League gathered at OHSU on Sam Jackson Rd. dressed for a funeral procession to mourn the deaths of thousands of animals that have been needlessly raped, tortured and killed by vivisectors at OHSU.

Portland, OR - On Friday, January 7th at 12:30 pm, about 30 activists from Portland Animal Defense League gathered at OHSU on Sam Jackson Rd. dressed for a funeral procession to mourn the deaths of thousands of animals that have been needlessly tortured and killed by vivisectors at OHSU.

Animals in laboratories are subjected to horrible experiences. Recent government documentation has revealed primates dying of dehydration, starvation, hypothermia, heat stress, being boiled alive in cage washers, wasting diseases, hepatitis, encephalitis, and many other severe illnesses.

"This funeral procession and rally acts as a reminder to OHSU that activists and the concerned public have not forgotten about their horrific animal abusing experiments. Rape, torture and murder will not be tolerated for any species." says a representative of Portland Animal Defense League. "As long as there are animals slated to die at OHSU, their captors will have to answer to the demands for their liberation."

Please visit pdxanimaldefenseleague.org for more information on the movement to end vivisection.


07.01.2011 20:48
Video: FBI speaks at Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 1/5/10 in Portland
Joint Terrorism Task Force & The Human Rights Commission Portland Oregon 2011 A 2.5 hour meeting

The US District Attorney and the Local FBI speak about the city of Portland (police) joining the terrorism Task Force (JTTF)

This was the regular monthly meeting.
The main topic of this meeting was having dialog on the JTTF / working with police in Portland:


There was good public comment in this presentation
And good info from the ACLU
And good questions by the Human Right Commission

The FBI and the US DA gave their side;
Like a bucket with holes ...they tried to make their logic and position look worth while


07.01.2011 20:30
Message From Coffee Strong G.I. Coffe House
Coffee Strong is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated coffee shop outside of Fort Lewis, Washington, which since 2008 has provided a comfortable and safe atmosphere for veterans to share their experiences and find out about resources available to them.
September 2010 Interview with Member of Coffee Strong Coffeehouse

Coffee Strong provides free coffee, internet, concerts, movie screenings and other events to active-duty military personnel and their families, and acts as a meeting place for various organizations and support groups. It provides a place for veterans to socialize and relax in a safe atmosphere that also allows them to feel comfortable in seeking help if necessary.

In the past year, Coffee Strong has provided the following resources for the GI / veteran community:
Free, confidential counseling by a licensed therapist who is a veteran of Iraq;
G.I. rights counseling and advocacy for active-duty service members on Fort Lewis;
Weekly veterans' benefit assistance by experienced Veteran Service Officers.
Access to information and resources available to veterans within the local community; The New Website Coffee Strong for updates and connections to assistance.

Coffee Strong also acts as a hub for veteran activism, providing a place for interested veterans to speak out about the realities of the wars, address veteran issues, and pursue social change. Modeled on similar GI coffeehouses during the Vietnam War, it is a place where all veterans can feel free to share their opinions without fear.

These are difficult times for businesses to survive, especially nonprofits. Coffee Strong needs your help in order to continue to provide much needed resources to our soldiers and veterans.
September 2010 Interview with Member of Coffee Strong Coffeehouse


02.01.2011 09:04
Veterans for Peace Forum and B Media Collective
Monthly Public Access program, "Veterans for Peace Forum," hosted by VFP,Chapter 72 member and Vietnam veteran, Dan Shea.
Veterans for Peace Forum airs live on the fourth Saturday of every month from 7:00 - 8:00 on channel 11, featuring interviews and discussions regarding community efforts to end war.

The November program featured two members of the Portland B Media Collective. The guests discussed projects in the local area as well as their experiences in Venezuela, providing a few video clips of their work.

This program is produced through the facilities of Metro East Community Media by Kellie La Bonty.

VFP Forum Featuring B Media


02.01.2011 08:40
Thurston County (WA) imposes 12-month moratorium on biomass permits!
RIsing Tide North America On Tuesday, Thurston County Commissioners imposed an emergency 12-month moratorium on biomass permits. This could spell the death of the Evergreen State College's forest-destroying gasification plant!

The County Commissioners will use this extra year to research the environmental consequences of using biomass (destroyed forests) for energy. Evergreen needs to enter a contract to build the facility by June 2011 to receive a $3.7 million grant from the state, but likely cannot do so if it has not received permits from the county.

While Thurston County is safe (for the next year) from dirty biomass energy, neighboring Mason County may not be so lucky. Engineers at the Olympia Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) recently recommended approval of air pollution permits for the Adage biomass incinerator in Shelton, WA, despite health, safety, and ecological concerns and strong opposition from local and regional citizens. Since the engineers recommended approval, the public now has 40 days to comment on the recommendation (available at www.orcaa.org). There are also two public hearings on the Adage incinerator, scheduled for January 31st at 1 pm and 6 pm at the Shelton Civic Center (525 W. Cota St.).

Olympia Rising Tide is a member of Rising Tide North America. Rising Tide North America (RTNA) is a decentralized network of groups and individuals organizing against the root causes of climate change.



02.01.2011 08:35
Video: Police Fire Medical - helping the homeless - Portland 12.19.10
homeless in portland A short film of a man who appears to be homeless, who was soon surrounded by police, fire and Chiers detox workers. I video taped the interaction. This was in filmed in downtown Portland, near Pioneer Square.

It does seem like a lot of city agencies were involved, but the man was not hurt, nor arrested, and he ended up getting some shelter services. It looks like someone may of even gave him something to eat.

At the end of the video: I ask one of the cops what happened, he takes a long look at my press pass and then briefly explains.

homepage:  http://www.joe-anybody.com


02.01.2011 08:23
Video: Portland Human Rights Committee - December Meeting
Human Rights committee meeting December 2 2010 meeting of The Portland Human Rights Committee
A 75 minute video of the public meeting. This video was filmed at the monthly meeting for the Portland Human Rights Committee
Meetings are usually held at their N Portland office, this meeting was held in NE Portland


I have archived past videos from the Human Rights Committee previous meetings in Portland here:



27.12.2010 15:38
Video: Canadian Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul
That's a logging truck on t he right Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring information regarding the ongoing resistance to Tar Sands oil production in Alberta Canada and the transportation of large pieces of mining and refining equipment from the west coast to Alberta Canada.

[Video:] A Growing Concern: Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul

Michael O'Leary, Oregon Representative for the National Wildlife Federation discusses Tar Sands and why this is a bad deal for Oregonians, the country and the planet. Featured in the program are short videos on the subject taken from the internet from various website sources.

These websites include:

Northern Rockies Rising Tide

Indigenous Environmental Network

Two Websites opposing the Heavy Haul

Fighting Goliath

All Against the Haul

What are the Tar Sands?

"The 'Tar Sands' (or if you are a business executive, 'unconventional or heavy oil') are naturally occurring deposits of petroleum, sand and clay mixed up to make an asphalt-like substance technically known as bitumen. For much of the 20th century, these deposits were largely ignored by oil companies as a source of petroleum due to the comparably inefficient process used to turn bitumen-in-the-ground into gasoline-in-the-tank, if you will. Now, because of dwindling production of conventional petroleum sources since the cresting of Hubbert's predicted peak oil scenario, every major oil company in the world is now investing in tar sand extraction."

Heavy Haul

"The KMT is a requested project by ExxonMobile to transport large pieces of mining and refining equipment from factories in South Korea to the tar sand operations in Alberta, Canada. The equipment will travel by sea to the Port of Portland, Oregon where it will be transferred onto barges. The barges will carry the loads up the Columbia and Snake rivers to the Port of Lewiston, Idaho. In Lewiston the "modules" (as the cargo is being called by Exxon) will be transferred to truck-trailers for their final journey overland. These trucks will move their loads across northern Idaho and western Montana on their way to Alberta."


26.12.2010 15:38
A.L.F.-Raided Fur Farm Confirmed Closed by Anonymous Tipster

FromVoice of the Voiceless

An anonymous tipster reports the Animal Liberation Front-raided Ide Fur Farm is now closed.

Good news for Christmas: an anonymous Christmas tree shopper finds no animals and empty sheds at the Ide Christmas tree / mink farm in Illinois.

Earlier this month, Voice of the Voiceless reported on how to visit a fur farm legally

(see: "How To Visit a Fur Farm ? Without Being the A.L.F."). The article covered several mink farms that also operate cut-your-own Christmas tree farms, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the property and (possibly) get a close look at a mink farm - without being the Animal Liberation Front.

One anonymous Christmas tree shopper read the Voice of the Voiceless article, visited the Ide Christmas Tree Farm (also the site of the Ide Fur Farm), and submitted an anonymous report.

Their findings: The Ide Fur Farm is closed.


22.12.2010 07:01
Fire Frashour campaign hold press conference for Darryel Ferguson
Kathryn Cates representing the Fire Frashour Campaign talks to the press. The Fire Frashour campaign in association with Rose City Copwatch held a press conference concerning Darryel Ferguson outside the Multnomah County Justice Center. Ferguson was shot and killed by Portland police last Friday. Portland, OR, 20/12/2010.

Darryel Dwayne Ferguson, 46, was shot and killed by 2 officers outside his apartment, number 201 of the Ventura Park Plaza on the corner of Southeast Burnside and 122nd Avenue. Reportedly he pulled a replica handgun on the officers who were called to the building following complaints of a threatening neighbour.

16 Shots were counted by neighbour Shawn Bartmess who said in a report, "I believe in law enforcement, that they are here to protect us, but 16 shots in such close quarters, with a child in the apartment, seems excessive."

The conference today addressed the question concerning the fact that according to early reports, Ferguson was seeking to protect his family from an aggressive neighbour, not realising police were at the door.

Kathryn Cates, a representative for the campaign stated in accordance with the aforementioned that, "If so, then it seems the police resorted to force where none was necessary and did not even attempt to de-escalate the situation. The cops handling of this incident showed a reckless disregard for the safety of Ferguson, his family, his neighbours, and in short anyone besides the police themselves. The cops seem paranoid about their own safety and utterly indifferent to the safety of the public."

The campaign, originally aimed at Officer Ronald Frashour who shot and killed Aaron Campbell, has decided to continue with the 'Fire Frashour' Campaign as they expect his reinstatement after his arbitration. Mayor of Portland Sam Adams and Police Chief Mike Reese decide to terminate his contract on November 17th over the Campbell incident.

Aaron Campbell was shot in the back January 29th 2010 with an AR-15 by Officer Frashour whilst surrendering to the police.

Reportedly, the November 2010 issue of the Portland Police Association's (PPA) newsletter, titled 'The Rap Sheet' consisted of any essay stating that police departments should 'reward aggression', specifically urging police to use their firearms as opposed to other methods to dissipate situations.


22.12.2010 06:53
Peace rally to condemn Pioneer Square bomb Plot
A Peace Solidarity rally was held in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. Called for by the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center and the Muslim community of Corvallis, it condemned the 'heinous' Christmas tree lighting bomb plot. Portland, USA 19/12/2010.

Community members gathered on a cold afternoon downtown Portland to condemn what they call a heinous act, referring to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony bomb plot orchestrated by the FBI with Mohamed Osman Mohamud at 5:40pm November 26th.

They were also speaking out against all other terrorist attacks.

Speakers included;

Sara O Connell
Sam Adams (Unable to attend due to illness)
Amanda Fritz, Commissioner of City of Portland
Allan Orr Tigard Police Chief
Mr. David Leslie, Executive Director of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Rabbi Michael Cahana, Senior Rabbi, Beth Israel
Sr. Mollie Reavis, SNJM, Institute for Christian Understanding
Jim Kennedy, Japanese American Citizens League
Rabbi Joey Wolfe, Havurah Shalom
Rev. Bill Sinkford, First Unitarian Church of Portland
Mohamed Siala, Director Islamic Center of Corvallis
Laurie Childers

homepage:  http://www.alexmilantracy.com


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